Prep Baseball Report

Team Georgia: vs New Jersey, Quick Hits

PBR Georgia


Jackson Peavy, LHP, 2025
6-foot-3, 170 pounds. We’re absolutely honored to have this game changing southpaw back with us at the biggest amateur baseball event in the world. Firstly, he is a great teammate and a joy to be around. While his heater didn’t hit the 91’s that he displayed all spring and early in the summer, he sure proved himself in a variety of ways that he is a long term starter on the big stage. His FB is the definition of multi faceted. It has serious ride up in the zone that had hitters looking like they were swinging with the lights off. When he goes glove side the angle (horizontal trajectory) is very tough to track, but it’s the late comeback tail he’s able to get (in on RHH) that you don’t often see in a lefty. That late tail is even more aggressive to the glove side, and it’s truly special to watch him get constant whiffs with the pitch. His lower release height only adds to his special IVB/HZB combo. His effortless, well timed delivery allows him to extend to all edges with ease. He has a very good approach with the heater for his age, and I have no doubt this can be A/AVG FB command. He controlled the sweeping CB to both the AS and GS. What makes the pitch so special is that it consistently averages in the 18-20 HZB range, which is more break than the plate is wide. To RHH, his backdoor CB looks like a sure ball and gets takes/ugly swings as it snaps into the zone with late depth at the last second. When he goes in on them, the angle and big sweep are just too difficult to stay on. Sadly we didn’t get the 3 CB he threw to the INN 1 LHH on video, but it was truly unfair and art at the same time. But the 2 INN were too easy for Peavy and he didn’t get to show off his rare CH, which has the same or more HZB as his CB. It gets tons of chases as he can start the pitch middle and it’ll fade and dive right out of the zone for whiffs. Having 3 pitches he can use against both sides hitters and being at the ground floor of his physical ceiling, there are few arms in the country with as much potential.

Michael Hunter Stonecipher, C, 2025
6-foot, 185 pounds. What makes the rise of this complete backstop so special is the fact no one in the country knew who he was coming into last summer (except us). But we can’t blame them, he was homeschooled and played for one of the smallest private schools in the state. It was by the grace of God that we ran into him in a 1A private school playoff game. Last spring, he was having success mostly off his rare intangibles (approach, timing, pitch recognition, plate discipline, instincts, baseball IQ). Despite lacking physicality, he had some standout physical traits. Bat speed, receiving, blocking, a lightning quick transfer, and an accurate arm. Fast forward to 14 months later, and he’s a force to be reckoned with. The intangibles have only sharpened, his swing mechanics have gone from solid to beyond elite, and his defensive skill set is one of the best in the country for his class. Last night, his bat and arm made some of the loudest noise in all of Future Games (see tweet below). He’s grown 2 inches and put on 25 lbs since we first met him, and the tools have dramatically increased. What’s so exciting is he has much more strength that can be added to the frame. This is a player who will hit for average and power production, and can be an A/AVG defender who is already turning in A/AVG catch & throw times on a consistent basis. Stonecipher is one of the most complete catchers in the country, and he’s only at the tip of the iceberg. You’re guaranteed to see much more content on him in the coming days and weeks.
Dean Livingston, RHP, 2025
6-foot-3, 180 pounds. His first name fits perfectly for what he did on day 1 of Future Games. As a “dean” is the head of a college or university, Livingston will be treated as such as soon as he takes official visits to the campuses courting his talent. After yesterday, he’s going to have dozens of good ones to choose from. Last night as Livingston threw his warmup pitches, you could hear some serious chatter as two 91.4’s popped up on the board. The lean athlete then proceeded to throw sizzling 4 seams steeper than Mt. Everest for 2 INN to the bottom of the zone that hitters had a very tough time matching plane with. He finished them off with his brand new vert SL with late bite that tunneled very well with his FB. Not one pitch was barreled. The reality is, most schools in the country had no clue who he was before NPI/last night. He didn’t get innings his ‘22 HS season, threw in 1 tournament last summer, and has been strictly a reliever this summer for Team Elite. He’s gone from relative obscurity to the top of many pref lists in one night, the most amazing part of this event. His performance earned the “Shooter Blessing” as I call it, as he was our VP of scouting's favorite arm on Day 1 of the entire Future Games. His come up over the past month is nothing short of legendary. But with his rare fast twitch fibers, plus delivery, and near elite arm action, this performance was a long time coming. While he was working in the 86-89 T90 range for the latter part of the summer, the writing on the wall when you see how athletically he moves through the delivery. Check out a more in depth analysis on his delivery from last month's NPI in our “Game Changers” article. SS are typically the best athletes on the field, and Dean does both for his high school (Hebron Christian). He can really pick it and playing the position just speaks to his athleticism. There’s no doubt playing the position has built his arm strength over time, and his love for hitting is another reason he rotates so violently on the mound. Livingston is a lock for a future plus or better FB and is only just developing his arsenal. We couldn’t be happier he chose to showcase his rare talent on our FG roster.
Jared Glenn, 3B, 2025
5-foot-11, 200 pounds. With his large frame and strong proportional build, this is a player who is only just beginning to impact baseballs to his full potential. He’s already one of the top in game exit velo guys in the class, well before reaching his physical ceiling. It’s easy to see Glenn at 220 in a few years with plus raw power. But what will separate him from the handfuls of big power bats in the southeast? Easy, he’s a pure hitter first. He doesn’t focus on power, his approach is to hit hard line drives right on the sweet spot wherever they’re pitched. That's exactly what he did in Game 1 of FG for Team GA, lacing an early RBI single just in front of the ankles of the LF. With highly advanced bat 2 ball skills and plus swing mechanics, there aren’t many ways for a pitcher to attack him. His innate pitch recognition and reaction time allows him to manipulate the barrel with ease and he’s always on time with the opposing pitchers release points. Jared has a knack for coming up big in clutch situations, and made a big name for himself in the GHSA playoffs hitting 3 HR off of Parkview’s best arms. While I do feel he’s too well rounded of a hitter to be focus on pitching only down the line, there is real potential for him to be one of the best 2 ways in college baseball one day. He’s up to 89 on the mound with one of the best CH’s in the class, if not the best. He’ll continue raking for out next 2 games and you can catch him on the bump G3 vs Texas!

Terrance Bowen, SS/2B, 2025
6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Bowen was impressive during game 1 against New Jersey. He showed off his advanced swing mechanics with 2 barrels. In the bottom of the 3rd, Bowen battled into a deep count before lacing one into left field for an RBI double. Bowen did well to sit back on the changeup and drive this one into left. He kept his hands and weight back allowing him to not get too far out in front. In Bowen’s next at bat he hit a 102 EV line out to 3B. He made a big impact for Georgia in game 1 and will be a fun follow throughout the rest of the weekend. 


Henry Akopov, CF, 2025
6-foot, 180 pounds. Akopov came out in game 1 against New Jersey and showed off all areas of his game. He went 2-3 on the day with a stolen base and was making his presence felt. His double plus run speed makes him electric on the bases and in the outfield. Not only does his run speed impress, but Akopov shows off advanced swing mechanics at the plate. Akopov doubled in his second at bat of the game. He displayed fast twitch fibers which allowed him to let the ball travel and make later swing decisions. Akopov is an electrifying follow from the 2025 class and throughout the rest of the weekend. 

Judson Hartwell, 3B, 2025
6-foot-4, 205 pounds. We are privileged to deliver you yet another beautiful display of what Judson can do at the plate, and what he does every game. When you’ve had the extended look at him like our staff has, you almost expect him to get a hit every single time he steps to the dish. The numbers back that up too, as he hit for a .566 AVG this summer. It would be even higher if you counted our showcases, where he absolutely raked at Underclass and had one of the best BP’s we’ve ever witnessed at Preseason All-State. Despite not having the best luck in his 1st two AB (one where he had the bat taken out of his hands), he stayed laser focused and didn’t change his plan. That might be Hartwell’s best trait of many at the plate, he’s never too high and never too low. As hitting is the hardest thing to do in sports, it’s easy to get frustrated and take mindless hacks. Hartwell stuck to his right center approach and tattooed a 96.4 EV. This ability to hit the ball with authority the other way on a consistent basis continues to separate him from the rest of the pack. All fields power hitters are the rarest form of mashers, and Judson is one of those. While it wasn’t the typical 3 for 3 game for him, we can promise you he will come out even hungrier and locked in for these next 2 games. When you watch him these next 2 games take a look at the frame. This dude is extremely lean and gangly, he’s going to put on another 25 lbs and have top of the scale raw power that shows up often. There are few bats you can trust more.

Brady Christman, C, 2025
6-foot, 200 pounds. Sheer strength and power are 2 things that immediately come to mind when you watch Brady, and they were on display last night. His ability to generate immense force from the ground up in his swing is extremely impressive and points to him routinely impacting the baseball. Brady turned in a 101 EV last night for a loud 2B off the wall, making a statement in front of a plethora of college coaches.  

John Davis, OF, 2025
5-foot-10, 155 pounds. LHH who displayed his athleticism and overall instincts in all areas of the game against New Jersey. Davis went 2-3 on the day with 3 RBI. He showed off his easy athleticism and sneaky run tool on the bases and in center field while tracking down balls. In his 3rd at bat of the day, Davis got a pitch to hit and showed off his simple LH swing by lining one into center field. His ability to control his body at the plate paired with innate bat to ball skills and overall feel in the batter's box is only going to take him farther in this game. He was not overmatched one bit and showed the ability to slow the game down and be where his feet were on a big stage. Very exciting OF in the 25 class.  

KJ Hart, RHP, 2025
6-foot-5, 200 pounds. Hart pitched 2 innings for Team Georgia with a 2-pitch mix that consisted of his FB (87-89) & CH (75-78). Hart is an athletic two-way player that has long levers with endless projection. Hart's delivery is smooth & natural as he has a good arm path down the mound. High use of FB while occasionally mixing in his CH. Hart has a loose full circle AA with mid depth. One of the top two-way players in Georgia’s ‘25 class that still has room to add muscle to his XL frame. 

Noah Allen, RHP, 2025
6-foot-6, 180 pounds. Allen pitched 2 innings of relief for Team Georgia and showed ultimate competitiveness by continuing to attack hitters despite not having his best stuff. Allen still has one of the highest ceilings in the class due to the stellar summer he has been having regardless of last night. Allen has the makings of a really good 3-pitch mix that featured his FB which sat 86-88 and topped 89. He also has an impressive SL that sat 76-77 with a 2691 spin rate. Allen also threw an occasional CH that sat 79-80. He has a full circle AA (¾) with an EZ, typically repeatable operation that is deceptive and hard for hitters to pick up on. One of the better arms in Georgia’s ‘25 class and will only continue to show throughout the year.