Prep Baseball Report

IE Future Games Trials: Quick Hits

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

NORCO, CA. - With the spring season finishing and players preparing for the Summer, we got a chance to get a good look at a group of impressive 2021-2022 players. We saw some of these players during our coverage during the high school season and previous events, but there was a large group of players giving us very good first looks. Needless to say, the future talent in California is deep and it’s not slowing down. Here’s a quick hit on a group of players who caught our eye during the event.

Frankie Peralez SS / 2B / Bishop Amat, CA / 2022

Continues to impress with his overall game. He started the day with a solid 7.3 laser timed 60 yard dash before taking to the hitting wheel and showing his developing strength. After registering a 78 mph exit velocity off a tee, Peralez showed some line drive ability with some lift to the ball. Is short to the ball with quick hands and attacks the gaps with some control of the barrel. Clocked a 4.36 home-to-first time. Defensively he was one of the top MIF’s at the event with his smooth actions and plus footwork. Registered an 80 mph infield velo with an accurate arm that’s able to make throws from all angles.

Jacob Badawi C / OF / Ayala , CA / 2021

Showed why he will be one of the most sought after prospects in his class in SoCal. Two-sport athlete who was a standout middle linebacker on the football team. After posting a 7.06 laser-timed 60, Badawi showed off his explosive bat that drove balls to the gaps consistently while showing off the present pull power. Starts with a quiet load before driving his hands into the ball with excellent use of the lower half and upper body working in unison. Swing is compact with excellent control of the barrel. Defensively he shows a quiet setup with quick feet that move well. Receives with soft hands while providing a large target. Arm is strong and accurate - misses were around the bag - while clocking 2.03-2.13 pop times. Also worked out in the outfield where his two-sport athleticism is really on display. Shows very good footwork and attacks the ball with strong fundamentals. Registered an 83 MPH OF velocity with accurate throws to both third and home.

Jayden Steinhurst RHP / OF / Quartz Hill, CA / 2022

Steinhurst is a big bodied (6-foot-4, 195-pounds), athletic player who opened eyes right out of the gate running a 7.15 laser-timed 60 yard time. Steinhurst then really opened eyes after registering a 96 MPH exit velo off a tee before hitting on the field where he peppered the gaps with hard line drives. Incorporates the lower half well and uses fast hands to get the barrel on the ball. Uses a medium leg lift trigger before driving back through ball and into extension. Drives balls into gaps with ease and flashes present over-the-fence power. In the outfield he shows nimble footwork for a player his size. Took good routes to the ball while playing through it to a strong, accurate throw registering an 85 mph OF velocity. On the mound he’s equally impressive with his imposing figure and his ability to pound all quadrants of the strike zone. Fastball shows some arm side run at 84-86 mph while his curveball shows late depth and biting action. His slider was consistent with late diving action at 69-71 mph. Steinhurst should be one of the most sought after players in the 2022 class given his combination of size, athleticism, and present tools.

Charlie Fick C / 2B / Rancho Bernardo, CA / 2021

Fick showed an all-around game that will undoubtedly have coaches taking notice this summer. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound catcher has a strong, compact, durable build that is optimal for the position. Hit tool catches your attention immediately as he stays through the zone very well with consistent and plus barrel contact. Drove balls to the gaps with easy and natural pop. Could integrate his strong lower half a bit more for added power. Registered an 82 mph exit velo off a tee. Hands are quick and barrel is short to the ball while staying in the zone on plane. Defensively he shows a quite setup with soft hands. Catch-and-throw skills are presently average to a tick above. Arm can be a weapon when he uses it. It’s accurate and strong. Footwork was smooth while transitions were quick and clean. Fick has a lot of projection remaining both with the bat and behind the plate. 

Jackson Castillo OF / LHP / Rancho Bernardo , CA / 2021

Castillo showed improvement in his overall game from the last time we saw him at a PBR event. The rising junior outfielder looks to be in better physical shape as well. Jackson posted a 7.18 laser-timed 60 yard dash that could’ve been a tick faster had there not been a slight slip at take off. Castillo showed off his developing hit tool with a loud round of BP that featured two balls that one hopped the fence in the RCF gap. There’s easy power from a balanced setup and follow through. Incorporated the lower half well, clearing the hips with some speed and allowing him to get the barrel into the zone on plane. Defensively he showed smooth footwork and athletic body actions. Arm is strong and accurate registering an 85 mph OF velocity. Plays with excellent body control.

Jacob Billings OF / RHP / Rancho Cucamonga, CA / 2021

Billings is a still developing 6-foot-1, 165-pounds R/R outfielder that oozes projection. Started off running a 7.24 laser-timed 60 yard dash before opening eyes during the hitting wheel where he registered an 87 mph exit velocity off the tee. He took that to the on-field hitting portion where he showed his present power. There are inconsistencies in his swing with regards to the hand path and use of lower half, but when he makes the timing work, he shows consistency with the barrel. Defensively he shows athleticism and a short, fast, strong arm that registered an 86 mph outfield velocity. Throws show carry. Did not pitch at the event. 

Jhayden Raineri SS / RHP / Murrieta Mesa , CA / 2021

Raineri is an athletic, twitchy player at 6-foot, 140-pounds that plays much bigger than he is. His frame is thin yet highly projectable and should easily withstand the addition of mass/strength. At the plate he starts with a neutral, balanced setup with hands above his shoulder. Has a short leg lift trigger with a quiet load. Hands are quick-to-fast and he shows excellent feel for the barrel with a slight uppercut path. On the dirt he shows natural instincts in charging balls while funneling out front. Has quick hands and fair arm strength registering an 82 mph infield velocity. On the mound Raineri relies on his arm strength to create the whip he displays. Lands towards the first base side but demonstrates athletic movements. Arm is lively and quick through release from a high 3/4 slot. Command of all three pitches was fair. Can easily see an uptick in velocity with continued physical maturation.

Evan Yates 3B / RHP / Martin Luther King, CA / 2021

Yates is a highly projectable two-way player who at 6-foot-1, 152-pounds has a lot of present tools that will only continue to improve with his physical maturation. When hitting Yates looks to drive the ball from gap-to-gap with his quick hands that he keeps close to his body from his slightly back setup. Excellent use of the lower half, in fact, he uses his entire body well and in unison. Swing is very compact with developing power. On the dirt he demonstrates slick fielding actions with quick hands and an arm that’s able to make throws from all angles with accuracy. His footwork is excellent and he plays under control of his body. On the mound Yates is a bit raw still but his athleticism along with his clean arm action and repeatable mechanics are foundations upon which to build. Appears more comfortable, and command was a tick better, from the stretch.  

Ali Camarillo SS / 2B / Otay Ranch, CA / 2021

Camarillo showed to be a twitchy, athletic, middle infielder with a present tool set on the dirt that should keep him at shortstop in the future. Showed smooth actions with the glove paired with slick footwork moving laterally. Turned the double play ball with ease. Arm is able was accurate and able to make throws from all angles registering a 76 mph infield velocity. At 5-foot-9, 140-pounds the rising junior has some physical projection remaining. At the plate he uses his frame very well. Stays connected throughout his swing. Sooth tempo to his swing that starts with a balanced, upright setup before a slight leg lift trigger gets things started. Fully rotational upper body with navel often finishing facing third base. 

Kaden Moeller 1B / LHP / Martin Luther King, CA / 2021

Moeller once again impressed with his overall game. At 6-foot, 175-pounds there’s some physicality to his frame, but there’s room for continued strength gains. After registering a 91 mph exit velocity off a tee Moeller took to the field where he sprayed line drives to all fields showing a penchant for the right center field gap. Shows a middle-middle approach with some present power that should develop. Maintains the barrel on plane creating excellent angle at point of contact. He’s a slick fielding first baseman with nimble and agile footwork. Understands angles and gets there before the ball. Athleticism really stood out during the defensive workout portion. On the mound he pounds the zone with a fastball/curveball/changeup mix showing excellent command of both pitches. Fastball topped at 85 with life and run to the arm side as it enters the zone. He’s able to spot it consistently. Curveball shows depth and can be sharp while the changeup has fading action away from righties. 

Anthony Inzunza LHP / OF / Olympian , CA / 2021

Inzunza was a steady performer the entire day seemingly catching the attention of our scouts with his actions. An athletic 5-foot-11, 150-pounds, Inzunza has plenty of projection. In the outfield he showed excellent footwork and a good understanding of angles. Played through balls while gathering out front and using minimum movements to get into throwing position. At the plate he shows a fluid, consistent stroke with the barrel. Starts with weight back and hands high. Attacks ball with his fast hands with feel for the barrel that allows him to create excellent angle when timing is right. On the mound he showed four pitches with command of two and strong feel for the others. Fastball shows sinking action from the southpaw while the curveball shows excellent depth with late breaking action. His cutter has a tendency to run to the arm side while the split-change is developing. 

Andrew Pyle C / 3B / La Mirada , CA / 2022

Pyle is a guy we are familiar with from PBR events and his high school. At 6-foot, 160-pounds, Pyle, a two-sport athlete (football),  has the type of physical frame ideal for the catching position. Posted a 7.2 laser-timed 60 yard dash before heading into the hitting wheel where he registered a 74 mph exit velocity. His live BP round showed his compact, powerful approach to hitting. Shows present pull side power with the ability to use the middle of the field. Shows good feel for the barrel which he keeps on plane throughout the swing with fast, strong hands. Defensively he shows a quiet setup with the body. Hands are strong and soft. Sticks pitches, often beating them to the spot. Blocks well with inverted V legs and glove closing the gap. Moves well laterally while maintaining shoulders squared to pitcher. 

Cole Howarth 1B / OF / Chino Hills, CA / 2021

Howarth is a 6-foot, 195-pound, athletic player that impressed with his present power, size, and athleticism. Ran a 7.34 laser-timed 60 yard dash. Shows present pop to all fields from his middle-middle approach. Uses his entire body very well. Starts slightly open and uses a leg lift trigger to initiate his swing. Shows excellent feel for the barrel through the zone which maintains on plane with hands in excellent launch position. Drove balls to the fence consistently during his BP round and registered an 87 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively he shows smooth hands and excellent footwork for a player his size. Arm was accurate on all throws and registered a 77 mph infield velocity.


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