Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters - Position Players at the Top Prospect Games

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

The PBR of NC Top Prospect Games has quickly become one of the "must" events of each summer for college coaches, pro scouts, and the top players from across the state.  With continued regulations from the NCAA, college coaches were able to follow via a live stream that featured 3 separate camera angles throughout the day.  With the roster put together, there were several pro scouts on hand, representing their MLB clubs, to see the talent on hand.

Position players kicked the day off with a full pro-style workout, including running a laser timed 60 on the Burlington Royals's warning track.  Live BP followed with TrackMan and Blast following the action of each player's swing.  Players then went through a defensive workout, showcasing from their primary positions.

After the pro-style, the position players were split into 3 teams competing in a live scrimmage situation.  Pitchers did not compete for a team, instead throwing assigned innings.   The 3 team rotation allowed players to play and fill in at secondary positions, gave them a little time off, and allowed for the batting orders to be limited in their size, working to get each hitter 4 live at-bats on the day.  With the pitchers throwing live, TrackMan was again in use, tracking ball flight out of the hand, giving PBR Scouts advanced analytics on each arm.

Below we take a look at some position players who stood out during the workout and game action. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and all of the stats produced at the 2020 Top Prospect Games.

By the Numbers:

  • 30 position players took part in the day
  • 18 arms threw in the live scrimmage
  • 3 graduating years were represented, 2021, 2022, and 2023
  • 3 players ran a sub-7.00 sixty on the laser, on a slow warning track lane
  • 12 players ran a sub-7.29 sixty
  • 7.34 was the median sixty time on the day
  • 10 position players posted position velocities of 83 mph or better
  • 2 Outfielders were at or above 93 mph from RF on throws to the plate
  • 5 catchers in attendance, and all posted a workout pop time of 2.20 or better
  • 4 position player posted a 90 mph or higher exit velocity off the tee
  • 16 players posted an exit velocity of 85 mph or higher off the tee
  • 85 mph was the median exit velocity off the tee
  • 11 hitters posted an exit velocity of 85 mph or higher in BP, per TrackMan
  • 370.6 ft was the furthest hit ball in BP, per TrackMan, off the bat of Walker Jenkins
  • 4 balls in BP topped the 100mph mark in exit velocity per TrackMan
  • 91 mph was the top fastball from the event, from Isaiah Lowe
  • 7 arms worked at or above 85 mph
  • 84 mph was the median top fastball at the Top Prospect Games
  • 2366 rpm was the top spin rate on a fastball at the event
  • 2710 rpm was the top spin rate on a breaking ball on the day


Quick Hitters-Position Players 

Ryan Bellamy, OF/LHP, 2021  -  Physical left hand hitter who looks comfortable in the box. Bat speed and strength are present. Trackman recorded several exit velocities over 90 mph in BP. Laced a ball up the middle in game action. 

Tanner Moore, 1B/3B, 2022  -  Barreled the ball in each of his 4 game at bats. Uses the whole field with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Competes through his at bats and finds a way to get the barrel to the ball with lift to the swing path. 

Trey Way, C/2B, 2022  -  Virginia Tech commit. Relaxed setup at the plate and keeps his barrel through the zone. Drove a ball to left center in game play. Strength and bat speed are present with his best Trackman exit velocity at 100.9 mph in BP. Has arm strength with his best pop time at 1.91.

Chace Chaplin, 3B/1B, 2023  -  Drives the ball to both gaps during BP. Has above average bat speed, keeping his barrel through the zone. Aggressive approach in game play and made hard contact on a ball to the right side. Arm is accurate with carry across the diamond. 

Camden Saylor, SS/OF, 2022  -  Projectable, athletic frame catches the eye. Posted solid numbers across the board during his workout. Fluid actions defensively with carry to his throws. Swing is loose with an aggressive approach. 

Landon Reeves, SS/2B, 2022  -  Athletic with room to add strength to his frame. Hands are quick and made hard contact on a ball to left field off live pitching. Solid actions on the infield with above average hands. 

John Newton, OF/3B, 2021  -  UNC-Wilmington commit. Loud contact throughout both his BP rounds with Trackman recording multiple exit velocities over 100 mph. Hammered a ball to the center field wall during game action. Has feel to hit with bat speed and strength. Posted the best exit velocity off the tee at 98 mph and best arm strength from the outfield at 94 mph. 

Clay Clinard, SS/3B, 2021  -  Solid all around player who enjoys playing the game. Plays comfortable at shortstop making all the plays. Quick hands in the box with several balls off the bat recorded over 90 mph by Trackman in BP. Drove a ball to right field for a double in game action. 

Ryan Hench, 3B/RHP, 2023  -  Drove the ball through the middle of the field during BP, and barreled a ball to left during game play. Strength is present in athletic frame. Arm has carry across the infield. 

Derek Farley, 1B/3B, 2021  -  Stood out at the plate throughout the day. Has feel to hit constantly finding his barrel off live pitching. Has presence in the box with quick hands and strength. Lots of loud contact during BP. Moves well on the infield with above average hands. 

Walker Jenkins, OF/SS, 2023  -  North Carolina commit. Has presence at the plate with bat speed and strength from the left side. Several balls recorded over 95 mph off the bat during BP. Stays inside the ball and uses the whole field. Barreled 2 balls during game play. Fluid defensive actions with his arm topping at 93 mph from the outfield. 

Trent Murchison, OF, 2022  -  Balanced approach from the left side with quick hands and better than average feel for his barrel. Made hard contact to right off live pitching. Quickness is present with room to add strength to his athletic frame. Arm reached 85 mph from the outfield. 

Jaxon Masterson, SS/3B, 2021  -  Stood out defensively at shortstop throughout the day. Fluid actions with advanced feel for body control play with a quick release. Has above average bat speed with room to add strength to his athletic frame. 

Austin Williams, C/OF, 2021  -  Seems to barrel balls off live pitching each time we see him. Double twice to left field during game action. Short swing with better than average bat speed and consistent hard contact.  Arm is accurate with carry from behind the plate with his best pop time at 2.07. 

Oliver Zohn, SS/3B, 2021  -  Another guy who keeps hitting balls off the barrel each time we see him. Drove two balls to right field for doubles during game action. Swing is short from the left side with Trackman recording multiple exit velocities over 92 mph during BP. Fluid actions on the infield. 

Luke Stevenson, C/RHP, 2023  -  Left hand hitter with his barrel working short to the ball and staying through the zone. Showed above average bat speed and feel to hit during the scrimmage. Lined a ball to center and crushed a double to right. Played with energy behind the plate with his best pop time recorded at 2.07. 

Brandon Crabtree, 3B/RHP, 2023  -  Left hand swing continues to stand out at events. Laced a ball to the right center gap for a triple and barreled another ball up the middle off live pitching. Fluid swing with Trackman recording multiple exit velocities over 94 mph during BP. 

Tommy Hawke, SS/OF, 2021 -- Wake Forest commit. Athletic player with speed on the basepaths. Relaxed in the box from the left side with a loose swing and above average bat speed. Hit with wood showing barrel awareness and the ability to use the whole field. Made hard contact on a ball up the middle off of live pitching. Fluid actions defensively.

Camp O’Connell, 1B/OF, 2022 -  Has pop at the plate driving the ball to the left center gap during BP. Top Trackman exit velocity recorded at 95.1 mph. Barreled balls to both sides of the field during game action. Arm has carry from the outfield topping at 87 mph.