Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Future Game Trials Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

The PBR Future Games is the top underclass showcase event in the country each year.  PBR territories from across the country work to put together teams of the top uncommitted, underclass players to compete each year.  Team Carolina is made of players from North Carolina and South Carolina.  

On June 23 and 24, PBR of North Caroline ran invite only events to continue to identify players for Team Carolina.  Players attending the Future Game Trials were able to go through a full pro-style workout, running a laser timed 60, working through an offensive evaluation, and a defensive evaluation.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens for PBR Scouts. Each day was live streamed with over 60 colleges and university programs watching one, or both days of workouts through the PBR of NC channel on Watch Your Game's live streaming feed.

We continue to dive into all of the information gathered at the Future Game Trials by taking a look at some of the performances from position players.  Not meant to be a top prospect list, the Quick Hitters just gives a short take on players that jumped out a little at the event.  As we continue to take a further look into each player, we will unveil metrics from Blast and TrackMan, giving coaches and scouts a better feel for each player's ability on the field. 

CLICK HERE to see the full stats and roster from Future Games Trials I at Tuckaseegee Park in Charlotte, NC

CLICK HERE  to see the full stats and roster from Future Games Trials II at Louisburg JC in Louisburg, NC

By the Numbers:

  • 35 players took part in the Future Games Trials I at Tuckaseegee Park
  • 21 players worked out at Future Games Trials II at Louisburg JC
  • 14 hitters saw a peak exit velocity off of a tee at 90 mph or higher
  • 4 position players ran a sub-7.00 laser timed sixty
  • 9 players ran under a 7.20 sixty
  • 6 infielders or outfielders produced arm strength above 85mph
  • 9 catchers saw their top pop time at 2.15 or better
  • 13 pitchers worked at 84 mph or higher


Future Games Trials Statistical Leaders


Future Game Trails I - Tuckaseegee Park, Charlotte, NC


Yates Sikes, OF/LHP, 2022  -  Athletic left-hand hitter. Found his barrel often during batting practice with a simple swing and above average bat speed. Drove balls to both gaps. Fluid defensive actions.

Hunter Huneycutt, C/SS, 2023  -  Versatile player who takes pride in all areas of his game. Quickness is present. Switch hitter with a balanced, line drive approach with bat control from both sides of the plate.

Austin Hawke, SS/2B, 2022  -  Put together consistent rounds of batting practice, lining balls all over the field. Hands are loose and quick. Above average defensive actions, sub-7 runner.

Tristan Salinas, SS/OF, 2023  -  Loose swing with above average bat speed from the left side. Ball comes hard off his barrel, lining balls to his pull side. Athletic defender with projection left to his frame.

Cole Hart, C/OF, 2022  -  Short swing consistently finds his barrel. Hands are quick with a gap to gap approach. Arm has carry from the outfield, best pop time at 2.00 from behind the plate.

Chace Chaplin, 3B/1B, 2023  -  Loose stroke with strength present. Has above average bat speed and barrel awareness driving the ball to both gaps during batting practice.

Jake Mcgillivray, OF/LHP, 2022  -  Athletic build, hits from the left side with quick hands and a fluid swing. Has strength posting an exit velocity of 98 mph off a tee. Centered balls to both gaps with bat speed.

Brandon Crabtree, SS/RHP, 2023  -  Fluid swing from the left side with feel for his barrel. Hit a ton of line drives to center and right center during batting practice. Showed strength lining a ball over the wall in right field.

Caleb Williams, RHP/OF, 2023  -  Keeps his barrel through the zone, with hard contact through the middle and to his pull side. Left the yard to left field during batting practice. Above average bat speed, arm has carry from the outfield.

Isaiah Mack, 3B/SS, 2022  -  Loose and fluid in the box with strength to both gaps. Above average bat speed and barrel awareness. Solid defensive actions, arm is accurate with carry. Physical, athletic frame.

Tyler Zedalis, SS/RHP, 2023  -  Mature approach during batting practice. Strong hands with bat speed, has pop to both gaps consistently getting his barrel through the ball. Above average hands on the infield with an accurate arm.

William Bryant, SS/RHP, 2022  -  Showed plenty of barrel feel driving the ball to both gaps during batting practice. Strength is present with above average bat speed. Fluid defender with better than average hands on the dirt.

Andrew Holub, 3B/OF, 2022  -  Lots of loud contact during batting practice. Hands are loose with bat speed and strength present. Exit velocity at 97 mph off a tee, arm has carry defensively.

Larson Scholtz, OF/RHP, 2022  -  6-foot 5 frame with strength stands out. Posted solid numbers across the board. Showed power during batting practice driving the ball to center field and going over the wall in left center.

Gage Tomlin, C/1B, 2022  -  Hands are quick with barrel feel and a balanced approach at the plate. Better than average bat speed producing lots of line drives during batting practice.


Future Games Trials II - Louisburg JC, Louisburg, NC


Sylas Boris, SS/RHP, 2023  -  Athleticism shows on both sides of the ball. Has strength driving the ball to both gaps during batting practice. Solid defensive actions with carry to his throws across the diamond.

William Sword, RHP/C, 2022  -  Has better than average bat speed with his barrel getting extension through the middle of the field. Strength is present with feel for his barrel. Arm is accurate with carry from the outfield.

Luke Evans, C/3B, 2022  -  Worked through the middle of the field with a line drive approach and better than average barrel awareness. Accurate arm defensively.

Caden Christman, C/3B, 2024  -  6-foot-1 frame has room for growth in the coming years. Swing is loose with quick hands using a line drive approach through the middle of the field. Above average bat speed, accurate arm from behind the plate.

Owen Bellamy, SS/RHP, 2022  -  Short swing consistently barreling balls up to both gaps with strength. Plays relaxed on the dirt with above average hands, accurate arm to first base.

Chance Purvis, RHP/1B, 2022  -  Made a ton of hard contact during his batting practice rounds. Barrel is short to the ball with bat speed, staying gap to gap. Arm is quick defensively.

Braeden Murray, 1B/3B, 2022  -  Fluid swing produces a lot of hard contact. Hands are loose with his barrel staying through the zone with pop to both gaps. Bat speed is above average.

Korbin Pettigrew, SS/OF, 2022  -  Athletic 6-foot-3 frame catches the eye. Loose swing with a line drive approach working both gaps. Better than average bat speed and barrel feel. Above average hands on.