Prep Baseball Report

FL Top Prospect Positional Breakdown: Infielders

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

The Top Prospect Games has consistently proven to be one of the top events in the state, with 45 commitments from the last two events combined and 26 of those being Division I along with a 7th round MLB Draft pick. This event puts players from the 2018-2021 classes against each other in a pro-style workout followed by a game.

Over the next week we will break down each player by position. Today we look at the infielders:

Kyle Huber SS / RHP / Nease, FL / 2018

Strong, athletic frame. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound shortstop showed a chance to be a solid two way guy at the next level. In the field Kyle showcased a short, easy arm action with good arm strength. His feet were quick and choppy allowing him to get in a good position to field the ball. Hands worked well and were smooth. At times showed inaccuracy with throws to first. Offensively, he had a strong, violent but controlled swing with a medium high leg kick trigger. Hands worked well and on plane with the ball while showing potential gap-to-gap power. On the mound Kyle sat 80-85 with his fastball with a smooth over the top delivery. He also showed command with a breaking ball sitting at 65 with good depth.

Joseph Pierini III SS / 2B / North Florida Christian, FL / 2020

The young, switch hitting middle infielder with an athletic frame has the ability to grow into a solid all around player. Standing at 5-foot-8, 165-pounds Joseph had quick hands at feet in the field with a strong accurate arm. Offensively, he has an aggressive uphill swing working on plane with the ball. He stays behind the ball well but occasionally will get disconnected with his arms and gets around balls. When he stays tight with his swing he has ability to use all fields with good contact.


Kelby Osteen 3B / RHP / Chiefland, FL / 2019

Standing at 6-foot, 185-pounds the young two way player has the ability to see jumps in all aspects of his game as he grows into his body. Defensively he showed an accurate arm with his hands working well in the field. Occasionally would be too wide while breaking down to field balls. Would see improvement with keeping his feet moving while approaching the ball. Offensively, he worked well to the ball while staying inside and being able to use the opposite field. Smashed a line drive single to the left center field gap during his game. Would occasionally work steep to the ball. On the mound Osteen sat 80-81 with his fastball and 60-62 with his breaking ball. Look for velo to jump with growth.


Tyler Fleming 3B / OF / Bartram Trail, FL / 2018

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound left handed hitting 3B/OF has a stocky, strong frame. Showed good accuracy in his arm from both the outfield and across the diamond. Offensively he should all the right actions with quick hands to the ball while staying on plane with the pitch. Also stayed behind the ball allowing him to use the whole field. Laced a line drive single to left in his game staying inside the ball.


Ethan Dage 1B / OF / Trinity Christian Academy, FL / 2019

The 5-foot-11, 190-pound 1B/OF showed an accurate arm arm from the outfield, topping out at 82 mph. At first, showed sound actions with good footwork around the bag. The right-handed hitter starts with a somewhat low hand set and uses a medium leg-kick trigger. He has a strong lower half, but could get better use from it by clearing his backside better. Has present strength and generated an exit velocity of 89 mph.

Christian Bradshaw SS / 2B / Steinbrenner, FL / 2019

5-foot-8, 145-pound infielder showed quick, somewhat short and choppy, footwork. Was able to range both to glove and hand sides. At times he would field the ball under his body, but when he fielded in from the hands worked well. Topped out at 82 mph across the infield. Overall, showed sound infield actions with some projectable actions. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a short, simple load. The path is short and level through the zone, though he does get rotational at times. He tends to come out of his legs during the swing and with better use from the lower half he will see a jump in the gap-to-gap power.

Ahmon Smith SS / OF / Lake Mary, FL / 2019

6-foot, 150-pound SS/OF has a long lean athletic frame with room to grow and become stronger. Defensively, he showed sound actions in the infield with ability to make plays at both second and short during game play. Offensively there is a lot to like. Although there is some steepness in the path, he shows the ability to consistently find the barrel with above average bat to ball skills. He starts with a slightly open stance and uses a small leg kick as a trigger. During batting practice he showed consistent hard line drives from gap-to-gap. This translated to the game where he had a hard hit line drive single back up the middle. Overall, there is a lot of athleticism and a natural feel to hit that will project.

Troy Britts RHP / SS / St. Johns Country Day, FL / 2018

Athletic frame. 6-foot, 160-pounds with room to fill out. On the mound he had a quick arm showing room for jump in his velo. Fastball sat 84-86 with a sharp 73 mph breaking ball and commanded a changeup sitting around 80. Demonstrated good tempo and a consistent smooth delivery. Had feel for all three pitches. Showed smooth actions in the field with a good arm touching 82 mph from the outfield and 81 from across the diamond. Could benefit from ladder drills to speed up feet and keep them moving while fielding ground balls. Offensively, Troy stood up tal in his stance with a strong violent swing. Contact would benefit from keeping quiet during swing as he would occasionally jerk his head.  He was able to use the middle of the field well.


Zach DeVito SS / OF / Newsome, FL / 2020

The 5-foot-9 135-pound SS/OF/RHP, has a high waist and looks primed for a growth spirt. Defensively, in the infield he shows athletic action that project. The footwork can continue to improve, but the action work and showed enough range to stay in the middle of the field. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a very simple setup and load. This creates a short, level, line drive, gap-to-gap swing which translated to multiple hard hit ball in the game including a line drive single. On the mound, the right-hander threw strikes from a simple, clean delivery with a fastball that ranged from 78-80 mph.


Patrick Cheuvront SS / 2B / Freedom, FL / 2018

The right handed hitter has long limbs, and uses a leg kick trigger. He has some arm bar in his load that creates some length in the swing. When short he generates some bat speed and an exit velocity of 87 mph. Defensively he shows a sounds defensive actions. There is some choppiness in the footwork, but the hands work well out in front.


Justin Hughes 2B / SS / South Fort Myers, FL / 2018

The 5-foot-9, 160-pound left handed hitting infielder shows sound defensive actions in the middle. He has a quick first step, solid hands and creates quality angles working through the ball well topping out at 82 mph. From an open stance, he uses a leg kick trigger with a coil load that generates above average bat speed. He showed the ability to drive balls gap-to-gap in batting practice and this translated to the game with a double.


Trenton Phillips 3B / North Florida Christian, FL / 2018

The 6-foot, 185-pound third baseman showed sound defensive action, although tended to field the ball under his body t times. The hands work well and he topped out at 80 mph across the infield. The left handed hitter has a small leg kick load. He is level through the zone, but tends to get rotational. He creates some bat speed with an exit velocity of 87 mph and translated to a single in the game.


Jake Remus SS / RHP / Osceola Fundamental, FL / 2018

Athletic frame with with room to fill out. Footwork in the outfield and at shortstop played well with good hands. Showed a strong arm from the outfield with low accurate throws touching 84 mph. Actions worked on the infield as he had quick choppy feet under control touching 85 from across the diamond. Offensively he had a strong swing but occasionally would be steep. Could benefit from mobility as to loosen up his lower half in his swing. Seemed to know the zone well a he worked into good counts during his game. On the mound he showed a quick arm sitting 80-82 with his fastball. Controlled the game with good tempo and mixed in a breaking ball at 69 mph.


Christian Nobles SS / C / Trinity Christian Academy, FL / 2019

Stocky, strong 5-foot-7, 170-pounds. Showed good actions at shortstop with choppy feet and quick to the ball. Kept his feet moving and had a clean quick transfer. Arm action and accuracy plays. Offensively he has a balanced quiet swing while working well to the ball but staying behind nicely. He works on plane to the ball and keeps his hands tight and compact. Showed ability to go gap-to-gap.


Blaine Hogue SS / 2B / Deland, FL / 2019

Athletic middle infielder standing in at 5-foot-10, 140-pounds with long limbs. Showed a good arm from across the diamond touching 83 mph. Could benefit from ladder drills to speed up his feet and staying low to the ground. Also showcased his versatility by making throws from the outfield that touched 84 mph. Offensively he used a leg kick trigger while working aggressively to the ball. Stayed on plane well throughout his swing. Could see jumps in all aspects of his game as he continues to fill out.


Logan Wash 1B / LHP / Lake Brantley, FL / 2020

Young, athletic 5-foot-10, 150-pound righty with room to fill out. Demonstrated good footwork approaching the ball in the outfield with a quick first step and accurate throws. At 1B feet were occasionally slow and would benefit from ladder drills to keep feet moving. Offensively, the swing actions played well. Quick to the ball with bat speed and working behind the ball. Showed pull side power as he laced a deep line drive to the left center gap for a double. On the mound he showed good command of all three pitches. Worked efficiently with up tempo and smooth delivery while staying on target throughout. Fastball sat 75-77 with a breaking ball sitting between 64-67. Changeup had good action at 76 with depth. More in the tank if he uses his lower half more effectively.


Dylan Adams RHP / 3B / Windermere Prep, FL / 2019

Young, projectable third baseman standing in at 6-foot-2, 185-pounds. Hands and arm played as he made accurate throws across the diamond. Feet were heavy occasionally, would benefit from ladder drills. Made an outstanding diving play during the game and threw the runner out from his knees. Offensively he has a short compact swing with good bat speed. Occasionally steep to the ball. All around good player and follow.


Blake Anderson 1B / Tate, FL / 2018

6-foot-2, 220-pound first baseman has a strong, sturdy frame. Defensively, he shows sound defensive actions with quality footwork around the bag. The right-handed hitter hits from an upright stance. He has a strong lower half and could get more use from it to generate more power. The hands work well and relies on them throughout the swing. Consistently found the barrell with above average bat speed, generating an exit velocity of 97 mph. Has strength and bat speed and can gain more power from the lower half with power potential in the future.  


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