Prep Baseball Report

Blast Motion Beasts

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

While our invite only showcases produced a fair share of freakish bats in this article, more than half of these hitters are from open showcases. From January 2022 to January 2023, there was a Blast Motion Beast in every showcase we held. This is only a glimpse of why each showcase we do brings serious value, and can quickly land a player at the school of their dreams. Metrics are a huge part of what we do, and they do a great job of confirming what our eyes see as evaluators. Even better, these metrics can catch the eye of recruiting staff who may have been on the fence about a player. With the nonstop schedules of our evaluators and college coaches, these numbers can also help identify what we may have missed in a player. So who were the 15 players with the most eye opening hitting metrics (Blast Motion X Trackman)? Read below, and be sure to keep your head on a swivel for dangerous 5 oz flying objects.

Austin Robinson OF, 2023, South Paulding
Young Harris Commit. 6-foot-4, 210 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 30.5          (Avg) -  27.3         Bat Speed (Max) -  85.6      (Avg) - 80.0

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 26.8             (Avg) - 22.2         Exit Velocity (Max) - 102.4   (Avg) - 82.6

Distance (Max) - 363                 Sweet Spot % - 46        Showcase - Macon Open

Separators - Hip/Shoulder Separation, Leverage, Tall Guy Power, Intent.

Summation - Rangy athlete that projects top of the scale raw power in college. Ability to repeat the swing with consistent timing will only get better as he fills into the XL frame. The raw power is unquestioned, just needs to get to it more in game.

Marquis Mitchell CF, 2024, Georgia Premier
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 165 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.5         (Avg) - 25.1         Bat Speed (Max) - 87.0         (Avg) - 78.8

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 19.5            (Avg) - 17.9       Exit Velocity (Max) - 92.5        (Avg) - 90.2

Distance (Max) - 322                 Sweet Spot % - 100       Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Athleticism, Fast Twitch Fibers, Lower Half Momentum, Hip/Shoulder Sep.

Summation - One of the most explosive players in the class who’s 5 tool potential is as real as it gets. Good hitting aptitude, most barrels on Team GA for 2022 Future Games (2 95+ EV). Would compete for playing time immediately at D1 level.

Korey Fortson OF, 2024, Westover
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 215 pounds

Hand Speed (Max) - 28.7    (Avg) - 24.4       Bat Speed (Max) - 83.2       (Avg) - 75.4

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 34.3       (Avg) - 25.2       Exit Velocity (Max) - 99.2    (Avg) - 85.3

Distance (Max) - 347            Sweet Spot % - 44        Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Athleticism, Size+Strength, Swing Path, Force in Hands Thru Contact.

Summation - This is likely the strongest player in the class, but the swing mechanics and bat speed are nearly just as impressive. With his advanced lower half move and ability to catch the ball routinely in front of the plate, someone is going to get a middle of the order steal here.

Ariston Veasey C, 2024, Starrs Mill
UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 188 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.0    (Avg) - 24.4      Bat Speed (Max) - 87.4      (Avg) - 73.0

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 23.3       (Avg) - 19.2      Exit Velocity (Max) - 98.6   (Avg) - 92.2

Distance (Max) - 379            Sweet Spot % - 71         Showcase - Preseason All-State

Separators - Fast Twitch Fibers, Strength, Hip/Shoulder Separation.

Summation - Everything about his offensive game is loud, from the pre swing movement to his all fields juice. Power is more useable than most HS C’s because of ability to manipulate the barrel to any pitch location. Judging by his ability to turn on inner half 90+ FB’s with an advanced front arm shrink, you know this power is going to play to the pull side. But I’ve seen him hit the ball even harder to the opposite field. The 87 mph bat speed and 26.0 hand speed only confirm what you see on film. I see A/AVG power production in the future.

Judd Puckett 3B, 2023, Crawford County
Uncommitted. 6-foot-5, 220 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 25.9   (Avg) - 23.9       Bat Speed (Max) - 83.2      (Avg) - 77.9

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 30.3      (Avg) - 25.9       Exit Velocity (Max) - 104.1   (Avg) - 94.1

Distance (Max) - 419    Sweet Spot % - 55      Showcase - Fall Campus Tour: Mercer, UGA.

Separators - Strength, Leverage, Force in Hands Thru Contact.

Summation - Watching Puckett hit BP is an absolute spectacle, as he’d fit right in taking it at a pro ballpark. His swing adjustments over the past year have allowed it to show consistently in game, as he has 3 HR and bundles of XBH’s this spring.

Cole Eison CF, 2023, Alexander
Columbus State Commit. 5-foot-9, 165 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.3    (Avg) - 23.9       Bat Speed (Max) - 79.2   (Avg) - 77.0

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 33.6       (Avg) - 27.6       Exit Velocity (Max) - 96.8   (Avg) - 90.4

Distance (Max) - 342        Sweet Spot % - 53        Showcase - Top Prospect Games, SR Games

Separators - Athleticism, Fast Twitch Fibers, Separation Timing, Bat 2 Ball.

Summation - An even brighter outlook on Eison’s freakish offensive skillset is that these are numbers from last summer, before he added 5-7 lbs of lean muscle. Of all players I’ve scouted since Jan ‘22, The Ice Man has by far the most in game 95+ EV’s. In MLB, a ball has to be hit 95 mph or harder to be considered a “hard hit.” He also regularly goes over 100 mph in that department, with a 104 EV and 5 95+ EV’s over the 2 weekends of our GDC Tournament.

Khaleel Pratt CF, 2024, Augusta Christian
Kentucky Commit. 6-foot-5, 190 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 25.5    (Avg) - 24.7       Bat Speed (Max) - 69.3   (Avg) - 66.8

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 32.6       (Avg) - 25.8       Exit Velocity (Max) - 95.7   (Avg) - 86

Distance (Max) - 349            Sweet Spot % - 79        Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Force in Hands Thru Contact, Tall Guy Power, Athleticism, Leverage.

Summation - Although impressive, his Blast numbers do zero justice to his in game power. With a 107 EV HR this summer at LakePoint and another at 103, this is one of the rarest EV Kings we have in the Peach State. Even when he mishits a ball, it’s very unlikely it will be below 90 mph. His advanced lower half sink and discipline to maintain posture allows him to  match pitch plane at an elite level for a HS player.

Vick Gann OF, 2025, Houston County
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 170 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 24.1   (Avg) - 22.8       Bat Speed (Max) - 78.3    (Avg) - 72.6

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 28.4      (Avg) - 24.6       Exit Velocity (Max) - 94.9   (Avg) - 85.8

Distance (Max) - 342           Sweet Spot % - 50        Showcase - Fall Campus Tour: Mercer

Separators - Level Swing Path, Bat 2 Ball, Fast Twitch Fibers, Sequence.

Summation - This has been one of the most impactful bats in GHSA to start the year, and this is likely the best contact hitter in this article. Although he doesn’t have crazy BP raw power, his metrics show there is plenty of twitch to go with his simplified, old school style of hitting. You might not guess it by just looking at him, but this is a 5 tool potential with some of the most useable power in his class. We are very high on this throwback gem as a player overall.

Cade Brown 3B, 2024, Parkview
UGA Commit. 6-foot-2, 195 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.5    (Avg) - 24.0      Bat Speed (Max) - 80.8    (Avg) - 74.1

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 31.2       (Avg) - 22.8      Exit Velocity (Max) - 100.4   (Avg) - 94.5

Distance (Max) - 342            Sweet Spot % - 82        Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Force in Hands Thru Contact, Strength, Hip/Shoulder Sep, Lower Half Mech.

Summation - Although the Blast numbers are outlier in many categories, all of this data is from last year before he mad some incredible swing adjustments. So with a much more efficient load+path, better posture, and more strength, we’d love to see what Brown could do now metrically. With 2 HR in his last 2 games, this is looking like a sneaky 2024 draft prospect as we’ve begun the 1st week of region play.

Gavin Braland C, 2024, Georgia Premier
South Carolina Commit. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.8    (Avg) - 25.4      Bat Speed (Max) - 80.5    (Avg) - 76.4

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 35.1       (Avg) - 29.2      Exit Velocity (Max) - 98.3   (Avg) - 91.2

Distance (Max) - 360            Sweet Spot % - 83        Showcase - South GA Preseason ID

Separators - Fast Twitch Fibers, Intent, Force in Hands Thru Contact, Front Hip Clearance

Summation - This is an extremely athletic backstop with one of the most explosive bats in the entire class. With the highest average rotational acceleration of all the freakish bats on this list, Braland is just built different. What’s even more amazing? These blast numbers are from over a year ago. We look forward to getting multiple extended looks this summer on one of the best draft follow C’s in the 2024 class.

Lewis Rodriguez CF, 2023, Rabun Gap
Marist Commit. 6-foot, 170 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 27.4   (Avg) - 26.2       Bat Speed (Max) - 77.1    (Avg) - 71.6

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 32.7      (Avg) - 26.2       Exit Velocity (Max) - 96.3  (Avg) - 88.0

Distance (Max) - 313           Sweet Spot % - 55        Showcase - Top Prospect Games

Separators - Athleticism, Fluidity, Backside Connection, Lower Half Momentum.

Summation - His bat is far from the only tool that stands out metrically, as he ran a Swift 6.26 over the winter for PBR New York and threw 94 from OF at TPG for us. A gamer of the highest order, Lewis uses his rare hitting metrics to send lasers to all fields both in early and deep counts. As he continues to fill into his lean frame, there is much more raw power to come.

Zach Jackson CF, 2024, Holy Innocents
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 170 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 27.0    (Avg) - 25.4      Bat Speed (Max) - 73.0    (Avg) - 67.5

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 27.2       (Avg) - 24.3      Exit Velocity (Max) - 96.0   (Avg) - 87.3

Distance (Max) - 314            Sweet Spot % - 50        Showcase - Preseason All-State

Separators - Athleticism, Fast Twitch Fibers, Bat 2 Ball, Intent, Level Swing Path.

Summation - This is an incredible dual sport athlete with 5 tool potential who will play both sports in college. The strength and bat speed will only improve as he fills in his lean muscled frame. Jackson’s hitting metrics play even better in game due approach and plate discipline.

Will Curcio OF, 2023, Etowah
Chipola Commit. 5-foot-10, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 26.4   (Avg) - 24.1            Bat Speed (Max) - 81.1   (Avg) - 75.7

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 22.2      (Avg) - 19.2            Exit Velocity (Max) - 98    (Avg) - 90.6

Distance (Max) - 366           Sweet Spot % - 73        Showcase - Top Prospect Games

Separators - Approach, Pitch Recognition, Bat 2 Ball, Fast Twitch Fibers

Summation - What he doesn’t have in size, he makes up for with advanced hitting intangibles and ridiculous strength. Curcio routinely was in the top 5 EV’s in our PBR tournaments. Why? He always works himself into hitters counts, and he has extremely compact & efficient swing mechanics. The barrels will only get louder at Chipola.

Yenli Nolasco OF, 2025, North Paulding
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 25.0    (Avg) - 23.0       Bat Speed (Max) - 78.1   (Avg) - 74.1

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 23.2      (Avg) - 17.8        Exit Velocity (Max) - 96.1  (Avg) - 86.4

Distance (Max) - 323           Sweet Spot % - 50        Showcase - LakePoint Fall Open

Separators - Projectable Frame, Separation Timing, Leverage.

Summation - With his large frame and coat hanger shoulders, Nolasco is only at the ground floor of his eventual physical ceiling. His swing checks all of the boxes mechanically, and he has the fearlessness to hunt high quality FB’s. Although there is some swing & miss to his game, the potential for big power production is extremely high. His hitting metrics will only get more eye popping year by year.

Murchael Turner OF, 2024, Georgia Premier
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 195 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 24.3    (Avg) - 22.8       Bat Speed (Max) - 80.7   (Avg) - 77.6

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 26.6       (Avg) - 23.2       Exit Velocity (Max) - 100.1  (Avg) - 90.1

Distance (Max) - 343            Sweet Spot % - 85        Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Strength, Fast Twitch Fibers, Force in Hands Thru Contact, Loft

Summation - This is one of the strongest players in the class pound for pound. His unique toe tap creates easy lower half momentum, and the stretch in separation creates unreal torque at landing. He has a natural feel for turning the barrel in tight space, but his raw power works on both sides of the field. This will be a big follow this summer.

Preston Bonn C, 2024, Brookwood
Kennesaw State Commit. 5-foot-11, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 27.1    (Avg) - 24.7       Bat Speed (Max) - 76.2   (Avg) - 70.2

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 22.8       (Avg) - 17.3       Exit Velocity (Max) - 100.0  (Avg) - 90.2

Distance (Max) - 328            Sweet Spot % - 64     Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Swing Mechanics, Hip/Shoulder Separation, Bat 2 Ball, Approach.

Summation - One of 3 2024 C’s in this article, the approach might just be the most advanced of the 3. Bonn is able to create some rare hitting metrics due to his impressive swing mechanics, well before nearing his physical ceiling. His feel to hit allows him to produce big EV’s on a consistent basis vs quality arms.


Henry Akopov CF, 2025, Mt. Paran
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 24.1    (Avg) - 22.5      Bat Speed (Max) - 74.7    (Avg) - 70.8

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 24.6       (Avg) - 19.7      Exit Velocity (Max) - 95.5   (Avg) - 87

Distance (Max) - 277            Sweet Spot % - 85        Showcase - Underclass Games

Separators - Fast Twitch Fibers, Strength, Athleticism, Intent.

Summation - Not only is this one of the best players in our 2025 class, but one of the most explosive players in the state regardless of class. Not only is he a top of the scale runner with future plus or better defense, but he also punishes baseballs on a regular basis. The ceiling on his power production will depend on advancements in pitch recognition, but the raw power is going to end up at least plus.

Michael Hunter Stonecipher C, 2025, Clarke Central
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 180 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 23.1    (Avg) - 20.9      Bat Speed (Max) - 78.1    (Avg) - 67.4

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 28.2       (Avg) - 20.5      Exit Velocity (Max) - 92.3  (Avg) - 81.7

Distance (Max) - 357     Sweet Spot % - 67     Showcase - Fall Campus Tour: UGA, Preseason All-State

Separators - Approach, Pitch Recognition, Plate Discipline, Swing Mechanics, Intent.

Summation - This is one of the biggest blow up prospects from our showcases over the past year. Stonecipher gets taller, stronger, and the tools get tick up every time we get another look on him. Intangibly, this is one of the most advanced bats in the class. Tangibly, he has near elite swing mechanics and lightning quick hands for his current physical strength. His metrics will only continue to jump off the page, and his advanced hitting IQ will allow him to consistently show power production in game.

Noah Brocklebank SS, 2025, Druid Hills
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds.

Hand Speed (Max) - 23.5    (Avg) - 21.8      Bat Speed (Max) - 71.1    (Avg) - 69.1

Rot. Accel. (Max) - 24.3       (Avg) - 18.4      Exit Velocity (Max) - 88.7   (Avg) - 80

Distance (Max) - 328            Sweet Spot % - 63        Showcase - Fall Campus Tour: UGA

Separators - Swing Mechanics, Athleticism, Loft, Projection.

Summation - This is one of the highest ceilings you’ll find in the class, both as a player and in the raw power department. His swing mechanics are picture perfect, and he turns the barrel more efficiently pull side than anyone on this list. With a rangy frame and much room to add lean muscle, look for Brocklebank’s power to create some serious hype this summer.

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