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Texas All-State Games: Quick Hits (Catchers)

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

WACO, TX - The PBR Texas All-State Games was a huge success on Sunday, November 4. The top talent in from the 2020-2022 classes converged on the campus of Baylor University to compete against players from all over our great state. We have highlighted a number of groups over the past couple of days, and today we continue with catchers. It took a couple days to get to this group, but outside of the arms that threw on Sunday, it may be the most talented group positionally. Here are a few of the standouts, both offensively and defensively.


2021 Christopher Bernal (McAllen HS) has an aggressive mentaility to got with strong tools that project well to the next level. The right-handed hitter posted an exit velocity of 97 mph with explosive bat speed. Starting from a tall stance, he uses a low-hanging leg kick to stride forward as he walks away from his hands, landing with good separation. Twitchy hands produce strength at contact with carry through the gaps. Behind the plate, he has an ultra-fast exchange and soft hands to go with a top velocity from the crouch of 75 mph and pop times of 1.9-2.09. Commanded the field during the game shows athletic footwork on blocks.

We mentioned 2020 C/OF Robert Antonetti (Grapevine HS) earlier in the week, and he posted the top velocity for catcher with 84 mph. The left-handed hitter also posted an exit velocity of 97 mph.  Sets up low in his recieving stance, giving pitchers a good low target. Hands are plenty strong enough to handle velocity at the bottom of the zone. Quiet actions with easy body sway that should continue to improve. Pop times ranged from 2.01-2.26, ran a 7.19 60-yard dash, but the bat is still his best tool. The left-handed hitter has simple strength with easy bat speed and feel for the barrel. We have seen him hit multiple times over the past two years and he will be an impact hitter early in his collegiate career.

2020 Cole Ketzner (Magnolia HS) threw thigh high strikes to second base with uber consistent pop times of 2.1-2.15 and a top velocity from the crouch of 73 mph. Easy gather with directional footwork, he throws with low effort from a high-¾ slot. The right-handed hitter has added a leg kick this fall and it has been working in his favor, allowing his hands to free up with an exit velocity of 92 mph. Easy rhythm with loose hands and explosive lower half transfer allow him to drive the ball and use the whole field, including a triple he legged out during the game. Handled the ball well during the game with soft hands, and relaxed blocking ability, and his throws wer accurate between innings.

2021 Gabriel Herrara (Reagan HS) has an athletic, high-waisted frame at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, and the right-handed hitter projects for more power in the future. Really like the way his hands work back as he strides forward, creating separation and leverage. Loose hack through the zone with lag in the barrel creates strength at contact with great extension. Transfers his weigth with authority while also maintaining balance and staying stacked. Good athlete behind the plate with soft hands and easy sway receiving. Compact exchange with a short front side, 2.15-2.27 pop times and top velocity from the crouch of 73 mph.

2020 Scott Siebenthall (King HS) has an athletic, high-waisted, projectable frame at 6-foot, 173-pounds. Really like the swing from the right-handed hitter. Quality rhythm, balance and leverage to go with a short path and loose hands that create lag and whip through the zone. Behind the plate, he has a quick exchange on pop times ranging from 2.0-2.12 with a 75 mph velocity from the crouch. He also ran a 7.15 60-yard dash.. 7.15, 75 c, 2.0-2.12, 86 exit.

2020 Dillon Flores (Lewisville HS) has stood out in the past with his easy exchange and accurate arm to second base, but the right-handed hitter has made strides this fall and the swing has improved a ton. The right-handed hitter uses a reverse leg lift as he triggers his hands, then throws the barrel as he transfers his weight through contact with pull side carry. Really good lower half mobility with directional footwork and the ability to put the ball on the bag - in both the workout, and games - with a top velocity from the crouch of 77 mph, and pop times ranging from 2.07-2.16.

2020 Carter Pool (Keller HS) has really soft actions behind the plate with a quiet glove that sync up well on throws to second base. Clean arm swing from an over the top slot with carry at 74 mph and pop times ranging from 2.12-2.19 seconds. The right-handed hitter has twitch in his hands that produced hard contact through the middle of the field with line drive power during BP.

2020 Justin McMahan (Forney HS) has added strength and muscle to his 6-foot, 175-pound frame this fall. The right-handed hitter took a solid round of BP, lacing balls through the middle of the field with gap power. Starting from a tall stance, he loads with a slight toe-tap and really gets into his front side with an explosive lower half transfer. Hands work with lag through the zone and snap to finish on a mostly flat path with a 92 mph exit velocity. Athletic lower half behind the plate allows for good mobility. Arm works well to throw with a top velocity from the crouch of 78 mph and pop times of 2.0-2.14.

2021 Quaid Tschetter (Byron Nelson HS) has the kind of athleticim and strength that are going to make him a fun player to follow over the next couple of years. Started the day by running a 6.97 60-yard dash, then took an outstanding round of BP. The right-handed hitter has quick-strong hands with a direct, flat path through the zone, gap power, and an exit velocity of 88 mph. Posted pop times of 1.97-2.11 with a top velocity from the crouch of 75 mph.

2021 Nick Lazzara (Dallas Jesuit) has big time pop from both sides of the plate, and posted an exit velocity of 96 mph. Late in game three, from the left side, he tattooed a ball into the right-centerfield gap for extra bases. Tough to tell which side of the plate is his dominant side as there is rhythm and power both right - and left handed. Solid arm strength from behind the plate with a top velocity from the crouch of 77 mph and pop times ranging from 2.11-2.26 seconds.

2020 Beau Preston (Prosper HS) has a strong, durabel frame at 6-foot-175-pounds, with plenty of arm strength on throws to second base (80 mph) and 2.0-2.19 pop times. Good lower half mobility and soft hands allow him to move well laterally on blocks. He volunteered to catch in two games when a player dropped out. The right-handed hitter has raw strength at the plate with an 88 mph exit velocity. Rotates to contact with quick hands working on a flat path and made hard contact during BP.

2021 Sergio Guerra (San Diego HS) has versatility to his game with his ability to catch and play infield. Quick two-handed exchange with a fairly accurate arm on throws to second base with good strength for his class. Posted pop times of 2.11-2.26 with a top velocity of 74 mph from the crouch. The arm strength translates on the infield as well, where he threw 84 across the diamond. The bat stand out during BP with hard contact through the middle of the field. Uses a short leg kick as he loads back, triggers his hands back and points the barrel over his head. Inside out path, barrel stays in the zone a long time, strength at contact with an exit velocity of 87 mph.

2020 C Devin Goins (Taft HS) is an offensive left-handed hitting catcher with a strong frame at 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. Accurate arm to second base with a clean exchange and easy effort, posted pop times of 2.08-2.14 with a top velocity from the crouch of 72 mph.

2020 C Luke Piper (Guyer HS) is an offensive player with a strong frame at 6-foot-1, 200-pounds. Posted an exit velocity of 90 mph and flew out twice on the barrel deep to the outfield. Consistently makes hard contact with really good barrel awareness. Starts from an open stance, then pushes back to load with a low-hanging leg kick as he walks away from his hands. Really gets into his front side, using his strength to pound balls from gap to gap. 2.19-2.26 pop times with a top velocity from the crouch of 70 mph.

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