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Georgia 2023 Class - Picks 2 Click

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Assistant Scouting Director

There’s a select list from state to state of famous, well known draft prospects that everyone is keeping tabs on. Scouts, coaches, players, and parents want to know how they did in the big events as well as the little ones. Meanwhile, there are some pretty incredible prospects going under the radar. Quite simply, evaluators can’t see every player at once (other than LakePoint!). There are things like traffic, different tournaments at different complexes, and some players are shut down while others are ramping up. Scouts have to see many college players as well.

The beauty of the game of baseball is that some of the players in this article will be better than the famous prospects. All of the players on this list are known by area scouts, but relatively unknown nationally. There are only a few players on this list being pushed up the ladder to cross checkers, but things can change quickly in spring. Every player on this list is being scouted by pro clubs, so this will be an exciting list to follow. Scouting reports on each player below are based on FUTURE TOOLS only.

Jansen Kenty LHP, East Coweta, USA Prime National
Alabama Commit. 6 foot 1, 185 pounds. Future middle of the rotation starter who repeats a well sequenced, mechanically sound delivery that has pro scouts taking notice. When you add a durable frame and lots of arm talent to an advanced delivery, you get nasty stuff. Kenty has great work ethic and trains with Full Count Baseball, which has taken him to the next level from efficiency to developing a healthy delivery that will last long term. We can’t ignore his work in the weight room over that span, as physical maturity is key to any jump in velo. His tempo has changed drastically in the last few years, most noticeably impacting the explosiveness category. He’s gone from rolling through his delivery at a slower pace to medium/fast paced, gradually increasing to controlled violence before landing in a perfect buildup of momentum. His offset windup allows him to start in a simplified state with his shoulders & hips being close to squaring up(to the plate). This is a precursor to the exceptional balance and direction Jansen has from start to finish. His chest stays over the balls of his feet consistently throughout, which leads to a power position at landing & allows the arm to work freely. Being more square to the plate with his hips & shoulders causes him to come straight up in knee lift (hips rotate smoothly to back hip in down phase, connecting arm action), which allows him to feel the stretch of hip/shoulder separation as he strides. Kenty creates the most torque in separation of any arm I’ve seen in our loaded 2023 class. It’s also perfectly timed with the pace of his stride, creating twice the rubber band/slingshot effect at landing. His minimal depth arm action(L3/4) activates as the hips & shoulders separate, allowing it to work effortlessly with the largest muscles on the backside (hamstrings, glutes, obliques, back, lat) and they all fire together. This takes tons of pressure off his arm and is a big reason why I feel he’ll have a long career.

Separators - Delivery, Arm Strength, FB Life, SLV Life.

FB (88-90 T92) - A/AVG. Highly spin efficient producing unreal carry up in zone. Unique angle puts him on top of LHH, tough to track for RHH. Can pepper arm side edge with tail low in zone.

SLV (72-74) - A/AVG. Sharp w/ edge to edge sweep and two plane depth. Plays well off FB up vs RHH, FB in vs LHH. Has shown harder SL in past and has lots of feel to spin.

CH (79-81) - AVG. Impressive fade due to arm slot, maintains FB tempo and has similar life to the pitch. Gets swing & miss anywhere arm side vs RHH.

Tryston McCladdie IF, Harlem, East Cobb Astros
Clemson Commit. 6 foot, 185 pounds. Future 2B/3B who is one of the more pro ready bats in the state for his class. He’s repeatedly proven himself in every big event against top arms in the country, from East Coast Pro to the PBR Cup. This is a broad shouldered, top/middle of the order masher is going to hit for average and some serious raw power. McCladdie has one of the most simplified swings I’ve seen all year, with very efficient movements and his head is always still for tracking. This allows his elite bat to ball skills to show AB by AB. His hips are the engine of his swing, with plus body control from start to finish. He’s able to adjust his leg kick mid air based on FB or offspeed. When he gets FB, it's smooth with consistent pace. The balance on the inside of his back foot as the hips start moving comes from a strong lower half and allows him to slow down or “hang” the leg kick when he sees spin. You guessed it, he sees spin very well. Tryston had just as many barrels on secondary pitches as he did FB’s, and showed he’s a pure hitter with lasers all over the field in different pitch locations. His hands work close to the hitting slot, and he gets extra torque in the wrists when working into launch position. The hands work at a gradual pace in & out of launch with a very quiet load that allows him to be quick to the ball, relying on timing and God given bat strength over big separation. I have not seen him get blown up with any quality FB, I consistently see him punish them. This is a player with different strength in the wrists & forearms, and his hands deliver a thump on every ball his barrel touches. Even when he doesn’t square the ball up, it’s hit ridiculously hard. McCladdie had the strongest hands through contact I saw in the PBR Cup. He’s a backside dominant hitter with insane linear connection who creates violent bat speed with just a flick of the wrists. He can inside out a left on left breaking ball just as easily as he can turn the barrel effortlessly on 95 mph FB’s in tight space. With the strong track record he’s built this summer/fall in almost every big event, count on McCladdie producing right away whether he goes to college or signs.

Separators - Timing, Pitch Recognition, Bat 2 Ball, Bat Strength. 

Hit - A/AVG. Advanced timing, approach, pitch recognition. Pro ready swing w/ simplified actions and elite bat to ball skills, fearless against top arms.

Raw Power - A/AVG. More of a power production guy who focuses on hard line drives wherever he’s pitched. Low K’s, high EV doubles, and clutch RBI’s!

Run, Field, Throw - Near Avg. Consistent hands with enough arm, plenty of instincts.

Wyatt Land RHP, North Oconee, Klutch Baseball
Georgia Commit. 6 foot 2, 180 pounds. Future Closer with an elite delivery and powerful two pitch mix. When Land steps on the mound, he’s equivalent to a bull in a rodeo. He’s coming out head hunting, ready to blow the doors down with violent arm speed. But he throws blazing FB’s quite gracefully, with shocking ease of operation for what comes out of the hand. This is my favorite delivery in the 2023 class, and it's only going to get better. Wyatt creates incredible rhythm from start to finish - the glove pumps simultaneously with the side step and flows perfectly with the knee lift in up & down phases, leading to spot on separation timing. The entire delivery is perfectly connected, and it starts with his first movement. His upper half loads over the rubber in stride right as he sits into his backside, allowing the stride and front hip to work alone to the plate. Land creates elite torque in separation with perfect sequence and timing instead of focusing purely on rotational force. Innate body control and knowledge of how his body moves positions him perfectly every step of the delivery. His front elbow gradually works into an incline tilt - 1. Keeps upper half closed 2. Creates diagonal rotation that matches arm slot perfectly & keeps him linear 3. Lets upper half load over backside patiently until he’s closer to landing. 4. Creates deception. 5. Creates a lever to lead a powerful rotation at landing. His loose, mid depth arm action (¾) is a perfect full circle and disappears from a hitter's sight from bottom to top. This is due to its unreal connection to the largest muscles on the backside, working down and up the kinetic chain like a finely tuned machine. Wyatt gets ridiculous scap involvement and a perfect elbow spiral which allows him to pronate with ease. This is the main reason for the incredible bore he gets on FB. He maintains posture extremely well at landing, holding back knee bend from start to finish. His lead leg blocks very well, finishing off the slingshot action essential to big velo. His lower half mechanics will only get better as he gets stronger, but they’re already advanced. Of all pitchers in the state, I see Land taking the biggest jump in velo next spring, which should bring crowds of scouts behind the plate.

Separators - Ease of Operation, Arm Speed, FB velo & life, SL

FB (89-92 T94) - Excellent. Consistent plus life already (bore) that eats the hands of RHH & sprints away from LHH. Can throw the pitch middle middle and its never going to end up there, explodes out of hand. Arm speed+arm strength.

SL (79-81) - A/AVG. Very tight rotation with short, late break. Stays on FB plane for extended time, depth continuing to improve.

Armani Guzman SS, Rabun Gap, NYC Rising Stars
WVU Commit. 5 foot 11, 195 pounds. Future everyday CF/2B with an electric trio of power, speed, and feel to hit. A Pro Case guy with the build and speed of a D1 RB, you’d think Guzman came straight off the football field. When you see him at the plate, it’s quickly apparent he’s been playing baseball his whole life. With some of the quietest actions I’ve seen in a HS player, the hitting approach is on another level of advanced. Not only is he well disciplined at the plate, but he hits with a pro level of effort. By that, I mean he rarely goes above 80-90% of his full effort at the plate. As many hitters learn, what worked in HS won’t always translate. You can’t have huge separation and swing out of your shoes every AB at the D1/Pro level. Hitters with big, inefficient actions at the plate get eaten alive at the next level and have to simplify to survive. When everyone is throwing 95, all you need to do is square it up and it will go - this is the basis of why I like him so much as a hitter. He’s focused on timing, tracking, and quickness to the ball. He goes to get the baseball with his lower half, gaining tons of ground in stride led by the front hip. This allows him to consistently catch the ball on his barrel out in front of the plate, simply beating the ball to its spot. The NYC native lets the game come to him, and wears it down with counter punches. Armani has a refined gap to gap approach and his swing is based on timing and simplified, effortless movements. After Guzman in 4-5 games this year, I rarely see a player hit the ball up the middle of the field so consistently. This is due to a compact forward move, elite linear connection, and lower half direction. His hands work quietly up into the hitting slot as he separates, with his chest loading the hands for him creating connection. This combined with proper launch position puts his hands, back elbow+hip+knee in a vertical line as the hands are thrown. His hands work loosely & close to the body enabling him to quickly adjust underway to a front arm shrink (inside pitch) or an inside-out (outside pitch). The barrel lays back perfectly for a knob led swing that travels thru the hitting zone for an extended stay. To go with his advanced offensive game he’s got legit 6.6 speed and smooth hands in the infield with plenty of arm. I would love to let his true speed roam in CF, but also can see him as a potential 20 HR/SB threat at 2B with solid defense. Guzman is gaining momentum as a prospect with interest from a handful of MLB clubs, and that should only increase at the most scenic school in the country, Rabun Gap.

Separators - Approach, Ease of Effort, Bat 2 Ball, Speed.

Hit - AVG. Hits FB’s at a high level, rarely strays from patient approach. Sees spin well but can get over aggressive on them when behind in count. Hits the ball where it’s pitched.

Raw Pwr - A/AVG. Short yet lofty path that promotes gap 2 gap backspin. Will hit plenty of HR due to effortless timing on FB’s.

Run - Plus. Churns up ground with a powerful run, instinctive baserunner w/ quick acceleration and fluid hips.

Field - Near Avg(2B) Solid Avg(CF). Smooth hands w/ athletic exchange & arm action.

Throw - AVG. Solid arm action w/ mid 80’s velo currently.

Garrett Lambert RHP, Parkview, TG D-Backs
Mercer Commit. 6 foot 2, 200 pounds. This future No. 3 or 4 starter has one of the smoothest, low effort deliveries in the entire country. It's a very durable build with proportional strength throughout and the frame, lower half of a college wrestler. I’m a big fan of the gradual buildup of pace from start to finish, and his ability to control the body well with good direction (starts with good footwork). Garrett lets his loose, lengthy arm action develop in perfect sequence. His patience in the upper body over the rubber as he works downhill is exceptional, as most pitchers with this sort of length in the arm action miss up & away arm side. Instead, he only benefits from his effortless arm action. Due to the depth of the AA, it connects with his largest muscles in the legs+core and creates more momentum from hand break to throwing position. It also gives him impressive extension as his chest works over the front knee and arm nears release, causing his FB to explode out of hand and play up his velo. These are all big keys to why Lambert throws consistent strikes with 3 pitches. The delivery is so clean that his arm can work freely and easily, with no negative impacts on his stuff. He has advanced lower half mechanics - sits into legs very well and they hold up strong at landing, maintaining connection to rubber in stride. He’s in a powerful position to throw near landing with balanced weight distribution between the backside and front side. Nothing Lambert throws is straight, as he gets different life to both edges with his FB and has two breaking balls with much different action. The repertoire has taken a big jump since spring and he’s gone from a college guy to possible draft guy - added a big time out pitch in the SL, sharpened up the CB, now pronates on the FB arm side to get running action, and is using the CH more. This is a very good athlete who just happens to pitch, and his incredible aptitude to develop his stuff in such a short time is the reason he’s on this list. He was more of a FB+CB guy this spring and is now opening the eyes of pro scouts. What you see with Lambert is constant progression from spring to fall, and I believe the momentum will continue in 2023. He will largely benefit as a prospect from playing for Coach Chan Brown and the Parkview Panthers for many reasons. The two most notable are - 1. Parkview is one of the most heavily scouted HS in the country each year with big talent in each class. 2. His teammate and fellow 2023 Colin Houck is a slam dunk day 1 draft prospect, so every time scouts come to see him they’ll see Lambert dominating. I feel the velo will tick up as it gets warmer in spring, and Garrett will start to grow on teams quickly.

Separators - Athleticism, Delivery, FB Life, extension, SL.

FB (89-91 T92) - A/AVG. Explodes out of hand with nasty late cut glove side, difficult to hit even when you know it’s coming. Absolutely jumps on hitters due to elite extension, and gets some of the most in zone whiffs of any FB in the class. Plenty of arm speed w/ more velo on the way.

SL (79-82) - A/AVG. Holds FB trajectory very well w/ late sweep & depth. Nearly indistinguishable with glove side cut on FB.

CB (73-75 T76) - AVG. Consistent 11-5 shape with gradual depth. No longer popping up out of hand, 2400-2500 rpm.

CH (83-84) - Fringe Avg. Downer action w/ late fade, good to pair with his arm side FB vs LHH.

Andrew Dunford RHP, Houston County, 5 Star National
Mercer Commit. 6 foot 7, 235 pounds. This former Future Gamer and future No. 4 or 5 starter is one of the more athletic movers I’ve seen at his size. This is a very unique arm with a fundamentally sound delivery and a sky high ceiling. What impresses me most about him is his ability to locate his FB and SL to both edges, giving him a reliable two pitch mix that I feel can get college hitters out now. As he grows into his physically imposing frame, there will be some growing pains in certain outings where he loses feel. That should be expected though, because pitchers this size need a little more time to develop. But he’s only had one inconsistent outing at LakePoint this year, and a handful of performances where he showed impressive control to both edges. He flows down the mound extremely well, with some of the best direction I’ve seen for his size. Dunford has good footwork to square up and he’s very smooth & compact thru the Up+Down+Out phases. This allows him to separate smoothly and gradually, as well as land in a consistent line to the plate. Dunford has a large arm swing that he times well with his stride, showing his current athleticism that will only improve. One of the most intriguing things about him is the deceptive low ¾ arm action and slight crossfire that creates a very unique angle and life on his pitches. It’s a very intimidating look for hitters - the FB, SL start behind RHH which plays up both pitches tremendously. To LHH, it's a ridiculously tough angle that's very difficult to time up. Every strike he throws starts outside of the zone and ends up in the zone, which is a confusing adjustment for hitters. Just when they get comfortable with it, he can get swing & miss outside the zone. Another huge factor for me on Dunford as a prospect is the plus ease of operation he works down the hill with. He creates explosiveness from good rhythm and a strong lower half with very little stress on the body, which bodes extremely well for a future jump in velo. It also tells me he will be able to hold velocity without having to empty the tank, giving him an ability to command his pitches while keeping his stuff effective as he goes deep into starts. He gives an intriguing look to scouts and is good a bet as any to make a big jump this spring. Andrew will undoubtedly benefit from a loaded Houston County roster, specifically fellow teammate and heavily scouted big time prospect Drew Burress.

Separators - Athleticism, Deception, Projection, Pitch Life.

FB (89-91 T92) - A/AVG. Keeps posture well creating a steep plane despite lower release height. Heavy ball with explosive run, impressive control to both edges for size. Will always play up due to angle (arm slot+crossfire) Easy arm strength+arm speed combo with more velo coming.

SL (78-82) - A/AVG. Hard sweep with late depth, flashing two plane often. Will always play up a half grade or better due to unbelievably tough angle. Impressive feel backdoor and to LHH, glove side to RHH. Gets freezes when it backs up. 

CH (83) - Fringe Avg. Similar fading action to FB, throws sparingly. Will be useful against LHH in future.

Brooks House RHP, Winder-Barrow, Team Elite
UAB Commit. 6 foot 5, 190 pounds. Future No. 4 or No. 5 starter with a unique repertoire that's built to last. He’s proven he has the pitchability to consistently beat quality bats by his performances at East Coast Pro and PBR Cup. Other than his athleticism & nasty stuff, what intrigues me most about House is the fluidity and balance in his delivery for his height. It's extremely rare to find a pitcher this lengthy and funky who can repeat his mechanics so well with consistent strikes. Brooks' approach to pitching is confident & advanced - he pitches to contact early with his 87-90 bowling ball of a sinker that comes from the mountaintops. I haven't seen a hitter match plane on him when he’s low in the zone due to the movement, trajectory and low spin of the pitch. He quickly gets ahead on you 0-2, and can wipe any hitter out with his nasty SL in the 78-80 range. It’s a future hammer of a pitch that's already MLB avg and flashes A/AVG. The pitch has some of the best downward tilt I’ve seen in the class, and it sweeps away from RHH. Although he didn't throw a CH the inning I got video, it’s his 2nd offspeed pitch with AVG or better MLB potential. It sits in the 75-77 range and mirrors his SL almost perfectly. We would love to see him start throwing it off the SL or vice versa as he advances. But for now, hitters can't sit on either offspeed pitch. With House, all that's left to complete his puzzle is a jump in velo. He’s an absolute steal for UAB and no doubt has a pro future whether in HS or college. To make things even better, he’s got a 1st rounder in his bloodline, Washington Nationals top prospect Brady House.

Separators - Athleticism, Deception, Pitch Movement, Command.

FB (87-90 T91) - AVG. Will play up due to steep plane, unique crossfire angle, and torpedo-like sink. Very difficult to barrel low in zone.

SL (78-80) - A/AVG. True SL action that plays up due to deception, angle, command. Strikes and K’s.

CH (75-77) AVG. Plays off FB & SL extremely well with sudden fade. Advanced feel.

Samuel Schofield RHP, Morgan County, TGBA
Georgia State Commit. 6 foot 2, 200 pounds. Future No. 5 starter who attacks hitters with a power arsenal that plays well both vertically and horizontally. This is a physical arm with a strong lower half and very good deception in his methodical delivery. He works down the hill at a calming pace which keeps the delivery well sequenced and allows his deep, funky 2 piece arm action (OH) to develop. The Morgan County Magician shows his back to hitters with a gradual twist to the back hip in knee lift, only squaring up his shoulders just before landing. Every part of his delivery is deceptive and throws off the hitter's timing. He’s very smooth through the up, down, and out phases with his lift knee. This allows the upper half to load/hold over the backside as he begins his stride, gradually creating torque & good backside connection. His high glove side and diagonal angle of the shoulders as he separates match the arm slot perfectly which bodes well for arm health. It's also a big reason he stays behind the FB so well, creating true ride due to spin efficiency. Due to his glove side and shoulder angle matching slot perfectly, his release point is extremely difficult to pick up as it replaces the glove identically as he throws. Schofield produces very good lower half momentum with an aggressive stride that helps create the slingshot action at landing for his arm to work against. He’s added a very impressive SL in a short time this summer, improving his look with pro scouts. Sam has also shown vast improvement with his arm slot on the CH, as the release point now matches the FB. With his 2 inning, 3K shutout at ECP and various solid performances at LakePoint, there will be a good amount of radar guns working in Madison, GA this spring.

Separators - Deception, FB Profile, Arm Strength, Aptitude.

FB (89-91 T92) - A/AVG. Very spin efficient, 2300-2400 rpm to go with it. Makes pitch a weapon up in the zone. Crossfire puts him on top of RHH and steep plane allows it to play just as well down in the zone. Mid 90’s offering in future.

SL (77-80) A/AVG. Tight rotation, sharp sweeping action. New pitch that adds a different element to his arsenal, forcing hitters to worry about horizontal life. Plays up due to angle.

CB (72-74) Fringe Avg. Vertical shape, two plane depth. Solid potential to throw off FB up if he continues to develop it.

CH (80-81) - Fringe Avg. Downer that can play well off his FB when he locates it.

Dylan Alonzo RHP, Rabun Gap, Artillery Scout
MTSU Commit. 6 foot 4, 210 pounds. A late blooming arm with one of the highest ceilings on the mound in recent memory. Due to elite athleticism, special arm speed, and minimal development on the mound, Alonso has a bright future with the potential to be either a starter or high octane closer. He’s grown from 5’5 110 lb freshman, to a chiseled 6’4 212 by the start of his senior year! The Miami native now deadlifts 505 pounds for 5 reps, and has made a 12 mph jump in velo since the start of 2021. As you can see in the tweet below, he’s made some exceptional delivery adjustments in a short amount of time. This spring, he had very little feel for his delivery but you could see the undeniable arm talent and passion for the game. Dylan has some of the best makeup I’ve been around and is a tireless worker on and off the field. He’s completely transformed his delivery - 1. Lower half is now the focus of his delivery. Efficient hip spiral allows him to use his strongest muscles (hamstrings, glutes, core) to relieve pressure on the arm and create violent rotational force before landing. 2. Improved feel for hip/shoulder separation is now producing an unreal amount of torque as he lands. It’s also keeping his upper body connected over the rubber with his natural and explosive short circle arm action (H3/4) so everything fires together in sequence. He has a fearless approach on the mound, relentlessly attacking hitters with his explosive FB and wiping them out with a nasty CB. His last few outings, the amount of strikes he’s throwing has been a great sign for the future. With his delivery now in sync, Dylan is regularly dotting both edges with the heater and the CB is landing consistently. Alonso is currently developing a SL that's been recently successful in games. He also runs a 7.0 60 yd and has tons of raw power at the plate, as he was recruited as a 2-way by MTSU. Alonso was a complete unknown to all before this summer, but has had a handful of MLB clubs at his last couple outings. As more teams get a look on him, this physical specimen with electric stuff will be impossible to overlook any longer.

Separators - Athleticism, Projection, Arm Speed/Arm Strength, Stuff.

FB (89-92 T93) - Plus. Already has A/AVG bore on pitch, with identical life glove side you don’t often see in a HS arm. Very steep plane low in zone, feel quickly improving. Mid 90’s are possible as it warms up in spring, with more coming in the future.

CB (74-76) - Plus. Currently showing as an MLB avg pitch most of the time and flashing A/AVG with wipeout depth. Throws it with optimal intent and consistent 11-5 shape.

Wesley Moore RHP, Home School, Ward Performance
Chipola Commit. 6 foot 6, 195 pounds. Future reliever with truly special arm talent and a nasty two pitch combo (FB+CH). We always enjoy having Moore at PBR events, as his infectious personality and honesty about his game are refreshing. He has a very good work ethic and has completely transformed and unleashed what we always knew he had in him. After the summer, he went immediately to work with Drew Hall at Ward Performance in Nashville, TN. We had heard about them previously from the great work they did on Ford Thompson’s delivery - creating exceptional timing, fluidity, build up of pace, unreal separation, and lower half explosiveness. They’ve essentially done the same thing with Moore. Wesley had an upper 80’s FB with unique riding life and a nasty CH, things have developed dramatically in a short amount of time. He’s now sitting in the 92-93 range, regularly touching 94’s and recently hit 95!! In the past, you didn’t know what his stuff would be like outing to outing. The tempo, arm action, delivery would be different each time you saw him. Now, its locked in with muscle memory. He now goes overhead with his windup, creating impressive rhythm, fluidity, and most importantly momentum/speed for his arm as the hands break. It also creates very good timing with his lift knee, allowing him to time up hip/shoulder separation at a very high level. His hips, core, and chest now rotate gradually to the back hip, enabling him to store up power over the rubber and creating incredible backside connection as he strides. Instead of his upper half rushing to the plate and leaving his arm alone, the arm now fires together with his largest muscles on the backside. His aggressive, lengthy stride only creates more torque as it separates from the rest of the body thats stacked over the rubber. His front side at landing has firmed up tremendously, with slight bend turning into a slingshot like lead leg block as the back knee explodes thru the front knee. With more now repeating an ultra athletic delivery, the ceiling on his FB is endless.

Separators - Delivery, Arm Speed, Velocity, Changeup.

FB (92-93 T95) - Plus. Electric ride+run that plays extremely well up in the zone. Can throw it down the middle and get swing & miss in any count, as it never ends up middle.

CH (81-83) - AVG. Nasty combo of fade+depth thrown consistently for strikes.

SL (77-79) - Fringe. Sweeping action.

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