Q&A with North Carolina Commit Anthony Herron

By Matt Huck
Area Scout

2018 1B Anthony Herron of Simeon recently committed to North Carolina. Herron is currently ranked No. 25 in the Illinois Class of 2018. He represented Illinois at the 2016 PBR Future Games in Indiana, here is a report on him from the event.

Anthony HerronFuture Games 2016 - 6-foot-1, 235-pound right-handed hitting first baseman, extra-large frame, extremely strong lower half, wide shoulders; possesses overall man-strength. Highly athletic and nimble for size. Ran a 7.11 laser-timed 60, runs bases aggressively, stole a few bags during Future Games. His carrying tool, however, is his right-handed power. Generates advanced bat speed with minimal load, maintains balance through contact, stays strong through the ball, natural loft in swing; has legitimate pull-side power. Registered 96-mph exit velocity. Defensively, is overall excellent first baseman. Handles himself well around the bag; nimble feet, soft hands, big target, picks throws in the dirt, even nearly did the splits in game action. Knows the nuances of the position. Quiet competitor, plays hard.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it as expected? Easy/Difficult?

Herron: My expectations were that it would be this really long and intense process on I would fit best and continue my education and baseball career. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't a walk in the park either.

PBR: What were you looking for out of a college program to continue your baseball career at?

Herron: I was looking for a program that I could picture myself being 
comfortable in. A place where I could develop my baseball skills and continue my education. A good fit. 

PBR: Did location or distance from home play a factor in your decision?

Herron: Location or distance didn't play a big factor. I preferred somewhere with decent weather all year around. 

PBR: When did the recruiting process really start to heat up for you? Was there a particular game or event that you feel turned the corner for you?

Herron: My recruiting process heated up going to this past summer. It started the summer after my freshman year, but it really heated up going into August.

PBR: Where did the college you chose first see you? How did your relationship develop with them?

Herron: They first saw me at The PBR Future Games and we started talking after the event. 

PBR: What do you like most about the college you committed to and what were the key factors in making your decision?

Herron: I like that it is so much history behind the program. The key factors were seeing if they offered the major I would want in college and having an opportunity to come in and play as a freshman. 

PBR: What other schools were on your short list before you made your final decision?

Herron: Stanford, Missouri State, Cincinnati, Notre Dame and UConn.

PBR: At what point in your career did you realize you were a college caliber player and became serious about taking your game to the next level?

Herron: I've always been serious about getting better at the game and learning the game. I've always been surrounded by numerous good coaches that always told me that I would get a chance to play at the college level and beyond and I always believed that myself.

PBR: What advice would you give to young baseball players striving to get where you are?

Herron: If you love this game, it won't be hard to get better at it. Just keep working and the work will pay off. Learn the game and take advantage of any advice and opportunities anyone gives you to better your game. Don't be afraid to ask questions especially if you have someone that has been through it all in your corner. 

PBR: What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?

Herron: My most memorable moment happened at the JRW stadium during a fall ball game. At 7 years old, I hit my first home run off of my good friend Jaylen Patterson. It hit the scoreboard straight center. My grandmother was there to see it.

PBR: Preview your high school season for us. How do you feel your team will be? What are your expectations and goals?

Herron: I expect for my team and I to have a good season. I expect to have a lot of fun and play quality baseball. 

PBR: Where do you play in the summer? And what has been your most memorable experience with them?

Herron: I travel all around the U.S. with my Lou Collier A's team. My most memorable experiences with them was going to California and experiencing some high level baseball and having a lot of fun touring Cali with my teammates. 

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