Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Precision Showcase Baseball - Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR was at South Central High School in Winterville, NC on Saturday March 27th to run a scout day for Precision Showcase Baseball (PSB).  PSB has teams throughout the high school age groups and operates out of the Greenville, NC area.  With over 40 players in attendance, from the organization, the scout day included a 60 yard dash, offensive evaluations, defensive evaluations and controlled bullpens.  TrackMan was used throughout the day to track ball flight off the bat and out of the hand during bullpens.


By The Numbers:

  • 44 players from the 2022 - 2026 grad years participated
  • 5 players ran sub-7.25 in the 60
  • 11 arms posted a positional velocity of 75 mph or higher
  • 4 catchers worked out with two below 2.20 on their pop times
  • 5 hitters with an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 347' was the top distance off the barrel during BP
  • 81 mph was the top fastball on the day
  • 2217 rpm was the top spin rate on a fastball
  • 2462 rpm was the top spin rate on a breaking ball


CLICK HERE to see the full list of stats collected, and the roster, at the PBR Scout Day


Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Owen Bellamy (RHP, Croatan HS, 2022) – Loose arm working to a ¾ slot with the fastball peaking at 82 with big run out of the hand.  Matches the fastball with a breaking ball that sweeps with large length through the zone, peaking at 66 and spinning on average at 2408rpm.  Solid feel for the zone.

Kaden Ferrell (LHP, Wilson Prep, 2024) – Strong arm from a long, loose action working to an over-the-top slot.  Tight 2/8 breaking ball spinning at 1560rpm, up to 67.  Fastball up to 75 with some run and an 11:00 spin tilt out of the hand. 

Aaron Holley (RHP, DH Conley HS, 2024) – Strike thrower with feel for all three pitches.  Athletic 6-foot build.  Fastball up to 79, spinning up to 2218rpm.  Good arm speed on the breaking ball with 10/4 tilt and early action that should continue to mature.

Gage Lockhart (LHP, Wilson Prep, 2024) – Average frame.  Still maturing.  Plunges out of the glove working to a high-3/4 slot with above average arm speed for the age.  Loose and easy through release.  Fastball at 75 with solid ride through the zone.  Run and feel on a change-up that has some deception with good arm speed.

Matthew Lovitt (RHP, Jacksonville HS, 2022) -- 1 day removed from a HS football game.  Athletic frame.  Up to 80 with the fastball.  Sink metrics, but worked elevated with the fastball.   Early 10/4 tilt, but sharp bite on the breaking ball at 68-70, spinning up to 2181 rpm.

DeAndre Sellers (RHP, Wilson Prep, 2025) – 5-foot-10, 150 pounds.   Long arm swing with better than average arm speed.  Slight cross-fire action with his foot-strike.  Fastball up to 75, spinning up to 2126rpm.  Sharp, 10/4 tilt on a breaking ball that peaked at 62.  Showed feel for the change-up.

Dylan Waters (RHP, Terra Ceia, 2024) – 6-foot, 163 pounds.  Lower slot guy, working from a low-3/4 to a sidearm release.  Fastball worked up to 74.  Solid feel for his curveball at 64.  Early sweep with length across the zone.  Average feel and arm speed on the changeup.