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South Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: Takeaways

PBR Wisconsin
PBR Staff

On March 23, the PBR Wisconsin traveled to Hitters Baseball Academy in Caledonia, WI to host the annual South Milwaukee Rising Stars event. This event featured prospects from the 2026 and 2027 graduating classes and has consistently provided our staff with the names of players to consider inviting to the PBR Junior Future Games where they’ll represent Team Wisconsin at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA., at the end of the summer.

Now, at the event's conclusion, our staff will begin to compile some of our takeaways from this event while also hitting on some of the day's stat leaders. Below you'll find which players popped to our scouts, as well as which prospects headlined our respective statistical categories.


Jake Cummins is a 5’8, 145lb middle infielder out of Milton. Boistering perhaps the top positional performance of the week's event, and providing an exciting look to the PBR Wisconsin evaluators. After posting a 7.38 60 yard dash as a 2026, he stepped to the box with confidence. Working from balance with a big leg kick, and a vertical barrel tip, he produced athletic swings. Cummins produces low flights consistently, and has the look of a ballplayer with feel for the game at a young age. On the defensive side, he’s skillful beyond his years with clean, well timed footwork, and ease of execution. Advanced for his age. 

Cade Minatto (Indian Trail, 2026) stands at 6-0, 155lbs with athletic two-way promise. He shows most promise on the mound. Where he posted an event best max velocity (79mph). Providing a traditional 3 pitch mix with dropping qualities to his offspeed. Showing large vertical breaks on both the curveball and changeup. Already standing at 6-0, and looking like he may grow another couple inches with plenty of room to develop physically. On the offensive side of the ball, Minatto produces exits nearing 90mph off the bat, and showed moments of capacity. 

+,Caleb Johns New Berlin Eisenhower, 2026) was one of the more impressive two-ways in attendance. Beginning his day with a 7.68 60 yard dash, and offering a dynamic look on both sides of the ball. At the plate, Johns worked out of a tall setup with a controlled toe tap. Entering to the inside half of the baseball, and drilling balls to the pull side of the field with authority (92mph). And showing feel for barrel controlling grooving low liners to the backside when the pitch didn’t match his power. Very mature skills for the youngster. Worth noting that Johns was 79mph across the infield before hopping to the mound, and generating one of the day's best pitching performances. His arsenal consists of a fastball with 20i of horizontal action, a 2200 RPM curveball, and a changeup with 20i of horizontal break as well. 

+ One of the more impressive physical players in attendance was that of Wright ONeil (Grafton, 2026). From the left hand box, ONeil with some of the best intent we’ve seen all winter in regards to younger players. Showing a real feel for the importance of hitting line drives hard with proper intent. ONeil drove baseballs with a high hard hit percentage (37%). One of two players who registered “hard hits” with a quality barrel feel, and above average barrel control for operating at a higher intensity in the box. On the defensive side, ONeil squared up all ground balls and throws to his frame, and secured the baseball with stiffer, yet effective hands. 

+ Charlie Fitzke Milton, 2026) is a 5-6, 135lb infielder with some promise. Working out of a balanced setup with minimal movement, he generated grounded swings with quickness. Fitzke stays through the zone while matching planes well, and can “swing it”. On the defensive side of the ball, Fitzke possessed advanced footwork with quick actions, and quick to deliver accurate throws. 

+ Dominic Santarelli (St. Joseph, 2026) is a physically mature left handed infielder that offered one of the better looks at the plate. Setting up tall and open, with a relaxed and tight handset, he made a hanging leg kick stride to square. Santarelli was quick to the ball off the trigger with vertical adjustability. He battled to stay inside tough locations with loud contact to all fields. While Santarelli was dealing with some arm issues rolling into the event, he also possessed a low to mid-70’s fastball that could be an upper 70’s fastball with health and conditioning. On defense, he showed feel for the movements and the plays demanded at first base, and will mature well as a defender. 

+ Finn Stovall  (Harlem, 2026) is a  5-10, 165lb right hander out of Illinois. Stovall posted one of the top bullpens of the event. His max fastball neared 78mph at 1800 RPM spin, a cutter with enough break to get off the sweet spot, and a low spin changeup (1300 RPM). Stovall is an interesting look on the mound, and should develop well on the mound with time. At the plate, Stovall setup wide with a preset barrel, made tight swings that crowd impact with barrel depth, and lift through impact. Mostly sending balls through the middle and pull side of the field.