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Limited Series East Tournament Scout Blog Part II



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Today is our second and final scout blog recapping the PBR VA/DC Limited Series East that took place at Bryant & Stratton. Yesterday we recapped the first set of four teams and today we will break down Coastal Sports, Virginia Cardinals 2022, Delmarva Aces 2021, and the Virginia Breeze National 2022.

Here are 27 players that stood out to our staff during the two day segment of their tournament.

Delmarva 21's

Christian Colmery RHP St. Marks (DE) 2021

Athletic mover on the mound with repeatable delivery. Works from a three-quarter slot with a short quick arm. Had control of the fastball to both sides of the plate at 84-87 mph and touched 88 mph a few times. Breaking ball had 11/5 shape at 70-73 mph with spin up to 2350. Solid feel for a 76-78 mph changeup that displayed nice arm speed and some late fade. The breaking ball has a chance to be a really nice pitch at the next level as is plays really well off the fastball. Colmery has not been on the mound for a long time so it is a fairly low mileage arm with a ton of athleticism with some present polish and a high upside.

Conor Ellingsworth C Sussex Tech (DE) 2021 (Maryland)

Athletic frame with some strength. Athletic set up at the plate. Short hands with the barrel that stays in the zone. Shows some strength to pull side offensively wanting to drive the ball. Quick hands and bat speed. Really like behind the dish. Smart, good hip control, quiet receiver. Short arm action and throws have carry with accuracy.

Mason Drummond SS/RHP Smyrna (DE) 2021

Taller, open set up at the plate. Squares feet up with short leg lift in load while lowering the hands and bringing back up. Level path at the plate with uphil finish. Shows gap to gap ability in game, peppering the field. Nice actions defensively, showed good lateral movement and clean hands. Throws have carry across the diamond. On the mound throws from a low three-quarter arm slot with a normal arm circle. Build up delivery that is coiled at the top. Fastball had above average command to the glove side and run to the arm side. Fastball sat 80-82 mph and touched 83 a few times. Breaking ball sat 70-71 with average feel and 11/5 shape.

Alex Adams 2B/RHP Sussex Tech (DE) 2021

Athletic frame with a three pitch mix on the mound. Short quick arm from three-quarter arm slot. Fastball sat 77-79 mph and worked to both sides of the plate. Showed a tight short action curveball that sits 67-69 mph with 12/6 break. Also flashed a knuckleball that he had above average feel for at 62-64 mph. Pounded the stride zone with mainly the fastball and breaking ball making quick work during his outing.

Tyler Bowen RHP Indian River (DE) 2021

Athletic projectable frame with a loose whippy arm action from a high three-quarter slot. Down and out stride moving down the mound and lands slightly closed. Fastball had downhill tilt at 84-87 mph and played well at the bottom of the zone. Slider was 73-75 with late life and above average feel. Is an interesting arm with a high ceiling.

Clay Wardius RHP Broadwater Academy 2021

Ultra projectable frame at 6-foot-7 with some present strength and room to add more. It is a long exaggerated slower arm action from a low three-quarter arm slot. Lands closed off and has some crossfire action. Fastball was 81-83 and touched 84 a few times. Breaking ball had a bigger 11/5 action out of a tough slot and was a difficult look for right handers. This is a high ceiling arm that with some added arm speed and strength could make a nice jump in velo.

Andrew Rigby LHP/OF Caesar Rodney (DE) 2022

Athletic left/left 2-way prospect. Short quick arm action on the mound working from a high three-quarter arm slot. Controlled pace delivery with repeatable mechanics. Fastball sat 79-82 and had solid feel for the pitch working to the arm side. Tight late break on a 69-70 mph slider with above average feel. At the plate it is a slightly narrow upright stance. Hands are short to contact and displayed nice barrel control. Barreled up multiple balls on the weekend and flashed ability to adjust and handle bad pitches deep in counts.

Virginia Breeze 2022's

Cooper Newell RHP Hickory 2022

Lanky projectble 6-foot-2 frame. Paced, build up style delivery with average leg kick and lands slightly closed at stride. Athletic clean arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Fastball shows late arm side action on the pitch that ranged 83-86 on the day and worked to both ends of the zone. Showed two breaking pitches, a 11/5 curveball at 69-70 that had bigger shape and a tight late slider with arm speed at 72-73 mph.

Kyle Haines RHP/OF St. Christopher's 2022

Lanky projectable frame with room to add more. Sound arm action that works straight back out of break. Fastball shows slight sink on the pitch. Breaking ball has11/5 shape with gradual break to the pitch. Has just recently gotten back on the mound so the arm fatigued quickly and velo dropped the deeper he went. Early on the fastball The fastball was 80-83 mph early and fell to 78-80 as he continued to work. Breaking ball had tight hard 12/6 shape at 70-73 mph and has a chance to play. Solid arm speed on the changeup at 70-71 mph with some late arm side fade.

Camden Nuckols 1B/RHP St. Christopher's 2022

Compact, sidestep delivery with pace. Deliberate, high leg kick that transfers into shoulder tilt working downhill. Average backside involvement through release. Arm is quick and clean with whip. Fast arm speed through release from a three quarter slot. Gets arm side run on the fastball. Had two outings on the weekend. One inning Saturday where it was an easy 87-88 mph with minimal effort and the ball jumped out of the hand. Sunday the delivery had a little more intent and did not play as well out of the hand, but the velo held solid at 85-87 mph. Breaking ball has 10/4 shape with fastball arm speed and late life at 78-79 mph. Changeup has plus potential at 76-77 mph with late hard fade. Durable frame with room for growth and physicality. More there and a very interesting prospect on the bump. Power potential to the pull side at the plate and stays back well on offspeed allowing for some adjusment in the swing.

Brian Curley RHP Trinity Episcopal 2022

Athletic frame with some projection left to it. Balanced repeatable delivery with shoulders uphill moving down the mound and works with intent. Lands on line towards the plate and has a quick short arm action from a high three-quarter arm slot. Fastball stayed 86-88 mph during this outing with a higher spin rate ranging from 2300-2490 via Stalker ProIIS. Slider has definite swing and miss potential at 75-78 mph with late hard life and tunnels well out of the hand. Feel for it was average and seemed to get it over more consistently when velo backed down a bit. Has made a big velo jump in the last year and seems to still be growing into the arm, but this is an exciting low mileage arm that has a lot of life.

Dustin Moon SS/2B Isle of Wight 2022

Thin athletic frame with room to add strength. Athletic stance starts in line and hands load back to an arm bar. Level path swing with a gap to gap approach and line drive tendency. Contact driven swing with ability to hit for average. Needs to add arm strength, but should not be a problem as he continues to fill out the frame.

Jacob Miller-Bopp SS/RHP Walsingham 2022

Athletic frame with two-way potential. Repeatable delivery on the mound that builds up pace throughout. Works out of a high three-quarter arm slot with a short quick arm circle. Fastball sat 82-84 and touched 85 a few times with occasional arm side run. Curveball had tight 12/6 action at 69-70 mph with some swing and miss potential. Featured on changeup and one slider. Changeup was 78 mph displaying arm speed and intent and average feel for a 72 mph slider. Is a consistent defender up the middle with soft hands and accuracy across from multiple slots. At the plate Miller-Bopp has some uphill tilt to the swing and doubles power.

Micah Canterbury C Buffalo Gap 2023

Strong physical frame for his age. Displays solid receiving skills behind the plate and advanced catch and throw ability for his class. Is a physical bat that looks to do damage and displays some pull side power potential in the swing. Will be an interesting prospect to watch as he continues to mature.

Virginia Cardinals 2022

Reece Hamilton IF/RHP James River (Midlothian) 2022

Lanky and projectable athletic frame. Shorter, athletic arm action with carry on throws. Confident first step and nice range laterally. Hands are soft and picks it well from the shortstop position. Hits from an athletic, slightly open set up at the plate. Stays open in load with level swing path, contact driven, and average bat speed. Interesting athlete and one to keep an eye on.

Jackson Rowe OF James River (Midlothian) 2022

Long lanky projectable frame. Hits from a taller set up at the plate. Hands are short and quick to the ball with a level path. Showed good feel for his barrel the entire weekend. Showed strength to the gaps. Solid foundation in the player and will be one to watch as he adds to the frame.

Carson Herod C Douglas Freeman 2022

Long frame with room to add on to. Hits from a tall set up at the plate with high hands. Bat is direct to the baseball with bat speed and uphill finish looking to drive. Whips the barrel with some pull side tendency and shows intriguing offensive potential as he gets stronger. Solid backstop with above average arm strength, hands are soft, room for growth that could turn into a real nice prospect.

Isaiah Lucero SS/2B Clover Hill 2022

Athletic frame with some strength. Hits from an athletic set up, gets into lower half. Quiet load with rhythm. Hands are short and quick to the baseball with some extension. Strength to the gaps and room for more there. Really like his feel for the barrel and is contact driven. Fluid action in the middle, hands are clean and shows some range. Appears to have the actions and arm strength to stay on the left side and more so the athleticism to stay up the middle.

Chase Gayness 1B/3B Powhatan 2022

Strong physical frame. Hits from athletic set up at the plate. Uphill path looking to drive the baseball. Strong wrists. Average balance gets out of timing at times. Showed some flashed of big pop in a few swings. Was a solid defender at both corners, but long term profiles as a first baseman with middle of the order power. Interesting one to keep an eye on.

Hayden Wasson 1B/LHP Powhatan 2022

Athletic frame with projection. Clean arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Ball comes out well with regular effort. Fastball shows some arm side run up to 80 mph. Hits from a tall, quiet set up at the plate. Hands are direct with some uphill finish. Like the rhythm at the plate. Can get out of balance at times, but shows real offensive upside with gap to gap power potential.

Clark Driscoll C/3B Clover Hill 2022

Compact athletic frame. Got to see Clark all four days as he played for Team PBR and then the Cardinals in the second session. Does not take a play off. Threw out 3-4 runners throughout the tournament, including throwing out a runner at third that was stealing on a pitcher working from the windup. Instinctive base runner that swiped multiple bags and is aggressive on dirt ball reads. Pull side doubles power with carry in the left center gap and a high contact rate. Up to 88 on the mound and was definitely more of a thrower, but showed raw arm strength. Was one of the most impressive players during the tournament with consistent performances.

Team Coastal

Austin Irby OF/RHP Cox 2024

Athletic projectable body type.Hits from the left side with taller, athletic set up. Smooth load to hitting position. Hands are short to the baseball with some uphill finish and a barrel that stays in the zone. Advanced ability at the plate. On the bump has a shorter arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Has head tilt to create the arm slot. Lower half shows potential with more there. Fastball sat 75-77 and touched 78 a few times and 80 once. Average feel for a breaking ball with 11/5 shape sitting 66-68 mph. Has some positional versatility and the athleticism to continue to improve as the frame continues to grow.

Michael Irby 3B/1B/RHP Frank W. Cox 2023

Strong physical frame standing around 6-foot-4. Looks to do damage at the plate with some uphill tilt to the swing. Did not see him swing and miss much, but did not see many balls barreled up as well. The frame and swing have power potential there, just want to see more barrel. The effort could pick up getting out of the box. On the mound works with a low effort delivery with a short arm action from a high three-quarter arm slot. Fastball sat 80-82 mph and touched 83 twice. Fastball had nice downhill plane and played well at the bottom of the zone. Breaking ball had tight two-plane break at 71-72 mph with advanced feel for the pitch. Changeup had solid arm speed and intent with a potential solid third pitch to his mix. Intriguing two-way prospect with a high ceiling on the mound.

Trevor Selph C Ocean Lakes 2022

Athletic framed catcher that displayed advanced actions behind the plate. First thing you notice about Selph is his ability to receive. Relaxed hands, quiet movements, and hip mobility. Looks the part setting up and receiving. Is an above average blocker and solid arm strength that should get better as he continues to add strength. At the plate it is a short level path to contact, pulls hands across and the barrel tends to get out of the zone quick. Contact driven swing with some pull side doubles power.

Ethan Blakeney OF/RHP Bayside 2023

Athletic defender up the middle with plenty of positional versatility. On the mound had athletic movements in the delivery. Repeatable mechanics, closed off at balance, and lands slightly closed at foot strike. Full loose arm circle from a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball displayed some arm side run at 78-82 mph and feel for both sides of the plate. 10/4 breaking ball with plenty of horizontal break to it at 65-67 mph. Athletic setup at the plate with hands set high. Drop slightly on load, but displays some feel for the barrel and is a gap to gap contact driven swing.

Nate Chown RHP Ocean Lakes 2022

Long levered frame standing around 6-foot-6 with plenty of room to add strength. Works from a three-quarter arm slot with a lower effort delivery. Fastball sat 76-78 mph and worked to contact. Breaking ball displayed average feel at 67-68 mph with a changeup that had arm speed at 70-72 mph. As he continues to add strength to the frame and intent in the delivery Chown should continue to see the velo pick up.

Brayden Pendleton OF/RHP Ocean Lakes 2023

Thin athletic frame with projection left and room to add strength. Filled up the zone on the mound with a fastball that sat 71-74 mph out of a three-quarter arm slot. Swing has some uphill path to it and is contact driven and will remain so until he adds strength to the frame.