Prep Baseball Report

Summer Standouts

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri




This summer, the PBR Missouri staff ran seven high school aged events, 2024 to 2027 grads, in the month of June, covering the state in its entirety.

To see a full list of those events, click HERE.

Now, at the conclusion of our summer circuit, we’ve compiled a list of names from the ‘Show Me’ state that caught our attention at these events. Below you’ll learn more on 40-plus names who impressed our staff at our summer showcases.


Ryan Bradford OF / Seckman, MO / 2025

From 6/6/23: “...Perhaps the day’s biggest winner was Bradford, who showed well in the event’s workout portion, as well as during the game. A muscled-up 5-foot-10, 175-pound athlete, Bradford started his day by running a 7.01 60-yard dash, which was one of the day’s fastest times. He hammered balls deep into the right-center gap in batting practice, averaging an event-high 298 feet per batted ball, while peaking at 343 feet, per TrackMan. His 94.2 mph max exit velocity was amongst the day’s highest marks, averaging 86.1 mph per batted ball. Bradford’s feel to hit showed in-game, as he hammered three balls with authority, including two stand-up doubles to the opposite field. He’ll begin his summer circuit with a major arrow-up next to his name and is a high-follow prospect in Missouri’s 2025 group.”

Tanner Graham RHP / Columbia Hickman, MO / 2025

From 6/6/23: “...We’ve always known Graham for his aptitude to pitch, and the 6-foot-1, 200-pound soon-to-be junior only solidified that sentiment last week. In his lone inning of work, Graham pounded the strike zone with three pitches, starting with a lively 86-87 mph fastball that showed both rise (20.3 IVB) and run (17.2 HM) at peak. He spun two different breaking balls; a softer, more gradually spun 69-72 mph curveball that averaged 2452 RPM and a tighter, bullet-like slider at 75-77 mph that spun at 2374 RPM on average. A simple, low-effort mover down the mound, Graham’s stuff should keep ticking up as he gets older, raising his ceiling on the mound as a result.

Kendall Hagedorn C / Smith-Cotton, MO / 2026

From 6/6/23: “...We’ve become increasingly familiar with Hagedorn over the last few months, and the 5-foot-11, 175-pound backstop has continuously cemented himself as a high-end prospect in the state’s 2026 class. In this look, Hagedorn averaged 87.5 mph per batted ball, recording a 94.9 mph high from a fast, aggressive right-handed swing in BP. He hammered a few baseballs in the gameplay portion too - a loud triple into the right-center gap, and a pull-side double later on. Hagedorn looks the part of a premier right-handed hitter in his class, and he’s a stable presence behind the plate too, with soft hands that receive the baseball well.”

Carson Leuthauser C / Rockwood Summit, MO / 2027

From 6/6/23: “...Leuthauser is a name-to-know offensive threat to come away from this event. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound backstop took a loud round of BP, swinging a physical right-handed barrel with bat speed to pair. He worked mostly to the pull-side, though did cover the plate on a few hard line drives the other way, averaging 86.8 mph per batted ball with a 92.8 mph max exit velocity. Leuthauser turned on one with authority, launching his furthest ball 329 feet, and he almost exclusively elevated the baseball (89%) off the barrel (78%)."


Brandon Ott RHP / DeSmet Jesuit, MO / 2027

From 6/6/23: "...Ott continues to solidify himself as one of the top arms in the state’s 2027 class. At 6-foot-3, 150-pounds, Ott’s fastball peaked at 82.5 mph, pitching at 78-81 mph from a loose, highly projectable arm that’s going to add significant velocity over the next few years. Ott threw his curveball with the same level of ease and fluidity as his heater, spinning it around the zone at 65-66 mph, and he featured a tighter, more firm 72-73 mph slider as well. Similarly to his talents on the mound, Ott’s left-handed swing is highly projectable too, working gap-to-gap with present power and plenty more to come as he gets stronger."

Max Partney 3B / Hillsboro, MO / 2027

From 6/6/23: “...Partney looked the part at the event as a high follow in the 2027 class. He is a highly polished hitter for his age with a clean, rhythmic left-handed swing and an advanced approach at the plate, taking consistently competitive at-bats in the gameplay portion of this event, too.” 



Tyler Putnam RHP / Battle, MO / 2026

From 6/6/23: “...The day’s biggest breakout was RHP Putnam, coming away from Columbia as a high-end follow on the mound in Missouri’s soon-to-be sophomore group. At 6-foot-3, 170-pounds, Putnam ran his fastball up to 87.1 mph, pitching in mid-80s throughout with plenty more to come. He spun a gradual breaking ball off his heater, flashing feel to land it for strikes at 71-73 mph. Still learning how to control his long limbs down the mound, Putnam’s ceiling once he consistently syncs up his levers is that of a true impact arm. He showed some intrigue positionaly too, running into a few loud elevated barrels in batting practice, with a 91.4 mph max exit velocity and 323 ft. peak distance.”

Chase Stieferman LHP / Capital City Cavaliers, MO / 2027

From 6/6/23: “...Tuesday provided our staff an up-to-date look at Stieferman, who clearly looks the part as one of the top names in the state’s incoming freshman group. A well-proportioned 5-foot-11, 175-pound athlete, Stieferman’s pitchability on the hill is advanced for his age, showing three quality offerings, starting with a low-80s fastball, and mixing in two above-average secondaries as well. Stieferman had a presence to him at the plate as well, swinging a heavy barrel from a strong, level left-handed swing.”


Jackson Akin SS / Lee's Summit West, MO / 2025

From 6/6/23: “...Akin was not only one of the top power bats in BP, but he showed he could be on time in the game as well with two doubles to the wall in the game against talented arms. Akin feels taller and broader in person than his 6-foot-2, 190-pound listing would suggest and moves well enough to stay at third base at the next level. As physical a bat in the class, Akin will don the Team Missouri jersey at LakePoint for the PBR Future Games”



Kody Brown C / Seckman, MO / 2024

From 6/6/23: “...Brown makes a strong case for player of the talented event. He led catchers in pop time, velo, and threw out three runners in the game. Offensively, Brown's exit velo was a top at 98 with an impressive average at 90. His bat played in game too with a single and a double. Brown also posted a sub 7.0 60 that played in game with a couple stolen bases.”

Sebastian Coleman RHP / Lee's Summit West , MO / 2024

From 6/6/23: “...Coleman didn't show the top velo or spin rates of the event, but he did buzzsaw through hitters faster than any arm. We had to extend both of his innings due to low pitch count as he located everything he threw and keeping the ball off of the barrel.”




Cale Berkbuegler RHP / Kirkwood, MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Berkbuegler owns an impressive aptitude to spin his entire arsenal at a high rate and showed that throughout his ‘pen on Tuesday. Berkbuegler’s fastball played at 82-84, touching 85 mph, while spinning at 2463 RPM on average, peaking at 2529 RPM. He spun two distinct breaking balls, ripping them both off at an advanced rate. His curveball, a low-70s offering, had more depth and vertical break to it, averaging 2536 RPM with a 2654 RPM max. Berkbuegler’s slider played at 72-74 mph with lateral, more horizontal action, spinning at 2643 RPM on average, while peaking at 2859 RPM. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound soon-to-be senior was arguably the top pitching prospect in attendance and he’s still uncommitted.”

Gavin Bradley C / Eureka , MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Coming off a strong spring season for the Wildcats, Bradley continues to trend upward in our eyes after another quality look on Tuesday. Built at a strong, thick 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, Bradley swung a heavy barrel, spraying line drives almost exclusively up the middle and off his barrel (80%) with a 95.6 mph max exit velocity and 319 ft. peak batted distance. His right-handed swing performed for Eureka throughout the MSHSAA season, as Bradley batted .402 with a .524 OBP and drove in a team-high 32 runs. Defensively, Bradley worked quickly to release, popping a 2.08 on his best bullet while peaking at 76 mph from the crouch, and he ran a 7.03 60-yard dash, too.”

Brennan Nickerson 3B / Parkway south , MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Nickerson is another physical uncommitted right-handed hitter that showed loud raw power and strength in BP at this event. The 6-foot, 215-pound soon-to-be senior swatted the day’s second furthest batted ball, barreling a ball up at 97.4 mph that traveled 370 ft., per TrackMan. Nickerson hit three other balls at 97+ mph - 97.8 mph, 98.9 mph, and his peak of 99.5 mph. His inherent strength helped him create plenty of bat speed, both on average (77.6 mph) and at peak (83 mph).”

Brendan Pyle 3B / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2026

From 6/13/23: “...One of the top prospects in Missouri’s 2026 class, Pyle continues to look the part of a high-end name each time we see him. Pyle, who slashed .364/.520/.506 as a freshman hitting in the middle of the Lions’ order this spring, peppered line drives to all fields in BP from a rhythmic right-handed swing that he repeated consistently. His hardest ball left his bat at 93.3 mph and he sent his furthest batted ball into the pull-side gap 330 feet, per TrackMan. Pyle’s sure-handed on the infield too, with actions to stick somewhere on the dirt long term. He hopped on the mound later on in this event as well, averaging 18 inches of horizontal movement on his fastball at 83-84 mph. Pyle showed two secondaries; a tight, short wrinkle slider at 72-74 mph and a 75-77 mph changeup that he threw at fastball arm speed and slot, averaging 20+ inches of run.”


Brennan McLaughlin SS / Platte County , MO / 2026

From 6/13/23: “...McLaughlin emerged as one of the day’s top 2026 prospects in attendance, putting up noteworthy numbers on both sides of the ball. A 7.08 runner at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, McLaughlin averaged 89.5 mph per batted ball from a long, level right-handed swing, peaking at 96.7 mph on his firmest barrel. He hopped on the mound later and ran his fastball up to 88, pitching at 85-87 mph, and spinning two breaking balls at 2300+ RPM.”

Ethan Rogers LHP / Lone Jack, MO / 2025

From 6/13/23: “...Rogers oozes upside and athleticism on the mound, toeing the rubber at 6-foot-1, 165-pounds. He’s a fluid mover with a fast arm that was up to 88 at this event, pitching at 86-87 mph with more to come. Off that fastball, Rogers spun a 76-78 mph breaking ball that flashed sharp downer spin and bend, landing it for strikes. A winner from this event, Rogers earned an invitation to the Future Games and will represent Team Missouri at LakePoint in late July.” 

Jake Thomas RHP / Staley, MO / 2025

From 6/13/23: “...Thomas’ aptitude to spin is one of the state’s best, as the 6-foot-2, 165-pound right-hander spins a true power swing-and-miss breaking ball with consistency at 74-75 mph, peaking at upwards of 2900 RPM. His fastball, which plays in the mid-80s, touching 86 mph, also spins at an advanced rate (T2500 RPM). Thomas will represent Team Missouri at the Future Games in late July. 


Rusty Buckner RHP / Licking, MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Committed to Jefferson JC, the 6-foot-5, 190-pound Buckner had arguably the loudest day of the event. His hardest ball screamed off his barrel at 99.2 mph, averaging 88.7 mph per batted ball, and he was on the barrel often (67%) in his round. Buckner hopped on the mound later on in his workout and pumped his heater up to 88 mph, pitching in the mid-to-upper-80s throughout, with gradual spin on a 64-65 mph curveball and he showed a 67-69 mph changeup, too.”

Keyton Cook OF / Licking, MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Cook, who’s still uncommitted, came away from this event as a name-to-know that’s still on the market. At 6-foot-1, 170-pounds, Cook ran a 6.88 60, was 85 mph across the outfield, and he pumped his fastball up to 86 mph on the mound, too. He sprayed line drives throughout his round of BP from a simple right-handed swing that almost exclusively elevated the baseball (75%).”

Tank Sims C / West Plains, MO / 2024

From 6/13/23: “...Sims is one of the top prospects in the state’s 2024 class, representing Team Select at the Future Games last summer and committing to Southeast Missouri State shortly afterwards. The left-handed hitting backstop offers plenty of projection attached to a 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame and he continues to show lean barrel strength at the plate. Sims’ furthest ball traveled 357 feet and his hardest barrel registered at 97 mph, both of which are well above-average marks for someone his age. Defensively, Sims topped at 79 mph from the crouch and popped at 1.94-to-2.00 in his workout.” 


Hayden Bates SS / Festus, MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “...Fresh off helping the Festus Tigers capture the Class 5 state championship, Bates was one of the standout soon-to-be senior prospects from this event. A 6.93 runner in the 60, Bates swings a strong, physical right-handed barrel with clear bat speed to pair, working mostly middle-in throughout his round of BP. He hammered two balls to the pull-side in BP that traveled 359 feet, per TrackMan, and averaged 286 feet per batted ball, which was amongst the event’s highest marks, reaching a peak exit velocity of 96.4 mph, too. Bates was 85 mph across the infield, up four ticks from this same event last year. With his senior year set to start in a few months, Bates remains one of the top uncommitted bats in the St. Louis area.”

Michael Callahan OF / Lafayette , MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...came away from this event as arguably the day’s biggest winner after a standout showing in all facets. At 5-foot-11, 165-pounds with wiry strength and explosive twitch, Callahan ran the day’s fastest 60-yard dash, gliding to a 6.72 60-yard dash on our lasers. His speed showed in the gameplay portion of the event, as Callahan beat out two routine infield ground outs to shortstop and swiped three bags. Callahan crushed each batted ball in BP, consistently repeating hard contact off his barrel from a short and level right-handed swing through the zone. He averaged 94.1 mph per batted ball, peaking at 97.3 mph, and his average batted distance (323 ft.) as well as his peak batted distance (363 ft.) were among the event's highest marks. To add to an already impressive day, Callahan was also up to 89 mph from the outfield in his workout. Already headed into this event with some momentum after a strong spring for Lafayette, Callahan left Lindenwood last Tuesday trending upward in a major way.”

Jake Collier LHP / Pacific, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...Known for his pitchability, Collier bumped up a few ticks in stuff and provided us our loudest look at the 5-foot-11, 175-pound southpaw to date. Collier’s firmest bullet checked in at 89.1 mph and he sat exclusively at 87-88 mph throughout with four-seam carry up in the zone. His go-to secondary is a low-spin, low-lift changeup at 78-80 mph that he throws at arm speed and slot, working best to the arm-side corner of the plate while fading slightly that way. Used sparingly, Collier turned to a laterally spun breaking ball in the low-70s as a change of pace, showing depth and arch on the pitch. He continues to solidify himself as one of the premier left-handed arms in the state.”

Gabe Huelsing OF / Oakville Senior, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...A two-way left/left prospect with tools on both sides of the ball to follow from last Tuesday. Wiry with strength on a 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame, Huelsing worked equally to the whole field in BP, keeping his barrel through the zone with leverage out front. Huelsing had two 96+ mph batted balls, drove his deepest ball 336 feet to straight away center field, and four of his nine fly balls traveled 320 feet, per TrackMan. He also ran a 7.06 60-yard dash and was 90 mph from the outfield on his hardest throw, finishing one tick behind the day’s leader. Huelsing hopped on the mound later on and pitched at 85-87 mph with his fastball while spinning a low-70s breaking ball with lateral action at 2300+ RPM.”

Trey Jozwiakowski 3B / Vianney, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...The day’s most physical round of BP came from Jozwiakowski. He had four batted balls at over 101 mph, including a 104.7 mph laser up the middle and 103.4 mph barrel that comfortably cleared the left-center wall after traveling 394 feet. Though an out, Jozwiakowski squared one up with authority to right field in the game, showing power to all fields throughout the event. Defensively, Jozwiakowski led the day in max throwing velocity from the outfield (91 mph) and he peaked at 84 mph across the infield, too.”

Will Kunitz SS / Ladue, MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “ an uncommitted left-handed bat to know in Missouri’s soon-to-be senior class. The 5-foot-8, 180-pound Kunitz showed capable of using the whole field in BP, elevating deep contact to the pull-side while staying on the barrel for line drives to the opposite field. Kunitz swatted his furthest ball 346 feet into the right field gap and his hardest ball (91.8 mph) went that way, too. His twitch at the plate is noticeable, as his average hand speed mark (24.1 mph) was the second-highest mark of this event. This past spring, Kunitz slashed .404/.514/.632 for the Rams.”

Cameron Lee OF / Father Tolton Regional Catholic, MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “...An on-the-rise uncommitted 2024 graduate to know in Missouri. Wiry with lean strength on a 5-foot-11, 160-pound frame, Lee started his day off by running a 6.85 60, which was one of the event’s best marks. He worked gap-to-gap in BP, using the whole field from a level right-handed swing with a flat barrel through the zone. Lee averaged 291 feet per batted ball, the second highest mark on the day, and elevated his furthest ball 327 feet, per TrackMan. From the outfield, four of Lee’s five throws clocked in at 88 mph, and he was also 85 mph across the infield in his workout.”

Gavin Mabe C / Union , MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “...was a standout performer from the second session of this event. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound soon-to-be senior got off multiple loud hacks in BP, hammering three balls 330+ feet to the pull-side in BP. Mabe had two 97+ mph barrels and five total 90+ mph batted balls while averaging an event-high 81.1 mph of bat speed, per Blast Motion. Mabe’s bat strength showed in game as he ripped an opposite field triple and found the barrel in a later at-bat for a hard barrel to left-center field. Defensively, Mabe was accurate and on the bag throughout his workout, popping in the 2.01-to-2.06 range with a 76 mph high out of the chute.”

Easton Phillippe C / Staley, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...was another standout name-to-know winner on both sides of the ball from this event. Offensively, Phillippe repeated a clean, rhythmic, and polished left-handed swing consistently, backspinning baseballs to the pull-side on a consistent basis. The 5-foot-8, 155-pound backstop launched his furthest ball 346 feet into the right-center gap, staying on the barrel with deep and elevated contact throughout that way. Though he worked mostly to his backside in BP, Phillippe went the other way in-game, peppering a single to left field and promptly stealing second base moments later. Phillippe is a natural defender behind the plate, working down-to-up and presenting the ball well with soft, swift glovework to boot. He was on the bag consistently during his workout, popping in the 2.03-to-2.07 range and reaching a 76 mph high from the chute. Phillippe came away from this event with an arrow-up as the summer circuit continues.”

Charlie Spoonhour RHP / Vianney, MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “...Spoonhour was excellent in the gameplay portion of this event, hurling a clean inning of work. A wiry 5-foot-11, 150-pound athlete, Spoonhour is a fluid mover downhill with a polished, controlled delivery and loose arm stroke to pair. His fastball, which peaked at 18 inches of vertical break, touched 85.7 while sitting at 84-85 mph. Spoonhour turned to a slurvy low-70s breaking ball as his primary secondary offering, spinning it at 2400+ RPM at peak while averaging 16.5 inches of horizontal movement.”

Carson Ramos C / Timberland , MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...continues to cement himself as a high-end backstop in Missouri’s 2025 class. Ramos’ glove is more than advanced for his age, working on the bag in the 1.94-to-2.02 range with an 81 mph high from the chute. His 84 mph high across the infield was tied for the day’s second firmest bullet, working out in front of the baseball with sure-handed glovework to pair. Offensively, Ramos works on top of the baseball and flat through the zone, back spinning line drives to the pull-side at his best, finding two authoritative barrels in game.”

Lucas Wietholder SS / Father Tolton Catholic, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “...continues to show an intriguing ceiling on both sides of the ball from a 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame. Wietholder continues to improve offensively, showing a fast right-handed swing with bat speed, quickness in a tight window, and controlled intent throughout. He worked mostly to the opposite field in this look, squaring his firmest ball up at 97 mph and breaching the 92+ mph mark multiple times throughout his round. On the infield, Wietholder’s glove continues to look the part, working around the baseball in rhythm with soft funnels out front and a quick release. He has the potential to be a middle of the order bat that sticks on the left side of the infield down the road and remains one of the top all-around prospects in the state’s 2025 class.”


Brody Crane C / Neosho, MO / 2026

From 6/20/23: “…A winner from our winter circuit, Crane stood out on both sides of the ball in his trip to Creekside, showing one of the day’s strongest arms. He was up to 90 mph on his firmest bullet from the outfield, hopping on the mound afterwards and pitching at 85-86 mph with his fastball. Offensively, Crane worked mostly to the pull-side from a short, level right-handed swing.

Kyle Durham RHP / Truman, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Durham doesn’t lack size or strength on the mound, toeing the rubber at 6-foot-4, 215-pounds. Still learning how to control his body downhill, Durham’s fastball peaked sat 83-84, touching 85 mph with late run at times. Off that fastball, Durham spun a 65-69 mph curveball and he pulled the string on a 75-76 mph changeup for strikes with natural arm-side run.”


Garrison Hartsell C / Pleasant Hill, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Hartsell has strength within a 5-foot-9, 180-pound frame and he’s continuously shown us that, including at this event. The soon-to-be junior worked almost exclusively on the barrel (89%) from the right side with jump off it, recording a 96.3 mph max exit velocity. Hartsell also ran a 7.00 60 and reached a peak speed of 20 mph.”

Joe Heater 2B / Wellington Napolean , MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Heater was another 2025 to swing a physical right-handed barrel at this event, squaring his hardest ball up at 98.8 mph - one of the day’s hardest marks. He found the barrel consistently (78%) and also showed well at one of our events this past winter.”



Will Horseman 1B / Oak Park , MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “…At 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, Horseman is an uncommitted 2024 that doesn’t lack any size or strength. All of his batted balls jumped off his barrel upwards of 90 mph, peaking at 95.6 mph, and he consistently elevated the baseball too - 283 foot average batted distance, 359 foot max. Horseman also ran a 7.09 60, reaching a peak run speed of 19.5 mph.” 

Manny Linthacum SS / Kearney , MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “…Still uncommitted, Linthacum came away from this event with an arrow-up next to his name. A 6.74 runner at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, Linthacum’s short and simple left-handed swing produced deep pull-side contact, launching his furthest ball 350 feet at 91.3 mph. He hopped on the mound afterwards and pitched in the low-to-mid-80s with his fastball, touching 86 mph, with late arm-side life throughout (21.2 inches of run at peak). Off his fastball, Linthacum spun a cutter-like breaking ball at 75-76 mph. 

Addison A.D. Miller SS / Home School, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Miller was a standout from Creekside at this event, showing off noticeable tools packed within a twitchy 5-foot-6, 150-pound frame. He darted to a 6.75 on our Swift lasers, reaching a peak speed of 21 mph, and he was 88 mph across the infield, too. Offensively, Miller looked to launch, working uphill throughout his round of BP. A high follow athlete in the class, Miller earned an invite to the Future Games at this event’s conclusion. 

Beau Neuburger 1B / Rockhurst, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Neuberger took one of the day’s loudest rounds, bashing balls on repeat from a highly physical right-handed swing. He averaged 88.7 mph per barrel, peaking at 99.2 mph. Neuburger almost exclusively elevated the baseball (85%), swatting his furthest ball 382 feet while averaging 273 feet per batted ball.”

Eli Sitzer OF / Pembroke Hill, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “… Sitzer continues to show considerable upside attached to a long, lanky 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame. A 7.05 runner that nearly reached 20 mph at peak speed in the 60, Sitzer repeats an athletic right-handed swing consistently, peppering line drives throughout his round. He’s a proven in-game performer as well, using this event to only solidify himself as a name-to-know 2025 in Missouri.” 

Reign Williams OF / Lees Summit, MO / 2025

From 6/20/23: “…Williams keeps trending up as the summer rolls on, impressing at this event in his latest positive look. He fills out the uniform, particularly in the lower half, with muscle throughout on a 5-foot-10, 185-pound frame. A left/left athlete, Williams ran a 6.89 at this event, getting to 20 mph at peak and jumping 31.4 inches on our vertical test. He flashed above-average power from the left side in BP, squaring his hardest ball up at 96.2 mph and elevating his furthest ball 335 feet, per TrackMan. Williams is another high-follow left-handed hitter in the state’s 2025 class, and he’ll be with Team Select at the Future Games at the end of July.”

Drew Vonder Haar 3B / Webb City, MO / 2024

From 6/20/23: “…Built physically at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds with strength throughout, Vonder Haar showed noticeable juice within a powerful right-handed swing. The uncommitted soon-to-be senior repeatedly found the barrel, averaging 92.8 mph per batted ball with a 99.8 mph peak. Vonder Haar’s peak hand speed (26.9 mph), bat speed (76.8 mph) and rotational acceleration (30 g) were amongst the event’s leaders, too.