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Preseason All-State Preview: Record Book

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

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Each of the past 5 years have featured the Preseason All-State event in North Carolina.  A premier event for premier talent in North Carolina, from day 1, we have seen a lot of very talented prospects workout at this event prior to their spring season.  Coming off each individual player's preseason workout, this event tends to see players blow up their numbers, giving coaches and scouts a reason to take notice as they prep their spring schedules for evaluation. Since 2017, PBR has seen 338 Preseason All-State Players commit to play college baseball.

Today we take a look at back at some of the top performances from the history of the North Carolina Preseason All-State.

Preseason All-State Preview: Record Book


Top Max Fastball

Calvert Clark, RHP, Charlotte Christian, 2022  --  92 mph (2020)


Top Max Fastball Spin Rate

Connor Peschel, RHP, Fred T Foard HS -- 2577rpm (2021)


Top Max Curveball Spin Rate

Casey Gouge, LHP, West Rowan HS, 2022 -- 2839rpm (2021)


Catcher Positional Velocity

Bryan Arendt, C, Holly Springs HS, 2021  --  85 mph (2020)


Catcher Pop Time

Bryan Arendt, C, Holly Springs HS, 2021 -- 1.90 - 2.01 (2020)


Outfielder Positional Velocity

Calvert Clark, OF, Charlotte Christian, 2022 -- 94 mph (2020)
 John Newton, OF, Cuthbertson HS, 2022  --  94 mph (2020)

Infielder Positional Velocity

Bryan Arendt, C/3B, Holly Springs HS, 2021  --  94 mph (2020)


Max Exit Velocity

 CJ Powell, C, The Burlington School, 2023 -- 102.5mph (2021)


TrackMan - Max Distance in BP

CJ Powell, C, The Burlington School, 2023 -- 385' (2021)


Top 60 Yard Dash Time

Hayden Henry, OF, Holly Springs HS, 2023 -- 6.78 (2021)