Prep Baseball Report

Fayetteville Prospect Open: Infielders

By Brandon Hall

Director of Scouting, PBR NC


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Prep Baseball Report recently worked out players from across the state at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, NC.  The infielders went through a complete pro-style workout, with extended defensive and offensive work.  Each infielder receives verified stats from the PBR staff, along with a scouting report and video.  Below are highlights from the infielders attending the Fayetteville Prospect Open.


+  10 total players worked out on the IF

+  Prior to the pro-style workout, the infielders went through an extensive ground ball routine, allowing the PBR staff to create more familiarity with each player

+  Full evaluations and video are available on each catcher listed below


CLICK HERE to view the complete Fayetteville Prospect Open roster, with links to each player’s profile

CLICK HERE to view all of the statistical results.



Zachary Aranda, SS, Jack Britt HS, NC (2021)

A young frame, listed at 5-foot-6, 128 pounds.  Athletic and instinctive feet that consistently work on line with the first step.  Flashes softness with his hands, working to clean exchanges.  Loads his arm up with his feet at this point.  Short arm swing, with some feel for multiple angles, leads to a high-3/4 slot.  Good accuracy.  Arm strength should grow with time, as it topped at 64mph across the infield.  Offensively, the right handed hitter works from a slight crouch, loading back, and using a small leg kick to work to a short stride.  Average bat speed for his age, works to a level swing, producing gap-to-gap action.  Some feel for the barrel.  Swing occasionally cuts itself off.  Exit velocity topped at 72mph.  Strength should come with age and maturation.  Ran a 7.86 sixty.


Randy Floyd, SS, Fairmont HS, NC (2018)

Athletic actions from a lanky, thin frame.  Listed at 5-foot-11, 146 pounds, the frame can add strength.  Average quickness with soft hands and quick, clean exchanges.  Fluid rhythm and athletic movement.  Short arm swing leads to a high-3/4 arm slot with good accuracy and carry on throws. Arm strength topped at 75mph across the infield.  Offensively, the right handed hitter starts slightly open, loading back, and using a leg kick to initialize a short stride that dives toward the plate.  ‘C’ Load in the hands creates a vertical bat at foot strike.  Good barrel awareness.  Average bat speed that should improve with strength.  Exit velocity topped at 82mph.  Ran the sixty in 7.44.


Joshua Rivera, SS, Gray’s Creek HS, NC (2020)

Fundamental setup to continue to grow as the body matures.  Listed at 5-foot-7, 155 with an average build.  Right handed hitter begins in an athletic stance, rolling to his lead toe as a trigger.  Bat path stays flat through impact producing an exit velocity of 81mph.  Some head discipline issues leads to barrel awareness that can improve.  On the infield, takes very direct routes to the ball and tends to front every ball, chopping his feet late as the ball gets on him.  Hands work to stab through the ball, then creating a clean exchange to a long arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Good accuracy on the throws.  Registered arm strength of 73mph across the infield.  Sixty timed at 7.97.


Justin Ebert, SS, Terry Sanford HS, NC (2019)

Athletic and lanky, works with some ease on the infield and in the batter’s box.  Listed at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds.  Hands worked to catch the ball with some ease.  Fluid footwork and clean exchanges lead to a long arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Throws carry, showing some ability to use multiple slots, and registering 79mph across the infield.  Offensively, the right handed hitter works from an athletic stance, loads back and uses an average stride to create better than average bat speed.  Bat path works level, working to get to extension through the ball, with a gap-to-gap approach.  Athletic, with head discipline and barrel awareness.  Strength can be added to the frame.  Exit velocity topped at 81mph.  Sixty timed at 7.93.


Marcus Sanchez, SS, Terry Sanford HS, NC (2019)

Athletic build at 5-foot-8, 165 pounds.  Right handed hitter works from an athletic stance, while slightly open.  Vertical bat with waggle and a ‘C’ load in the hands leads to some choppy rhythm.  Good approach with a level bat path and a pull emphasis with an early barrel.  Exit velocity topped at 80mph.  On the infield, showed accuracy on throws with average carry, topping at 69mph across the diamond.  Arm action is long, working to a high-3/4 with some stiffness at times.  Average hands, lack a funnel, and exchange works as the feet load the arm up.  Timed sixty at 7.80.


Ryan Lyda, 1B, Bandys HS, NC (2019)

Lanky, projectable body, with long limbs on a 5-foot-11, 170 pound frame.  Left handed hitter uses an athletic stance with a short stride.  Good approach leads to gap-to-gap BP rounds.  Swing gets a little long at times, but should shorten as strength is added to the lanky frame.  From first base, caught the ball with some athleticism, while the hands can tend to stop at ball strike.  Arm works with a long arm swing, to a high-3/4 slot, producing better than average carry.  Arm strength registered 70mph across the infield.  Ran the sixty in 8.31.