Prep Baseball Report

On Deck Preview: Pre Season All State- North Central

Andrew Kowalo
Director of Baseball


From now until mid February we will be highlighting players that will be back in front of our our eyes this preseason. Today we take a look at:

Brayden Horton C / 1B / Sayre Area, PA / 2022

What to expect: Brayden is a very solid player who has been able to lock down the position of the number 5 ranked catcher in Pennsylvania. The 6’0 195 left handed hitter has some power in his bat and some advanced knowledge of the game. There are many reasons Brayden has caught the attention of college coaches everywhere. He was able to run a 6.85 60 yard dash, along with a solid pop time between 1.96-2.02 seconds in a showcase setting. Look for his all around numbers to improve as we go into this preseason.

What we’d like to see: Certain athletes have the ability to catch your attention as soon as they step on the field. Passing the eye test is an important factor, but the having all around skill is what can get you to the next level. When watching Brayden the one part of his game that stands out would be his throwing accuracy. If he can get more consistent with his throws to bases we believe he has the ability to be an everyday catcher at the next level.


Luke Horton RHP / OF / Sayre Area, PA / 2023

What to expect: Luke is a 6’2 185 right handed pitcher who has some potential to grab the attention of coaches around the region this year. Last year he was seen up to 85mph with a simple windup and a quick arm to the plate. He made a jump from 78-79 at last year's Preseason All-State event up to 85 at the 2020 Pa State Games. If he can make another jump like that in the next 6-12 months, look for Luke to have a lot of success on the mound.

What we’d like to see: As a two way player it can be difficult to keep both sides of your game up to par. Offensively Luke posted a 97mph exit velocity which shows his strength and ability to use his body. If he can continue to improve that number and carry that explosiveness onto the mound, his throwing velocity should increase. With another jump in velocity and some cleaning up of his off speed we could be seeing Luke transform into a serious prospect.


AJ Wenrich 3B / 2B / Central Dauphin, PA / 2022

What to expect: AJ has displayed some above average tools on both sides of the ball. He has been seen running a 6.8 60 yard dash, along with showing a simple gap to gap approach at the plate producing a 98 mph exit velocity. Defensively he has quick feet and a solid glove that allows him to play fluid and in rhythm. He also added some improved arm strength in the last 12 months jumping from 79 to 83 mph.

What we’d like to see: Being a guy who can play on the left side of the infield requires two things, arm strength and a quick release. For Aj, we would like to see his arm action and arm strength improve. His throwing motion is a little stiff and long compared to an elite infielder, but with some improvement there, his game would really solidify.


Griffin Coyne RHP / Freedom, PA / 2022

What to expect: Griffin is a 6’0 180lb right handed pitcher who to the naked eye shows average stuff on the mound, but when we got hooked up on Trackman, his numbers really impressed. For only having a velocity from 80-83mph, he is able to make his ball play much different. In three categories he was able to show above average numbers. His Bauer Units were 26, he had 6.07 feet of extension, and 19.4 inches of induced vertical break. All three of those number are in the 90th percentile. This means his fastball plays much faster than 83mph and that he will give hitter fits when they step into the box against him.

What we’d like to see: With the impressive Trackman measurables, the next step for Griffin is to keep building on his already impressive foundation. Though his velocity may not jump out to you, he has some “hidden” talent in his right arm that will make him very valuable down the road. If he can jump up into the mid 80’s this preseason and hold his other measurables in tact, coaches will be flocking to get their hands on him.





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