PBR OK Sandlot Scout Day Upgrade: Third Basemen Analysis

Andy Urban
Oklahoma Scouting Director

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The third annual PBR Sandlot Scout Day was held at Broken Arrow HS on May 18th and at Oklahoma Christian on May 19th. This two day event feature most players in Sandlot organization. Covered here are only those players who chose to upgrade to a PBR profile at the event.

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Brett Bozarth 3B / OF / Weatherford, OK / 2022

Physical, advanced athlete at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, plus runner with strength and twitch.    Offensively, present bat speed, uses short, compact stance and load, pushes hands away from body to stride and swing, enters zone with small arm bar. Strong lower half throughout the swing, bigger movements to be developed to drive baseball in the air. Present line drive approach with short extension. In BP, shows a gap to gap approach with occasional lift, nearly all barrels, 90 mph exit velo. Runs a 6.93 60, efficient strides and burst. Defensively, shows raw fielding actions with some stiffness to throw. Muscle bound, long arm action with high ¾ release, 75 mph across the diamond.

Cole Deason 3B / RHP / Owasso , OK / 2022

A 6-foot, 160-pound third baseman hits from tall, upright stance, using simple lift to stride swing, front foot lands closed, locking lower half. Lower half stiffness, back side does not clear. Hands load deep, creating long hitting path through the zone, feet spin to finish. Pull side approach, slight lift, 77 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.40 60. Defensively, shows choppy actions, hesitant at times getting caught flat footed to field, arm strength to be developed. Glove works with clean transfer to get rid of baseball, sinking lower half to throw, ¾ arm slot at release, lacks carry, IF velo 71 mph across the diamond. 

Christian Dong 3B / RHP / Choctaw, OK / 2022

A sturdy 5-foot-10, 185-pound third baseman hits from slightly open stance from the right side, uses small roll-in to toe to load, heavy crouch into the backside. Hands and barrel load into strong position off the back shoulder, front hip out early creating arm bar and long sweeping bat action through the hitting zone. Drove the baseball with lift, 76 mph exit velo. Runs a 8.10 60. Defensively, strong lower half, gets into good field position ball right at him, corner IF footspeed and frame, glove works. Short, inward arm action, quick transfer to the ear ball came out at 74 mph. 

Doyle Gehring RHP / 3B / Bishop Kelley, OK / 2020

Air Force commit. Top 20 player in 2020 class. 6-foot-2, 175-pound projectable frame, athleticism in the field with good instincts. Offensively, the right-handed hitter uses tall, open setup to start, slow tempo lift to load and stride. Small dive with front foot, swing works through closed front side. Strong hands, creates average bat speed through the baseball on uphill plane. Balanced, strong throughout swing. Short extension and finish, consistent line drives in BP, 86 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.40 60. Defensively, created good angles, glove works through the baseball fielding on left side of body, creates momentum. More foot speed needed to play up the middle, current corner. High ¾ arm slot, accuracy and carry across the diamond at 85 mph. 

Nash Hunter 3B / 1B / Woodward, OK / 2022

A 5-foot-9, 225-pound corner infielder, hits from the right side of the plate using slightly open stance to start. Short simple stride to the baseball landing open, sturdy lower half, finishes with small spin. Average bat speed to the pull side, hands start center of the body and load slightly off the back ear. Some stiffness throughout the swing, negative attack angle to the baseball with short extension through the baseball, 84 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.59 60. Defensively, fields baseball left of center line with funneling action to center of body. Long arm action and transfer, heavy footwork, baseball travels across the diamond at 80 mph. 

Connor Kirby 3B / RHP / Bixby, OK / 2023

Young, 5-foot-11, 155-pound prospect, corner infielder hits from wide crouched stance, uses quick toe tap to stride, hands load the barrel flat and parallel to the ground. Hands work away from the body to attack, long flat path through the hitting zone. Lower half still to be developed in swing with added strength. In BP shows a flat and spray approach, 79 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.82 60. Defensively, shows raw feel with choppy actions, glove works to field, stiffness in bend. Short stride to throw, long arm action to release at high ¾ slot, delivered baseball across the diamond at 71 mph. 

Manning McAtee RHP / 3B / Clinton, OK / 2020

Seminole State JC commit. Top 10 player in the 2020 class. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound athletic right-handed hitter starts from a slightly crouched, square stance utilizing a lift-and-replace stride to initiate his swing. Hands used a short load with rhythm to get into the zone early, allowing him to stay on plane with the baseball. In BP, shows a gap to gap approach with occasional lift, some barrels, 89 mph exit velocity. Runs a 7.14 60-yard dash. Defensively, shows smooth actions with solid footwork and soft hands. Displayed an accurate 78 mph arm-strength on throws that featured a moderate takeaway followed by a short, quick arm-stroke across the diamond.

Ty Moore 3B / OF / Verdigris , OK / 2020

A 6-foot-2, 200-pound broad framed third baseman hits from a slightly open base, upper half closed to the baseball preset. Loads to the toe with limited hand and barrel movement, weight leaks to the front side at heel strike. Swings with authority, flashes of some bat speed with more to be developed. Finishes on heel, middle of the field line drive approach, 84 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.37 60. Defensively, good range and movement to the baseball for size, glove works out front, funnels to center of the body. Low, short ¾ arm action to throw, ball lacks carry across the infield at 74 mph. 

Mason Pennington RHP / 3B / Owasso, OK / 2021

A 6-foot-1, 180-pound long and lean frame, right-handed hitter uses big movements to generate some long bat speed. Tall, upright stance and slightly open, uses big hand pump and stride to swing, timing is inconsistent to the baseball at times. When on time and select spot, drives the baseball with lift, middle of field. Inconsistent barrels at times, jammed and inside out balls, 85 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.47 60. Defensively, shows fluid, loose actions, glove works through the baseball, feet and glove at times late on ball hit hard. Flashed some arm strength across the diamond with more to come, loose athletic arm action, drifts tall at times, ball carried 75 mph across the diamond.

Brody Rexroad C / 3B / Mustang, OK / 2021

A 6-foot-1, 200-pound physical presence behind the plate. Offensively, the right-handed hitter starts from a slightly open stance and uses a small hand movement to stay on time. In BP Rexroad stays and under control with gap to gap power and a direct path. Does a good job of staying through the baseball when he gives his strong lower half space to work.displayed a 88 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.63 60. Defensively, shows adequate hands and feet. Throws from multiple slots and arm strokes depending on the play, some accuracy at 80 mph. 

Gabe Russell 3B / 1B / Owasso, OK / 2020

A 6-foot-2, 180-pound solid built frame. Offensively, the left-handed smooth hitting corner infielder drove the baseball gap to gap in BP using a balanced, strong swing throughout. Athletic setup, uses a leg lift to stride and create separation, hands stretch and load the barrel in a strong hitting position. Short action to the baseball, back elbow and knee stay connected through contact. Quiet, strong core and lower half throughout, ball jumps off the bat with some lift, 88 mph exit velo. Runs a 7.40 60. Defensively, shows active feet and fluid actions, arm works across the diamond with some looseness. On throws, shows clean arm stroke coming through at ¾ slot with accuracy at 77 mph. Worked out in OF and 1B, ability to play multiple positions, good footwork and arm strength, 78 mph from the outfield.

Tyler Rust 3B / 2B / Edmond Santa Fe, OK / 2020

The 5-foot-7, 145-pound right-handed hitter starts with a tall, square stance utilizing a lift and replace stride to initiate his swing. Hands begin from a high slot with slight bat-wiggle for rhythm. Hits to a bent front side on occasion. In BP, shows an all fields and flat approach, 80 mph exit velocity. Runs a 7.09 60-yard dash. Defensively, shows athletic actions with advanced footwork.  Smooth hands funnel in towards the stomach with feet that consistently play through the baseball. A moderate takeaway is seen on throws of 75 mph across the infield with a short, quick arm stroke coming through a high ¾ arm-slot.