Prep Baseball Report

2020-2021 Prospect Showcase: Pitching Analysis

Phil Wade & Staff

On Saturday, October 14th we hosted the 2020-2021 Prospect Showcase at Grand Park in Westfield, IN.  Today, we begin to roll out positional analysis, starting with the pitchers. 

CLICK HERE to view the full statistical breakdown from the event. 




5-foot-10, 180 pound sophomore right hander uses good rhythm and effort down the mound, landing square with good direction to the plate. Arm action is clean and loose with good arm speed on all four pitches. Fastball was 81-83, topping at 84 with some 2-seam run and sink. Slider was a good pitch with 10/4 action and depth, thrown 70-72 to miss bats. Curveball had 11/5 shape and thrown at 66-68. Changeup flashed good, sitting 74-77 with arm side fade and run. Top 20 prospect in the 2020 class, projectability on the mound.


6-foot-1, 145 pounds, athletic, repeatable delivery on the mound with small inward turn. Average arm speed with easy effort to throw all 4 pitches. Smooth rhythm throughout, clean arm action with level shoulders down the mound. Fastball topped at 82, sat 78-81 with some small arm side run and sink, consistent in the strike zone. Curveball showed good depth at 65-68, late downward break. Slider was thrown a tick harder 68-69 and the changeup was thrown at FB arm speed, 73-74, small arm side fade. Projectability on the mound.


5-foot-10, 160 pound freshman uses an easy, athletic delivery down the mound with loose, clean arm arm action. Throws across front side, with shoulders and front leg landing closed. Athletic finish. Fastball sat 80-82, mostly down glove side, has chance to be a sink guy. Breaking ball had sweeping action with 10/4 break, thrown 65-67 with inconsistent depth. Changeup was 71-74 with fastball arm speed and some arm side run. 


Lanky, loose, 6-foot-3, 160 pounds. On the mound, quick tempo with easy effort, arm works loose and long. Showed balance with good direction, landing square. Fastball was around the strike zone, sat 78-80, topping at 81. Curveball was thrown 65-68 with 10/4 break, some gradual downward action, pitch has a chance to be good with more arm speed. Changeup was 71-72 and straight. Loose, raw actions on the diamond, projects more velo and strength. 


6-foot-1, 160 pound sophomore uses an athletic delivery with good rhythm and effort down the mound. High ¾ arm slot with clean, loose arm action. Good direction and athletic finish, with level shoulders and good balance. Fastball sat 78-79, topping at 81 thrown straight and for strikes. Curveball was thrown at 64-65 with good 10/4 shape, and the slider at 67-69. Changeup had arm side run and fade at 68-71.


Kyle Cortner, LHP/1B, Cathedral HS, 2020

6-foot-1, 145 pound, good frame and size, delivery is repeatable down the mound with short, stiff arm action. Left hander had 2-seam run and sink on the fastball, sitting 74-77, topping at 78. Good direction and level shoulders with easy effort, threw strikes. Curveball was thrown with 1/7 break, sat 65-67. Changeup was arm side at 71-72.   

Max Engelking, LHP, Guerin Catholic HS, 2020

6-foot-1, 175 pound sophomore left-handed pitcher throws with easy effort down the mound, inward turn with leg kick out in delivery, landing slightly closed and soft on front side. Spins and works around front leg to finish tall, falling third base side. Arm gets long and drags at ¾ arm slot, average arm speed. Fastball sat 75-76, topped 77 with slight run arm side, in and around the strike zone. Gradual 2/8 break on the breaking ball, sweeping at 67-70. Changeup was thrown with slower arm speed at 68-69 and fade.   

Austin Holt, RHP/SS, Lewis Cass, 2020

6-foot-3, 200 pounds. On the mound, slow tempo delivery to start with drop and drive acceleration down the mound to throw, front leg soft to land square, upper half dives and works left at release. Fastball was straight and for strikes at 79-80, topping at 81. Average arm speed, threw curveball with early action at 11/5 shape, sitting at 64-65. Changeup was 71-72 with small fade arm side. Projectable frame and size on the mound.

Brennan Morehead, RHP/SS, Alexandria HS, 2020

5-foot-10, 160 pound sophomore works a repeatable delivery with balance and effort, long arm action with small wrap at the bottom. Fastball was 78-80 and straight, thrown at bottom half of zone for strikes. Breaking ball was 64-68 with 11/5 shape and showed some depth. Changeup was thrown near fastball arm speed and cut at 62-65.  

Dalton Rennaker, 1B/RHP, Benton Central HS, 2021

5-foot-10, 220 pound freshman uses a tilt/topple delivery with short stride down the mound, lacks lower half flexibility and athleticism. Some effort in delivery with shoulders working uphill to throw, high ¾ arm action with average arm speed. Fastball was straight and erratic, sitting 70-73. Slider was thrown at 69-71 and lacked shape/break. Changeup was thrown near fastball arm speed, sitting 64-68 with small fade.

Nick Williams, 1B/RHP, Alexandria HS, 2020

Big bodied, 6-foot-5, 230 pound sophomore uses big, tilt/topple delivery with some rhythm and regular effort. Front side spin through the lead leg with high ¾ arm slot down the mound. Creates big downhill angle with size on top of the mound, fastball was thrown bottom half of the zone at 73-75, topping at 76 and straight. Curveball was 65-67 thrown with gradual break, 10/4 shape. Changeup was 70-71 with fade.


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