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FL Preseason All-State: 2nd Team All-State

PBR Florida Staff

The weekend of January 26th and 27th, PBR Florida held its 3rd annual Preseason All-State event at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., to evaluate close to 100 of the state’s top prospects. This invite only event was comprised of prospects from all classes. To view the whole roster,

We began our event coverage  with a Statistical Analysis, highlighting the top statistical performers on leaderboards. We then provided our first impressions from the event, broken down by team: Team White, Team Blue, Team Black, Team Red, Team Yellow, Team Gray

We started our positional breakdown last week, andconcluded it yesterday: Catchers, Corner Infielders, Middle Infielders, Outfielders, Pitchers, Two-way prospects.

From this event, we have selected 36 prospects who make up our 1st and 2nd Team All-State. Without further ado, PBR Florida presents the Preseason All-State - 2nd Team

2nd Team All-State


Luke Baker LHP / Buchholz, FL / 2020

Mississippi commit. Extra-large frame, long appendages, 6-foot-6, 215-pounds, left-handed pitcher, projectable build. Works with a short, quick arm action out of a ¾ slot. Tall and fall delivery, leads with hip out of balance point, works on-line, lands square, finishes crossing over. Fastball sat 80-82, touched 84, running action. Curveball, near fastball arm speed, 11/5 shape, depth, 63-64. Changeup, fade action, 68-70.

Ryan Fry RHP / 3B / Wharton , FL / 2022

Miami commit. 6-foot-2, 160-pound right-handed pitcher, athletic frame, strong lower half, broad shoulders, projectable, room for continued physical development. Arm works loose and athletically from a ¾ slot. Tall and fall delivery, momentum works towards home, finishes athletically. Fastball sat 80-83 with run. Curveball, depth, 11/5 shape, 66-68. Changeup, fade action, 69-71. High follow 2022 arm.

Trevor Hanselman RHP / SS / North Florida Christian, FL / 2021

One of the more impressive uncommitted, underclass arms. An athletic 5-foot-11, 165 pounds, is slightly undersized currently, but has plenty of time to grow and mature. There is a lot of quick twitch in his body. The mechanics are simple and repeatable with a very quick arm. Was up to 85 mph and both curveball and change up show above average potential. The arm action and athleticism bodes well for some big jumps in the future. High ceiling, high follow uncommitted underclassmen.


McGwire Holbrook C / 1B / Bishop Moore, FL / 2020

West Virginia recruit. The frame has continued to grow and is a stocky 6-foot-1, 225 pounds. Defensively, he has  solid actions. Strong hands and throws have carry with pop times in the 2.0-2.1 range. Offensively, the present strength plays. Looks to attack for damage. Strong enough lower half and core to get through his hips during the swing, generates power. There is a feel for the barrel and has shown to translate to the game. Had an exit velocity of 98 mph.He has a physical, offensive profile with power potential 

Danny Neri C / OF / Bishop Snyder, FL / 2020

Georgia Tech recruit. At 6-foot-1, 170 pound he has a lean build with room to add muscle. Quiet set-up with a slight coil load into a torso spin, hands follow linearly. Swing is smooth. Should be able to hit for average. Power may come with added strength, currently able to get the ball in the air. Creates leverage and natural loft. There is feel to hit and ability to turn the barrel. Defensively, he will need to continue to add flexibility and arm strength, but shows advanced feel to block and has a high energy and quality presence behind the plate. Overall, chance to be a solid defender with a well above average bat.  

First Base

Henry Politz C / 1B / Jesuit, FL / 2020

At 6-foot-2, 220 pound he has a big, strong XL frame. Defensively, he is a sound first basemen as the feet work well around the bag. Behind the plate hands work, needs some added flexibility, but feet worked well and pop times were 2.0-2.16. Offensively, the switch hitter is a bit more aggressive from the right side. Working uphill with present strength and bat speed with an exit velocity of 93 mph and power potential. Left-handed, he works uphill, can get a little rotational, but has a feel for the barrel and uses the lower half well. A lot of power potential from both sides, may stick more at first, but is a solid option behind the plate as well.

Middle Infield

Marcus O'Malley SS / 3B / Barron Collier, FL / 2021

At 5-foot-10, 150 pounds, he has a slender, athletic and projectable frame. Showing ability to compete with skills now and will mature physically soon, should see a big jump when that happens. Defensively, he is an above average, athletic defender. There is a feel for the position with functional athleticism and soft hands. Quick first step and projects to stick at short. Offensively, he has a high-hand finish and can elevate the baseball. The setup is simple and balance. There is present bat speed and bat to ball skills with more power to come with maturity. Plays the game with a swagger. Very high ceiling in the future. 

Malik Young SS / 2B / Bishop Kenny, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds he has a wiry, athletic build. Continues to progress as a player, with plenty of raw athleticism, he continues to refine his skill set. Functional athleticism in the infield, fluid actions and projects to stay at short. Offensively, he has a line drive path and a natural bat-to-ball ability. Quiet setup, could benefit from some added rhythm, but has quick hands and the natural athleticism allows him to get through the zone and to the ball on time.. Exciting follow while he matures as a baseball player. 

Jake Mummau SS / 3B / Palm Harbor University, FL / 2021

Slender athletic build with plenty of physical maturity to come. A very projectable 5-foot-11, 155 pounds. Defensively, the actions are advanced for his class. Still growing into his body, but showed natural feel, quality first step, lateral range and rhythm through the ball. Actions project to be an above average defender.  At the plate, the left handed hitter uses his hands well, throwing them directly to the ball no matter where it is in the zone. There is rotational action in the swing, but really stays in the zone a long time and shows advanced feel for the barrel, consistently hitting the ball hard in BP. Overall the is a lot of upside all around

Connor Fosnow SS / 2B / Lake Brantley, FL / 2022

A long, lean, athletic and overall very projectable 6-foot, 175 pounds. Defensively, he has a quick first step, there is some stiffness and works somewhat upright, but there is plenty of athleticism and the hands work well. The bat is his best tool. Very offensively, with a line drive approach currently, there is plenty of power potential in the future. Simple swing that generates power from the lower half. Shows ability to spray the ball from gap to gap, on the barrel consistently. Very high offensively ceiling with a very projectable frame.  


Third Base

Luke Hatcher 2B / 3B / Dixie County, FL / 2020

A lean, strong and athletic 6-foot-1, 190 pound frame. Defensively, there is some stiffness and could work with more rhythm, but the hands work and throws topped at 81 mph. Really stood out offensively where the strength plays well. Has a wide base, but clears well. The path works on a good plane, slightly uphill. Shows the ability to turn the barrel and drive th baseball consistently, especially to the pull side. Overall, a lot to like from an offensive standpoint. High uncommitted 2020 follow as he could have above average hit/power combo.  



Jordan Taylor OF / RHP / St. Johns, FL / 2022

Florida State commit. Lean, athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, should continue to see physical advancements. Raw athlete, ran a 7.03 laser-timed 60. Offensively, takes a balanced setup, short stride, hands load back and drop, maintains good balance. Barrel works uphill, looks to elevate the ball to the pull-side, developing power, 91 mph exit velocity. Defensively, plays through the ball with fluid footwork, clean on exchanges. Arm works long and loose from a high ¾ slot, throws carry at 85 mph. High follow prospect.

Renzo Gonzalez OF / LHP / Alonso , FL / 2021

Miami recruit.  A stocky 5-foot-10 180 pines. Present strength and athleticism. Defensively, the actions are solid and arm really works, topping at 90 mph. Offensively, he is a very advanced 2021 hitter. Handles the lower and inner parts of the zone very well for a classic left-handed offensive profile. Present pull power well above average for his class. Balanced and simple, he the strength plays efficiently and projects to have hit/power combo. While he didn't pitch, he is a true two way prospect and will be one to watch on the mound as well.

Jalen DeBose OF / Seminole, FL / 2020

Recently uncommitted, at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds, he looks longer and lean. The frame has a lot of quick twitch and a lot of projection. Ran a 6.97 60 yard dash in very tough conditions. Has a chance to be a plus defender in the outfield. Throws had carry and topped at 87 mph. Offensively, he has some steepness in the path, but the natural athleticism and feel keep him on the barrel more often than not. He has quick hands, and could see some big gains as he gets into the lower half and continues to add separation. Present bat speed, overall a lot of present tools with a high ceiling.

Corbin Grantham OF / Buchholz, FL / 2020

Athletically built at 5-foot-11, 181-pound, left-handed hitting outfielder. Really quick actions, ran a 6.98 60. At the plate he shows present strength and should add more. Drops hands into the hitting zone from the start giving him loft ability - may grow into some good power, 91 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively arm works from an over-the-top slot, with some looseness. Plays through the ball with fluid footwork, 77 mph from the outfield.  Really interesting follow as he polishes his game.

Two Way

Josh Allen OF / LHP / Oviedo, FL / 2020

Duke recruit. The 6-foot-2, 200 pound LHP/OF has a strong, durable frame. Comes through the ball well in the outfield. Arm works, accurate throws, topped at 84 mph. Offensively, the left-handed hitter has a simple swing. Tends to shift and work out over the front foot, but uses the lower half and his present strength well. Had an exit velocity of 94 mph. On the mound, he shows a feel to pitch. Locates down to both sides of the plate with all three pitches. Fastball was up to 84 mph, but there is much more in the tank.

Jonathan Ramallo OF / RHP / Miami Sunset Senior, FL / 2020

One of the top uncommitted prospects in attendance. Athletic, physical frame, strength throughout, stands 6-foot, 200-pounds. Right-handed hitting two-way prospect. Defensively, plus arm from the outfield, 92 mph. Arm works long and loose from a ¾ slot, throws carry with accuracy. Fields position athletically, fluid footwork, clean on exchanges. Offensively, barrel works uphill, looks to elevate the ball to the pull-side, 93 mph exit velocity. On the mound, arm action is short, high ¾ slot, above average arm speed. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line, lands toe closed, pivots square, finishes in an athletic position. Fastball worked 85-87. Curveball, 11/5 shape, depth, 67-71. Changeup, fade action, 75-78.


Stan DeMartinis C / 2B / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2020

A lean and athletic 5-foot-11, 172 pounds. DeMartinis continues to make strides. Shown the ability to play multiple positions at an efficient level, but appears to be furthest along behind the plate. The athleticism plays as he is flexible with some twitch. Hands works and receiving will continue to improve with reps. Quick feet, quality transfer and a strong arm resulted in pop times ranging from 1.97-2.1. Offensively, he shows an ability to clear the backside, clearing the hands to work and stay in the zone. Hands work well and independently, quick through the zone, creating present bal speed and power. Had an exit velocity of 94 mph and all around has present tools with upside.


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