PBR Scout Day: Carolina Rockies - Middle Infielder Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina

Saturday August 19th saw nearly thirty players from the Carolina Rockies organization gather at Forsyth Country Day School for a PBR Scout Day.  The Rockies organization is run out of the Greensboro / High Point area, drawing players from the Triad Area of North Carolina, and beyond.  

The event allowed players to run through a full workout in front of PBR’s staff.  As part of the scout day, each player is receiving a full PBR player profile page equipped with verified stats, evaluations, and video.  Stories of the event will be posted in the “news” section of PBR in the coming week, giving more individual details on the player’s performance at the Scout Day.

The middle infielders provided a good mix of primary shortstops and primary second basemen.  Perhaps the best workout of the day came from 2020 Colton Stotler (West Wilkes HS) as the switch hitter produced from both sides of the plate and was solid on defense.  The frame suggests a lot of growth still to come.  In all, eight middle infielders from the Rockies organization worked out for PBR.

Scout Day Quick Hitters

+ 29 total players participated in the workout
+ 6 players ran a sixty of 7.30 or better
+ 2 catchers had pop times of 2.10 or better
+ 12 position players registered an exit velocity of 80 mph or better
+ 14 pitchers participated with 3 working 83 or better

CLICK HERE for a full roster of players attending the Carolina Rockies Scout Day

CLICK HERE for full stats of the event

Middle Infielders

Lane Adkins 2B / RHP / West Rowan , NC / 2020

5-foot-7, 138 pound frame with maturity left ahead.  Slightly open from an athletic base on the right side.  Short stride as the bat loads to a vertical position.  Inside-out swing with some uphill leverage, working to stay gap-to-gap.  Average barrel awareness as the swing cuts extension off early at times.  Exit velocity peaked at 74.  Defensively, works with active feet, transitioning the baseball at the mid-section.  Short arm action works through some stiffness to a high-3/4 slot showing some accuracy at 71 across the diamond.  Ran a 7.46 sixty. 
On the mound, arm works to reach toward 2B, allowing the elbow to work above the shoulder line on the way to a high-3/4 release.  Fastball ranged 68-70, touching 73, occasionally cutting.  Around the zone with a straight change, that would cut at times, sitting 65-66.  The breaking ball works with gradual, early 11/5 tilt at 63-66.  Tall through balance, shoulders stay level, and lands on-line.

Trey Dezern SS / RHP / Starmount , NC / 2020

Tall and athletic from the right side at 6-foot-2, 160 pounds.  Length in the body with plenty of room for strength in the future.  Vertical bat position works to a lagged position at launch.  Minimal load.  Leg kick works to get the weight pushed back prior to a short stride.  Good barrel awareness with average bat speed working level through the zone.  Fluid and loose, worked the middle of the field with an exit velocity of 79 off the barrel.  Direct route to balls on the infield with some length in the transition to a long arm action and over-the-top slot.  Shows accuracy with a positional velocity peaking at 76 mph.  Ran a 7.44.
Projection exists on the mound where the fastball sat 73-76 from an over-the-top slot.  Good arm speed with a long arm action.  Some stiffness as the ball is hooked at the bottom of the arm action.  High leg kick with tension in the front leg.  Shoulders stay level.  Lands slightly closed.  Breaking ball has sharp 12/6 action at 62-63.  Hard out of the hand, slight hump appears early.  Showed a feel for the strike zone with the breaker.  Change-up comes from a slow arm at 65-67 with fade.

Hayes Henderson 2B / SS / Watauga, NC / 2018

Lanky build at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds.  Athletic setup in the box, from the right side.  Uses a leg kick to shift weight back.  Bat head works to a lagged position at launch.  Short stride back towards the plate.  Good barrel ability with good bat speed.  Some uphill leverage in the swing with a pull tendency.  Aggressive to the ball on defense, allowing the ball deep in stance at times.  Clean transitions with a long arm action to an over-the-top slot.  Some accuracy on throws measured at 73 from short.  Ran a 7.56 sixty.

Sammy Icard SS / 2B / Jimmy C Draughn, NC / 2018

Athleticism exists in the 5-foot-8, 145 pound frame.  Plays with looseness in the body, showing quickness as strength continues to come.  Ran a 7.34 sixty.  Active feet, with rhythm, on the infield.  Easy catch.  Clean exchanges, while working to play through balls.  Transitions to a short arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Good accuracy and carry on throws across the infield.  Positional velocity peaked at 74.  Maintains athleticism throughout.  Switch-hitter is ahead on the right side, although exit velocity topped at 79 off the barrel from each side.  Right handed swing works from a slightly open base and lagged bat head.  Uses a toe tap for timing.  Better than average bat speed and good barrel ability, peppering the pull side gap.  From the left side, works from a balanced setup, loading back.  Inside-out type swing path, feeling for the barrel at times.

Harrison Livingston 2B / SS / Lake Norman , NC / 2018

Average frame at 5-foot-8, 135 pounds.  Hands work to catch out front, showing looseness in the catch and funnel to the mid-section.  Feet set an angle around the ball, allowing for some rhythm through the catch and throw.  Short arm action to a high-3/4 slot shows accuracy at 76 across the field.  Balanced setup on the right side, the swing works with a vertical bat, loading back.  Short stride works to glide the weight to the front side.  Level bat path produced line drives staying in the middle of the field. Loose and fluid throughout.  Exit velocity topped at 76.  Ran a 7.53 sixty.

Canaan Monk 2B / RHP / West Forsyth, NC / 2020

Hitterish in the box from the left side.  Uses a waggle, loading the bat head to a vertical position, keeping looseness in the body.  Open and tall, utilizes a leg kick to shift the weight.  Better than average bat speed with some leverage at the point of contact.  Exit velocity peaked at 78.  More coming in the box as strength is added to the 5-foot-10, 165 pound frame.  Defensively cautious at times, securing the ball deep in stance with a low exchange.  Some accuracy from multiple slots, based on the play, from a strong arm swing.  78 across the diamond with average carry.  Ran an 8.05 sixty.
Fastball worked up to 80, sitting 78-79 with occasional run and a feel for the strike zone.  Dropped the slot from an over-the-top release to a side-arm release working at 74.  Breaking ball lacked consistent shape, ranging 68-70.  Worked with good hand speed.  Front side left the pitch early, allowing for the shape.  Dropped down to throw a sweepy slider at 67-69.  Straight change has some deception in the hand speed at 73.  Good arm speed from a long arm action and tall base at balance. Works level and on-line through the delivery.

Colton Stotler SS / 2B / West Wilkes, NC / 2020

Big upside to the 6-foot, 175 pound athlete.  Exit velocity from the right side peaked at 87, and 88 from the left side.  Consistent barrels with the ball jumping off the bat.  Strength is present, with quickness, and the frame suggests more will be coming.  From the right side, works balanced in a wide stance.  Short stride.  Whippy and quick with the bat through the zone.  Uphill leverage and a pull tendency.  Barrel after barrel after barrel.  Similar finish on the left side working with a direct bat path to the ball, using the pull side gap to hit line drives.  Defensively, works to play through balls with active feet and average hands.  Clean transitions to a short arm swing.  Some stiffness in the high-3/4 release.  Good carry with average accuracy at 78 across the diamond.

Colby Teal 2B / SS / A. L. Brown, NC / 2019

Young frame with maturation left at 5-foot-11, 145 pounds.  Caught the ball consistently in the workout.  Direct path to the ball, settling with high hips and a low exchange.  Some stiffness in the arm swing to a low-3/4 slot that produced fade on the baseball.  Arm measured at 71 mph across the diamond.  Right handed hitter works from a balanced setup, loading down with the hands while using a short stide.  Level bat path produced line drives with an emphasis to the pull side.  Swing would get long at times.  Exit velocity peaked at 71 off the barrel.  Ran a 7.73 sixty.