Interstate Games Preview: Team West

Max Schrantz
Deputy Director

The first ever Interstate Games will take place at Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex in Cortland, NY this upcoming Saturday, October 1st.


11am: Showcase Workout
* 10-30-60's, Offensive Rotation, Defensive Workout. Visual Edge and Swift EZE Jump mats also will be incorporated. POSITION PLAYERS ONLY. Pitcher Only do not need to attend unless they would like to run the 60 and perform the EZE Jump testing.
2pm: Central vs. Downstate (Green Field) / East vs. West (White Field)
4:30pm: Downstate vs. East (Green Field) / West vs. Central (White Field

Green Field: Left of the walkway
White Field: Right of the walkway


Game 1 (Subject to Change); 2pm
Joseph Trombley (1-3)
Aidan Paul (4-6)
Thomas Cheplick (7-9)

Game 2 (Subject to Change); 4:30pm
Robert Leach (1-3)
Conlan Taylor (4-5)
Sam Iuvino (6-8)
Daniel McCue (9)






Alex Green C / 1B / Wellsville, NY / 2024

Current 6th ranked catcher in the NY '24 Class and is fresh off the future games. Generates torque in the swing, with hip/shoulder separation prior to launch. High rotational acceleration numbers, and high on plane % with a barrel working slightly up through the zone. 95MPH Exit velo. 76MPH arm behind the plate. Uncommitted.

Rowen Beattie C / Pulaski , NY / 2024

6-0, 155LBS in a lean, wiry frame. The primary backstop shows a quick arm behind the plate with developing arm strength, clocking at 72MPH. Offensively shows some rotational acceleration in the swing, with a barrel coming in from a steeper angle. 87MPH peak exit velo. Jumps expected as frame matures. Uncommitted.

Tyler DeCicco C / 1B / Clarkstown North, NY / 2023

6-1, 205LBS. Right handed hitting catcher with developing pop. 88MPH Exit velo as of 2022 preseason. Early load and fluid swing. Compact set up behind the dish with 74MPH arm strength.


Corner INF

Masai Marshall 1B / OF / Poly Prep, NY / 2024

Athletic 6-2, 165LBS. Right handed hitting 1B/OF with rhythm and loose hands throughout. Solid bat speed and 90MPH exit velo. Developing arm strength and speed, that is likely to come due to overall athleticism. Uncommitted.

Daniel McCue 1B / RHP / La Salle Institute, NY / 2024

Uber projectable 6-3 frame. Hands fire from next to ear and work through the zone on a downhill path. Looks to meet the ball out front. 89MPH Exit velo. Works low to the ground at 1B and moves well around the bag. Uncommitted.

Logan Crilly 3B / 1B / Lakeland, NY / 2024

6-4, 210LBS corner INF. Developing pop from the right side and quality bat speed. (79.5MPH MAX per Blast Motion) Vertical set and attack from the right handed hitter. Flat barrel path, 93MPH Exit Velo. Uncommitted.



Middle Infield

Xavier Mann 2B / SS / City Honors , NY / 2023

5-11, 175LBS MIF who gets better each time out. Physical frame. Recent jump in measurables, registering a 98MPH Exit Velo, and 84MPH arm across the diamond. Quality right handed swing, with a flat barrel that is short to contact. Fundamentally sound on both sides of the ball. Lenoir-Rhyne Commit.

Conlan Taylor RHP / RHP / Owego Free Academy , NY / 2025

Advanced 2025 with two way potential. Athletic actions on both sides of the ball. Jumps expected as we have not evaluated in a showcase setting since last summer. FB running into low 80's. JR Future Games Alum.




Reid Martin OF / LHP / Dansville , NY / 2024

Wiry 6-2, 170LBS. Left handed hitting OFer and quality runner, clocking 6.82SEC 60YD. Hands fire from a bow & arrow load, with the barrel dropping into the slot. Bounces around in the OF, moving side to side well and putting himself in a position to make plays. Uncommitted.

Bryce Bailey OF / LHP / Waverly, NY / 2023

Left/left outfielder. Compact movements on both sides of the ball. Jumps expected, as have not evaluated since 2020. Uncommitted.


Robert Leach RHP / OF / Orchard Park, NY / 2023

6-2, 170LBS still with room to fill out. Features a FB that has been up to 85MPH with low spin qualities. Arm action is clean and uses some drift down the slope. Obvious projectability as he continues to mature and polish. Uncommitted.

Aidan Paul RHP / 3B / Medina, NY / 2023

6-3, 175LBS. FB up to 84MPH with more in the tank. 2300 spin on the FB. Has some whip in the arm action and is direct to target as it moves forward. Interesting arm with room to develop as he transitions to Niagara CCC.

Joseph Trombley 1B / RHP / Shaker , NY / 2023

Uber projectable 6-6, 230LBS. Vertical move down the mound, with a tall and fall delivery. FB up to 89MPH with bowling ball action. Arm stabs down at glove break prior to the forward move. High ceiling arm. Uncommitted.

Thomas Cheplick SS / RHP / Thomas A Edison High School, NY / 2024

Compact build. Throws from a low 3/4 to side are slot. Has some run on the FB. Slower, up and down breaker thrown from strikes. Uncommited.

Sam Iuvino LHP / 1B / St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, NY / 2025

Developing frame at 5-7, 150LBS. Arm goes through the circle with some bend in the elbow and a load into the scap. Arm speeds up as it works forward. Moves in a straight line down the mound and through into a firm front side. Tight glove side at finish.


2022 NY Interstate Games NY 10/01 Gutchess Lumber Sports Complex
2022 Last Chance Open: East (30% Full) NY 10/09 Dutchess Stadium
2022 Last Chance Open: Downstate NY 10/16 Poly Prep