Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2024 Rankings Update

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

As we turn up the heat on a surely action packed spring of GHSA baseball, we did a light reshuffling of the Georgia Class of 2024 rankings. The list remains at 250 prospects. 

As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works. As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe. In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Georgia and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen.


1 Michael Mullinax GA North Cobb Christian 2024 OF Georgia
2 Bryce Clavon GA Kell 2024 SS/OF
3 Arnold Abernathy GA North Cobb 2024 SS Tennessee
4 Terrence Kiel
GA Pace 2024 OF/IF Texas A&M
5 Rustan Rigdon
GA Metter 2024 SS Vanderbilt
6 Erik Parker
GA North Gwinnett 2024 SS South Carolina
7 Duke Stone
GA Jeff Davis
2024 RHP Georgia
8 BJ Gibson GA Wilcox County 2024 OF Tennessee 
9 Conrad Cason
GA Greater Atlanta Christian
2024 RHP/SS Mississippi State
10 Connor Shouse
GA Pickens County 2024 RHP/SS Georgia Tech 



Terrence Kiel II OF / Pace Academy, GA / 2024

Texas A&M Commit. 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Few players in the country put themselves on the map like TK in 2022. Raw tools are the name of the game with this high level prospect, but we’ve seen plenty of game show in the past year. This dual sport athlete shows elite quick twitch fibers in all facets of his game. Even more standout than his plus or better run tool are the bat speed and advanced swing mechanics at the plate. With his dynamic swing path and ability to turn the barrel in tight space, we’ve yet to see him get beat inside by a FB. His ability to batter high velo FB’s pull side does separate him, but this is still an up the middle approach and he hits lasers to all fields. He knows when to let it fly, and when to dial it back. Which position he will play is a non issue, as his elite instincts, range, and slick glove really fit at 6 positions on the dirt or grass. However, I feel CF will take advantage of his speed best.

Connor Shouse rhp / ss / Pickens County, GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. It’s the least bit surprising to find this freakishly athletic two way back in the Top 10. With a fall filled with big velocity numbers and standout performances at Preseason All-State, his entire game is dynamite. At PAS23 we saw a machine-like approach with an exceptional routine on the hill. His impeccably clean, elite delivery leads to 3 pitches with A/AVG to plus life & strikes. As a matter of fact, he repeats his entire delivery better than any arm in the class with exceptional body control, good tempo and plus ease of operation. The FB (90-92 T95) has violent bore. His low release height & elite arm spd allows FB to play best up in zone, where he can throw the future hammer SL off it. Shouse will command the edges w/ FB low for it to play there, esp as CH continues to develop. He even flashes a high spin CB in the 2450 range. The loose garden hose arm action with optimal depth is very repeatable and the arm speed is elite. As a position player, the bat speed is of the same quality and his ability to manipulate the barrel and decelerate on offspeed put him in an advanced category. Shouse an A/AVG runner now. It’s a big part of his impact defense and he reads hops very well. He’s led off 2023 with 3 HR in 3 games!

Owen Anchors OF / 1B / Dunwoody , GA / 2024

Clemson Commit. 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. This loud bat with endless projection has earned every bit of his climb in the rankings. It all started last spring with a shallow fly ball to RF that touched the moon before coming down. Not only does Anchors have current A/AVG raw power (future ++), but he checks all the boxes in the hit for average department. With an advanced approach, plate discipline, and serious bat speed, Anchors is a walking RBI. From Underclass Games to Future Games to PBR Cup, his ability to spit on breaking balls and work himself into advantageous counts leads to high impact barrels every time we see him. His crouched stance and the incline plane he rotates on create insane loft, and few can match pitch trajectory like him. Owen’s gap to gap power, balanced hands, and near perfect inside out swing allow him to take away the outer half of the plate, forcing you to go in where he’ll turn & burn with ease. If that’s not enough to sell you, he’s a 6.7 runner with a strong arm and years of projection left! Right now we see him as an OF with the chance to develop into a real CF as he grows into the frame. Anchors will create a buzz like few others the next 2 springs for the Wildcats.

Alex Hernandez RHP / 3B / Forsyth Central , GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. This legit two way prospect opened our eyes more than almost any other in the class with an impact CB that already shows A/AVG consistently, flashing plus. It shows sharp, late downer action flashing wipeout depth, and the velocity on it (76-78) is already close to the MLB average mph (79.3). It’s spin is near MLB average for a CB, but the bats facing Hernandez speak volumes with tons of swing & miss. While his arm action can become more efficient on the backside, it operates free and easy. He stays on his legs throughout the delivery and is compact thru up+down+out phases. This is definitely a frame you look for in a starter, and he fills up the zone with 3 pitches (feel for low 80’s CH). We look forward to scouting him as a hitter this year, but he’s firmly entrenched in the top 25 area as an arm for the foreseeable future. 

Caleb Daniel C / SS / Cartersville, GA / 2024

UGA Commit. 6-foot, 175 pounds. Although it isn’t a monumental move, going up five spots into the top 30 of this class is a much bigger leap than you’d think. The depth of this class is unbelievable, and I feel there are many names in our top 50-60 that will receive interest post 2023 draft as pro prospects. I certainly feel Daniel will be one of those, with his future hit tool and overall feel for the game being outlier traits. I truly believe his hit tool will operate at an A/AVG or better clip in MLB one day. The intangibles (pitch recognition, approach, plate discipline, reaction time, swing decisions) are elite for a HS player, as are the tangibles (swing mechanics, body control, bat 2 ball skills, ability to manipulate the barrel). He’s quite a sneaky athlete, as his 6.90 60 yd at our Pro Case checks out with his A/AVG run in game. If Caleb can continue to improve his defensive game into a solid C and IF in college, it will only add to his value. He certainly has the athleticism to do so.

DeShawn Morgan RHP / North Paulding, GA / 2024

Memphis Commit. 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. There are few arms in the state with better velo potential than Morgan. This is an elite athlete who’s all stretch delivery is an art form. He creates some of the most explosive lower half actions in the state due to the stack of his upper half over the rubber in stride, and sheer lower half strength. He has a perfect build for balance and repeatability on the mound - DeShawn is compact height wise with long legs/arms and a shorter torso. This gives him the ability to have elite body control throughout the delivery, but also create a long, loose, absolutely electric arm action that you’d typically see from a pro arm in the 6’4 - 6’5 range. His arm action is elite and one of the cleanest in the state regardless of class. This is a big arm swing from a very repeatable minimal depth that creates a fully loaded scap and extensive hip/shoulder separation at landing. The extremely natural L3/4 slot creates a much different angle than hitters typically see, adding extra life to the violent bore (future + life) on his 89-91 T92 FB. His 2500 RPM SL is a frisbee type in the 70-74 range that's sure to be a plus pitch sooner rather than later. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a jump in velocity in 2023, especially with added strength to his frame. Developing a consistent CH with his two currently dominant HS pitches is entirely possible with his level of athleticism. Morgan has the potential for 2 plus pitches and is on the way to pro interest.

Noah Thigpen RHP / 3B / Lowndes, GA / 2024

Troy State Commit. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. Few arms in the state have made a velo jump like this newly committed Troy Trojan. He went from low mid 80’s to touching 90 in 8 months time! His prototype frame, athleticism, and projection, make another jump seem imminent. Thigpen has one of the most fluid, rare deliveries in the state regardless of class. Everything happens in perfect sequence, unreal lower half mechanics & hip/shoulder separation you only see in elite college/pro guys. His rhythm & tempo are perfect, as well as his actions through the up+down+out phases. Sequence is the biggest reason he’s been a 75% strikes guy at LP. The arm action is incredibly clean with a loose mid depth arm swing that stays connected with his largest muscles on the backside, arm is never in a bad position. His FB is 88-89 T91 23-2400 with ride+run (elite IVB numbers), the SLV at 76-78 has sweep+late depth for strikes, and the 80-81 CH is a fader w/ big potential. With the athleticism, projection, and delivery being his separators, you get a feeling Thigpen could be in an entirely different stratosphere a year from now. With his work ethic and insanely athletic delivery, it's easy to be all in on Thigpen.

Khaleel Pratt OF / RHP / Augusta Christian, GA / 2024

Kentucky Commit. 6-foot-5, 190 pounds. While there is rawness to Pratt’s game, there are few names in this class who possess his raw power potential, and overall future potential (OFP). His tools are about action, not talk. He’s without question the most projectable player in our state, with NBA-like length at 16 years old. When you see him gliding through the pastures of CF making catch after catch over his shoulder, it's truly a beautiful sight. How does a dude this big move like that? Well, genetics. But he certainly has a lot of practice running up and down the basketball court shooting threes & blocking shots with ease. The players on our future games team kept calling him O’Neill Cruz, the 6 foot 7 prospect for the Pirates. They’re quite close on that body comparison, and both hit the ball ridiculously hard. This rangy dual sport athlete was the Co EV King at LakePoint in 2022, sharing our top exit velocity recorded (107 mph) with the No. 19 player in the 2023 class, Vandy commit SS Braden Holcomb. The great thing about Khaleel is, every time he barrels a baseball its near 100 mph from both sides of the plate. It’s not just an occasional thing, the future Wildcat just has an innate ability to match all planes of a pitches’ trajectory. He has good plate discipline for his age and is improving pitch recognition. Pratt has proven to us he can handle big velo. As a 6.9 runner with a top OF arm (94 mph) in the class, he’s got nowhere to go but up!

Clinton Harris RHP / OF / Brookwood, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. This is one of the most intriguing risers we have our eyes on, as Harris is an exceptional athlete with a very strong, proportional frame. When evaluating him, it's easy to imagine the frame holding another 20 lbs with no sacrifice of athleticism. On the hill, Harris has a powerful, effortless delivery built for long term health at the position. His shoulders tilt gradually uphill in stride, using them as a lever just before foot strike to create violent arm speed and a steep downhill plane for his sinking FB that touched 90 multiple times over the summer (sits 87-89). He has flashed a potential swing and miss breaking ball at-times, a near 12/6 curveball at 72-74 with late bite. Clinton will continue to refine the pitch and it has at the very least MLB avg potential. The arm action works long and loose from an over-the-top slot, staying connected with his back-side well past landing for unreal hip/shoulder separation. He also lands in a very good position on his legs despite a lengthy stride, with optimal weight distribution and slight bend in both knees helping him maintain posture thru layback and release. Due to these advanced mechanics, athleticism, and frame, we feel it’s only a matter of time until he’s sitting in the low to mid 90’s. At the plate, Harris has shown some eye opening raw power and seems to hit every time he’s at LakePoint. The ball jumps off the bat to all fields. Although we feel his arm is ahead of his bat, we’ll be tracking both closely.

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