Northern CA Uncommitted Senior Games: Pitchers

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director of Scouting


KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Uncommitted Senior Games took place on Sunday October 6th at College of Marin, with nearly 60 talented seniors coming out to be seen by the PBR Northern California scouting staff and a gathering of college coaches on hand. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 5-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance, while some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next 2020 ranking. As we dive deeper into our notes and videos the content will keep coming. We've previously released our Quick HitsStatistical Analysis, and Catcher reports. Today we break down the 23 pitchers, listed alphabetically.

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Cameron Barger RHP / De La Salle, CA / 2020

Max FB 87, FB 84-86, SL 71-72, CHG 78
Physical 6-foot-2, 190-pounds with current strength and projectable build. Two strikeouts in his inning of work as he controlled the delivery using a long 3/4 release. Liked how he set hitters up and the ball jumped on hitters with his three strong pitches. FB 84-85 T87 moving it to both sides and having firm life in the zone. CHG 78 with bottom late on hitters. SLD 71-72 with 3/4 bend showing firm break able to manipulate and push off the plate for swing and misses. Demeanor and intensity were on display, giving off an air of confidence in both his stuff and ability to get outs. Looks to be one of the senior pitchers in the area to closely follow in the spring.

Deven Beasley RHP / Berkeley , CA / 2020

Max FB 82, FB 80-82, SL 69-74, CHG 74-75
Lean lanky 6-foot-2 170-pounds, fluid body actions, appears to have ample room to broaden out the upper body. Clean balanced delivery, calm out of the glove with good control of the arm swing. Slight cross-body stride with stability upon foot strike, leverage can improve when lower body strength improves and gets less rotational. Gets to high-3/4 slot with loose arm action and arm speed to hint at significant future velocity gains. Displayed feel and control of both the fastball and slider, with slower speed breaking balls more resembling shape of curveball. Given the body type, looseness of the arm and body control, he projects very favorably with strength and physical maturity.

Bryce Cannon LHP / Maria Carrillo, CA / 2020

Max FB 86, FB 84-86, CB 68-69
Athletic and strong build at 6-foot-4, 180-pounds with ample space for more. Athleticism shows in delivery with hands working down/up before high front leg kick; drives the hill with the back leg allowing 3/4 arm to be late and aggressive with FB/CB combo. FB 84-85 T86 painting off the plate arm side and being able to spot to the glove side as well. CB 68-71 loose 1/7 breaker with small depth; wraps pitch a bit with space for projection for more bite in the pitch. Adding a change-up would be an area of improvement. Competitive on the hill with a demeanor that exudes confidence yet also relaxed and seemingly comfortable/relaxed. Also a significant talent as a LHH position player (1B/OF). The arm speed and athleticism sure do make his pitching profile intriguing. With more lower body development he could/should make a big leap.

Mason Carvacho RHP / De La Salle, CA / 2020

Max FB 85, FB 82-85, SL 69-73, CHG 76-80
Strong build on 6-foot-0 175-pound frame, particularly strong lower body which has muscular development. Wide shoulders with broad chest. Posts well over the rubber, hooks cleats on edge of rubber to create engagement of lower half, somewhat quick out of the glove lands with slightly closed foot strike and slightly open stride. Controls arm swing with somewhat deep backside. High-3/4 slot, front hip and lead shoulder pull a bit early and take away a bit from extension, creating rotational end of delivery to 1st base side. There is some comeback life with the fastball and displayed feel of the slider that has some tilt. Arm speed and strength, along with the life on the fastball are all positives and some mechanical adjustments can unlock more pure stuff but more importantly better control. Finishes breaking ball well and change is usable.

Connor Charpiot RHP / Maria Carrillo, CA / 2020

Max FB 80, FB 77-79, SL 67-69, CHG 71-74
Stout body type on 5-foot-10 200-pound frame, competed as two-way player and showed feel and baseball IQ. Simple delivery, starts on far 1st base side of rubber, rocks back a bit to heel upon leg lift, stride is in-line to plate and works to lock in his glove side arm though does spin off a bit upon release, full 3-pitch repertoire and understanding of how to mix and change speeds. Best when pitching backward, utilizing sweeping slider and feel of the change-up. Fastball fairly straight but can play up with his ability to pitch off the offspeed stuff. Pitch to contact approach and willing to let the defense play, fields position well and works with good tempo.

Brady Chavez RHP / Santa Cruz, CA / 2020

Max FB 85, FB 83-85, CB 72-76, CHG 77-78
Lean wiry athletic body with sloping shoulders on 6-foot-0 165-pound frame, competed as two way player and showed intriguing talent both ways. Fluid and athletic on the mound, works well over the rubber, allowing controlled deeper backside arm action. Stays in-line with stride leg, starts from far 1st base side of rubber. Quick arm with easy arm action, overhand slot, does tend to give a bit with plant leg which saps some power of the delivery and leads to some recoil negative energy. Bit of a sneaky release point as he keeps ball hidden pretty well. Displayed fastball control with some armside run. Late bottom out of change-up that can be swing and miss pitch. Showed feel of small late curveball thrown with feel. All three pitches and the raw stuff are on verge of developing into a college recruitable pitcher.

Zachary Curtis RHP / Washington Union, CA / 2020

Max FB 81, FB 75-77, CB 59-61
Lean wiry 5-foot-11 160-pounds, athletically proportioned, competed as two-way player, high energy delivery with big knee lift and sync’s up deep-ish arm action as knee comes up, breaks over the rubber before flashing some arm/leg movements that can distract a hitter’s eyes. Raw stuff obviously would need to play up significantly beyond the high school level. Delivery and good body control work together and conceivably could allow him to learn to work from a side arm/sub arm angle. Plants with stable foot strike and in-line to the plate. Big curveball sneaks out of hand a bit early as extension is something for him to improve though did show ability to slow bats with the breaking ball.

Nolan Dunkle RHP / Justin-Siena, CA / 2020

Max FB 88, FB 84-86, CB 66-67, CHG 77
Strong stout 5-foot-11 195-pounds, lower body has strength to provide stability to throwback type delivery with high knee lift and long deep backside arm action. Long stride with some swinging gate type lower body action, lands in-line though a bit on heel which limits full extension and creates some recoiling negative energy. The arm is strong, works from overhand slot. Touching 88 mph was top velocity we’ve seen from Dunkle and it’s a jump that we’ve been waiting to see. Fastball control will need to improve to gain trust of college coaches. Has baseball IQ on mound and big 12/5 type curveball can play well both down and up in the zone. The raw stuff and ability to make it consistent will improve with some cleaner more repeatable mechanics.

Alec Hagopian RHP / San Ramon Valley, CA / 2020

Max FB 85, FB 82-84, CB 70-72, CHG 73-76
Embry-Riddle commit post-event; Strong upper body, athletically sculpted lower half on 6-foot-0 185-pound frame. Highly competitive and confident pitcher with mound presence that exudes bulldog mentality. High powerful knee lift, quick separation and aggressive move down the slope. Lands with strong foot strike and finishes well with back hip getting through, which allows for extension and manipulation of the ball, which allows him to utilize three useful pitches that all play well off the other. Overhand slot and good finish though with some lateral energy toward 1st base side. Fastball with enough velocity to play up due to his diving change-up and tumbling curveball that had occasional late bite off the table, but can’t miss too often over the plate with the present day fastball velocity. Showed ability to pitch up with fastball which is a good complement to his change-up and curveball.

Dylan Day RHP / Santa Rosa, CA / 2020

Max FB 86, FB 83-85, CB 68-71, CHG 76-78
Very projectable build at 6-foot-6, 190-pounds with wide shoulders and frame to add weight/strength. Hands stay wide through athletic delivery allowing full arm swing to 3/4 getting extension and having the FB dart through the zone. FB 84-86 life in the zone and spotting gloveside. CHG 76-78 with late bottom; swing and miss Change. CB 68-71 overhand 12/6 flashing bite and feel; able to throw into and out of the zone for strikes. Late life on all pitches, with hitters routinely swinging through and late to the fastball and the CB breaking deep into the zone. He looks to have the ability to put well-above-average spin on the ball. Outstanding projectability with a ceiling that has a chance to significantly high.

Nicholas Hermann RHP / Livermore, CA / 2020

Max FB 77, FB 76-77, CB 64-66, CHG 74-75
Athletically proportioned 6-foot-2 170-pound body that has some lean strength now but ample room for future physical development. Aggressive demeanor and aggressive delivery. Works with quick pace, long stride and long backside arm action create a lot of separation away from his core, lands with fanned open front foot and pulls head off line in order to get arm through, which happens due to the length on the backside combined with long stride. The arm speed is better than the raw velocity shows. Has mound presence and belief in what he’s doing though stuff will need to start climbing to get college attention. Change-up is thrown with aggressive arm speed and breaking ball has some slipperiness.

Andrew Kotin RHP / Northwood, CA / 2020

Max FB 86, FB 84-85, SL 73-78, CHG 76-78
Well-proportioned 6-foot-0, 175-pounds with some current strength started the day off by pounding the zone with full over the head windup and athletic high front knee; arm is loose and long working from 3/4 slot. Showed ability to change sequences and set hitters up. FB 83-85 jumping onto hitters. CHG 74-78 with late arm-side bottom; very strong pitch and grabbed 4 straight K’s with it. SLD 73-78 slurve-type break laterally. CB 69-71 more overhand with some depth. Two breaking balls would blend a bit, but the CHG is a plus pitch at the high school level and potentially the same at the collegiate level.

Matthew McMahon RHP / Cardinal Newman, CA / 2020

Max FB 78, FB 75-78, CB 68-69, CHG 71-73
Lanky long body type on 6-foot-2 165-pound frame, still years away from physical maturity. As this event was late in the fall, the lower velocities were not quite representative of what we saw last spring (80-82). Fluid delivery, good body control, pitches with good tempo and timing of upper/lower half. Stays in-line to plate and lead foot plants well, allowing overhand slot to deliver his hand to a consistent position to manipulate the ball at a consistent release point. Classic three pitch mix, with some slight fastball movement just off the barrel, a big overhand curveball thrown with consistent feel and a change-up with some bottoming out action. Spring season will be looking to see where the velocity settles as a better indication of his future beyond high school.

Davin Leathers RHP / Sequoia, CA / 2020

Max FB 82, FB 81-82, CB 65-68, CHG 73-76
Long and rangy yet streamlined and lean body type on 6-foot-5 170-pound frame, good body control throughout delivery and impressive ability to repeat given his long body and levers, which suggests with physical maturity and muscular development he can make big strides. Simple delivery, high knee lift, long back side while staying behind ball well, lead leg stays in-line and creates good stability through extension. Raw stuff not eye-popping yet but strength is still to be gained. Arm works well, fairly loose, working from overhand slot. Fastball with some length through zone though fairly minimal movement. Feel of curveball is present and there is some depth to the pitch. Chance for a full 3-pitch repertoire and significant stuff development.

Trevor Leon SS / St. Francis, CA / 2020

Max FB 82, FB 78-81, SL 70-71
Lean rangy athletic body type on 6-foot-2 160-pound frame that still has a lot of positive physical development to come in future years. Primary MIF but willingly jumped on mound and competed to the zone. Good body control in delivery which makes sense as he’s a talented defensive shortstop. Simple delivery that looks to be focused on simply throwing strikes when called upon to pitch. Good lower body stability, overhand slot, loose arm though recoils after finish. Fastball angle was good and there was some late run, sinker type action. Small curveball break with slider type shape. With focus on pitching there is arm speed and body control to develop a delivery to accentuate his innate arm speed/arm strength (83-84 mph on his INF throws in the workout).

Dominic Molinaro RHP / Liberty, CA / 2020

Max FB 80, FB 77-78, SL 68-72, CHG 69-70
Thick body type at listed 6-foot-0 185-pounds, chance to develop a powerful build as he matures beyond high school. Competed as a two-way player and attacked hitters like a lot of primary position players do when they are on the mound. Simple delivery, short knee lift, quiet separation with quick circle arm stroke, lands with fairly short stride in-line to catcher, maintains good body control throughout and finishes in good fielding position. Not much power generation in the delivery as it’s more oriented to pounding the zone. Fastball fairly straight with occasional angle, slider with slight two-plane break can get ground balls and though change-up only flashed in warm-ups it was thrown with some feel and down in the zone.

Michael Papapietro RHP / Inderkum , CA / 2020

Max FB 84, FB 82-84, SL 75-76
Strong body type on 5-foot-11 190-pound frame, chance to develop significant strength in college weight development program, good arm, ball comes out of hand well, modified delivery with step back from set position, agile knee lift with swing back of foot and coiling of hips, uncoils with pretty consistent timing and makes an aggressive hip turn with back leg coming through well. Has arm speed that projects for more velocity as lower body develops ability to create more leverage. High-3/4 slot, short-ish on backside and hides ball a bit, aggressive use of fastball which he likes, slider is traditional shape and can be developed further. Stuff has a chance to evolve mid-upper-80s with development program beyond the HS level.

Riley Phelan LHP / Sonoma Valley , CA / 2020

Max FB 75, FB 73-75, SL 65-66, CHG 71-72
Broad athletic body type at 6-foot-3 195-pounds, well-proportioned. Crafty left-handed pitcher with confidence to come into the zone with any of his three pitches. Simple delivery designed to maximize ability to throw strikes, good direction, easy backside arm swing, gets to overhand slot and throws all three pitches from same slot. Stuff obviously not overwhelming but showed feel for pitching. Enough wrinkle on the slider to get hitters hunting his fastball to commit and miss the barrel and change-up just below the fastball speed. Given the feel for pitching and understanding of his stuff, there is a spot for a strike-throwing left-hander at some level beyond HS.

Carter Stevenson RHP / De La Salle , CA / 2020

Max FB 82, FB 79-81, CB 67-68, CHG 73
Long lanky body type at 6-foot-4 180-pounds with ample room for muscular development. Good body control and given his size that suggests a velocity spike as he develops strength. Calm out of the glove with some modest backside arm action length, short-ish stride and fairly conservative lower body in the delivery. Creates in-line direction with some minimal spin-off at the finish, created from slight fanning at foot strike. Arm works cleanly from 3/4 slot, though working to be a bit more free and easy out of the glove as he starts with hands comfortably away from the body but brings them close to chest before separating. Showed feel of the zone with the fastball and that will also improve as he gets stronger. There is some comeback action on fastball and the curveball has nice shape though the break is smooth and easy.

Owen Stevenson RHP / Sacred Heart Cathedral, CA / 2020

Max FB 87, FB 84-86, CB 71-72, SL 74-75, CHG 77
San Francisco commit post-event; Long, lean with wide shoulders at 6-foot-3, 170-pounds projecting well with a year or so more of strength. Abbreviated stretch hybrid delivery staying tall and driving with the back leg allowing the compact, clean 3/4 release to get through the slot. FB 84-86 with angle to the glove side. CB 71-72 overhand 11/6 break showing small depth at the plate. SLD 74-75 small lateral sweepy actions. CHG 77-78 with arm side run. Two strikeouts and some weak ground balls as he pounded the zone during his inning. Ball comes out of his hand quite easily and the easy arm with the rangy frame suggest he’s got a ceiling not yet reached.

Luke Sula RHP / Clovis North , CA / 2020

Max FB 81, FB 79-80, SL 69-73, CHG 71-75
Lean rangy athletic body type on 6-foot-0 173-pound frame, with sloping shoulders and projectable proportions. Primary 3rd baseman but has pitched contributory innings at HS level. High energy delivery with fluid actions, high quick knee lift, strides in-line and has good body control throughout delivery, finishes in good fielding position, 3/4 slot with fairly loose quick arm, has feel of the laredo-type slider, would be interesting to see an even lower slot for more action on the two-seam fastball. Willing to get into the zone and start bats, displays confidence and baseball IQ on the mound. Raw stuff likely to tick upward in springtime if there are consistent innings for him.

Evan Tomlinson RHP / Northgate , CA / 2020

Max FB 84, FB 82-84, CB 70-72, CHG 74
Big burly body type, looks the part of prototypical innings eater at 6-foot-4 200-pounds, developed lower body with a broad upper body. Maintains good body control in deliberate delivery, calm out of the glove with a slightly slowed arm action the backside. Good direction, creates stability for consistent release point. Arm action works from mid-3/4 slot and somewhat of a pronation through the finish. Gets unhinged from rubber well with chest getting over the front knee. Fastball has some length into zone but there is more life and velocity in that body and arm action. Spins the curveball well with break late enough into zone to start bats. Can sink it and also use the change-up. Body control and general strength, along with easy arm action all suggest there is 4-6 more MPH in there. When it comes out, time will tell.

Casey Vogan OF / Liberty , CA / 2020

Max FB 84, FB 82-84, SL 65-68 
Long lean body with rangy proportions on a 6-foot-1 170-pound frame, good athlete on the mound, simple efficient delivery, short-ish stride, takes ball down to about mid-thigh on backside, in-line to plate with lead leg, maintains balance throughout the delivery and has ability to repeat, quick arm with mid-3/4 slot. Ability to pound the zone with fastball and spin the slider with sweep action just off the plate. As body evolves and strengthens he has a good chance to see a velocity spike and see his raw stuff get more lively. The slider is a bit soft to utilize as an out pitch but his feel gives him a chance to continue to develop that pitch as well.


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