Prep Baseball Report

Texas Commitment Roundup

Nick Cicere
Texas Director of Operations

Prep Baseball Report Texas has installed a new feature titled “Texas Commitment Roundup”, where the PBR Texas staff will recap recent collegiate commitments made by players native to the state.


Storm Hierholzer RHP / 1B / Lake Travis, TX / 2020

COMMITMENT: Texas Christian University

SCOUTING REPORT: Working from a ¾ slot, the right-hander showed high-end stuff with real sink and run on a heavy fastball at 87-91 mph. He also proved again that he can spin the ball, mixing in a 78 mph slider with 10/4 shape and depth, to go with a 72-74 mph curveball. At 6-foot-1, 180-pounds, there is still more left in the tank.  


Malikai Wickley 3B / 1B / Ronald Reagan, TX / 2020

COMMITMENT: Tulane University 

SCOUTING REPORT: He has an athletic stance with a simple load in his hands, and he gets torque in his hips/core within his load. He stays behind the ball with his body, and is in a strong position with his head down through contact to keep his barrel in the zone a long time.  At shortstop, he had 82 mph arm strength and showed athleticism in his quick footwork and his ability to change arm angles effectively. At first base, he showed agility and plus footwork around the bag and grades out as a plus defender at first.


Blane Romero SS / RHP / Oak Ridge , TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: McNeese State University

SCOUTING REPORT: His swing has fluidity, looseness, and rhythm that contribute to his easy swing. Works from behind the baseball with his body which allows for minimal head movement in the swing, swing has level plane and barrel is in the zone a long time, and has a quick bat.  In the infield he has flashy actions with fluid footwork and a clean exchange, and showed some accuracy at 84 mph across the diamond. 


Benjamin Holbert OF / RHP / College Station, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of Louisiana-Monroe

SCOUTING REPORT: He has an easy swing with tons of leverage from the right side, has an athletic stance, with an easy weight shift, explosive bat speed through the hitting zone, and is in the zone a long time with his barrel.  Has athleticism in the outfield as he moves through the baseball with fluidity, a clean exchange, and has a quick release with serious arm strength and carry (93 mph) to the dish.


Luke Douthitt RHP / 1B / Plano West , TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Cisco Junior College

SCOUTING REPORT: Wiry-strong, quick twitch frame at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds. and threw every fastball at 86 mph with arm-side run from a high slot with a quick arm swing. He spun a 12/6 curveball with depth at 70-71 mph, and showed feel for a changeup with arm side fade at 75-79 mph.  Douthitt works in-line to the plate with his delivery and lands square as well.


Weston Symes SS / 2B / Frisco Centennial, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Navarro College

SCOUTING REPORT: Symes hits from the right side in an athletic stance with a smooth load, and quick-twitch ability in the hands at the plate and in the field.  Symes carries himself with some swagger and has good energy on the field at all times. He has smooth footwork in the infield with soft hands, and works through the ball well with his body and has a quick release with carry and accuracy across the diamond; 81 mph.



Cody Pike OF / 3B / Lindale, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: North Central Texas Junior College

SCOUTING REPORT: There is an ease to his game with natural actions in the outfield and simple strength at the plate. Pike has a strong frame at 6-foot, 185-pounds, and generates plenty of bat speed (92 mph) with fast hands and natural lift as he attacks the inside of the baseball with whip in his barrel. 

Cole Alexander 1B / LHP / Liberty Hill, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of Central Arkansas

SCOUTING REPORT: Alexander has an athletic stance with looseness in his hands and wrists, takes a compact simple load, has strong leg drive, quick tight turns in his body during the swing, aggression and loose barrel action, and a quick finish at shoulder height with his barrel. Moved well at first base, showed arm strength (87 mph), and made tough picks during the infield session.

Keagan Vance SS / RHP / Clear Lake, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Lamar University 

SCOUTING REPORT: The right-hander starts in an open stance in a slight crouch and a flat bat, he loads back with rhythm in his hands as they relax into the hitting slot, he pulls his left knee back before his short stride back to parallel, and his barrel works loosely through the zone with a smooth finish. Vance has presence and swagger in the box and in the infield. His infield actions are solid, he showed soft hands with fluid footwork, a clean exchange, a quick DP feed, and accuracy at 84 mph across the diamond.


Jack Hattrup LHP / 1B / Plano West, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Baylor University

SCOUTING REPORT: Hattrup has a quick arm action, and has an over-the-top delivery that creates downward tilt to all of his pitches.  His fastball was 82-84 mph with life, he had feel for a sharp curveball at 68-69 mph with an 11/5 shape and plenty of depth, and his changeup was 64-65 mph.  Hattrup has tempo in his windup, maintains balance at the top of his motion, sinks into his backside before going down the mound, works in line with a strong front side, and has an aggressive backside finish.


Michael Cervantes SS / 3B / Clear Springs, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of Louisiana-Monroe

SCOUTING REPORT: Cervantes impressed in the infield with his abilities to play into hops with his feet, he glides to balls with quick footwork, and has a very quick release and arm action. Cervantes showed the ability to maneuver his body and change arm angles very effectively and accurately. Controls the barrel with a short path to the baseball, has quick hands at the plate, and excellent balance in the swing.  

Jaxon Weber LHP / OF / Hebron, TX / 2021

COMMITMENT: Texas Christian University

SCOUTING REPORT: On the mound, the left-hander works from a ¾ slot with a long, loose arm swing, tall and fall delivery, and athletic lower half. The left-handed hitter has an aggressive hack with balanced leg kick, loose-quick hands, strength in the barrel, natural lift, and an exit velocity of 85 mph. In the outfield, he plays through the ball with quick footwork, rhythm and athleticism, and throws with a long, loose arm stroke at 83.


Drake Smith SS / 2B / Katy, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Northwestern State University

SCOUTING REPORT: At the plate, he hits from an open stance, has a smooth load with his body and a long load back with his hands to create plenty of separation, he takes a short stride across to a parallel base, and has quick hands and wrists that whip the barrel through the hitting zone.  Has a live arm from the infield topping out at 91 mph, can change arm angles with accuracy, and his ball has true carry. He has simple glove actions out in front of his feet, and has a quick and clean exchange with his momentum moving fluidly through the play.



Cal Martin 1B / 3B / Reagan, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Stephen F. Austin University

SCOUTING REPORT: He starts from a tall open stance with his hands set back and away from his body. Early, smooth load back as he triggers his hands down and back, then strides out, landing square and balanced. Gets the barrel on plane early, then works on an uphill path through contact with a high finish. Strong lower half rotation with balance as he transfers his weight. At first base, Martin makes the routine play look easy as he is able to play low with soft hands out front. Has a good overall feel for the position with rhythm in his feet as he comes off the bag at first base.


Diego Johnson SS / 2B / Hebron, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

SCOUTING REPORT: He has fluid athletic movements in the infield with quick footwork, he funnels the ball to his midline, and has a quick arm action with accuracy (85 mph).  Johnson pounded a 93 mph exit velo off the tee, and has more fluidity and rhythm at the plate. He hits from an athletic stance with rhythm in his hands, has a long load back with his hands to create separation, works on plane through the hitting zone with good extension, and has a lot of quick twitch ability in his hands/barrel. 


Jimmy Crooks C / 3B / Trinity, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: McLennan Community College

SCOUTING REPORT: Crooks is a left-handed hitting catcher with a smooth hack. Showed increased bat speed and strength in his hands during batting practice, with an exit velocity of 90 mph off the tee. Uses a relaxed leg kick to create leverage and timing. Short path to the ball with natural lift from the left side. Behind the plate, Crooks has a quick exchange and throws from a short arm stroke to post the top pop times of the event at 1.94-2.04, with a velocity from the crouch of 80 mph.

Kyle Sonduck SS / RHP / Tompkins, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of Incarnate Word


Micah Berens RHP / C / Timbercreek, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Northwestern State University


Grant Walters LHP / OF / Jacksonville, TX / 2020

COMMITMENT: Stephen F. Austin University 



Trent Dean OF / 2B / Sachse, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Paris Junior College


Alexander Lopez C / OF / Houston Lamar, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: McLennan Community College


Wyatt Childress C / 1B / Georgetown, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Texas A&M University


Zack Hargrove 2B / 3B / Allen, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Newman University


Bryce Miller OF / New Braunfels, TX / 2017

COMMITMENT: Texas A&M University (via Blinn Junior College)


Garrison Berkley OF / Aledo, TX / 2020

COMMITMENT: Texas Christian University


Hayden VanderRoest RHP / SS / Shallowater, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Texas State University


Blake Marsh OF / 1B / Trinity Christian, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Wichita State University


Miguel Santos 2B / RHP / Centennial, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: McLennan Community College


Jacob Guerrero OF / 1B / Colleyville Heritage, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of New Mexico


Bryson Hudgens RHP / 1B / Argyle, TX / 2018

COMMITMENT: Weatherford College


Clayton Rejebian RHP / OF / Highland Park, TX / 2018

COMMITMENT: Middle Tennessee State University 


Terrell Hudson 3B / Goldwater, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: University of New Mexico


Don Flannery RHP / 3B / Fredericksburg, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: United States Military Academy


Miller Ladusau OF / Rockwall-Heath, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Abilene Christian University 


David Gonzalez LHP / 1B / Sachse, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Stephen F. Austin University 


Caleb Hill OF / Grandview, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Nicholls State University 


Alex Magers RHP / 3B / D'Hanis, TX / 2019

COMMITMENT: Texas A&M University 


Elijah Rodriguez OF / Midway, TX / 2020

COMMITMENT: San Diego State University