Queen City ID at Myers Park - Player Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

In mid-October, as many players are hitting their fall peak and looking forward to some downtime as the winter season approaches, Myers Park High School hosted a PBR Scout Day.  The Scout Day featured 36 players from the 2019 – 2022 classes.  While most players hailed from Myers Park HS, three players attending the open prospect ID stood out.

Position players went through a full workout, including a laser timed 60 yard dash, an offensive evaluation in the cages and live on the field, as well as a defensive workout.  Pitchers were able to throw controlled bullpens where their velocities and stuff were evaluated.  As we begin to dive into the Scout Day, we will start with a look at the statistical information gathered from the day.  Running speeds, exit velocities, arm velocities, pop time and more were all recorded giving coaches and scouts their first glimpse at this talented group of players.

The three players each from different regions in the state represented the 2020 and 2022 classes.  Seth Keener is an emerging arm in the 2020 class, sitting 86-88 with looseness on the day.  Colton Stotler is a name on several coach's follow list already, who is healthy and looked strong througout the day.  From the 2022 class, Cade Miller worked out in the outfield, infield, and on the bump, showing arm strength.  Full evaluations, and links to their video are below.


By The Numbers:
+ 36 players took part in the Scout Day
+ 14 pitchers threw controlled bullpens with Keener leading the way, bumping 88
+ 3 players ran sub 7.00 sixties on the laser timer with another 6 below 7.30.
+ 90 mph was the top exit velocity offensively with 2019 Evan Barbaryka and 2021 Jake Hasner each reaching the number.  
+ 11 hitters flashed an exit velocity of 85 mph or better

CLICK HERE for Statistics from Myers Park HS players in attendance

CLICK HERE for Statistics from Players attending the open Scout Day


Queen City Prospect ID

Seth Keener RHP / SS / East Surry, NC / 2020

Athletic frame with a high waist at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds.  Looseness in his hips and a strong front side.  Average to slightly above leg kick working to a slight crouch with the fronts side closed.  Rotates through the lower half with some speed and power, landing square and across his line.  Long, loose arm stroke to a high-3/4 slot.  Quick hand through release.  Powerful finish, slightly rotational in the upper half, but with great energy and balance through the lower half.  Fastball sat 86-88 with run and sink.  Heavy life bored into the catcher’s frame.  Lots of strikes with the fastball.  Breaking ball is a bit inconsistent but should continue to mature.  11/5 tilt when on time with it, sitting 67-69.  At times around as the upper half can get rotational.  Has feel for change-up at 73-74.  Sink and fade with fastball hand speed, attacking the zone.  Frame can continue to fill out and stuff should continue to tick up.

Cade miller SS / RHP / Alexander Central, NC / 2022

5-feet-8, 155-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Small leg kick in his load with a short stride.  Gets his lower half through the ball with his barrel working level through the zone.  Quick bat working mostly middle to his pull side.  Exit velocity recorded at 76 mph.  Plays through balls in the outfield with average hands.  Long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot with some carry to his throws.  Arm peaked at 84 mph from the outfield.  Waits on the ball some in the infield with his feet stopping at catch then funneling to the center of his body.  Long arm action with his arm topping at 80 mph across the diamond.  On the mound he uses a short step to the side then into his leg lift, with his knee going to the bottom of the chest.  In line to the plate throwing from an over the top slot, with head tilt to the first base side and some effort in the delivery.  Fastball works in the zone at 80-83 mph.  Head stays level on his curveball with his arm dropping to a more high ¾ slot.  Arm slows down on the curveball.  Curveball has 11/5 shape with gradual break at 65-67 mph.  Flashed a changeup at 70 mph.  Recorded a 7.82 in the 60-yard dash.

Colton Stotler 3B / SS / West Wilkes, NC / 2020

6 foot, 195-pound strong build.  Switch hitter with strength in his swing from both sides of the plate.  Loose, quick hands with some snap in his barrel.  Flatter swing from the right side with a line drive approach, keeping his barrel in the zone and showing pop to his pull side.  Slightly more uphill from the left side with a more pull approach.  Exit velocities at 88 from the right side and 87 from the left.  Plays through balls on the infield with average hands, funneling to the midsection after catch.  Short arm action with some carry to his throws.  Accurate arm that topped at 83 mph across the diamond.  Recorded a 7.21 in the 60-yard dash.