Prep Baseball Report

On Deck Preview: Capital Region (2 of 3)

Ted Williams
Director of Scouting, PA

As the staff at PBR-New York is ready to embark on 2022, let's take a look at players that are ready to make that next jump during this year's Preseason All-State Tour.


Percentage Full: 75%
Registration Deadline: February 16th
Current Roster

Gianni Ricci RHP / OF / Shaker , NY / 2024

What to expect:
 High spin-rates and fluid, lengthy arm-action with more projection left at 6-foot-2, 175lbs. Rides the FB up at the letters and can land the offspeed for strikes (68-70 mph CB) with short, two-plane shape.

What we'd like to see: 
Increased command on the FB. Ricci turned up the velocity in his last appearance (T87 mph) for a personal best, but found the zone at a 27% rate.

Last Chance Preview - Downstate (10/16/21)


Joshua Ryan OF / 1B / Shaker, NY / 2023

What to expect:
 A strong-bodied prospect with some positional flexibility and multiple ways of getting onto the field. Generates natural twitch at the plate (RHH), driving the ball for distance to the left side.

What we'd like to see: 
Additional bat-speed (66 mph peak) would continue bolstering an already solid extra-base hit profile (343 foot batted ball).

2021 New York State Games


Dominic Aquino C / OF / Shaker , NY / 2023

What to expect:
 A quick release with comfortability in catch and throw behind the plate. Produces loft offensively and carries the ball with backspin to LCF (73 mph bat-speed).

What we'd like to see: 
Better consistency in the arm-strength from the crouch (66 mph) would push pop-times towards the 2.00 flat mark.

2021 New York State Games


Cameron Mailloux C / 1B / Shaker , NY / 2023

What to expect:
 Leveraged frame (6-1, 175lbs) that transfers to the playing field with some strength attributes (72 mph C arm).

What we'd like to see: 
Further growth on the offensive side of the ball (RHH) would take his game to another level.

2021 New York State Games





Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/06 The MAX - McCook, Ill.
2022 Preseason All-State - Hudson Valley - 65% Full NY 02/13 Paul Gerry Fieldhouse
2022 Northeast ProCase - SOLD OUT NY 02/20 Liberty Sports Arena
2022 Preseason All-State - Central - 35% Full NY 02/21 Sport Center 481
2022 Preseason All-State - West - 80% Full NY 02/21 Total Sports Experience
2022 Preseason All-State - Mohawk Valley - 20% Full NY 02/22 Accelerate Sports Complex
2022 Preseason All-State - Capital Region - 75% Full NY 02/23 All-Stars Academy
2022 Preseason All-State - Downstate (AM Session) - 35% Full NY 02/24 Athletes Warehouse
2022 Preseason All-State - Downstate (PM Session) - 40% Full NY 02/24 Warriors Baseball NY
2022 Preseason All-State - Long Island -30% Full NY 02/25 Long Island Sports Complex
2022 Northeast Rising Stars - 85% Full NY 03/12 Liberty Sports Arena