Southern Nevada Underclass Trials - Quick Hits

Buddy Gouldsmith
Nevada Scouting Director

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Southern Nevada Underclass Trials took place at Desert Oasis on Sunday, May 19th. Participants from three graduating classes 2021 thru 2023 participated on a blustery day at Diamondback Field.  PBR Nevada expanded its Future Games watch list and evaluated some of the rising stars for the southern region. The steady head wind with gusts up to 40 mph is something to keep in mind when evaluating 60 times, pitching and positional velocities.


RHP/IF, Julian Molto-Herrera, (Bishop Gorman) 5-10 170. Molto-Herrera is compact with present strength. He displays solid infield actions with enough arm strength to play on the left side but may be better suited to second base. He has a balanced, backside driven swing, making consistent hard contact.  On the mound, he is a 3-pitch mix guy with solid zone feel and pitch definition. He has area control of his fastball, pitching comfortably 81-83, but easy to see more in his arm. 

IF/C, Aric Anderson, (Palo Verde). Anderson has an athletic build with room for weight and strength gains. He profiles best behind the plate, where he displayed arm strength with true and accurate throws, posting an event best 1.86 pop time. He is a left-handed hitter with a rhythm swing that showed the ability to use the whole field. A defensive first prospect at this point, PBR Nevada will keep a close eye on this prospect for he could be close to checking all the boxes.

OF/C, Ethan Yatson, 5-10 155, Yatson posted an event best 6.64 60 yard time. He has some wiry strength and whip in his bat, making consistent quality contact. HIs low 3/4 arm slot and speed lend better to an outfield position but he has a quick exchange behind the plate and plays his arm side run on throws to second efficiently. His twitch and athleticism draw attention and extended time in the outfield could open some eyes.


OF/LHP, Mason Neville (Palo Verde), 6-foot-2, 175, is a projectable position player as well as a left-handed pitcher. He had a positional best 86 mph infield velocity. At the plate, he made consistent hard contact, sending multiple balls over the fence to his pull side. On the mound, his fastball topped out at 84 in the face of the wind and he showed a solid feel for his breaking ball and changeup.

1B/RHP, Tyler Avery, (Bishop Gorman), 6-foot-2 205. Avery stand on a large frame with room for strength gains. He maintains leverage power and has a feel for his footwork around the first base bag.  He may project better on the mound with is fastball topping out at 81 under the duress of a headwind. He displayed a breaking ball and changeup that had distinction and are easy to dream on.

1B, Tai Nguyen, (Bishop Gorman), 6-foot-1 205, has a mature build with present strength. His body has taken on definition since our Pre-Season ID event. A projectable middle of the order type bat he is developing a feel for first base play. Nguyen runs well for his size and better underway. He makes consistent quality contact with a middle of the field approach.

3B/RHP, Parker Vint, (Coronado), 6-foot-2 185, Vint profiles as an everyday third baseman with enough arm strength for the position. He maintains the actions to stay on the left side of the infield. At the plate, he has power potential in a balanced attack with solid bat plane. With strength gains and skill development, Vint could be a prototypical corner guy and middle of the order bat.


OF/IF, Justin Kania, 5-foot-6 120, is a developing athlete slated to attend Bishop Gorman High School. Size and strength gains are imminent and accompanied by his actions and effort will lend to a future as a middle infielder. Kania throws from lower ¾ slot, relying on his core strength to provide the carry for his throws. He has a feel for ground ball footwork both in the outfield as well as the infield. At the plate, weight and strength gains will provide stability to a solid approach and consistent contact.