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The Georgia Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the season. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, and anything else that is notable. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. Simply put, the Georgia Scout Blog is loaded with information …

Brookwood v Mill Creek (3/9/20)

Brant Baughcum, MIF, Brookwood, 2022
Ga.Tech commit. 5-foot 10, 180-pounds played SS today.  Rock solid build proportional top to bottom, well developed broad slightly slope shoulders very strong through his core. Arm half grade above avg more suited for second base.  Defense: quick feet rangey infielder with a hard nose approach to everything. Knock everything down at all cost style, high effort put out on the field. Achieves a solid hands out front fielding position and picks up most every ball he reaches. Arm is strong enough for SS but low natural slot creates a little sink and run. Offensively, very well balanced aggressive swing.  Good strike zone recognition and above avg runner makes a solid leadoff hitter for Brookwood. High IQ with natural leadership skills Brant has a lot of experience against good comp. for a 2022. Ga Tech got themselves a good one here.

Jonathan Jaime, OF/1B/LHP, Brookwood, 2022
Tulane commit, 6-foot 3, 205-pounder played left field on this day.  Very broad shoulders wide back strong body. Upper body very well dev,  lower half strong but proportionally a little top heavy. Arm well above avg w/good carry to all bases from the OF.  Defense: very alert player he gets good jumps w/solid routes, good understanding when to attack a ball and when to drop step and keep in front another young player at Brookwood with a large amount of high level experience.  Offensively: Jonathan is a strong left handed hitter. He is very aggressive on balls in the strike zone. A stride down weight shift to a firm front side he has the leverage to hit the ball out of the park on the pull side.  solid line drive with gap power to the off field this is a dangerous hitter. Tulane picked a good one here.

Tim Simay, SS, Mill Creek, 2021
Ole Miss commit. 5-foot-11 175-pounds with good lower half development, avg width slope shoulders leaner on top with plenty of room to put on strength. BIG arm at SS has plenty of arm to throw from the deep hole.  Defense: plus defender takes outstanding angles to the bat, very rangey w/excellent fundamentals and a huge arm to finish any ball he gets to. Don’t hit it on the ground to SS if you play Mill Creek. Offense: well balanced set up w/more weight on back leg, explosive hips help create very quick hands this is a potent hitter who can run the ball over an outfielders head in a hurry. One of the more entertaining players I have seen this year. The future is bright at SS for Mill Creek.


Alek Boychuk, C, Mill Creek, 2020
South Carolina commit. 6-foot 210-pounds w/broad slightly slope shoulders very muscular throughout with a bit more strength in the lower half. Defense: Big arm from behind the plate, extremely alert player will create outs for his defense.  Advanced feel for catching and ball blocking not too many free bases for runners against Mill Creek. Offense: really uses his lower half to get the hands out front. Shows power on the pull side and hard line drives away. This is a great player to have man the dish and anchor your offense.


Kyle Beaty, RHP, Mill Creek, 2021
6-foot 190-pound RHP. Avg width slope shoulder with a well developed muscular lower half. Kyle uses a full wind up delivery with good rhythm that he repeats consistently.  FB 85-89 mostly 87 with good down angle and heavy sink. Look like a 16-pound bowling ball stealing bats from hitters. CB 74-78 takes on quick slider character at higher speeds and grabs real CB depth at slower speeds throw both for a strike.This is a very competitive strike thrower, he just keeps coming at hitter with that heavy sink inside and the quick break away.  Upsetting for hitters, very few balls get out of the infield in 7 inns. rare ability to command movement this is a deadly right hander that should be very successful at the next level as well.

Carrollton v Hebron Christian (3/9/20)

Eli Runyan, OF/LHP, Carrollton, 2021
South Alabama commit. 6-foot-1, 170-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and pitcher, did not start on the mound vs. Hebron Christian but did hit out of the leadoff position and start in center field. Athletically built with lean muscle and strength throughout. Has an advanced feel and approach offensively, great hand-eye coordination allows for him to barrel up pitches and use the entire field with a line drive approach. Is gaining more and more strength in his frame, leading to more power and the ability to further drive the ball.  Started the game off with back-to-back hits, a line drive single up the middle and then an RBI double driven off the right field wall. High level defender in the outfield, covers ground and tracks balls with ease, instinctive first step.

Garrett “Bear” Madliak, C, Carrollton, 2021
Georgia commit. 5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitting primary catcher, was slotted in the DH role vs. Hebron Christian. Strong, sturdy frame, advanced strength in lower half and core. Swing works short to the zone as he drops his hands on load to just above his waist, swing path has some incline to it, allowing for him to use his strength to elevate and drive pitches gap-to-gap, power to the pull-side, back spins fly balls. Had an RBI triple that looked like just a routine fly ball to left center, but it just kept carrying and carrying all the way to the warning track, an example of the power his bat holds and how a mishit ball can be driven a long way.

Parker Willis, SS, Carrollton, 2021
5-foot-10, 145-pound, right-handed hitting middle infielder, lean, athletic build. Willis won’t jump out at you physically, but he is a consistent performer both at the plate and up the middle. Defensively, has solid range, clean actions and an above-average arm, high IQ player. At the plate, swing works with some length, quick hands make up for the length, takes a line drive approach, contact hitter, battles at the plate. Above-average runner. Willis is a gamer who just gets the job done.

Colton Cosper, LHP/1B/OF, Carrollton, 2021
Mercer commit. 6-foot-1, 160-pound left-handed hitting two-way prospect, a primary pitcher, Cosper started at first base and later moved to the outfield vs. Hebron Christian. At the plate, crouching setup, hands load back and barrel becomes vertical, short strides, good balance. Takes a middle approach with the ability and strength to drive balls gap-to-gap. Nearly walked it off vs. Hebron Christian with a two-out two run home run over the right field fence, but the ball hit off the top of the wall, leading to an RBI double that tied up the game. Made a huge diving catch in the sixth inning, doubling off the runner at second base, Hebron Chrisitan would have extended their lead to two runs had he not.

Jack Ihm, OF, Hebron Christian, 2020
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, athletic frame with strong lower half. Simple setup at the plate, balanced, short stride, short hand load back, good balance. Raw approach at the plate, lets his athleticism do most of the work, good hand-eye coordination, quick hands, barrel works level through the zone with a line drive mindset.

Jackson Boyd, INF/OF, Hebron Christian, 2020
College of Charleston commit. 5-foot-9, 165-pound right-handed hitting infielder and outfielder, hit out of the DH position vs. Carrollton. Strong, sturdy frame, developed lower half, muscular upper body. Open setup, hanging leg stride, hands load back, some coil in core, good balance throughout. Took a predominately power, pull approach at the plate, looked to elevate and give the ball a ride, hit one that just hooked foul over the left field fence, but was gone by a good 50+ feet.

Jason Lockhart, 3B, Hebron Christian, 2020
Tusculum commit. 6-foot-1, 170-pound left-handed hitting third baseman, proportional build, athletic frame, lean strength throughout frame. Athletic, crouching setup at the plate, rhythm in hands, short load back with barrel wrap, short stride, balanced throughout. Barrel works somewhat uphill, pull-side approach, made consistent hard contact to right field all game long, including an RBI double and what would have been another had the right fielder not made a spectacular diving play.

McEachern v North Cobb (3/9/20)

Harry Ford, C, North Cobb, 2021
Georgia Tech commit. Ranked the 5th overall player in the Georgia ‘21 class. 5-foot-10, 180 pounds; lower-half has continued to get stronger. Solid build throughout and superior athlete. Had an impressive multi-hit game. Lead off his night with a single over the shortstop’s head, followed by a lead-off double in second AB. Just missed a HR to LF, showing pull-side power that is continuing to develop. Stayed patient during plate appearances. Hands and barrel worked well through the zone and stayed with line-drive approach. Catch and throw continues to be impressive. Aggressive on back-picks throughout game. 1.87-1.90 pop times in between innings.

Bryce Archie, SS, McEachern, 2022
6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Top-notch athlete with tools across the board. Athletic base at the plate; level swing. Strong balance throughout swing.  Hit a 3RBI double off the LF wall. Fluid defender with advanced footwork and effortless hands. Arm carry is very impressive across the infield. Also nationally-ranked quarterback.

Loganville v Mill Creek (3/10/20)

Daniel Braswell,1B, Loganville, 2021
Georgia commit. Extra large frame 6-foot 4 225-pounds with broad slope shoulders, fully developed strong body with more strength through the hips and quads, lumberjack strength. Below avg runner. Good arm, throws accurately.  Defensively the big man moves around easy, has good agility and excellent flexibility. Good understanding how to shift weight around the bag and provides his teammates an extra 6 feet with an outstanding stretch and pick. Plenty of range for first, he’s got a good first step on GBs and achieves a very fundamental fielding position with hands extended out front easy vision on hands. He knows how to use that lobster claw. Offensively: well balanced set up and well balanced through swing.  Easy stride down, firm front side with strong backside push. Can hit to all fields but prefers to look on the inner half. BIG power, this is the kind of bat you can build a lineup around, rare power and coordination. One of the most imposing hitters I’ve seen this year, strong enough to fight a 2 strike GB through the infield on bad contact and his good contact ball jumps off the bat. Bottom line: physically ready right now player with usable power, should compete to start at the next level.

Dylan Strickland, SS, Loganville, 2020
Georgia Tech commit. Avg frame with proportional muscular development. 5-foot-10, 170-pounds slope shoulders athletic build. Defensively:  quick first step shows good range. Aggressive angles to the ball fielding position hands can get deep occasionally but hands play very good. Glove to hand exchange is excellent gives him big play making ability, goes to his back hand with confidence. Offensively: leads off, has good, patient approach, good strike zone recognition.  Works count, good ball in play contact with 2 strikes. Overall heads up player with big play abilities defensively.

Ian King, C, Loganville, 2020
South Georgia State commit. Avg frame with good muscular development 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Avg width slope shoulders muscular build throughout with more strength in the quads. Avg runner Defensively:  squats down easy plenty flexible, receives easy plenty of glove range, anticipates and blocks well. Feet work well, good glove to hand with above avg accurate arm to all bases. Offensively: good balanced set up and stays balanced thru swing. Weight is 50/50 throughout swing more of a solid contact spray line drive approach. Good strike zone recognition attacks balls in zone, battles with 2 strikes. Solid catcher should play at the next level.

Brocker Way, OF, Loganville, 2021
Left handed hitter  5-foot-10 185-pounder with well developed shoulders, muscular throughout well developed proportional. Defense:  good first step on the ball with direct angles on the ball, smart player doesn’t try to do too much runs down what he can keeps the rest infront of him. Solid avg arm to all bases with good accuracy. Offense:  Brocker is a very tough out. Well balanced compact approach. He uses a strong backside and a direct stroke angle to create plus bat speed. Hammers balls to all fields and has become a big run producer for Loganville over the last few weeks.  Uncommitted this is a smart player with a dangerous bat that can definitely play at the next level.


Garner McKeon, 1B, Mill Creek, 2020
Gordon State commit. 6-foot-3 180-pound lean muscular athletic build, Rangey body style equally proportional from top to bottom.  Avg runner is better underway with easy long strides. Defense: Garner thrives on playing tough defense, shows good range at the position and good flexibility getting in and out of a very fundamental fielding position and stretching out front on low throws. Hard nose at 1b he’s not letting too many balls get by as he is more than willing to get dirty stretching that long frame out horizontally to snag or knock down hard hit balls. Offensively: shows balance and aggression with alittle upward tilt to his stroke ball hangs in the air could flatten the ball out and pick up more hits but has a good eye for the strike zone and gets on base anyway possible. Good teammate tough player

Keaton Anthony, OF/RHP, Mill Creek, 2020
Iowa commit 6-foot 3, 195-pound very strong athletic body, longer limbs shorter trunk big time core strength. Defense: arm is above avg with good accuracy and carry into bases, above avg runner with long strides Keaton can really go get the baseball, aggressive routes gets to balls you think are gonna get down, plays RF for Mill Creek has the makings to play CF in his future. Offensively: a patient hitter that really attacks mistakes. Has thunder in his hands and is clutch to drive in runs. Provides plenty of protection for his 3-hole hitter Mr. Boychuk,  A great pick up by Iowa can’t believe he got out of the state.

Woodward Academy v Druid Hills (3/11/20)

Chandler Pollard, SS, Woodward Academy, 2022
6-foot-1, 155-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, lean, highly athletic frame, wiry strength that will turn into much more as he physically develops and matures, projectable build. Open setup with weight loaded onto back leg, starts with back-side toe pointed towards first base, short barrel wrap on load, short stride, great balance throughout. Ultra quick bat speed, smooth swing, athletic hands allow him to use the entire field, sprays line drives. Had three line drive singles, one to LF, CF, and RF. One of the quickest prospects in Georgia’s Class of 2022. Defensively, smooth actions up the middle, covers ground with long, easy strides, arm works. Has a chance at SS or CF at the next level.

Tyler Neely, OF, Woodward Academy, 2021
Western Kentucky commit. 5-foot-11, 180-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, muscular build, strength throughout frame, athletically built, an imposing figure. Open setup, short stride towards the plate to a balanced position, hands load back and barrel cocks upright. Swings with aggression and power at the plate, takes a middle/pull approach looking to elevate and take the cover off the ball with each cut. Had a three run home run that left the park with a 102 mph exit velocity. There is the potential for even more in his swing, as on his home run he did not even gain full extension.

Dwight Allen, OF, Woodward Academy, 2020
Georgia commit. 6-foot-2, 195-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, highly athletic, advanced lower half, possesses strength throughout frame with room for more. Swings it with controlled aggression at the plate, gives the ball a ride with every swing, gap-to-gap type hitter with the ability to hit for average and power. Athleticism plays extremely well in the outfield where he covers ground with ease and is instinctual with his first step, attacks the ball aggressively.

Elgin Bennett, OF, Woodward Academy, 2022
5-foot-11, 175-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, played in the role DH against Druid Hills, hitting out of the leadoff position. Highly athletic prospect, broad shoulders, developing strength throughout frame, will be a terror when he physically matures. Wide stance, hands load back smoothly as he brings barrel upright, quick leg lift stride, good balance. Aggressive in everything he does, looks for fastballs early in the account and attacks with controlled aggression. Gets out of the box quickly and puts the pressure on. Plenty of bat speed at the plate, uses the entire field with a present line drive approach, but will certainly have the ability to drive the ball with power down the road. High follow prospect.

Nick Allen, OF, Woodward Academy, 2023
6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, big, broad frame, athletic build, will hold plenty of strength throughout frame as he continues to physically mature, has a great foundation to presently work with. Balanced, upright setup, hands load back and brings barrel vertical on load, short leg lift stride. Swing is short and works with some downhill plane to the ball, present strength allows for him to drive balls gap-to-gap. With more incline in swing and extension through the zone will see increased power. Came in as a pinch-hitter against Druid Hills and hit an RBI double into the left center gap.

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