Prep Baseball Report

SoCal Underclass Trials: Top Shortstops

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural SoCal Underclass Trials went down at Hart Park in Orange, CA on June 12th. There were over 90 players in attendance. As part of our coverage we will be rolling out top position players before releasing our Top Overall Prospects from event. 

*Click on player profile for complete individual stats at the event. 


Justin DeCriscio SS / 2B / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2021

Easily one of the most athletic participants at the event, DeCriscio opened the event with a 7.01 60 and kept it going from there. A slick fielding shortstop with above average footwork, DeCriscio threw 74 across the diamond and exhibited clean exchanges. DeCriscio shows very good balance at the plate where he creates backspin on the ball with a slightly downward barrel path that he's able maintain in the zone. Shows some power traits. With continued physical maturation his current soft liners should develop into gap-to-gap power. 

Anthony Ortiz SS / 3B / St. John Bosco, CA / 2020

One of the most physical players at the event was Ortiz who came out and ran a 7.28 before posting an 84 mph infield velocity from shortstop where he shows the skill set to be able to stay at least through high school. Ortiz shows soft hands and fluid footwork along with clean exchanges through the ball. Had a loud round of batting practice and his power is visibly projectable from a slightly open stance. Ortiz showed some of the fastest hands at the plate. Had an 85 mph exit velocity off a tee.

Daniel Perez SS / RHP / Corona , CA / 2021

We were lucky enough to see Perez a half-dozen times this season so we were very familiar with him. In this setting he continued to thrive. After running a 6.87 60 to open the event, Perez then took one of the best rounds of infield workout. His footwork, body control, arm actions/strength were all on display with strong (81 mph) and accurate throws that were above the waist each time. Perez shows some pullside power but maintains his gap-to-gap approach with above average bat speed. Perez also pitched and peppered the strike zone with a running fastball (80-82)and an early breaking curveball (69-70). 

Robert Mansour SS / 2B / San Dimas , CA / 2021

Mansour started the event off with a 7.57 60 before moving into defensive workouts where his sneaky strength came to light. Mansour was hitting the glove from shortstop with 85 mph strikes that made easy work for first baseman. Mansour shows good footwork and nimbleness around the ball. He funnels out front and is in position for clean exchanges every time thanks to his soft hands. At the plate Mansour has a quiet and simple approach from a slightly open setup and a short, balanced stride. Shows current feel for the barrel and maintains it in the hitting zone for a long time resulting in current gap-to-gap line drives. 

Davis Hildebrandt SS / 2B / Esperanza, CA / 2021

Hildebrandt stood out because nothing looked difficult for him on the day. He ran a 7.75 60, then moved into defensive work where he was must see. Despite his smallish frame, Hildebrandt is plenty strong and shows it with his online throws that carry from all angles. At the plate Hildebrandt's strength is more clearly visible. Hildebrandt shows a balanced, fluid swing and follow through and with current line drive, gap-to-gap power, it's easy to project further power to follow the expected continued physical maturity.