Prep Baseball Report

Underclass Games Top Performers

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey

Prep Baseball Report NJ's Underclass Games event took place on Sunday September 18th, 2016. The event was held at Bainton Field on the campus of Rutgers University and featured many of the top 2018, 2019, and 2020 prospects in the state who showcased their talents in front of our scouting staff.

There were a number of great individual performances this year at the NJ Underclass Games.

Below we have highlighted the some of the top prospects that caught our scouting staff's eye at the event.

Jake Andrey, 3B, Cherry Hill East HS, NJ, 2019
Andrey has a big bodied frame 5-foot-11 185-pounds. Showed arm strength very well in fielding evaluations. One of the top 2019s at the event. Pitching- loads well on his back side to help generate power and explosion toward home plate. Recoils at the finish of delivery, and gloveside falls after extension. Needs some polishing on the mound, but arms speed is apparent. Sat 82-83 mph with fastball and flashed a changeup with some armside run at 71. Offensively- starts in a tall, wide stance, with hands just above the shoulder from the right side. Uses a big stride to start load, hands stay stagnant. Starts with weight visibly on front leg/foot, transfers weight back as pitch comes in. Drifts slightly with hands, quickness to the ball through the zone produces some pop. Defensively- smooth transfer at 3B with average hands and above average arm across the infield. Throws were firm with backspin. 

Nick Argenziano, 3B/RHP, Demarest HS, NJ, 2019
Argenziano has a physical build 5-foot-11 195-pounds. Offensively- starts in a neutral stance with hands high above back ear. Uses weight transfer and a big leg kick to start wing. Hips rotate fluidly. Strong for his age, produces gap to gap pop. Pulls off slightly producing an uppercut type finish. Average hand speed through the zone - has the ability to improve as he continues to grow into his body. Defensively- somewhat choppy with feet. Hands start wide away from his body as ground ball approaches. If he can simplify his hands and get them out front instead of to the side, it will look more smooth. Throws were easy with minimal effort from high-3/4 slot. Pitching- Throws primarily from the stretch. Shows some effort in delivery. 79-80 mph with fastball, flashed 11/5 breaking ball at 66 mph with some gradual shape. Gets good leg extension down he mound. Front glove side dips slightly. Finishes toward first base side of rubber with a recoil. 

Tyler Carmolingo, RHP/3B, St. Augustine Prep HS, NJ, 2018
Carmolingo is a big, physical 6-foot-2 225-pounds. Pitches and plays 3B, Carmolingo performed well both on the mound and at the plate. Offensively- starts with a wide stance, and uses a small leg kick for a load. Can get more power in his swing if he can use his hips more. Tends to lift upward in finish, instead of through with hips and barrel. Big bodied athlete, gets power from size and strength for age. Pitching- Herky-jerky type of motion and arm action. Straight, long and stabby arm stroke. Throws slightly across body. Fastball topped at 79 mph, changeup 64 mph. 

Connor Cheeseman, SS/RHP, Cherokee HS, NJ, 2018
Cheeseman is big bodied at 6-foot 185-pounds. Pitching- Sat primarily 78-79 mph with fastball, curveball at 67 mph. Delivery is started by two quick steps into a quick leg lift. Quick tempo in the beginning is slowed down as leg lift descends. Throws from a high-3/4 angle. Gets good glove side leverage on first contact creating some torque in upper body as hips clear through. Long, loose arm swing. Offensively- Sets up with a slightly opened stance and loose fluid wrists. Uses a small leg lift/kick to start swing - weight transfer is visible. Load is smooth, hips clear the zone while hands are still cocked back. Swing is best and quickest when hands are close to body. Shows some lower body explosiveness, finishes on back leg. 

Dylan Decker, C, Bishop Eustace Prep HS, NJ, 2018
Decker is a big bodied catcher at 5-foot-11 195-pounds. Has a plus arm for his age from behind the plate. Showed very well batting practice, launching baseballs into the gap and to the warning track at Rutgers. Offensively- sets up with a wide, opened stance with weight visibly on back leg. Hands equal with ear. Swing is violent, hips are loose and elastic; clear the zone with hands and shoulders still loaded - creates a rubber-band-like whip in swing. One of the best batting practices of the day and established himself as one of the top position player prospects from the event. Defensively- arm strength is apparent. Throws were firm with backspin and on the base. Footwork needs some cleaning up, but blocking skills are there. Just started catching full time this year - has picked up ability well.

Anthony DiMartino, LHP, Timber Creek HS, NJ, 2018
DiMartino is a lean, athletic 5-foot-10 165-pound LHP with some upside. Fastball sat primarily 79-81, and mixed in a changeup/sinker-type pitch at 72-74. Mechanics are methodical and under control. Throws from an over-the-top slot, but gets some armside run. Arm action is long and relatively stiff. Shows some effort in delivery. Overall, balance is good, average arm speed. Smooth rhythm in delivery with an athletic and square finish, will occasionally drift to third base side of rubber. Can drop arm angle from over-the-top to high-3/4 or true-3/4 if he can square his head as he goes down the mound, creating more armside sink/movement. 

Sam Favieri, RHP/SS, Ridgewood HS, NJ, 2019
Favieri has a lean, athletic build at 6-feet 165-pounds. Currently ranked No. 9 in 2019 class. High follow prospect with tons of upside and room for added muscle/strength. Fastball sat 84-86 with a 68 mph 11/5 breaking ball and flashed 71 mph straight change. Slow mechanics to start, but explodes to home plate with quick arm. Shows some effort in finish, but arm action is loose and quick and arm speed is apparent. Offensively- LH with an athletic and balanced stance and approach. Opened stance, small stride to start load. Very fluid and loose swing. Upper body and hips work smoothly. Line drive hitter with potential for gap to gap power as he continues to mature. High follow.

Brian Hendry, RHP, Shawnee HS, NJ, 2018
Hendry has long wiry strong limbs and is physically built already at 6-foot-3 185-pounds. One of the top arms from the entire event, and one of the top uncommitted arms currently in the state for 2018 class. FB sat 87-88 from high-3/4 angle. Curveball had sharp 11/5 break at 69 mph. Mechanics are up tempo. Shows body control and is able to use tempo to advantage for velocity. Arm is long, ball jumps out of hand. High follow prospect with prototypical pitcher's frame.

Reece Horneck, OF, Colts Neck HS, NJ, 2019
Horneck is long and wiry at 6-foot-1 158-pounds. Had one of the better days at the plate during gameplay with two hits including a triple down the RF line and a loud barrel line out to RF. Projects as a corner outfielder with exceptional speed for age (6.72 60 in June). Power and barrel awareness is exceptional for age. Pop will continue to improve as he puts on muscle and fills out lanky frame. Offensively- starts in a wide stance with a small leg kick to start swing. Hands are high above shoulder - drop to shoulder height as foot comes down from lift. Loose hips and hands generate pop. Pitching- Works primarily out of the stretch. FB was 71-73 touching 74. Long, stiff arm from high-3/4 angle.

Alex Iadisernia, OF, Jackson Memorial HS, NJ, 2019
Iadisernia is an athletic 5-foot-10 160-pounds with good baseball actions for size and age. Offensively- LH starts in a stance that is slightly opened. Hands are relaxed just below shoulder. Weight transfer load is athletic, uses a short lift/stride to start swing. Slight arm bar in load and swing, causes swing to get long at times. If he can shorten hand load up he has chance to be a true gap hitter. Defensively- Great actions in the outfield, has feel for every OF position. Throws were very firm with accuracy and whippy arm action.

Tyler Kaufman, C, Seton Hall Prep HS, NJ, 2019
Kaufman has broad shoulders and a big bodied frame at 5-foot-11 190-pounds. One of the top prospects to come out of the event. Offensively- starts with a narrow stance with hands almost in front of face. Uses a leg kick as a timing mechanism to start hand load. Hand load is visible, hips work quick through the zone. Aggressive swing, has gap to gap pop already as a 2019. Defensively- plus arm for age, throws were firm and on the bag. 2.03-2.04 pop times consistently in skills workout. Needs to be quicker with footwork to get throws to 2B on time - but will all come as he continues to grow into his body. 

Jake Lawrie, LHP, Christian Brothers Academy HS, NJ, 2018
Lawrie has a stockier build at 5-foot-11 162-pounds. Sat 77-79 with FB and showcased a 1/7 sweeping breaking ball. Arm action looks clean, long and loose. Sound mechanics for age, lands under control and square to homeplate. Breaking ball can be used as an out pitch, especially against lefties at the next level. Interesting prospect to follow - needs to get stronger to build stamina/arm strength/velocity.

Nick Payero, RHP, Monroe Twp. HS, NJ, 2018
Payero has a lean, athletic build at 6-foot-1 185-pounds. Was one of the top overall players at the event. Pitching- has steady, controlled mechanics. Sat 86-87 mph with fastball from a high-3/4 angle. Flashed a plus splitter at 76 mph, a true strikeout pitch with armside sink and run. Had one of the quickest innings on the mound, a true testament to his domination of the lower half of the strike zone. Splitter has four seam spin, making it extremely difficult to pick up for a hitter. Lightning quick arm, free and loose arm action. Very high follow on the mound. Offensively- the right hander sets up with a tall narrow stance, and uses a small leg kick for power. Smooth, loose upper body in swing. Locks legs out in follow through - can get more power if he uses torque in hips to swing the bat more than torque in torso/upper body.

Anthony Petrosino, 2B/SS, Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ, 2019
Petrosino has a strong, physical frame at 5-foot-9 155-pounds. Offensively- has a quick, compact swing. Very quiet in the box and in approach. Violently torques hips and hands to generate some power. Starts in a tall, narrow stance with hands and bat resting on shoulder. Athletic weight transfer for lower body load started by a small stride. Hands show quickness to the ball. Defensively- athletic and smooth movements at 2B and SS. Throws from low-3/4 angle with some armside run. 

David Ring, 2B, Ramapo HS, NJ, 2019
Ring has a wiry athletic build at 5-foot-10 150-pounds. Offensively- starts in a neutral stance with hands and bat rested on shoulder. Swing is initiated by a toe tap. Hands load to above shoulder, almost in line with ear. Somewhat mechanical in pre-pitch technique, that will clean up as he continues to add strength. Hips are quick, bat and barrel stay through the zone. Finishes on back leg. Line drive hitter with knack for finding barrel. Defensively- smooth glove-work, is able to break down easy to get to ball in the hole or to gloveside. Arm action is long, but throws are firm.

Michael Roll, RHP, Bergen Catholic HS, NJ, 2018
Roll has a strong 6-foot 185-pound frame. Sat 80-81 with fastball and flashed a big 11/5 breaking ball at 64 mph. High-3/4 slot with long, loose arm. Breaking ball has swing and miss potential with its depth if he can gain some mph on it. Windup is slow and under control. Gets good hip and shoulder tilt going down the mound, glove side is strong. Finishes balanced over lead leg. 

Ryan Rue, LHP, Fair Lawn HS, NJ, 2018
Rue is lean and physically built at 5-foot-10 185-pounds. Pitching- slow methodical delivery with a long, loose arm action. 80-82 mph with FB, but has been up to 82-85 in the summer. Strike thrower with two pitches, developing a third. 68 mph 1/7 breaking ball, plus depth for his age. Sound and controlled mechanics, very easy and effortless delivery and velocity. Offensively- sets up in a neutral stance in the back of the box with hands above ear/shoulder. Tall stance with quick hands. Bat flattens out in load as pitch comes in. Vicious and aggressive hips. 

Nick Scalabrini, RHP, Ramapo HS, NJ, 2019
Scalabrini has a skinny, lanky build at 6-foot-2 156-pounds. FB sat 82-83 with some run, curveball was 69-71. At its best, CB is a true 12/6 breaker, very sharp. Needs to be more consistent with release point and mechanics. High ceiling prospect, needs to get stronger and repeat better. Mechanics are up tempo to start, long leg swing causes him to occasionally get off balance. Arm action is short and quick, needs to get stability with landing leg. Stride is perfect for size, just has trouble truly finishing over that leg - finishes pitch hunched over almost in a lunge type stance or with momentum going backwards.Offensively- starts with a narrow, slightly opened stance. Uses a small leg kick to start swing. Hand load is a bit choppy, but hips and hands clear zone well for smooth looking finish. 

Matthew Semon, RHP, Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ, 2018
Semon has a lean, athletic build at 6-foot-3 185-pounds. One of the top prospects to keep an eye on from the event. Fastball 84-86, curveball 69-72 mph with sweeping-like 11/5 action. When his fastball command is best, gets some natural armside run. Has a tendency to speed up delivery too much, causing mechanics to get off kilter. Gloveside dips causing his arm to lag behind and miss armside high, or arm over compensates for gloveside and he pulls pitch toward his gloveside. Easy mechanical corrections that could lead Semon to continue to develop into one of the top pitchers in the 2018 class. Short, quick arm action with excellent shoulder tilt going down the mound. Just needs to clean up gloveside. Explosiveness and athleticism is there, still more in the tank - still physically maturing. High follow prospect.

+ Mason Smith, C, Wayne Hills HS, NJ, 2018
Smith has a tall lanky frame at 6-foot-3 170-pounds. Offensively- LH hitting catcher with a lot to like. Showcased well in batting practice. Quiet approach, has some awareness for the barrel. Pop will improve with added strength, but swing mechanics are relatively sound. Starts with an open stance with hands loaded pre-pitch just above the shoulder. Average hip rotation and explosiveness. Defensively- throws were on the bag with some back spin. Slight hitch in throwing motion, feet need to be quicker for pop times to drop. Receives well, especially with above average velocity. Blocking technique is sound, glove down first and is able to sink deep into hips.

Matthew Stil, RHP/OF, Cherokee HS, NJ, 2018
Stil is a lean, athletic RHP/OF at 6-foot-2 180-pounds. Has the potential to be a true two-way guy at next level. Pitching- wide range of FB velo between 79-84 mph, topped at 85. 67 mph curveball occasionally wraps wrist with. 69 mph straight changeup. Athleticism is apparent, somewhat of a hitch in delivery at the top of his leg lift, causing him to drift toward homeplate instead of driving off the rubber. Arm action is long and loose, whippy type - especially apparent on throws from outfield Offensively- Slightly opened stance with balanced weight to start. Hands high above head. Uses a small leg lift to drive hands back into a load. Aggressive hips and hands create line drive pop. High upside athlete.

John Whooley, C, Ramapo HS, NJ, 2019
 Whooley has an athletic build at 5-foot-10 170-pounds. Stood out as one of the quicker catch-and-throw catchers at the event. Offensively- Has a wide stance with a slight crouch. Uses weight transfer first then a small stride to start swing. Hips and hands work well together. Already has gap to gap power, added strength to frame will increase power potential. Defensively- advanced receiving skills for age. Quiet upper body and head, receives ball with relaxed glove hand. Athleticism shows in blocking ability. Is able to move laterally very well. Very quick catch-to-throw transfer. 

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