Prep Baseball Report

Interstate Games Preview: Team Central

Nathan Ocker
Director of Eastern PA

The first ever Interstate Games will take place at Iron Horse Complex in Windber, PA this upcoming weekend.


-Saturday 10/1:
1pm: Check-in
2pm: Showcase Workout
* 10-30-60's, Offensive Rotation, Defensive Workout. Visual Edge and Swift EZE Jump mats also will be incorporated. POSITION PLAYERS ONLY. Pitcher Only do not need to attend unless they would like to run the 60 and perform the EZE Jump testing.

-Sunday 10/2:
9am: East vs. Central
11:30am: West vs East
2pm: Central vs West 


Game 1 vs. East (Subject to Change); 9am
Jonah Richardson (1-3)
Brodie Collins (4-5)
Derek Smail (6-7)
Cooper Natisin (8-9)

Game 2 vs. West (Subject to Change); 2pm
Eli Olshefski (1-3) 
Dallas Alexander (4-6)
Carson Kensinger (7-9)



Brodie Collins C / RHP / Delone Catholic , PA / 2024

The RHH has a balanced stance with a flat swing through the zone which creates some lift to the baseball. 91mph EV with a max distance of 356ft at the 2022 PA State Games. Behind the dish he shows the ability to be comfortable in various approaches and stances. On the mound he can spin the baseball with a FB at 81-84 with 2259rpms. Adv. feel for a CH with late fade in zone 100% of the time. 


Alex Eisenberger C / OF / Donegal , PA / 2023

Athletic build, with good body awareness through all aspects of the game. Has a whippy bat path that allows him to create some power to the pull-side. Rotational acceleration and power is at the top end of the scale which could project into even more added juice. Receiving the ball he has soft hands, what separates him from some of the other catchers in his class, is his feel for a quick first move while throwing to second base, he replaces his feet well and stays in his legs. Penn State York Commit.


Eddie Dolansky C / RHP / Fairview , PA / 2024

The lengthy framed RHH shows feel for the barrel, EV of 90mph with a pull-side/middle approach.  In the 2022 PA State Games, we saw him carry what he did in BP into the games, as he settled for multiple extra base hits.  As a catcher, he shows the awareness to receive the ball consistently in the pocket. Pop times ranged from 1.92-1.97.  


Corner INF

Derek Smail 1B / RHP / Clarion Area, PA / 2025

One of the best players in the 2025 class in PA, a presence in the box standing at 6'1" 228lbs. We saw him at 2022 PA State Games with a smooth swing through the zone with a one-handed finish. He projects as a middle of the order type player, with power to the pull side and an EV of 93mph. Defensively, he has good athleticism for his size to both his forehand and backhand. On the rubber, he boasts a FB at 80-83 T84 while offering a SL at 68-71. An uncommitted potential power threat, 2-way player at the next level. 


Trevor Balcerzak 1B / OF / Riverside, PA / 2023

Broad-shoulderded RHH has a comfortable stance and advanced feel for barrel control, resulting in 50% of batted balls registered as a hard hit. Has plus bat speed and an EV of 93. What we have seen, most of his hard contact are to the LCF gap. At first base, he has feel for attacking the big hop and when to sit back and corral the baseball. Throws the ball from a high 3/4 slot at 83mph across the diamond.  SUNY-Cortland Commit.


Jonah Richardson 3B / RHP / Boiling Springs, PA / 2024

A 2022 PBR FG attendee, has an uphill swing that allows the ball to carry for distance and power to the LCF gap. Has an extra-base hit approach, which projects him to be a middle of the order threat as he progresses. At the hot corner, he shows comfortable movements to the left and right with simple footwork, and a strong arm across to 1B. On the mound, has great pace with a fast arm, FB registering up to 87.6 at FG. SL has the makings to be an out pitch at the next level with late depth and horizontal movement. A big time uncommitted 2024.


Tommy Kratz 3B / RHP / Methacton, PA / 2025

The RHH at the plate shows the ability to have a consistent and repeatable swing. We have seen him register a 90mph EV at the 2022 PA State Games. At 3B, he has athletic movements while he is on the balls of his feet with a low posture. Delivers 79mph strikes across the infield from a high 3/4 arm slot.  


Middle INF

Kaden Brezenski SS / 3B / DuBois Central Catholic, PA / 2023

The RHH has simple movements and keeps things to a minimum, simple load, and good extension through point of contact. He will make things happen by putting the ball in play often. When making contact this results in line drives up the middle of the field. In the infield, he plays low to the ground with a quick first step towards the baseball. Active feet allows him to stay moving towards target during the fielding motion. He has also shown the ability to range to his forehand to make plays up the middle.  


Aari Fox SS / 2B / Fairview, PA / 2024

The athletic infielder runs a 6.94 60. 5'10" 165, flashes some power with an EV registering 91mph at the 2022 PA State Games, and a max distance of 334ft. Defensively, he plays fast but smooth and under control. 84 mph arm across the infield. Spark plug of a ball player and gamer mentality - there is no off switch, everything is game speed. 



Andy Roberts OF / 1B / Malvern Prep, PA / 2025

Projectable framed RHH has a wide stance with a simple loading pattern. Gets to point of contact quickly, with a two-handed finish. With his current build, he has the ability to generate more power once he grows into his frame. In the OF, he works through the ball, fielding it on the left side of his body.  Has a clean transfer into his short take back of an arm swing.


Dawson Smail OF / 1B / Clarion Area, PA / 2024

Dawson finds himself as one of the premier LHH in the country. Consistent bat to ball skills allows him to hit the baseball all over the park. The Xavier Commit has the ability to be a top of the lineup bat, at the next level. He also has the ability to play multiple positions, in the OF and at 1B which separates himself from others in his class. 


Cooper Natisin OF / LHP / Quakertown Community, PA / 2024

The athletic framed LHH has the ability to really make a difference at the plate. He posses quick hand speed, and the ability to hit the ball into the gaps. He stays active with his feet in the outfield and has an 81mph arm. On the mound, he has a simple delivery with a smooth arm path, we have seen him up to 81.4 on his FB, but there is more in the tank as he continues his development. 


Kyle Skutack OF / 1B / Scranton Prep, PA / 2023

The last time we saw Kyle he had a good presence in the box, and created consistent contact with the ball. What jumped out to us, was his On-Plane Efficiency measured at 94%. This results in repetitive swing plane and a higher sweet spot %. Defensively, he works through the ball well and gets the ball out and on time with a consistent/accurate throwing to the bases. 


Carson Kensinger LHP / 1B / Hollidaysburg Area, PA / 2024

The uncommitted two-way prospect has a simple load and direct swing path to the baseball. This results in lots of hard hit balls. At the 2022 PA State Games we saw him register a 91.5 EV. He carries over his simple characteristics into his defense, where he makes things look effortless. On the rubber, we have seen him at 78-80 T81. Metrically his FB will play very well at the top of the zone creating swing and miss. Offers a SL and CH to compliment his FB. 


Pitcher Only

Dallas Alexander LHP / Central Mountain , PA / 2023

The LHP has an over the top throwing motion, with the ability to spin the baseball. His FB, that we have seen, has been up to 80mph with ride at the top of the zone. CB has good, late action which should play against both RHH and LHH. He has a hard CH coming in at 75mph, it has a slight downward action to it, which makes it effective. Lebanon Valley College Commit.


Eli Olshefskie LHP / OF / Hughesville , PA / 2023

The uncommitted LHP has the makings to really help a program succeed. A FB that we have seen up to 81mph, paired with a CB with -11.5 VB and 12.5 HM.  That combination has the ability to create outs, not just against LHH but RHH also. He also flashes a CH that has ASR. 



2022 PA Interstate Games PA 10/01 Iron Horse Complex
2022 Last Chance Open: West (50% Full) PA 10/09 Historic Pullman Park
2022 Last Chance Open: East (70% Full) PA 10/15 Millersville University
2022 Last Chance Open: Central PA 10/29 Liberty Arena