NC/SC Border Battle - NC Corner INF Analysis

Matt Payne
Associate Scout, PBR North Carolina

On July 24th, top players from North Carolina and South Carolina converged on Winthrop University for the first ever NC/SC Border Battle.  The Border Battle allowed players to workout and compete in front of college coaches and pro scouts, while updating their information for their PBR Profile, connecting them with over 900 college coaches and pro scouts that subscribe to PBR.

The event was a huge success with players from each state impressing those in attendance.  The process to break all of the information down has begun.  Player statistics have been loaded to the event page and onto each player’s personal PBR Profile.  Along with stats, each player has a PBR Video from their workout on their profile page. 

As we continue our look at the players that represented NC at the Border Battle, we take a look at the corner infielders.  A blend of athleticism and power showcased itself as part of the inaugural event.


 CLICK HERE to see the full statistics from the NC/SC Border Battle.


NC/SC Border Battle Analysis: NC Catchers



Hogan Stallings 1B / Wake Forest, NC / 2020


Large frame at 6 foot 5, 250-pounds.  Physical presence in the box from the left side.  Power potential moving to the next level.  Tall, relaxed setup with a smooth load.  Hands cock and get ready to attack the ball.  Above average bat speed with feel for his barrel.  Has lift in his swing.  Can leave the yard during BP to his pull side and will drive the ball to the opposite field gap.  Made hard contact in a left on left situation during game play.  Exit velocity recorded at 94 mph.  Some feel around the first base bag with average hands.  Nimble feet for a big frame.  Positional velocity topped at 68 mph.  Arm is accurate with a clean release and easy carry.  Recorded a 7.49 in the 60. 

Colton Stotler 3B / SS / West Wilkes, NC / 2020


6 foot, 205-pound strong build.  Switch hitter.  Sets up relaxed and slightly open from both sides.  Quiet load with a short stride from both sides, using a balanced, gap to gap approach.  Better bat speed with more feel for the barrel from the right side with a flatter swing path.  More uphill, pull approach form the left side. Exit velocity recorded at 87 mph.  Aggressive, attacking nature in BP is lost somewhat in game play.  Shows an advanced eye for the strike zone in game play.  Plays through balls on the infield with fluid feet and average hands.  Gets to an athletic position at catch with an accurate arm across the infield that topped at 79 mph.  Recorded a 7.30 in the 60. 

Tanner Capps 1B / 3B / Rosewood, NC / 2020


6 foot 3, 195-pound build with room to add more strength.  Hits from the right side with a balanced setup.  Weight and hands work back during his load with some barrel waggle and a short stride.  Loose, fluid swing with quickness to his hands.  Has gap strength with above average bat speed and some feel for his barrel.  Exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Ball jumped in BP.  Still working to transfer some of his feel and rhythm to game at-bats.  Physicality should continue to show up in his development.  Some feel around the first base bag with some stiffness through catch.  Accurate arm from different slots that topped at 74 mph.  Athletic with his feet.  Should have the ability to play both corners and possibly corner spots in the outfield with development.  Recorded a 7.28 in the 60.

Reece Landmark 1B / OF / Fuquay-Varina , NC / 2020


Long, lanky frame at 6 foot 4, 175-pounds.  Hits from the right side with a balanced setup, wide base and some barrel waggle.  Short stride during the load with little weight transfer.  Quick hands that get through the zone with a level bat path.  Works middle to his pull side during batting practice with better than average bat speed and some feel for his barrel.  Aggressive approach in game action.  Kept his barrel in the zone and drove a ball to center field.  Exit velocity recorded at 90 mph.  Active feet at first base with some stiffness at the catch position.  Accurate arm that topped at 72 mph.  Recorded a 7.08 in the 60.