Prep Baseball Report

Norcal Uncommitted Senior Games Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Scouting Staff


KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Uncommitted Senior Games took place on Sunday October 6th at College of Marin, with nearly 60 talented seniors coming out to be seen by the PBR Northern California scouting staff and a gathering of college coaches on hand. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 5-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance and some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next 2020 ranking. We will breakdown the event with multiple posts during the coming week, starting today by highlighting early standouts from the day.

Players listed alphabetically within position categories.



Cameron Barger RHP / De La Salle, CA / 2020

Physical 6-foot-2, 190-pounds with current strength and projectable build. 2 strikeouts in his inning of work as he controlled the delivery using a long 3/4 release. Liked how he set hitters up and the ball jumped on hitters with his three strong pitches. FB 84-85 T87 moving it to both sides and having firm life in the zone. CHG 78 with bottom late on hitters. SLD 71-72 with 3/4 bend showing firm break able to manipulate and push off the plate for swing and misses. Demeanor and intensity were on display, giving off an air of confidence in both his stuff and ability to get outs.

Dylan Day RHP / Santa Rosa, CA / 2020

Very projectable build at 6-foot-6, 175-pounds with wide shoulders and frame to add weight/strength. Hands stay wide through athletic delivery allowing full arm swing to 3/4 getting extension and having the FB dart through the zone. FB 84-86 life in the zone and spotting gloveside. CHG 76-78 with late bottom; swing and miss Change. CB 68-71 overhand 12/6 flashing bite and feel; able to throw into and out of the zone for strikes. Late life on all pitches, with hitters routinely swinging through and late to the fastball and the CB breaking deep into the zone. He looks to have the ability to put well-above-average spin on the ball. Outstanding projectability with a ceiling that has a chance to significantly high.

Alec Hagopian RHP / San Ramon Valley, CA / 2020

Athletic with lean muscles in his 6-foot-0, 185-pound frame, working from the stretch with a rock and throw technique that allowed the compact, quick 3/4 arm striking out three and grabbing two easy ground balls. FB 82-84 T85 firm with run and life up through the zone. CB 70-73 showing hard 11/5 break; flashed a couple with late snap that fell off the table. CHG 73-77 with bottom. Cutter 76 only threw it once but was a firm lateral pitch. Body language on mound was outstanding, which along with his aggressiveness to the zone had the hitters on their heels. Hagopian has the ability to dictate the at-bat with intangibles, as well as his pitchability.

Andrew Kotin RHP / Northwood, CA / 2020

Well-proportioned 6-foot-0, 175-pounds with some current strength started the day off by pounding the zone with full over the head windup and athletic high front knee; arm is loose and long working from 3/4 slot. Showed ability to change sequences and set hitters up. FB 83-85 jumping onto hitters. CHG 74-78 with late arm-side bottom; very strong pitch and grabbed 4 straight K’s with it. SLD 73-78 slurvy break laterally. CB 69-71 more overhand with some depth. Two breaking balls would blend a bit, but the CHG is a plus pitch at the high school level and potentially the same at the collegiate level.

Owen Stevenson RHP / Sacred Heart Cathedral, CA / 2020

Long, lean with wide shoulders at 6-foot-3, 170-pounds projecting well with a year or so more of strength. Abbreviated stretch hybrid delivery staying tall and driving with the back leg allowing the compact, clean 3/4 release to get through the slot. FB 84-86 with angle to the glove side. CB 71-72 overhand 11/6 break showing small depth at the plate. SLD 74-75 small lateral sweepy actions. CHG 77-78 with arm side run. Two strikeouts and some weak ground balls as he pounded the zone during his inning. Ball comes out of his hand quite easily and the easy arm with the rangy frame suggest he’s got a ceiling not yet reached. One to watch in the spring.


Tyler Davis C / 3B / San Joaquin Memorial, CA / 2020

Shined as perhaps the top overall defensive player at the event. Lean strong body on 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame, both strong and athletically agile behind the plate. Outstanding receiver on both sides of the plate, good both up and down in the zone, and with fastballs and offspeed pitches. Blocks balls in dirt as well as he receives. Pop times in workout from 2.07-2.13 with 75 mph as his high velocity. His footwork and agility work very well for him as a thrower. A bit shorter release and a bit more arm strength are areas for improvement. He will be able to catch top collegiate pitching. Offensively posted 93 mph exit velocity and showed good catcher footspeed with 7.07 60-yard dash.

Benjamin Parker C / OF / De La Salle, CA / 2020

Athletic and agile in his 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame moving well once in stride and able to pick up speed (7.19 60-yard, 4.68T). Defensive skills were consistently evident as he smothered balls behind the plate and had great receiving skills; the catch and throw is solid keeping the ball on the bag and able to throw behind runners (2.00-2.15, 2.19 CS in game). Top velocity on pops was 74 mph. Really liked his ability to call pitches and work with different arms. At the plate picked up a long 2B over the LF’s head flashing that flat bat path throughout BP as he worked gap-to-gap with easy carry. Exit velocity is something to work on, as he posted a top velocity of 82 mph in 5 swings off the tee.

Jake Pina C / 1B / Franklin, CA / 2020

Agility behind the plate evident both in games and during workouts for solidly built 6-foot-0, 195-pound frame. Excellent blocking, receiving and game calling behind the dish during the games beating balls to the spot and presenting well to steal some strikes. Transfer from glove to throwing hand is quick allowing for handspeed out front (1.93-2.00 workouts, 2.11-2.15 between innings), 75 mph was top throwing velocity in workout, which is an area for some improvement. Barrel worked flat through the zone during BP with ability to lift on contact; the loose hands can get through the zone and match well with his solid understanding of the zone. Calm demeanor in BP round displayed good pre-pitch approach and confidence in his stroke.


Bryce Cannon 1B / LHP / Maria Carrillo, CA / 2020

Athletic and strong build at 6-foot-4, 180-pounds with ample space for more. Athleticism shows in delivery with hands working down/up before high front leg kick; drives the hill with the back leg allowing 3/4 arm to be late and aggressive with FB/CB combo. FB 84-85 T86 painting off the plate arm side and being able to spot to the glove side as well. CB 68-71 loose 1/7 breaker with small depth; wraps pitch a bit with space for projection for more bite in the pitch. Adding a change-up would be an area of improvement. Competitive on the hill while also flashing some bat speed with ability to backspin balls to gaps. Overall tools are present to project as either a significant pitcher or position player. Plays/competes with passion which suggests that he has a very real chance to someday reach his peak potential.

Jonathan Gazdar SS / 2B / Northgate, CA / 2020

Strong and bursty at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds, Gazdar has firm muscular strength in his frame with the ability to turn up the speed when needing it (7.18 60-yard). Bat is violent and whippy getting through the zone as he shot linedrives all around the gaps during BP. During games showed patient approach and recognized pitches taking what was given to him and looking to execute all around the field; infield single and single to LF during the games, along with ability to shoot/drive (top exit velocity of 90 mph in 5 swings off the tee) the ball down the RF line. Clearly demonstrated he knows what to do with fastballs. An impressive offensive approach, quite advanced for a high school hitter. Footwork and glove to stick at the position bouncing around before quick arm (85 mph velocity) to the bag; defense to stay in the middle of the diamond.

Luke Keaschall SS / 2B / Aptos, CA / 2020

Athletic, high waisted frame has added strength while maintaining his bursting speed (6.95 60-yard) at 6-foot-0, 160-pounds, showing the skills to stick at shortstop and atop a lineup. Picked up two hits and a stolen base showing his game knowledge and ability to advance quickly (4.53-4.60T). Short, quick handsy stroke works the entire field and shows ability to drive the gap; can pull the barrel through keeping the hands inside the baseball to LF. Moves easily at SS with understanding of the position beating balls to spots and keeping it firm across the diamond. Played well at both middle infield spots during the game with good range. Continues to be one of the ucommitted players we feel most strongly about, consistently shows tools AND usability of the tools.

Jeriah Lewis SS / OF / Encinal, CA / 2020

Athletic, lean muscled and long frame at 6-foot-1, 160-pounds. He flashes twitch (7.01 60-yard)  and bounce both in the INF and OF. Great understanding of his zone showing patient, yet aggressive approach on his way to being on-base three times (2 1B, CF/RF; 4.60-4.72T). Swinging a wood bat in game action, one of his line drives came off the bat at 91 mph. During BP kept his hands tight working the oppo gap with easy carry from the loose hands; gets on plane and flashed some quickness in the bat. Moved from SS/CF during the games after taking SS for his workout; feet are quick taking strong angles and keeping throws firm across the diamond. Continues to show that he is on the verge of taking his tools/athleticism to the next level of his development.

Ryan Troye 3B / OF / Heritage , CA / 2020

Long and wide frame with some lean strength at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds; projectable length able to take on some more muscle at the next level. The loose easy swing created lift through the middle of the field during BP and showed in-game HR power, hunting a first pitch FB and getting to it for a long HR over the LF wall. Possesses a hitter-ish presence at the plate. Posted a 94 mph exit velocity in 5 swings off the tee. Athleticism showed up with the body control moving around at 3rd and SS; made a nice play on a top ball just missing a runner and showed the angles to fit well at 3B in the future. Arm played well in getting rid of the ball easily and accurately while moving in time with his body. Raw arm strength (80 mph velocity) is usable with the release though it’s an area for improvement.

Jeter Ybarra 3B / SS / St. Francis, CA / 2020

Long and lean strength in lanky body at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds; frame still has space for some added girth yet he still ‘looks the part’ with his present stature. Quick first step at the hot corner making plays in game and showing the footwork of a former SS (which he was). Athleticism and arm strength are evident and he made a great play in game on a back hand keeping a low line across the diamond. The carry he gets comes from good fundamentals with his release, with a high of 78 mph in his workout throws, which is an area of improvement for him. The LH swing stays tight allowing him to work the middle and opposite side of the field with late upward barrel speed; flashed some pull power as well. As muscle from physical maturity happens he’s a good bet to improve on the 89 mph exit velocity.


Logan Azem OF / Serra , CA / 2020

Strong compact build on medium frame moving feet well at 5-foot-10, 185-pounds; make-up speed in OF (7.15 60-yard) able to close on balls. Put together a professional BP spraying line drives all around the field with the short compact swing; gets on plane early and the hands speed to keep barrel in the zone (89 mph exit velocity off the tee). Just missed a couple hits right on pitches during the game for hard lineouts to CF and LF. Arm fits best in LF/CF (consistent 82-83 mph outfield throws) with the ability to close on the baseball and accurate throws to bags. Routinely displays not only his tools but also his ability to perform, each time we see him, both in environments like this and game action. A player that a coach can recruit and trust in what he will get when he comes to campus.

Brady Chavez RHP / OF / Santa Cruz, CA / 2020

Long wiry frame with some present strength in the 6-foot-0, 165-pound frame; projectable lanky build. Showed a quick, loose arm from the OF attacking the ball and being able to put throws consistently on the bag, top throwing velocity of 88 mph, consistently above 85 on all four throws. LH bat shows ability to whip the barrel through the zone (89 mph exit velocity off the tee) staying flat through contact and sending LD’s to all parts of the field; doubled in game to LF on a breaking ball and singling to RCF while also stealing 2nd. On the hill showed three pitch mix from compact H-3/4 release with FB cutting at 83-85, short CHG at 77-78 and tight 12/5 CB at 72-76. Talented all-around athlete/player, remains to be seen which way he gets the opportunity at the college level, but there is plenty of time to work that out.

Kyle Hartmanis OF / Menlo-Atherton, CA / 2020

Muscular frame with quick feet (6.97 60-yard) at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds showed the strength in the frame translates as usable during game turning on a FB for a deep HR to LF before later having a solid single to LF. As impressive as the booming homer was, it came after he was drilled squarely in the back early in that at-bat but continued the plate appearance. The above average bat speed works upwards to the pullside showing ability to drive balls deep into the gap. Posted 88 mph exit velocity off the tee. Moves inline through the ball in the OF with a loose arm; lots of carry on throws (82 mph top velocity) and chance for arm to keep improving. Make-up and tenacity consistently showed up, when combined with talents, make him a match for the college game.

Aidan Kelly OF / 3B / Bellarmine College Prep, CA / 2020

Physical, athletic and strong at 6-foot-3, 195-pounds, body continues to make positive improvements each time we see him. Kelly showed the versatility of his tools as he’s moved from 3B to the OF allowing his quickness (6.89 60-yard) to play up while continuing to show a bat that profiles as a middle of the order hitter. Wide stance allows the direct hands to lift through contact driving liners through the OF; when he keeps his connections the ball jumps off the bat. Flashed that strength on a shot right at the SS during the games. Moves easily in the OF having some flat length out of the glove on throws keeping it at the base and flashing firm carry, posting a high throwing velocity of 83 mph. The innate strength and some twitch indicate that a jump to an impact hitter could very well be just around the corner.

Casey Vogan OF / RHP / Liberty , CA / 2020

Wiry-strong frame with width in the shoulders at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds; space for frame to take on more. Baseball athleticism shows up all over the field with good range due to good reads/jumps in OF, ability to hop on the mound and compete in the zone and swings at the plate that produced consistent barrel contact. Top exit velocity of 86 mph is an area for improvement, as is 7.61 60-yard time. Showed a U-Shaped swing during BP driving liners into the gaps having the hard contact carry over to the games where he doubled into the LCF gap while squaring up two hard fly balls to LF/CF. The arm is loose and able to pull through the ball in the OF (80 mph velocity). On the mound worked from a mid-3/4 slot running FB on both sides of the plate at 82-84 MPH; SLD 65-68 with short lateral sweep.


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