Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: C35 Scout Day Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR of North Carolina was on hand at Jim Perry Stadium on the campus of Campbell University on Thursday August 19th for a scout day with C35. Players ranged from the 2022-2025 grad classes. 

The evening began with catchers going through a defensive evaluation followed by Pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen of 15-20 pitches with Trackman gathering advanced analytics. After the bullpens the position players ran a laser timed 60, followed by batting practice with Trackman gathering ball flight data. Due to rain and storms passing through, batting practice had to be moved indoors. 

Below we take a look at some of the numbers collected throughout the evening. CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical output. 

By the Numbers

  • 62 players took part in the scout day
  • 5 players ran a sub-7 laser timed 60
  • 11 players ran a 7.30 or better on the lasers
  • 3 catcher velocities reached 75 or higher
  • 94.48 mph was the top exit velocity
  • 7 hitters had an exit velocity of 90 or higher
  • 332’ was the longest ball hit
  • 86.98 mph was the top fastball
  • 5 fastballs topped at 85 mph or higher
  • 2228 rpm was the top fastball spin
  • 2512 rpm was the top curveball spin


Quick Hitters - Pitchers



Will Dawkins (RHP, Richmond SR HS, 2022) – Physical build with broad shoulders, standing 6-foot-4, 210 pounds.  Long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Raw, working to repeat but loose with average to above arm speed and a strong arm.  Fastball up to 85.  Hard breaking ball at 71-74, spinning up to 2081rpm with 10/4 tilt, thrown for a strike.

Bryant Kimbrell (RHP, Scotland HS, 2024) – Broad shoulders and projection left in a 6-foot-1, 205 pound build.  Long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Uphill leverage out of balance. Better than average arm speed.  Fastball is firm with solid ride at 83, spinning up to 2167rpm.  Top to bottom breaking ball with a slight hump out of the hand.  Works for 12/6 tilt at 71.

Blayse Leonard (RHP, Middle Creek HS, 2023) – Athletic, lean frame.  Long arm swing with some effort as the elbow works above the shoulder line.  High front side for leverage.  Loose through an over-the-top slot with above average arm speed.  Fastball at 80-81 with solid ride through the zone.  Firm breaking ball with 10/4 tilt, up to 72, spinning up to 2153rpm.

Asher Lucas (LHP, Pro5 Academy, 2023) – Average build at 5-foot-10, 170 pounds.  Short arm action to a high-3/4 slot.  Simple, repeatable delivery.  Quick arm.  Commanded the baseball to both sides of the plate and showed an ability to elevate on command.  Fastball up to 78 with heavy arm side run.  Breaking ball and change-up in the zone with deception through the release.  Curveball at 67-69, spinning up to 2204rpm.  Change-up at 72 with some fade from the fastball tunnel.

Walker McDuffie (RHP, Lee County HS, 2024) – Medium arm action with a high-3/4 release.  Quick arm and good hand speed through each pitch.  Around the zone with all three pitches, lacking pure command of any one spot.  Fastball at 84-85 with sink metrics and some arm side run.  Sweeping breaking ball at 72, spinning up to 2317rpm.  Aggressive hand speed and demeanor with the curveball, attacking the zone. 

Jake Montgomery (RHP, Holly Springs HS, 2023) – Athletic frame that will continue to add strength, standing 6-foot-1, 165 pounds.  Stretch only.  Short arm action, working to load the scapular.  Ball turns slightly early as the arm is cocked.  High-3/4 slot that fights through some stiffness.  Pounded the down zone.  Fastball up to 82 with heavy run out of the hand, boring in on right-handed hitters.  Solid secondary offerings with good arm speed on a sweeping breaking ball and change-up.

Cooper Moss (RHP, Southern Lee HS, 2025) – Average 6-foot, 160 pound frame.  Long arm swing with the elbow working above the shoulder line in the back, creating some effort to an over-the-top release.  Early run out of the hand on a fastball up to 81.  Straight change works with deception in the hand speed.  Occasional fade.  Breaking ball is still maturing, rolling through an 11/5 tilt.

Bryson Pope (RHP, Western Harnett HS, 2025) – Small, young build that has a ton of maturation ahead.  Simple delivery.  Repeats.  Medium arm action to a high-3/4 slot.  Strike thrower with feel for all three pitches.  Fastball has run with 1:30 spin tilt out of the hand, peaking at 74.  Good arm speed and feel on the change-up.  Setup for a ton of success as the frame adds strength and quickness.

Nicholas Pope (RHP, Lee County HS, 2023) – Thin, 6-foot-, 160 pounds.  Raw delivery that works to repeat but there is some arm speed.  Reach out of the glove with a long action to an over-the-top slot.  Pounded the down zone with feel for three pitches.  Fastball up to 80 with heavy arm side run.  Late sweeping action on the breaking ball up to 74.

Chance Purvis (RHP, Union Pines 2022) – Strength present in a powerful frame.  High hands, breaking to a short arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Slightly coiled at balance, does fight for extension at times.  Fastball peaked at 84.  Hard, late action on the breaking ball at 67-69.  Commanded spin with some ease.  Solid deception with his handspeed on the change-up.

Ryan Reid (RHP, Cardinal Gibbons, 2025) – Thin, and maturing 6-foot, 160 pounder.  Long, loose arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Erratic feel at times.  Fastball up to 79 with solid ride out of the hand.  Secondary stuff is still developing.

Austin Renn (RHP, Holly Springs HS, 2023) – Athletic frame.  Created solid arm speed, working with intent.  Long arm swing to an exaggerated over-the-top slot.  Lands to the open side of his line, falling toward 1B on release, limiting some extension.  Worked down hill with the fastball, up to 85.  12:30 spin tilt and average ride through the zone.  Short action on a hard slider.  Curveball works top to bottom with a slight hump out of the hand.  Slider over curveball at this time.

Addison Roth (RHP, Pinecrest HS, 2024) – Long, athletic frame.  Plunges out of the glove into a long arm action.  Uphill leverage through balance working to an over-the-top slot.  Fastball peaked at 78 with better than average arm speed.   Top to bottom breaking ball rolls through the zone, working for 12/6 tilt. 

Cameron Seagraves (RHP, Richmond SR HS, 2024) – Long and thin frame with lanky limbs, standing at 6-foot, 153 pounds.  Coiled at balance, plunging out of the glove, working back through his line for an athletic finish.  Over-the-top slot with good arm speed.  Fastball ranged 85-87 with sink and run present.  1:15 spin tilt out of the hand.  Curveball is a hard, downer sitting 75-78, spinning up to 2291rpm.

Kale Scruggs (RHP, Southern Lee HS, 2023) – Physical, athletic build at 6-foot, 170 pounds.  Long arm action, plunging out of the glove, working back to an over-the-top release.  Better than average arm speed.  Fastball at 85-86 with 12:15 spin tilt out of the hand.  Showed solid feel for the zone, working with more ease to the arm side.  Tight 10/4 tilt on a curveball at 72-76, spinning up to 2145rpm.  Easy to project with the frame and ease in delivery.