Prep Baseball Report

PBR Scout Day: Charlotte MegaStars - Catcher & Outfield Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Saturday August 26th, Prep Baseball Report ran a Scout Day for the Charlotte MegaStars program.  The MegaStars are based out of the Charlotte, NC area, drawing players from the greater Charlotte area and extending their reach into the Triangle and into South Carolina.  Forty-two players participated on the day, receiving updated statistics for their PBR profile, with an option to add an evaluation and video.

Each position player ran through a full pro-style workout, receiving a timed 60, an offensive workout, and a defensive workout.  Bat speed and exit velocity were measured in a BP cage setting, while arm speed was measured from their primary position.  Pitchers in attendance, through a controlled bullpen allowing PBR's staff to evaluate stuff and command.

The catchers and outfielders represented a diverse range of ages, spanning from 2018 - 2020 graduates.  Within the two groups, five hitters worked with an exit velocity of 84 mph or better off their barrel.  2018 OF Zachary Lyon (Wakefield HS) touched 88, also running a 7.15 sixty.  Behind the plate, Ryan Brown (2019, C, Northwestern HS (SC)) showed accuracy with a top pop time of 2.08 on the day.  Brown also has strength in the box from the right side.  The full analysis of the MegaStar catchers and outfielders is below.

CLICK HERE for a full roster from the Charlotte MegaStars Scout Day

CLICK HERE for a full statistical breakdown from the Scout Day

Charlotte MegaStar Scout Day Quick  Hitters
+ 42 players in attendance
+ 41 players went through position player workout
+ 21 pitchers threw bullpens
+ On a slow track, 5 players ran a sub 7.30 sixty
+ 12 hitters recorded an exit velocity of 85 mph or better... 3 better than 90 mph
+ 4 catchers worked out behind the dish, each recording a pop time under 2.20
+ 3 infielders showed arm strength of 83 mph or better across the diamond... 1 at 88 mph
+ The workout featured 10 SR, 12 JR, 10 SO, and 10 FR

Catcher Analysis


Ryan Brown, Jr C / 2B / Northwestern, SC / 2019

Average frame at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds.  Balanced setup from the right side with a vertical bat.  Uses a weight shift back to load.  Short stride gets to a short, level stroke featuring strong hands and a quick bat.  Fluid, takes a line drive approach peppering the pull side gap.  Exit velocity up to 86.  Behind the dish, fluid with quick, clean exchanges transition to a short arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Ball has carry out of the hand with accuracy at 78 mph.  Pop times ranged 2.08 – 2.17.  Ran a 7.48 sixty.


Cole Robbins C / Lake Norman, NC / 2019

Projection left in the 5-foot-11, 170 pounder.  Open stance from the right side with a vertical bat.  Loads back, using a leg kick and short stride.  Aggressive, works to swing the bat with aggression on each pitch.  Better than average bat speed works level through the zone producing line drives.  Average barrel awareness with a top exit velocity of 85 mph.  Strong exchange across the chest to a short arm action and over-the-top slot, from behind the plate.  Average to above carry at 70 mph from the crouch with a feel for throwing to the bag.  Pop times ranged 2.17 – 2.31.  Good target, as the hips sit through a slight stiffness.  Hands work and there is a ‘want to’ to his blocking.  Ran a 7.83 sixty.


Travis Snell C / OF / Hickory Grove Christian , NC / 2020

Strength and quickness is present in a 5-foot-9, 170 pound frame.  Ran a 7.00 sixty and recorded an exit velocity of 84 off the barrel.  Behind the plate presents an average target with balance.  Hips have some stiffness.  Aggressive through the ball on throws, working a transition that allows the arm to lengthen before working to an over-the-top slot with some shoulder restriction.  Positional velocity of 74 from the crouch.  Pop times ranged 2.17-2.39 with some feel for the bag on throws.  Offensively, works from the right side, balanced and loading back.  Level swing sweeps through the zone with some pull emphasis.  Average barrel awareness.


Outfielder Analysis


Kolby Crepeau OF / 1B / Clover, SC / 2020

Right handed hitter begins balanced and crouched using a short stride after a load back with a weight shift.  Average bat speed from the 5-foot-9, 175 pounder.  Uphill leverage works to stay in the middle of the field with an exit velocity of 84.  Some looseness and feel for the barrel.  Fights for rhythm  in the swing and timing.  Fluid through the ball defensively with clean exchanges to a loose high-3/4 slot.  Shows accuracy on throws peaking at 74 mph out of the hand.  Ran a 7.96 sixty.



Logan Hall OF / LHP / Myers Park, NC / 2021

Average build in a 5-foot-10, 135 pound frame with time for the maturation process.  Left handed hitter works from an athletic stance using leg kick to load the weight back to the launch point.  Smooth through the load, takes a short stride, allowing the bat head to work to a lagged position.  Bat speed is average at this point, but it will increase quickly as strength is added to the frame.  Some barrel awareness is present with an exit velocity of 80 mph.  Works to play through the ball with athleticism in the outfield.  Average transitions to a long arm action.  Loose arm works to a high-3/4 slot showing some accuracy on throws peaking at 73 mph out of the hand.
Left handed pitcher has length in his limbs working easy over the rubber with a loose arm action.  ¾ slot release.  Fastball ranges 66-69, touching 70 with run to the arm side.  Average leg kick with the toe and foot leading the action.  Tall through balance, the shoulders work level, landing on-line with some rhythm to the delivery.  Elbow works above the shoulder line slightly on the arm swing.  Change-up sat 63-64 with run from a quick hand, showing some deception.  Breaking ball is still developing at 60-61.  Around the pitch at times, it will sweep, while working for gradual 2/8 tilt.  Around the zone with fastball and change, the breaking ball is a bit erratic.



Zachary Lyon OF / 1B / Wakefield , NC / 2018

Physical athlete with some length in his limbs at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds.  Ran a 7.15 sixty with a powerful stride that picked up the pace in the final thirty.  Some stiffness exists with the swing.  Right handed hitter works from a tall base, loading back, and utilizing an early, short stride.  Average bat speed, but with strength, produced an exit velocity of 88 mph off the barrel.  Level through the zone, producing line drives, the swing can get long occasionally.  Start and stop rhythm with the early stride to the launch position.  From the outfield, active feet work to get easy hops and position the body.  Remains athletic through the transition to a loose, over-the-top slot peaked at 80 mph out of the hand.  Accuracy is present as the ball has some carry.



Mitchell Picton OF / 2B / Hough, NC / 2019

Switch hitter has a youthful frame with growth left in the 5-foot-7, 145 pounder.  Ran a 7.35 sixty with a good burst off the line.  From the right side starts in an open stance with a flat bat.  Uses a leg kick and short stride to set the launch position.  Average bat speed and barrel awareness peaked with an exit velocity of 79 mph.  Also showed an exit velocity of 79 from the left side.  Stays level, working the middle of the field.  Lacks some of the bat speed or barrel ability shown on the right side.  In the outfield, throws measured 70 mph out of the hand with some feel for accuracy.  High-3/4 slot with some length in the arm swing.  Quick, fluid exchanges, remaining athletic with his feet through the catch and transition.