Prep Baseball Report

Missouri Class of 2025 Rankings Update

Kevin Moulder & Diego Solares
PBR Missouri

As we continue to sift through all of the information we collected during the spring and summer seasons, our staff turns its attention to the state’s 2025 rankings. Last week, we updated the 2024 rankings, and highlighted a handful of uncommitted position players and pitching prospects to pair.

You can find that full update by clicking HERE.

Below you’ll learn more about the top-10 of our brand new 2025 board, including a few names that rose up the ranks in this update and a handful of fresh faces that debut for the first time. As the week rolls on, we’ll spotlight some name-to-know position prospects and pitchers in this class, so be on the lookout for that in the coming days.

For now, let’s dive into the state’s 2025 rankings, and the players to know at the top.


+ Staying put at the top is INF/RHP Ty Thompson (Rock Bridge), who’s one of the nation’s highest regarded prospects for the 2025 class. A wiry athlete with physical projection left to come, Thompson was a standout at the PBR Junior Future Games last year, committing to SEC powerhouse Tennessee a few months afterwards. Thompson’s athleticism is his calling card and he’s certainly proven that to us already in his amateur career, running a 6.57 laser timed 60-yard dash at LakePoint last summer as a 14-year-old. He generates easy bat speed at the plate and already drives the ball with authority, leaving plenty to dream on as he continues to grow into his frame. Thompson’s advanced defensively as well, serving as an up-the-middle asset right now and profiling to stick there down the road, too. He’s also a follow on the mound, where his fastball has already pitched into the upper-80s from a loose, easy arm slot. Expect Thompson to be towards the top of this board throughout his entire prep career.

+ A member of Team Missouri at this year’s Future Games, RHP/INF Jordan Martin (Jefferson City, 2025) jumps up to second on our board. He was also the first member from Team Missouri to come off the board when he committed to Arkansas a few weeks ago. Martin’s calling card may be on the mound long term, where the 6-foot-4, 185-pound highly projectable right-hander has been up to 89 mph this summer, pitching in the mid-to-high-80s with ease and plenty more to come. He’ll spin a tight, shorter wrinkle breaking ball in the mid-70s, throwing it consistently around the zone for strikes and with confidence. Offensively, Martin’s loose right-handed stroke is certainly intriguing, especially once he controls his long, lanky levers with consistency. Martin’s ceiling rivals that of any in the entire class and he’s a premium arm to note in Missouri, regardless of class.

Jordan Martin

+ You won’t find many across the Midwest that possess the sheer physical tools that INF Sebastian Norman (Glendale, 2025) does. Built at an ultra-physical 6-foot-2, 215-pounds, Norman elevated himself at the Midwest Mavericks Scout Day this summer, now sitting at third on these updated rankings. He ran a 6.43 60-yard dash at that event - an absurd mark regardless, but even more impressive given his physical stature. Norman flicked balls off his barrel with authority, generating well advanced bat speed for his age with a peak exit velocity of 99 mph. He hopped on the mound later in his workout and easily pitched at 86-88 mph with his fastball. Still uncommitted, Norman’s physical tools alone set him aside from his peers and his upside on the diamond is extremely high.

Sebastian Norman

+ At fourth in this update, RHP/OF Tyler Wood (Lee’s Summit West, 2025) is a power arm in this class of note. The 6-foot-3, 185-pound Mizzou commit has one of the quickest arms in the state, pumping his fastball at 87-90 mph at Creekside this summer, exploding into the upper-quadrant of the zone and profiling as a swing-and-miss heater at the next level. Wood will rip off a mid-70s slider in conjunction with his fastball - a pitch he throws at arm speed with lateral spin from a similar slot. He’s a formidable follow as a position player as well, roaming the outfield with confidence and performing at the plate during his stretch at Creekside, too. Similarly to his counterparts at the top of this board, Wood’s upside on the diamond is fairly high and he appears to just be scratching the surface of what he can be.

Tyler Wood

+ Slotting in at fifth is Oklahoma commit RHP/INF Gavin Richars (St. Dominic, 2025), who’s the younger brother of INF/RHP Grant Richars (St. Dominic, 2022; Coastal Carolina). The last time we saw Richars up close was at last year’s St. Louis Force Scout Day, where he pumped his fastball at 85-86 mph with relative ease and translated that high-octane stuff to The Rock at a PBR Wisconsin tournament. A left-handed bat that’s also athletic on the infield, Richars figures to be a high-end prospect in this class for the foreseeable future.

+ RHP Adam Kilburn (Oakville) cemented his status as one of the top arms in the 2025 class this spring, sitting at sixth in this update and committing to Tennessee this summer. Kilburn’s held upper-80s heat throughout the calendar year, showcasing electric stuff at the St. Louis Gamers Scout Day this winter and also in a complete game shutout effort this spring where he punched out 15. He’ll spin a tight mid-70s slider to compliment his fastball, ripping it off with confidence and throwing it around the zone in our looks. Kilburn’s competitiveness and mound presence is evident, and the 6-foot-1, 170-pound right-hander is one of the best arms the state’s current sophomore class has to offer.

Adam Kilburn

+ A star for runner-up Francis Howell this spring, OF Leo Humbert (2025) impressed across multiple looks this year, now occupying the seventh on our updated board. Humbert played a pivotal role on the Vikings’ impressive season, batting .385 with a .494 on-base percentage over 160 plate appearances as a freshman. He’s one of the state’s toolsiest athletes and is capable of impacting the game in multiple ways as a result. Humbert thumped balls when we saw him this year, flew around the entire field, and threw a handful of runners out from center field, too. At 6-foot, 185-pounds, Humbert’s one of the top uncommitted position players in Missouri.

Leo Humbert

+ Debuting on our rankings at eighth after breaking out at Creekside at the Midwest Premier Super 15: UTL Hudson Roberts (Ozark, 2025). A recent Arkansas commit, Roberts oozes physical projection, standing at a lanky 6-foot-3, 155-pounds. The left-handed hitter showed top-of-the-order upside to our scouts this summer, controlling the zone with all-fields feel. He’s a versatile defender with arm strength to pair, hopping on the mound later on in the tournament and running his fastball up to 84 mph. Yet another high ceiling prospect of note, Roberts is certainly a name we’ll monitor closely throughout his high school career.

Hudson Roberts

+ OF Chase Porter (Kearney, 2025) climbs into the top 10 after a breakout summer, rising a few spots and now sitting at ninth overall. Porter’s calling card is his speed and it’s something that he excels at, as he’s an elite runner that’s ran below a 6.50 60-yard dash at three different events this summer. His personal best mark came at the PBR Future Games with Team Select, where Porter absolutely jolted to a 6.43 time on our SWIFT lasers, including elite 10-yard (1.56) and 30-yard (3.60) splits to pair. A switch-hitter, Porter earned high praise from our Vice President of Scouting Shooter Hunt, who highlighted him in his ‘Future Games: Shooter’s Top Prospects’ piece:

“ quickly raising his stock in this young class, and has already become a favorite of mine in the group. His quiet moxie is matched only by the in-game production, and the ability to drop a heavy barrel from both sides of the plate stands out, even against elite pitching. The gameplay will always be preeminent, but it was equally as impressive to watch Porter during workouts. He blazed a 6.43 60-yard dash time before delivering exit velocities into the mid 90s thanks to quick hands and quality bat speed. Over and over again this summer, however, it has always been the live action that sees Porter elevate his game, and the more that coaches get out to see him, the more they will want him in their program.”

Chase Porter

+ Rounding out the top 10, INF Trey Jozwiakowski (St. John Vianney) has long been a high-end name in the state’s 2025 class and was one of the first players off the board, committing to Mizzou last May. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound sophomore consistently performs offensively when we see him, squaring the ball up off the barrel with authority. Jozwiakowski was one of the day’s top prospects at our Underclass Games in June, reaching a 96.6 mph max exit velocity with a 56% hard-hit rate, including a 337 foot peak batted ball. He translated that inherent strength to Creekside at the Super 15, performing there yet again with his travel team.

Trey Jozwiakowski


+ Climbing considerably in this update after impressing over a few looks this year, C/RHP JD Dohrmann (Vianney, 2025) now sits at 14th overall. At 6-foot, 180-pounds, Dohrmann was a two-way standout at the Underclass Games, showing out as one of the top names in attendance. He creates backspin and loft to the pull-side from a long right-handed swing that should generate higher exit velocities as he tacks on strength to his frame. Dohrmann’s most valuable asset may be defensively, however, where he was arguably the day’s most impressive defensive catcher, popping at 1.94-to-2.02 with accuracy around the bag. He hopped on the mound later on and showed a clean operation, pitching in the low-80s with his fastball and spinning a low-70s breaking ball at a 2,400+ RPM average. Still on the market, Dohrmann is one of the top two-way talents in Missouri’s 2025 group.

JD Dohrmann

+ Another major winner from this year’s summer circuit, now ranked at 22nd overall in the class: C/3B Crew Norden (Rock Bridge, 2025). Norden’s ascent started in Columbia at our Underclass Games, where he used the inherent strength attached to a physical 5-foot-11, 190-pound frame to produce some of the hardest exit velocities we saw all summer. Nordan averaged 92.9 mph and 278 ft. per batted ball, reaching peaks of 96.3 mph and 357 feet, respectively. He found the sweet spot 100% of the time, per TrackMan, and did not hit a single ball on the ground throughout BP either. Norden’s sheer strength translated to multiple impressive looks at Creekside throughout our tournament circuit, as we saw that middle-of-the-order strength seamlessly translate into gameplay. He’s one of the most physical right-handed bats in this class and is still uncommitted.

Crew Norden

+ A recent Iowa commit, LHP Brody Irlbeck (Staley, 2025) was another major winner from Creekside, impressing our staff on the mound across multiple looks and slotting in at No. 23 overall. The 6-foot, 160-pound southpaw pitched in the low-80s this summer with his fastball topping at an easy 85 mph early on in the Midwest Premier Super 15. He’ll spin a short wrinkle breaking ball at 70-72 mph and his primary secondary is a low-70s changeup with natural late fade to the arm-side. Irlbeck’s loose arm, projectable frame, and overall ease to his downhill operation suggests there’s a fairly high ceiling on the mound for one of Missouri’s top southpaws.

Brody Irlbeck

+ LHP Jake Collier (Pacific, 2025) is another riser in this class, sitting at 37th overall on our updated state board. At 5-foot-10, 150-pounds with a loose, clean arm, Collier’s previously pitched in the low-80s to our staff, peaking at 83 mph, and there’s plenty more to come down the road, too. Seemingly just scratching the surface of his future self, Collier’s certainly one to follow throughout his high school career.


+ Arguably the biggest winner on the mound from this entire summer, RHP Richie Swain (Timberland, 2025) debuts at 16th in this update. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound Swain has one of the highest ceilings in the class and showed exactly that twice at Creekside this summer. He fired his fastball at 84-86 mph, touching 87 mph from one of the fastest arms we’ve seen to date, leaving no doubt that he’ll be up to 90 mph or higher sooner rather than later. Swain’s breaking ball, a pitch he threw at 72-74 mph, has swing-and-miss spin when he gets on top of it, and it gives the young right-hander a lethal two-pitch mix to work with presently. Swain could certainly climb higher as his amateur career rolls on and his upside is that of a real impact arm at the next level.

Richie Swain

+ OF Jackson Vaughn (Francis Howell, 2025) put together a highly impressive offensive stretch throughout the Super 15 this summer, picking up multiple hits in seemingly every single game en route to all-tournament team honors. Vaughn, who’s a left/left 6-foot-2, 170-pound athlete that oozes projection, controls the barrel at an advanced rate for his age and works to all fields with confidence. He’s a quality defender that we’ve seen patrol center field at ease as well, making for a fairly high all-around ceiling given his top-of-the-order upside offensively.

Jackson Vaughn

+ RHP Eli Skidmore (Francis Howell, 2025) has polish beyond his years on the mound, and the strong, sturdy right-hander checks in at 38th overall for the first time in this update. Presently in the low-80s with his fastball, the ease that Skidmore works with on the mound suggests there’s more velocity to come, and it may arrive sooner rather than later. His calling card is his ability to rip off one of the best sliders in this class - a high-60s pitch with sharp swing-and-miss action and late bite off an 11/5 plane. He’ll turn over a mid-70s changeup to left-handed hitters as well, rounding out a true three-pitch mix, all of which he throws for strikes.

Eli Skidmore