The Triangle Open Prospect Showcase: Outfielder Evaluations

By Brandon Hall
Director of Scouting, PBR NC

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The final look back at the Triangle Prospect Showcase gives us the Outfield group.  The outfielders went through a full pro-style workout including throwing from right field, running a sixty, and taking a couple of rounds of BP.

+11 players worked out in the Outfield during defensive evaluations
+5 players recorded positional velocities of 82mph or better
+5 players ran their sixty in under 7.30
+7 players recorded an exit velocity, off the bat, of better than 78mph

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Davon Alston-Thomas, Western Guilford HS, NC (2018)
Ran a 7.11 sixty.  An athletic setup and early, long stride led to average bat speed.  At times a little rotational and showing a pull emphasis, flashed an exit velocity of 72mph.   From the outfield, a short, over-the-top slot produced a positional velocity of 73mph.  

Andrew DiCostanzo, OF, Holly Springs HS, NC (2017)
A strong, athletic build with wide shoulders, standing 6-foot-1, 187 pounds he looks the part and flashes some athleticism.  Running a 7.18 sixty and registering a positional velocity of 77mph from the outfield.  The arm works long, with a little stiffness, to an over-the-top slot flashing accuracy.  Offensively, there is a toe-tap rhythm and some bat waggle from a slightly open stance.  Short stride and good balance allowed for an exit velocity of 81mph. 

Justin Honeycutt, OF, Pine Forest HS, NC (2020)
A young player with a good fundamental base as he continues to add strength to his 5-foot-7, 131 pound frame.  The arm strength showed future potential, topping at 75 from the outfield.  Offensively, there was a pull approach, from a downward load with barrel awareness.  Power should increase some with strength, as the exit velocity topped at 65.

Coby Ingle, OF, Rockingham County HS, NC (2020)
Lanky and athletic, the 6-foot, 160 pound RHP/OF has a chance to develop into a dual player.  From the outfield, the slot relaxed to a high-3/4 slot and touched 85mph with average carry.  Offensively, Ingle works from a tall stance and short stride to produce barrels to all fields.  There is a little loop coming out of the vertical bat.   The exit velocity topped at 73mph. 

Tucker Jackson, OF, Apex HS, NC (2018)
Outfielder showed carry with a slightly uphill throwing action that included a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  The positional velocity topped at 83mph and was accurate.  Offensively, worked from an athletic stance with a smooth load back to produce average to above bat speed.  Consistent barrels to all fields from a direct bat path.  A back-legger, he stayed behind the ball with fluid rhythm throughout the BP session.  Exit velocity peaked at 83mph. Sixty was timed at 7.38 

Jack Kaelin, OF, Leesville Rd HS, NC (2017)
An outfielder with some strength in his 5-foot-9, 165 pound frame ran a 7.15 sixty.  Exit velocity registered 84mph.  Working from an athletic setup with a short stride, the batspeed is average to above, with some uphill tendencies.  High barrel awareness and the ability to use all fields with a sweepy type swing.  The outfielder topped at 84mph on his throws, with a short, funky high-3/4 release with decent accuracy.

Miguel Magallanes, OF, Broughton HS, NC (2018)
A lanky, athletic build at 6-foot, 173 pounds that produced a long, loose high-3/4 slot from the outfield and infield workouts.  The outfield arm measured 76mph, with average accuracy.  Offensively, an athletic stance, smooth load back, and long stride led to average bat speed, in a gap-to-gap approach that was occasionally late.  Exit velocity topped at 79mph.  Ran the sixty in 8.06. 

Erwin Montgomery, OF, Pine Forest HS, NC (2019)
A lanky, athletic build at 5-foot-11, 128 pounds that can add strength.  From the outfield, registered a top end velocity of 70, with a long, loose arm getting to a high-3/4 slot.  The outfield position is ahead of his infield play at this time.  Offensively, worked from a tall setup, short stride and level, gap-to-gap approach.  Some wrap in his bat-head as loading, created some late timing.  Exit velocity registered at 68mph while he ran a 7.71 sixty. 

Syncere Pittman, OF, South Central HS, NC (2018)
Loose, easy and athletic... Standing 5-foot-10, 155 pounds Pittman seems to do a lot with ease.  His sixty registered at 7.07.  Positional throws worked 76mph across the infield and 82 from the outfield.  Offensively, an athletic setup and short, early stride led to average to above bat speed in a segmented swing.  Barrels were consistent through the BP rounds leading to an exit velocity of 78mph.

Schafer Seymour, OF, Leesville Rd HS, NC (2017)
Good barrel awareness came from a solid approach.  Working from a slight crouch and short stride, there is some pull side aggression and the exit velocity touched 78mph.  From the outfield, Seymour works from a short, high-3/4 arm action and flashed good accuracy.  Top end velocity from the outfield touched 68mph.  Ran a 7.43 sixty.