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2020-2021 Prospect Showcase: Catching Analysis

Phil Wade & Staff

On Monday, we began rolling out the positional analysis from the 2020-2021 Prospect Showcase held on Saturday, October 14th at Grand Park in Westfield, IN with the pitching analysis. Today we look at the catchers in attendance. 

CLICK HERE to view the full statistical breakdown from the event. 

Top Prospects

Kaid Muth C / 3B / Fishers, IN / 2020

60 Time: 7.24, Position Velocity: INF-79, C-74, Exit Velocity: 85. 6-foot, 155 pound sophomore catcher showed athletic and fluid swing from the right side, generating easy bat speed and pop to the pull side. Tall and open setup, good rhythm and load, creates good separation and stretch, front foot lands athletic, slightly open to allow lower half to work with good extension through contact. Slight over rotate to finish. More lift and strength and generate in lower half. Behind the plate, feet and transfer are quick, glove works well to catch and throw. More arm strength to be developed, delivered accurate throws around the bag, pop times were 1.93-1.95. Sits athletic to catch, glove in good position to receive low pitch.

Zachary McKenna C / OF / Chesterton, IN / 2020

60 Time: 6.98, Position Velocity: C-70, Exit Velocity: 83. 5-foot-11, 170 pound sophomore catcher uses aggressive intent and approach from the right side of the plate, producing average bat speed with lift gap to gap. Mixed leg lift with toe tap to load throughout BP rounds, big gather and long stride onto the front side to swing. Small arm bar with front shoulder out early, active lower half. Inconsistent finish and feet. Showed some twitch, plus runner for position and age. Behind the plate, athletic feet with long arm action to throw. Plays low, uses lower half well. More arm strength to gain. Pop times were 2.15-2.22 with below average carry. Transfer is clean and fluid, 1 hand catch.

Brendan Tabor C / 3B / New Palestine, IN / 2021

60 Time: 7.99, Position Velocity: C-72, INF-72, Exit Velocity: 80. 5-foot-10, 195 pound freshman catcher uses advanced swing and approach from right side, making loud contact during BP rounds with pop to the pull side. Athletic, open setup with smooth, fluid load and gather to swing. Short stride, maintains good balance throughout foot strike and swing, hands and barrel load in strong position to launch. Creates good angle to lift baseball with fast bat speed through hitting zone, good extension out front to pull side gap. Solid hitter with more juice in the future. Behind the plate, uses tall, side saddle setup to catch and throw. Strong frame and target, gets rid of baseball with clean exchange and transfer, more arm strength and carry to be developed. Ball lacked carry to the base, on target. More foot speed. Pop times of 2.10-2.18. 

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Leo Guida, C/3B, Lafayette Central Catholic HS, 2021

60 Time: 7.93, Position Velocity: INF-77, C-70, Exit Velocity: 75. 5-foot-11, 160 pound right handed hitting catcher uses balanced setup and swing, producing pull side line drives. Big front foot leg kick to load and stride, heavy weight shift onto front side with front side out early. Bat works long and flat, snapping through the hitting zone, following the front shoulder out. Average lower half in the swing with choppy rhythm. Pull side approach. Behind the plate, side saddle setup with small bounce to catch and throw. 1 hand catch, transfer is clean with short exchange. Gains lot of ground towards second base, arm drags with head and front left shoulder working left. Throws were right of the base, delivering pop time between 2.11-2.18. Stance stiff to sit and receive pitches, glove arm elbow works stiff and uphill to receive baseball.

Carter Hamlin, C/3B, Homestead HS, 2020

60 Time: 7.97, Position Velocity: INF-73, C-67, Exit Velocity: 85. 5-foot-10, 180 pound sophomore catcher showcased easy pull side bat speed with athletic setup and balance. Short load and stride to swing, hands bounce before entering the hitting zone and work fast through the hitting zone. Launched a couple baseballs with good angle to the outfield in BP. Lower half is average, more length needed to generate more power in swing, front foot spins on heel. Behind the plate, works tall to throw with below average arm strength to second base. Finishes upright on heels, struggles to gain momentum towards the bag with a recoil on throw. Pop times were 2.25-2.36. Glove late and heavy to receive the baseball.

Gavin Wallace, C, Kokomo HS, 2020

60 Time: 7.68, Position Velocity: C-74, Exit Velocity: 73. 5-foot-11, 145 pound sophomore catcher uses wide crouched setup from the right side, producing short, level stroke to contact. Slightly open to start, closes with 1 piece step to stride swing, hands work out and long to the baseball, front hip out early. Average lower half with back foot slide and poor balance to finish. Bat exits quick and flat out of the zone. Contact approach. Behind the plate, works left and tall to throw, two hand catch. More to use and generate in lower half, stiff hips. Pop times were 2.02-2.19. Feet and exchange were quick with low ¾ arm slot, drags at time with arm side run to second base up the line. Below average arm strength with more carry to be developed through and on the base.

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