C35 Scout Day Quick Hitters-Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

PBR Scout Days have become a unique source of information for coaches, scouts, and players.  On Thursday August 20th, PBR Scouts were in attendance at JP Riddle Stadium in Fayetteville, NC to host the C35 Baseball Organization.  Thirty-five players from the organization went through the workout, producing some eye-catching numbers.

The workout included a full pro-style workout for position players.  The day began with a laser timed 60 yard dash before moving into the offensive evaluations.  The offensive evaluations included a static exit velocity test, working off of a tee, and several rounds of live BP with Blast Motion and TrackMan securing advanced analytics.  Position players then worked through their defensive positions for PBR scouts.   The day concluded with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens with TrackMan gathering ball flight information.

While the Scout Day began with ideal conditions to begin, a severe rain storm hit the stadium in the middle of the C35 bullpens.  As we post these stats on 8/24/20, we are still working to see eleven more arms in bullpen situations.  Once the bullpens are thrown, this story, and some of the following stories will be updated and re-posted.

Below we take a look at some of the position players who performed well during the pro-style workout. 

By The Numbers:

  • 35 players worked through the Scout Day
  • 32 players ran the laser timed 60 on a grass surface that was slightly soft from rain throughout the week
  • 2 players ran sub 7.00
  • 8 players ran sub 7.30
  • 32 hitters went through the offensive workout
  • 2 players posted an static exit velocity of 90 mph or higher off the tee
  • 7 hitters posted an exit velocity of 85 mph or higher off the tee
  • 89 mph was the top fastball thrown in the bullpens


Quick Hitters-Position Players


Landen Baker, 1B/C, 2023  -  Lined balls gap to gap. Has strength with feel for his barrel. Accurate arm with his best pop time at 2.10. 

Camden Bunker, SS/RHP, 2022  -  Made lots of hard contact to the left center gap. Barrel gets extension out front with better than average bat speed. Athletic on the infield with an accurate arm that has carry to first base.

Will Dawkins, RHP/1B, 2022  -  Ball comes hard off his barrel to center and left center. Physical presence in the box. Exit velocities over 90 mph off a tee and during live BP. 

Cameron Cabe, SS/RHP, 2023  -  Barrel is short to the ball with a balanced, line drive approach. Solid actions on the infield with a quick release. Projection left in an athletic frame. 

Ryder Douglas, RHP/1B, 2022  -  Frame stands out at 6-foot-5, 235-pounds. Launched balls over the left field wall during BP. Top Trackman exit velocity at 95.9 mph. 

James Eason, RHP/2B, 2024  -  Soft hands on the infield with athletic actions and an accurate arm. Lots of hard contact gap to gap during BP. 

Hunter Huneycutt, C/SS, 2023  -  Switch hitter with quick hands and barrel awareness from both sides. Balanced approached with looseness to the swing. Athletic actions defensively. 

Alston Johnson, 2B/SS, 2022  -  Consistently found his barrel throughout his BP rounds. Drove several balls to the left center gap. Accurate arm with some carry across the diamond. Sub-7 runner in the 60. 

Jackson Kuhn, C/2B, 2022  -  Loose swing with a line drive approach working to both gaps. Barrel gets extension through the zone. 

Micah Monaghan, 2B/RHP, 2022  -  Has bat control with a direct barrel path. Centered the ball through the middle and to left field. Has room to add strength to his athletic frame. 

Ryley Norton, 1B/3B, 2023  -  Drove the ball throughout his BP rounds. Barrel is short to the ball with strength present. Left the yard to left field. Has above average bat speed with a middle to pull approach. 

Camron Seagraves, RHP/SS, 2024  -  Flat swing with quickness to his hands. Some strength off his barrel working to the left center gap. Accurate arm across the diamond. 

Finley Spicer, 3B/OF, 2022  -  Drove the ball through the middle and to his pull side. Has lift to the swing path with above average bat speed. Has room to add strength to his 6-foot-1 frame. 

Chase Waldschmidt, 1B/3B, 2023  -  Flat stroke from the left side. Barrel is short to the ball and gets extension out front. Lined balls to center and right center during his BP. 

Colin Wheeler, C/3B, 2022  -  Consistently hit balls off the barrel with a gap to gap approach. Short swing from the left side with strength present. Accurate arm defensively. 

Ethan Masson, 2B/OF, 2022  -  Loose, balanced swing with quick hands. Hit several line drives to both gaps with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Advanced accuracy from the outfield.