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Summer at LakePoint: 2021 Uncommitted Pitchers

Hudson Graham
PBR Georgia Staff

2021 Uncommitted Pitchers

The summer at LakePoint Sports was packed with action. There are still a ton of great players who had a great summer that are still uncomimitted. Below we highlight some of the top arms still on the market that we saw come through LakePoint this summer. 

Will Passeau, OF/RHP, St. Paul’s Episcopal (AL), 2021

Uncommitted. Passeau, 6-2 175, was a prospect who showed a lot of intrigue as a two-way potentially at the next level. Passeau is athletic and the left handed hitter found his way on base throughout the weekend atop the lineup for Baysox; the swing worked and had some whip and fluidity to it and he should add in game pop down the road as he matures and fills out. On the bump Passeau may profile as a reliever due to loss in stuff over innings and the effort level of his delivery (82-91 on the day) but should see velo hold better as he adds strength and matures. Passeau was 89-91 in his first inning of work with a 12/6 curve that was 73-74.

Aaron Sheldon, LHP, Monsignor Kelly Catholic (TX), 2021
Sheldon is athletic with wide shoulders and long limbs adding to his 6-foot-1 frame. At 165 lbs, he is very lean but in shape and the size in the legs suggests he will add strength without sacrificing too much mobility. He uses a heel drive from his leg kick to stay on line and keep the weight balanced throughout the delivery. There is arm-side run similar to natural lefties but with some late movement he can miss barrels and a high rate. He adds a low to mid 70s mph breaking ball with early break to counter the fastball.

Aiden Adams, LHP, Bryant (AR), 2021
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 175-pound, left-handed pitcher, strong lower half, feel for three pitches. Arm works short and clean on the back-side, hides the ball very well on the back-side, batter does not see it until it is coming out of release from a high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 81-85, pitched to both sides of the plate. Curveball, 70-72, slurve-like. Changeup, 77, sinking action.

Tristan Hawkins, RHP, Benton (AR), 2021
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 195-pound right-handed pitcher, athletically built. Long arm acton, showing high and wide on the back-side, slot varied between high ¾ and over-the-top. Pounded the zone with his fastball, inducing swing and miss and weak contact with. Fastball sat 85-88, touched 89. Curveball, 12/6 shape, 76-79, aggressive with, some sharpness.

Tripp Hardin, RHP, Tupelo (MS), 2021
The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Mississippi product attacked hitters in his relief outing.  Large, strong frame w/ present physicality.  Simple, repeatable delivery w/ quick rhythm, working up to 3/4 slot.  Bit of a stab in arm action, but ball comes out clean by the ear while hiding the ball well.  Vast majority of pitches was sizzling FB at 85-88 w/ good jump in the zone.  

Randan Rigdon, RHP, Metter (GA), 2021
Uncommitted. Rigdon ,6-foot-4, 170-pounds, showed some inconsistent command and struggled to sink his mechanics up in this particular arm but there are definitely some things brewing for Rigdon. He sat 83-85 and showed a 71-72 breaker to go along with it. Rigdon has a ton of projection physically and the future could hold a big jump in terms of pure stuff, if he can refine his mechanics and repeat there is present arm talent that will produce outs at the next level.

Nash Bingham, OF/RHP, Christian Heritage (GA), 2021
Uncommitted. Nash (6’2”, 195) was a fan favorite of the PBR staff on the mound this weekend as the man just flat pitched his tail off throwing multiple pitches for strikes and competing from the first pitch he threw to the last he threw after 5 shutout frames for NB Legends. He started the game at 83-84 before settling in at 80-84 for the outing and flashing an 64-68 mph curveball that he was not afraid to throw in any account or to left-handed hitters as well. Nash also broke out a changeup in the low 70’s. Nash could make a velo jump before you know it, he is athletic, his body has room to grow still; he has moxy on the mound and competes. He could end up being a really good arm for someone down the road.


Anthony Turner, LHP, North Gwinnett HS (GA), 2021
Uncommitted. Turner (6-0 175) worked exclusively on the outer half during his outing and showcased a H ¾ arm slot. His fastball sat 78-83 in the outing and when he stayed on top and through the baseball had arm side run. His breaking ball was a big 65-67 curveball; the pitch had big shape to it at 2-7 action. Turner has room to feel out and could turn into a very capable arm of getting outs at the college level. 

Conner Sizemore, RHP, Northside Columbus HS (GA), 2021

Uncommitted. Sizemore showcased a two pitch combo out of the pen for game on; he attacked with his fastball that sat 84-87 working it on the outer half mostly while trying to work it in the upper part of the zone for swing and misses. His slider sat 74-77 and he showcased an ability this weekend to throw it for strikes on the glove side. Sizemore is probably going to have to be a reliever due to his size at the next level (5-7 140) but his stuff and his ability to throw strikes will allow him to get outs down the road.

Sizemore (5-7, 145) came in relief for Stealth and worked one inning in relief. He attacked hitters and showed an up-tempo pace working extremely fast; He primarily was fastball (84-86)/slider (73-74) in the outing and did not flash a change in warmups. He worked to the outer half of the plate only with both pitches and induced weak contact and some swing and misses in his outing. 


Eli Hoyt, RHP, Waukesha South (WI), 2021
Uncommitted. Hoyt was dynamite in his outing today for four innings showing an explosive fastball that had life and was 87-89 early before settling in at 84-87 for the remainder of the outing; he paired the fastball with a slider that had great plane and bite on the pitch at 72-74 and used it effectively on the outer half for a strike and swing/miss pitch. His arm was loose and he has arm speed, the ceiling is very high for Hoyt. If he can fill out his frame some more and add strength, he has the makings of an arm that could profile as a rotation guy down the road.


Will Hunt, RHP, Lewis County HS (WV), 2021
Uncommitted. Hunt came in relief and showcased an effective 3 pitch mix of an 83-87 FB, 75-76 SL with bite and depth with 10-4 action, 73-75 CH that had arm side fade. His frame, currently 6’2 175, has lower half thickness but still has plenty of room to grow and mature. His arm worked and while he mixed 3 pitches at times, he mainly worked his FB/SL combo effectively.

Cade Mitchell, LHP, Eastside HS (GA), 2021
Uncommitted. Mitchell (5-11, 200) sat 82-87 last night on the fastball that had arm side run, especially on the outer half; he worked to throw 3 pitches the entire outing, featuring a changeup and curveball to pair with his fastball. He was predominantly fastball in the outing and really did not need much more in his 5 innings of work. The punchouts were in bunches for Mitchell and this is an arm to follow for the future.

Will Varmette, RHP, Grissom HS (AL), 2021
Uncommitted. Varmette (6-1, 175) showed a solid repertoire of offerings on the day out of his low ¾ slot. He showed 86-88 with his fastball, 74-76 slider (2300 rpm) and a 76-77 change. His command was average at best on the day, so if the righty can harness command his stuff has a chance to play and get outs. He had arm speed and there is room to add strength and fill out in his frame.

Jalen Fulwood, RHP/OF, Wesleyan HS (GA), 2021
Uncommitted. Fulwood (6-3, 185) came in relief for TE Black and was intriguing due to projection he has, loose arm, and the velo was easy that he showed in the first inning (86-88). He settled in to 83-87 range in the later innings and may have lost velo to his extreme crossfire delivery and current lack of mass and strength. With some direction cleanup, added strength and mass to his frame, it’s hard not to think Fulwood has a big velo jump left in him. He paired the FB with a mid 70’s SL. 

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