Trackman Traits - Pitching: Carlos Gonzalez (Inwood Academy/Washington State Commit)

Zach Guth
PA/NY Advanced Scout

Trackman Traits - Pitching: Carlos Gonzalez (inwood academy)

Welcome to Trackman Traits! In this piece we will be dissecting the numbers the Trackman produces and the effect they can have on a pitcher's approach. Below there will be definitions of each category that we believe to be the most important for a young arm to keep in mind as well as breaking down an arm and giving suggestions on how they can improve their game. Keep in mind, in some categories it is better to be further away from average even if the numbers are wavering on below average. 


Fastball velocity doesn't go much deeper than just looking at the numbers and comparing them to the graphic below! Fastball velocity complements just about all of the other metrics that are measured. If you throw hard, it makes all your other pitches/metrics even better.


Spin rate is a measurement that if you are below average or above average, you can pitch with more room for error. On the other hand, if you are average you should try to throw in the bottom half of the zone with exceptional command. High spin fastballs profile as one that is frequently described as having "late life". Low spin fastballs tend to profile as a fastball that has heavy feel to it. Pitch movement is still dependent on spin direction of the pitch but Trackman does not have that metric displayed on profiles. 


Bauer Units are an easier way of determining how useful the spin numbers are compared to the velocity. We can calculate this metric by taking average spin rate and dividing it by average velocity. Bauer Units are useful because we can have a case of two pitchers with the same spin numbers, ex. 2200 rpm, but one pitcher throws 90 mph and the other throws 83 mph. The pitcher throwing 90 mph with 2200 spin is not as impressive as the pitcher throwing 83 mph with the same spin. Typically, we would tell the harder throwing pitcher to throw up in the zone purely off his velocity and his high spin, but because his Bauer Units would equate to around 24 that would be only 1 unit off of average (23), therefore he would want to hammer the bottom of the zone. On the other side, the pitcher throwing 83 mph has a Bauer Unit measurement of 26 which is incredibly impressive. This would allow him to throw up in the zone even though his velocity is not blow away type numbers because he produces above average spin with that slated velocity. 


As far as deception and importance goes, fast induced vertical break (IVB) may be the most important. Induced vertical break is not what is sounds. IVB simply means the pitch is "breaking" upward from the average level a pitch falls from release to home plate. This is a stat that you want to stay away from being average at. Fortunately, this can be tweaked slightly depending on release height. To put it simply, the higher number =  more "rise" the pitch has compared to average. Lower number = more depth the pitch has to it. 


Spin rate on curveballs is pretty simple: higher spin = nastier stuff. There are some ways to manipulate spin numbers slightly but for the most part spin is spin. At the moment, there are no well known ways to change your spin in a big way. Spin not only dictates how sharp your curveball is, but it can also aid in keeping hitters honest by having similar rotation matching that of your fastball. 

Carlos Gonzalez

Class of 2022 / RHP

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2022
  • Primary Position: RHP
    Secondary Position: OF
  • High School: Inwood Academy
    State: NY
  • Summer Team: Elite Squad NY
  • Height: 6-4
    Weight: 210lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R

Scouting Report

Gonzalez was nothing short of over powering in his showcase bullpen in October. Flashing gaudy numbers on the Trackman unit, he proved himself to be a legit draft candidate for the 2022 MLB Draft. Jumping onto the scene at one of the last events of the year, Gonzalez will be a definite follow into the new year looking to see how much more he can boost his numbers up and increase his draft stock. Due to his eye popping Trackman numbers we are going to be comparing him to the highest level of competition we can in this segment. Most numbers will play in the MLB level as far as comparisons go so keep that in mind when we talk about these measurements. Although he struggled with command in his bullpen, his numbers were impressive and we can expect that command would be a little more dialed in during a game setting making him absolutely lethal. Recently committed to Washington State University, Gonzalez can be expected to be dialed in and ready to roll this spring. 



Fastball Breakdown


Velocity: As mentioned previously, there isn't much to analyze about velocity other than comparing the velocity for level of competition. If we do a comparison from the graphic above, we notice that Gonzalez has a working velocity of the top 50% in the big league level. Obviously, we are not making the claim that Gonzalez is an immediate major league level player, but keep in mind he does not graduate from high school until 2022. This allows him to increase his average velocity even higher in the remaining years before graduation.

Spin Rate: Gonzalez posted spin numbers averaging 2397 rpm and maxed out at 2520 rpm. This would place him in the top 25% for spin rate among big league arms. Spin and velocity alone, the ball gets on a hitter quick and stays on plane one plane longer, thus becoming even sneakier velo than it already is. 

Bauer Units: Flashing a Bauer Unit measurement at 27 maximum is impressive. Due to this measurement taking velocity into account when determining how useful the spin is, it is shocking that his Bauer Unit measurement is so high. Gonzalez maintains spin when traveling up the velocity ladder. Gonzalez would no doubt have success flashing a fastball up in the zone here and there and could possibly even settle in through the top half of the zone and still see a lot of success. 

Induced Vertical Break: So, what we know about IVB is that it is harder to maintain high numbers that harder you throw. The ball has to be impacted with copious amounts of spin and have good spin efficiency, which Trackman does not produce but we can assume from the numbers presented that the efficiency of the spin on his fastball would be ~90%. When we look at the number of 19.9 inches of IVB it is actually closer to what would be the top 5% in MLB Induced Vertical Break measurements. If we couldn't before, we can now make the definite assumption that Gonzalez throws a fastball that rides very well and would give hitters fits in the top half of the zone. 

Curveball Breakdown


Gonzalez spun his curveball exceptionally well. It is a pitch that could use some refinement to reach the same level as his fastball, but nonetheless, it is a high quality pitch at the high school level and even at the college level when we look at the chart. It showed good flashes of sharp break and "off the table" type movement that proved to be a no doubt swing and miss pitch. A number we can look at that should make anyone scouting Gonzalez excited is the Bauer Units measurement. League average is ~22-23 and Gonzalez is at 31. So assuming he gains more feel for this pitch and continues to trust it and throw it harder, the spin shoulder increase along with it making it an elite pitch as he moves forward in his career. The last measurement we want to take a look at that is just as important as the rest is the release height. If you take a look at release height on his fastball and his curveball they are nearly the same. This means that Gonzalez is releasing his hot fastball and a sharp breaking ball from the same height, which means to a hitter there is nothing different about his arm action. This makes it all the more difficult to process what is being thrown. 


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