Prep Baseball Report

PBR All Colorado Team: Entire Team

By John Cackowski
State Director

PBR Colorado presented the the PBR All-Colorado Team over the course of the last week. Players who were chosen for the PBR All-Colorado Team are players that not only performed well during the season, helped their team have success on the field, but also were seen in front of the PBR Colorado scouting staff in the form of a past PBR Colorado events or a game. Out of the 17 players who made the PBR-All Colorado Team, 16 have been to a previous event, including 3 who were invited to the prestigious Super 60. 12 players will be moving on to their college commitments while 5 players will be coming back to high school baseball next spring. Ryan Sullivan of Cherokee Trail was our 5A Players of the year, Jake Greenwalt of Windsor was our 4A Players of the year, and Matt Burkart of Eaton was our 3A player of the year.

Catcher/Designated Hitter

Maverick Handley, C, Mullen, 2016

Handley has been the top catcher in the state the last three years. The Stanford commit had his best offensive season in high school hitting .461 with 6 homeruns, 4 triples, 5 doubles, and 33 RBI's. Viewed nationally as one of the best catch and throw catchers in the  country, the 5-foot-10, 210-pound right hand hitting catcher is balanced and level at the plate.  Strong lower half through the ball with short extension at contact.  Shows quick hands and turns well on the inside pitch but also has opposite field power.  He had a 92 MPH exit velocity off a tee. Handley is solid on balls in the dirt and showcases a quick transfer and 83 MPH very accurate arm. Also has very quick feet. Plays with a ton of confidence defensively.  Pop-times were 1.76-1.82 off a coach.

Tanner O'Tremba, OF/RHP, 2018 (Designated Hitter)

O'Tremba is a physical athlete for the Bruins and has been an offensive force since his freshman year. This year O'Tremba hit .492 and led the Bruins with 9 doubles, 6 homeruns, and 34 RBI's. A 6-foot, 210 pounds. Bats and throws right. O'tremba is a very explosive player. Looks like a full back and plays the game extremely hard. O'tremba uses a slightly open stance and has an explosive swing. He can keeps his hands back, and also turn on a fastball. Has a big load, and uses leg kick to start a swing that is explosive on contact that generated an impressive 97 mph exit velocity off a tee. Has gap to gap power. In the outfield has a lot of speed for his size, and proved it with a 6.87 60 time. Strong arm at 84 mph. On the mound was consistently 85-86 mph with a high of 88, and he just chose to blow his fastball by the hitters this weekend. In games in the spring we have seen curve ball with 11/5 shape at 67 mph. Hides the ball well, and is square to the plate then falls off towards first base side after landing with strong leg drive. Very high player to follow.


Ryan Sullivan, 1B, Cherokee Trail, 2016
Sullivan, our choice as 5A player of the year, was a huge presence at the plate for the 5A State champion Cougars this season. The Iowa Western CC commit hit .506 with 12 doubles, 4 homeruns, and 32 RBI's. A 6-foot-6, 220-pound right hand hitting 1B/RHP is tall and athletic at the plate.  Hits from a balanced stance with a short stride and quick hand load.  Gets good extension through the zone and shows good pull power.  Lower half drives through the zone and he hits off a firm front side.  He showcased a 100 MPH exit velocity.  In the field he shows good range in the hole and a quick transfer when turning a double play.  He throws from a high ¾ arm slot and delivered a 77 MPH ball across the diamond.  Identified with the most raw power 2016 at this event.

Luke Ziegler, 3B/RHP, Valor Christian, 2018

The Pepperdine commit was an instrumental part for Valor Christian first 4A State Championship. Ziegler who played 3rd and also was dominating on the mound, hit .409 with 10 doubles and 28 RBI's. Ziegler also made his mark on the mound going 6 and 1 in 49 innings posting a 2.11 ERA striking out 48 batters. A 6-foot-2, 175-pound right handed hitter at the plate he stands tall and balanced.  He has a short stride and hands keep the bat in the zone for an extended period.  He hits off a firm front side with an exit velocity of 87 MPH.  In the field he shows smooth actions and a quick release.  He is accurate with an 85 MPH arm across the diamond.  On the mound he stands tall and falls to the plate.  He lands slightly closed and throws from a high ¾ arm slot.  He showed good command of all three pitches.  He features a 85 MPH fastball with late movement, a 64 MPH curve with 11/5 break and a 75 MPH change that lived down in the zone.

Middle Infielders/Utility

Matt Burkart SS/RHP, Eaton 2016

Our choice as 3A player of the year, the University of Northern Colorado commit was a four-year starter finished his high school career hitting .620 for the Reds with 9 doubles, 4 triples, and 4 homeruns. The 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. Bats and throws right. At the plate has open stance, leg kick approach. Comes off as smooth and has ability to drive the ball through the outfield. Liked his rhythm, and bat speed is very fast through the zone, and ball jumps off the bat. Strong lower half, good extension through the zone with 2 hands.  Had a 88 mph exit velocity off the tee. At SS showed good actions and attacks the ball. Gains ground on his throws with good feet and hands. Threw 81 mph to first base. On the mound is very deceptive and displayed a loose arm with a slight stab out of the glove.  Arm speed is quick and over the top. Hides ball extremely well, hard to pick up. Good balance point all owed shoulders to stay level and landing to be square to the plate.  Fastball was 84-85 with slight run and good command both in and out in the zone.  Knuckle Curve was on display and registered 75-77 with sharp 12/6 break. Was thrown for strikes low and out in the zone. Throws a slider at 76 mph, and has a 77-78 mph change.

Cole McKissock, SS, Air Academy, 2016

The Appalachian State commit helped lead the Kadets to the 4A State playoffs with a stellar season. The SS hit .472 with 34 RBI's, 5 doubles, and 6 homeruns. A 6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting SS/3B. We love McKissock's skills. Cole hits from a tall slightly open balanced stance, short stride with slight leg kick, and lets hands do the work in the swing which is simple, bottom hand dominant with one hand finish. Has fast bat speed and registered an 89 MPH exit velocity off the tee.  Defensively, we have had him throw 83 MPH across the diamond from short, ¾ arm slot with accuracy.  McKissock can play any infield position. Might project as a 3B, but can handle SS, 2B, 3B, and even 1B in a pinch due to skills. Athletic and showed good feet during defensive portion of the event.  Ran a 6.96 60 time. Made the Junior Sunbelt Classic team his sophomore and junior years.

Judah Wilbur, SS/RHP Denver North, 2017 (Utility)

Wilbur did everything for the Vikings in 2016 leading the program to their best year in many years leading the team to a 16-0 league record. The SS/RHP was 2nd in 4A hitting with a .593 batting average driving in 28 runs and scoring 32. Wilbur also hit 12 doubles, hit 2 homeruns, and stole 13 bases. A A 5-foot-11, 145-pound right hand hitting 2B/SS who ran a 7.37 60.  Balanced at the plate with a high leg kick and long stride on the pitch.  He shows good lower leg drive and good extension out front on contact.  He had an 87 MPH exit velocity off the tee.  In the field he is athletic with smooth actions on balls left and right. Liked his actions in the field.  He has a quick transfer and accurate arm from high 3/4 arm slot. His arm velocity was 74 MPH across the diamond.


Wyatt Featherston, OF, Green Mountain, 2016
34th Round - San Fransisco Giants

This is the 2nd time Featherston has made the PBR All-Colorado Team. One of the most athletic outfielders in Colorado the last four years, Featherston saved his best for last hitting .472 with 12 homeruns and 29 RBI's while also stealing 14 bases. Bats and throws right. Has slight open athletic stance. Has a ton's of leg drive. He did not have a good day at the plate but Brown shut down the entire team. Was PBR All-Colorado as a sophomore. Ran a 4.2 home to first on ground ball to 3rd. Shows confidence, swag, and advanced skill in the outfield. Cut off ball in left center that should have been a double and threw runner out at second.  Has started since freshman year. A Western Kentucky commit,  Featherston was drafted in the 34th Round by the Colorado Rockies.

Quin Cotton, OF, Regis Jesuit, 2016
38th Round - Colorado Rockies

This is the 2nd time Cotton has made the PBR All-Colorado Team. Another one of the top outfielders in our state the last 4 years. Cotton started 3 years at Regis Jesuit. Was one of the toughest outs in the state this year hitting .514 with 8 doubles, 4 triples, and 3 homeruns. Has above average bat speed registering 101 mph bat speed at the Super 60.   A 5-foot-11 bulked up his senior year. Ran a 7 flat laser timed 60 at the Super 60, but we once had at 6.8 his junior year. Displays quick hands and level path through the ball. Also showcases a good arm at 85 mph from the outfield. A Grand Canyon commit, Cotton was drafted in the 38th round by the Colorado Rockies.

Jeremy Onken, OF/RHP, Pine Creek, 2018

Onken tore up 5A at the plate hitting .538 on the season while leading 5A with 36 RBI's and hitting 8 homeruns. Onken was also the Eagles top pitcher going 5-0. In 33 innings he struck out 45 batters and posted a 1.91 E.R.A. A 6-foot-2, 190-pound right hand hitter. At the plate he hits from a balanced stance with a slight bat wrap on his load.  He fires his hands and hips through the zone and registered an 88 MPH exit velocity.  He shows good power to the pull side.  In the field he is quick to the ball with a quick release.  He showcased an 86 MPH arm from the outfield.  On the mound he rounded out a very good day.  He is a sink and drive pitcher and lands in-line with home plate.  He delivers over the top and showcases a 88 MPH fastball with good command of the inside part of the plate.  He uses a 73 MPH curve with sharp 11/5 break and a 75 MPH change that stays down in the zone.

Right Handed Pitchers

Jake Eissler, RHP/3B, ThunderRidge, 2016
The Texas Christian commit moves on after a very stellar high school career at ThunderRidge. The RHP went 5-2 this year with an impressive 1.25 ERA. In 60 innings pitched Eissler struck out 81 and only gave up 45 hits and 17 walks. Eissler also hit .384 with 4 homeruns and 28 RBI's. From a high 3/4 arm slot, Eissler is effortless to the plate with simple mechanics that guide all three pitches to the strike zone at any time in the count. No doubt the most polished pitcher in the state. Armed with a fastball that lives at 88, but can touch 92 mph. Change-up has nice fade at 76-77 mph, and curveball has nice 11/5 tilt and the ball drops off the table at last minute. Will project to be in the rotation sooner then later at TCU.

Paul Tilotson, RHP/OF, Lewis Palmer, 2016
The Nebraska commit had another dominating year on the mound and as a hitter. The RHP went 8-1 on the season with a 1.02 ERA, and in 55 innings pitched struck out 86 batters only giving up 29 hits. At the plate Tillotson hit .562 with 4 homeruns, 13 doubles, and led 4A with 40 RBI's. 6-foot-2, 200-pound, right-handed pitcher had the top FB velocity of 91 MPH at a previous Preseason All-State event.  Displays a smooth tall and fall motion with level shoulders and square athletic landing throwing off two feet and repeats delivery time after time.  Arm is long and loose, lightning quick from an over the top slot.  Easy effort produced fastball from 88-91 MPH with hard run late in the zone.  Command was excellent in the bottom half of the zone.  A 68-72 MPH curve showed 11/5 action and sharp late movement down in the zone.  Split Change was 74-75 MPH with good sink down in the zone.  Tillotson has a live arm and is a very projectable pitcher in the class of 2016.

Jake Greenwalt, RHP, Windsor High School, 2016
23rd Round - San Fransisco Giants

The first high school player drafted this year in Colorado, Greenwalt was our choice for 4A player of the year. In 55 innings pitched Greenwalt had 9 wins and led the Wizards to the 4A Final Four. He posted a 0.89 E.R.A. and had 79 strikeouts while only giving up 28 hits. At 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. Greenwalt has a lanky build and very projectable. One of the best arms in our state in 2016. Starts slightly closed in stance and throws from a 3/4 arm slot from an uphill delivery. Lands square to plate, throws off two-feet, and falls off towards first base.  Hides ball well, tough to pick up. Fastball this year lived at  90 mph and touched 92-93 on multiple occassions. Curveball has good tight spin with late 11/5 tilt at 67 mph. Change up has some sink at 74 mph. Both pitches same arm speed as fastball.

Left Handed Pitchers/Closer

Jerome Bohannon, LHP/OF, Cherokee Trail, 2016
The Metropolitan State Commit had a stellar year for the Cougars going 7-0 with a 1.96 ERA. In 46 innings pitched Bohannon struck out 60 batters. The last seven innings were special as they came in a complete game against Rocky Mountain to win the 5A State Championship. Bohannon also hit .377 with 4 homeruns (2 coming in the state playoffs). A 6-foot-0, 170-pound left hand hitting LHP/OF has ran a 6.96 60 in past events.  On the mound he stands tall and gets good balance.  Falls to the plate and lands in-line, finish takes him to the third base side.  Delivery is over the top with good arm speed on all three pitches.  Fastball touches 87 with good command away.  He also showcases a 70 MPH curve with sharp break and a 67 MPH change.  At the plate he is balanced with a high leg kick and long stride.  Good weight transfer and extension out front produces an 84 MPH exit velocity.  In the field he moves well and uses quick feet and transfer to get rid of the ball.  He displays an 85 MPH arm with accuracy.

Connor Nantkes, LHP/OF, Cherokee Trail, 2017
You can argue that Nantkes has been the best pitcher in the state at the 5A level going down the stretch. Nantkes ended up 7-2 in 56 innings pitched striking out 51 while throwing two complete games in the playoffs. Nantkes also hit .449 with 10 doubles and 22 RBI's. A 6-foot-2, 180-pound left hand hitting 1B/LHP who runs a 7.30 60.  Balanced at the plate with a quick stride and load.  Weight transfers forward on the swing and he shows good extension out front.  Swing stays level and he lives in the gaps.  Showcases a 92 MPH exit velocity.  Athletic in the field at first base with good feet and instincts.  He moves well on balls to his glove side and delivers from a high ¾ arm angle.  He showcases an accurate 82 MPH arm across the diamond.  On the mound he starts slightly closed and gets good balance and drive to the plate.  He lands in-line with the plate and falls off to the third base side on his finish.  He throws from a high ¾ arm slot and features an 85 MPH fastball with slight tail and a 70 MPH curve with sharp break.  He flashes a 74 MPH change that moves into the right hand hitter. 

Austin Alarid, LHP/1B, Rocky Mountain, 2016
When the Eastern Arizona CC commit pitched for the Lobos in 2016 they were extremely tough to beat. Posting a 7-0 record with a 2.12 ERA, the big lefty logged 46 innings pitched striking out 69. Alarid also hit .441 with 26 RBI's and 3 homeruns. The 6-foot, 200 pound Alarid pounds the strike zone all day with 85-86 mph fastballs. Hides ball well, and makes it appear fastball is faster. Last game we saw him against Fruita Monument he struck out 12, but what impressive was when he gave up a solo shot to tie the game 1-1 he wasn't rattled at all and went back to work. On the mound, compact in line delivery with over the top arm action.  Good command of the outside part of the plate with a 70-73 CB and 72-73 CH.  Fields his position well.

Bailey Hansen, RHP/OF, Air Academy, 2016 (Closer)
We chose the Pacific commit as the PBR All-Colorado Closer for 2016. Hansen was 6-2 with a 3.00 ERA. In 49 innings pitched Hansen only gave up 35 hits and struck out 60 batters. Also a force at the plate, Hansen led the Kadets with a .492 batting average, and was tied for the team lead with 34 RBI's and 6 homeruns. He impresses with an 88 MPH fastball and good command of the zone.  Throwing from a motion with good balance and drive to the plate, his tall body allows him to deliver a pitcher that gets on you in a hurry.  He has an over the top motion and good arm speed on all pitches.  His curve is 67-69 with 11/5 break and most of the time it started in the middle of the plate and worked off the outside corner.  He adds a 76 MPH change that had good down movement.    He has an 83 mph arm from the outfield. At the plate hits from a tall,  balanced stance and short stride. Simple swing lets his hands and bat speed do the work. Bat comes through the zone and generates good back-spin on the ball for drive and carry. In last event exit velo was 92 mph.

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