Prep Baseball Report

Future Game Trials I: Pitcher Only Evals

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR of NC

The PBR Future Games is the top underclass showcase event in the country each year.  PBR territories from across the country work to put together teams of the top uncommitted, underclass players to compete each year.  Team Carolina is made of players from North Carolina and South Carolina.  

On June 23 and 24, PBR of North Carolina ran invite only events to continue to identify players for Team Carolina.  Players attending the Future Game Trials were able to go through a full pro-style workout, running a laser timed 60, working through an offensive evaluation, and a defensive evaluation.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens for PBR Scouts. Each day was live streamed with over 60 colleges and university programs watching one, or both days of workouts through the PBR of NC channel on Watch Your Game's live streaming feed.

Below are the full evaluations of pticher onlys from the Future Game Trials in Charlotte at Tuckaseegee Park.

CLICK HERE to see the full stats and roster from Future Games Trials I at Tuckaseegee Park in Charlotte, NC


By the Numbers:

  • 35 players took part in the Future Games Trials I at Tuckaseegee Park
  • 21 players worked out at Future Games Trials II at Louisburg JC
  • 14 hitters saw a peak exit velocity off of a tee at 90 mph or higher
  • 4 position players ran a sub-7.00 laser timed sixty
  • 9 players ran under a 7.20 sixty
  • 6 infielders or outfielders produced arm strength above 85mph
  • 9 catchers saw their top pop time at 2.15 or better
  • 13 pitchers worked at 84 mph or higher





Brady Turner LHP / Oak Grove , NC / 2022


Body: 5/8, 165 pounds. Average frame.
Delivery: Leg swing to the mid-chest, loading the front hip. Works on-line with an average stride, landing square. Average extension
Arm Action: L. Medium arm swing to an over-the-top slot. Above average arm speed. Has intent.
FB: T82, 79-82 mph. 1908 rpm. Solid ride with 19 inches of induced vertical break, suggesting an ability to pitch elevated at times. 11:15 spin tilt out of the hand. Better feel for arm side.
CB: 71-72 mph. 2141 rpm. Hard, late tilt with -7 inches of vertical break. 1/7 tilt. Good feel and throws with intent. Should be a pitch that leads to outs..
CH: 74-78 mph. 1322 rpm. 3rd pitch. Down zone. Lacks significant movement but thrown with arm speed.

Ryan White LHP / Randleman, NC / 2022


Body: 5/10, 165 pounds. Average build.
Delivery: Up tempo with a leg kick that loads the front hip. Works on-line, landing in-line and square. Has intent and solid direction.
Arm Action: L. Medium arm swing with above average arm speed. High-3/4 slot.
FB: T82, 79-82 mph. 2070 rpm. Arm side run out of the hand to the arm side. Good feel for the arm side. Solid ride through the zone. 10 inches of horizontal break
CB: 64-67 mph. 2041 rpm. Mature 2/8 shape. Average arm speed. Shows feel..
CH: 70-72 mph. 1611 rpm. 10:00 spin tilt out of the hand. Fade with arm speed. Should get swing and miss and chase.

Tyler Herkey LHP / OF / Southlake Christian, NC / 2022


Body: 5/11, 150 pounds. Average frame.
Delivery: Simple kick to the top of the chest. Stable head. On-line, works in-line and landing square. Solid extension. Slight fall to the 1B side on finish
Arm Action: L. Long arm swing working to a high-3/4 slot. Solid arm speed. Good leverage
FB: T81, 78-81 mph. 1865 rpm. Arm side run with a horizontal movement of 11 inches. 10:45 spin tilt out of the hand.
CB: 67-71 mph. 1683 rpm. Around the breaking ball at times creating some sweeping action. When on top and on time, 2/8 tilt. Showed feel.
CH: 69-71 mph. 1397 rpm. Occasionally cut. 11:45 spin tilt out of the hand. Down zone. Good arm speed.

Andrew Poon RHP / 1B / Northwest Guilford, NC / 2022


Body: 6/1, 165 pounds. Athletic build
Delivery: Loads the body with a leg kick driving the knee to the back shoulder. Compact at balance. Loose hips. Lands on-lilne and square. Good extension.
Arm Action: R. Plunges out of the glove with a long arm action to an over-the-top slot. Above average arm speed.
FB: T84, 81-84 mph. 2035 rpm. 12:45 spin tilt out of the hand with solid ride through the zone. Elevated at times, shows feel for the zone.
CB: 76-78 mph. 1888 rpm. Top to bottom tilt with good arm speed. Late at times. 12:15 spin tilt out of the hand.
CH: 76-77 mph. 1669 rpm. 1:30 spin tilt out of the hand. Good arm speed. Has fade. Arm side feel

Jackson Humphries LHP / OF / Fuquay-Varina, NC / 2022

Campbell commit

 Body: 6/1, 165 pounds. Athletic with room for strength
Delivery: Closed in his setup and through balance. Lifts with the knee loading the front hip. Stable head. Slight pelvic tilt out of balance. Short strider, landing on-line with a closed front toe.
Arm Action: L. Medium arm swing. Quick arm. High-3/4 release. Solid direction and finish. Occasional fall to 3B
FB: T88, 85-88 mph. 2345 rpm. Solid ride through the zone, showing feel for strikes, but not spots. 11:00 spin tilt out of the hand
CB: 72-75 mph. 2596 rpm. Hard, late, and with depth. Advanced spin metrics. Occasionally sweeping, when he stays on top, late depth is apparent with 2/8 tilt.
CH: 76-80 mph. 1693 rpm. Occasionally cuts. 10:30 spin tilt on most releases. Good arm speed. Tunnels with fastball before fading



Alexander Woody LHP / OF / Ashbrook, NC / 2022

San Diego commit

Body: 6/1, 180 pounds. Athletic with a high waist and long limbs
Simple lift. Stable. Repeats. Works on-line. Small pelvic tilt out of balance, loading the back side. Lands on-line and square. Finishes with good direction
Arm Action
: L. Medium arm swing. Clean and easy. Above average arm speed. Solid extension
T82, 81-82 mph. 2117 rpm. Good ride through the zone. Should be able up and down in the zone. 11:15 spin tilt
65-67 mph. 1979 rpm. Consistent, mature tilt. Good arm speed. Showed feel for landing and expanding. 1/7 tilt.
71-73 mph. 1961 rpm. Advanced. Good arm speed to create deception. Has fade. Tunnels with fastball

Jacob Kirby RHP / 1B / Ardrey Kell, NC / 2023


Body: 6/4, 155 pounds. Thin, lanky frame. Should handle strength gains with ease
Delivery: Simple and stable, building rhythm through release. Short strider. On-line at balance, working to an in-line, square landing.
Arm Action: R. Plunge out of the glove, working slightly behind the body. High-3/4 release. Easy release. Average arm speed.
FB: T81, 78-81 mph. 2293 rpm. Fastball has 1:15 tilt out of the hand. Rides through the zone with arm side run to the arm side. Good feel for both arm side and glove side.
CB: 65-68 mph. 2451 rpm. Consistent spin and mature break. 10/4 tilt. Gradual movement. Landed to the glove side.
CH: 71-73 mph. 1763 rpm. Good arm speed and deception. Tunnels with fastball. 2:00 spin tilt out of the hand, fading with 15 inches of horizontal break.

Lance Phillips RHP / 1B / Green Hope, NC / 2023


Body: 6/3, 180 pounds. Broad Shoulders and strength present in the lower half.
Delivery: Closed at balance, loading the front hip with a kick to the belt. Works to get back to on-line, landing with a closed toe. Fights for extension and direction.
Arm Action: R. Medium arm swing, slightly behind the body line. Loads the scapular as the body works back on line. High-3/4 slot. Average arm speed.
FB: T80, 75-80 mph. 1848 rpm. 12:15 spin tilt ouf of the hand. Advanced ride out of the hand, suggesting an ability to pitch elevated at times.
CB: 62-67 mph. 1906 rpm. Sweepy at times, 10/4 tilt when he creates depth. Gradual action working out of the hand.

Harrison Barnett RHP / OF / Charlotte Catholic, NC / 2022


Body: 6/3, 200 pounds. Broad shoulders. Sturdy frame.
Delivery: Stable of the rubber. Side step and turn to an average leg kick. Early break and pat with the hands for rhythm. Feels for the landing with his heel, striking on-line with an open toe. Average extension
Arm Action: R. Plunge out of the glove. Long arm swing. Over-the-top slot. Finishes with solid direction
FB: T81, 80-81 mph. 2073 rpm. Inconsistent release working for 12:30 spin tilt out of the hand. Solid ride out of the hand, playing straight. Good feel for the down zone.
CB: 69-71 mph. 1923 rpm. Consistent, gradual arc. 10/4 tilt.
CH: 68-70 mph. 1243 rpm. Slight fade with solid arm speed. Showed feel.