FL Preseason All State: Catcher Analysis

PBR Florida Staff
PBR Florida

The weekend of January 26th and 27th, PBR Florida held its 3rd annual Preseason All-State event at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., to evaluate close to 100 of the state’s top prospects. This invite only event was comprised of prospects from all classes. To view the whole roster, CLICK HERE.

We began our event coverage last week with a Statistical Analysis, highlighting the top statistical performers on leaderboards. Beginning last week, we provided our first impressions from the event, broken down by team: Team WhiteTeam BlueTeam BlackTeam RedTeam YellowTeam Gray

Today, we continue our position-by-position breakdown with the catchers. First, we present the top-5 catchers from the event, led by 2019 Nathan Hickey. Hickey has made a major impact this fall and heading into the spring continues to be a bat on the rise. Following the top-5 prospects are the rest of the participating athletes in alphabetical order. (Two-way prospects will be presented on their own).

Top Prospects



Nathan Hickey C / SS / Providence, FL / 2019

Florida recruit. At 6-foot, 208 pounds he is barrel chested with a stocky thick build with present strength. Defensively, he is a solid all around catcher. Can continue to improve flexibility and consistency receiving, but has the tools and will continue to improve with reps. Where he really stands out is offensively. With the frame, you might think he was a power first, with some swing and miss from the left side, but when you watch him swing the power is there, but so is the feel to hit. He shows and advanced, simple approach, with the ability to work gap to gap. Has plenty of strength and power, especially to the pull side, with natural pull side loft. Overall, he has a chance to be a well above average, offensive catcher, which is a rare profile that will play well.  




Joaquin Monque C / 1B / Cypress Bay, FL / 2020

St Leo commit. The lean, athletic 6-foot-1, 195 pound catcher might be the best defensive catcher in attendance. He has present ankle and hip flexibility, while remaining stable in receiving. He has soft hands and strong shoulder and consistently in good positions. The transfer is ideal, with a clean, quick glove turn and gets the ball in the air quickly, resulting in pop times 2.05-2.1. Offensively, he has a wide, strong base. With a small leg kick to gather and short, simple load, he has ability to get his foot down softly and on time. Clears the lower half well and stays compact while creating leverage and power. Overall, has a chance to be above average both defensively and offensively. 




Danny Neri C / OF / Bishop Snyder, FL / 2020

Georgia Tech recruit. At 6-foot-1, 170 pound he has a lean build with room to add muscle. Quiet set-up with a slight coil load into a torso spin, hands follow linearly. Swing is smooth. Should be able to hit for average. Power may come with added strength, currently able to get the ball in the air. Creates leverage and natural loft. There is feel to hit and ability to turn the barrel. Defensively, he will need to continue to add flexibility and arm strength, but shows advanced feel to block and has a high energy and quality presence behind the plate. Overall, chance to be a solid defender with a well above average bat.  




McGwire Holbrook C / 1B / Bishop Moore, FL / 2020

West Virginia recruit. The frame has continued to grow and is a stocky 6-foot-1, 225 pounds. Defensively, he has  solid actions. Strong hands and throws have carry with pop times in the 2.0-2.1 range. Offensively, the present strength plays. Looks to attack for damage. Strong enough lower half and core to get through his hips during the swing, generates power. There is a feel for the barrel and has shown to translate to the game. Had an exit velocity of 98 mph.He has a physical, offensive profile with power potential 




Stan DeMartinis C / 2B / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2020

A lean and athletic 5-foot-11, 172 pounds. DeMartinis continues to make strides. Shown the ability to play multiple positions at an efficient level, but appears to be furthest along behind the plate. The athleticism plays as he is flexible with some twitch. Hands works and receiving will continue to improve with reps. Quick feet, quality transfer and a strong arm resulted in pop times ranging from 1.97-2.1. Offensively, he shows an ability to clear the backside, clearing the hands to work and stay in the zone. Hands work well and independently, quick through the zone, creating present bal speed and power. Had an exit velocity of 94 mph and all around has present tools with upside.  





Best of the Rest- Alphabetical Order

Tanner Darley, C, Sarasota (2022)
Uncommitted, the stocky 5-foot-10, 195 pound C/3B has a durable frame with room to continue to grow. Defensively, shows above average actions at both positions. Works under control at third, with solid hands and a strong arm topping out at 85 mph. He may project more behind the plate though, where the strength and durability play well. Flexible setup, hands works and moves athletically with pop times in the 2.07-2.2 range. Offensively, the strong lower half keeps him balanced and simple. The swing is compact, level with strength has power potential and shows with one of the top exit velocities for his class at 90 mph.

Brody Donay, C, Lakeland Christian (2022)
At 6-foot-3, 170 pounds, he has a very lanky frame to grow and mature into. Defensively, he is still learning his body in space. As he matures and continues to add reps, strength and flexibility, the natural feel for the position as well as strong hands and a strong arm should translate to a solid to above average defender. Offensively, he has long levers and still maturing. This creates length at times, but should become more compact with age and strength. The long levers also create leverage and will have power potential in the future. Very high ceiling young catcher.

Raul Feliz, C, William T Dwyer (2022)
5-foot-6, 143 pounds. Defensively, he has some quick twitch and plays with an energy behind the plate. Flexible athlete whose hands and feet work well together. Arm will need to get strong as he will add strength overall, but shows above average defensive actions. Offensively, he works with a lot of rhythm. Big leg kick and loose wrists has present bat speed. Feel for the barrel and overall the actions work and will continue to improve with strength and maturity.

Sawyer Feller, C, North Broward Prep (2020)
Stetson recruit. The 6-foot-2, 215 pound catcher has broad shoulders and a frame that can add some additional strength. Defensively, he is all around solid. Flexible, especially for his size. Comfortable setup, hands work and fet and transfer is clean with pop times in the 2.11-2.18 range. Offensively, there is some length in the path and could get more from the lower half, but generates bat speed and has strength. There is leverage in the swing with power potential and shows in the 94 mph exit velocity. High ceiling catcher with power potential.

Isaac Ferrer, C, Westminster Academy (2020)
Strength throughout the 5-foot-10, 180 pound frame. Defensively, is fundamentally sound. Gets in a good position to receive and has strong wrists and some present hip mobility. The footwork is clean and throws were consistently accurate. Will need to continue to improve arm strength and transfer to cut down the pop times some. Offensively, the strength plays. He clears the back side, and looks to pull and lift the baseball. There is strength and bat speed and had an exit velocity of 91 mph.

Henry Politz, C/1B, Jesuit (2020)
At 6-foot-2, 220 pound he has a big, strong XL frame. Defensively, he is a sound first basemen as the feet work well around the bag. Behind the plate hands work, needs some added flexibility, but feet worked well and pop times were 2.0-2.16. Offensively, the switch hitter is a bit more aggressive from the right side. Working uphill with present strength and bat speed with an exit velocity of 93 mph and power potential. Left-handed, he works uphill, can get a little rotational, but has a feel for the barrel and uses the lower half well. A lot of power potential from both sides, may stick more at first, but is a solid option behind the plate as well.

Brendan Roney, C, Key West (2020)
Boston College recruit. Standing at 5-foot-10, 175 pounds he has a lean, athletic frame. Defensively, he is an athletic catcher with upside. Pop times ranged from 2.12-2.2 and should improve as the transfer continues to improve. Hands work and is a sound receiver. In the infield, he shows solid defensive actions and could see playing multiple positions. Offensively, he has a leg kick trigger and gets balanced on time. Could clear the back side better and with that can get rotational at times. The hands work and are quick, creating present bat speed. The strength also translates, but could even get more out of the lower half. Still generated an exit velocity of 90 mph with much more potential.

Jonathan Santiago, C, Dunnellon (2020)
A strong 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. Defensively, he has very solid all around actions. Receives, blocks and throws well. Has a feel and confidence for the position. Could improve the footwork some, but throws were consistent in the 2.10-2.25 range. Offensively, he has a simple, compact and level swing. Showed the ability to consistently find the barrel and the path stays in the zone, with some natural loft, but mostly line drives from gap to gap. There is present strength and bat speed and showed and exit velocity of 87 mph. Will be a solid addition to a 2020 class in need of a catcher.

Travis Stapleton, C, South Lake (2020)
At 5-foot-11, 190 pounds, he appears to have leaned out the frame some. Translated well defensively, where he looks more comfortable in the setup with added flexibility. Hands work well and is a solid receiver. Pop times ranged from 2.078-2.16. Offensively, he sinks into the back side after clearing it. Could benefit from a firmer from side, but there is present strength especially in the lower half. Has some bat to ball skills with some strength and offensive upside.


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