Dry Pond Scout Day - Quick Hitters

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
NC Executive Director & Scouting Director

Organizational Scout Days allow teams from across North Carolina to showcase their players for PBR Scouts and the over 800 college coaches and universities that subscribe.  On Wednesday September 11th, Dry Pond took over 25 players from their organization through a full pro-style workout for Prep Baseball Report.

Position players went through a full workout, running a 60, working out at their defensive position, and going through a full offensive evaluation with an exit velocity testing station.  Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen, allowing PBR scouts to see the mechanical setup, arm speed, arm action, and stuff.  PBR scouts were able to document analytical statistics while also beginning to put together full player evaluations.  Each player will also have a video from the workout added to their PBR Profile in the coming weeks.

As our scouts are continuing to work through all of the numbers and information, we take a quick look at some of the players that stood out in the workout.  In the coming weeks the full statistical profile for each player will be released with a full player evaluation.


CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical information from the PBR Scout Day with Dry Pond Baseball.


Dry Pond Scout Day - Quick Hitters


  • Joshua Allen, SS/RHP, 2020-Lined balls gap to gap during batting practice with a short stroke.  Quick hands with feel for his barrel
  • Ethan Bryant, OF, 2021-Quick hands with above average bat speed.  Showed pop to both gaps during batting practice.
  • Gavin Fragale, SS/2B, 2021-Drove a ball off the center field wall during batting practice.  Has strength with lift in his swing. Arm has carry across the infield.
  • Trey Putnam, OF/LHP, 2020=Flat stroke from the left side.  Used the whole field during batting practice with feel for his barrel. 
  • Gavin Raab, LHP/1B, 2022-Consistently lined balls out during batting practice. Up to 73 mph off the mound and should have more to come in his 6-foot 3 frame. 
  • Tyler Sellers, C/3B, 2020-Showed some pop to his pull side during batting practice with better than average bat speed. Quick hands stand out with feel for his barrel.
  • Michael McRorie, 1B, 2020-Fluid swing with bat speed from the left side.  Left the yard to his pull side during batting practice.  Made hard contact throughout his batting practice rounds.
  • Colin Shannon, IF/RHP, 2021-Hit lots of line drives during batting practice using the whole field.  Has some strength in his swing with better than average barrel feel.
  • Ty Cobb, RHP, 2020-Quick, loose arm with his fastball up to 82 mph.  Filled up the strike zone with three pitches and should see jumps as his 6-foot 2 frame adds strength.
  • John Davenport, LHP, 2020- Lefty was part of the Rockies Scout Day but had his bullpen cut short due to weather.  Luckily he was able to get his information posted at the Dry Pond Scout Day.  Strike thrower with his fastball up to 76 mph.  Cutter stood out with sharp action at 70 mph.