Prep Baseball Report

Southern Wisconsin Open: Quick Hits

By Wisconsin Staff

On Oct. 17, the PBR Wisconsin team hosted its final event on the 2020 calendar: the Southern Wisconsin Open. All high school-aged players were eligible to participate in this showcase and we were able to gather information on new names and faces in the state’s senior class through its up-and-coming freshmen.

Today, we’re publishing a list of highlights from Saturday’s showcase inside this Quick Hits post. Keep an eye out tomorrow as well when we take a deep, more statistical dive into the numbers gathered by our TrackMan and Blast Motion technologies. For now, check out this list of scout notes from Saturday’s showcase in Waukesha.



+ INF James Bornick (Bay Port, 2021) swings an easy left-handed bat and he recorded some of the day’s best batted-ball data, per TrackMan. Bornick topped 95.8 mph off the bat while staying balanced in a slight pull-side approach – and he hit one of the furthest balls of the day, over 350 feet. It's a smooth, repeatable swing that should bode well at the next level.

+ RHP Leo Burmeister (Chippewa Falls, 2021) produced some staggering spin rates on both his fastball and curveball on Saturday. Sitting in the 78-80 mph range, Burmeister averaged over 2,400 rpm on his fastball from a lower release point at 4.6 feet. The curve featured short, tight spin at 67-69 mph at an average spin of nearly 2,600 rpm. He’s a senior to check back in on after the winter.

+ INF Ryan Kendziorski (Whitnall, 2021) is a lean and lanky right-handed hitter with an upside frame, listed at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. He uses a leg-kick trigger to create whippy bat speed through the zone, with notable hand speed highlighted by the Blast device. Kendziorski also produced a max exit velocity of 92.8 mph during BP.

+ TrackMan helped identify 3B George Seaman (West Bend East, 2021) as one of, if not, the batting practice winner of the day. He’s built at a barrel-chested 6-foot-2, 185 pounds, and his strength produced some noteworthy left-handed juice during BP. At the exit velo station, Seaman recorded a 97 mph high, one of the day’s best, and it translated directly into his BP round where he topped that same mark in front of our TrackMan unit, averaging an exit velocity of 91.9. In addition to this batted-ball profile, Seaman’s right-handed swing also produced the event’s fastest average bat speed (75.8 mph) and hand speed (25.7 mph). Defensively, he’s a corner infielder with the upside and arm strength to grow into third base, as he topped 88 mph across the infield – the event high.


+ RHP Jaxson Easterlin (Franklin, 2022) is listed at a long-levered 6-foot-4, 180 pounds, and his ease of action allows him to fill the zone up with low-80s velocity from a long, loose arm action and an over-the-top release. The fastball features some carry through the zone, topping 20-plus inches of induced vertical break, which helps it play up while simultaneously making his fading changeup work off it effectively.

+ A 6-foot-1, 195-pound right-hander, Kaiden Forsyth (Oconomowoc, 2022) featured a heavy fastball, up to 82 mph that complemented his straight change especially well, thrown at arm speed. The breaking ball sweeps and flashes some sharpness at 69-72 mph, creating a three-pitch mix worth following.

+ TrackMan helped shine a light on RHP Jimmy Held (Mayville, 2022), whose fastball-curveball combo featured some interesting spin rates. Held sat 79-81 mph with spin in the 2,200 to 2,300-plus rpm range, complemented by a 68-69 curve that topped 2,730.

+ INF Ethan Krueger (Wauwatosa West, 2022) showed some loose bat speed from a gap-to-gap approach. It's a repeatable up-the-middle swing that produced several hard contacts.

+ OF Logan Libby (Waukesha North, 2022) is a strong 5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed hitter with a top-of-the-order profile. He’s a 6.76 runner with a compact swing that favored hard liners the opposite way during BP.

+ OF Charlie Marion (2022) was one of several Franklin standouts on Saturday. He produced some above-average bat speed from the left side and topped 92-plus mph in exit velocity during BP – and he projects to enhance his batted-ball profile as he gains strength to his 6-foot, 160-pound frame. He also moved around the outfield with athleticism and his throws showed some carry to his target, topping 86 mph.

+ OF Dylan Mass (Franklin, 2022) was among the top-ranked players headed to Saturday’s event, and he retained that status coming out of the showcase. Mass has quick-twitch traits as a 6.85 runner who can reach above-average bat speed from the left side, with a loose swing. He utilizes the middle of the field well with a simple, compact stroke. Defensively, Mass bounces around the outfield athletically and his throws were both consistently on target with carry, recording an event-best 87 mph high to home.

+ From Wauwatosa East, RHP/OF Eli Michaelis (2022) also demonstrated some twitch and strength from a slender 5-foot-8, 148-pound frame. He topped 86 mph to home from the outfield, though it looks like it’ll fit better on the mound. There, Michaelis was up to 84 mph with effort, sitting in the 79-83 range more often, on a fastball that spun at 2,200 rpm on average. He mixes in an aggressive slider that projects like an out-pitch, as he learns to harness it, that topped a spin rate of 2,444 rpm.

+ RHP Tyler Schmitt (Madison Memorial, 2022) is an intriguing upside arm with a clean delivery and looseness throughout. His fastball lived in the zone, sitting 79-80 mph and he also showed feel for a mid-60s curveball spinning off a sharp 12/6 plane with depth. Schmitt is a lanky, high-waisted 6-foot-1, 155-pound prospect and his stuff should see an uptick in velocity as he works to add muscle onto his current frame. He’s certainly worth a follow as a potential pop-up prospect in the state’s 2022 class.

+ Collaborating on our notes, it’s looking like our staff is in agreement that C Reece Stangel (Roncalli, 2022) was one of the top pound-for-pound prospects in attendance on Saturday. Having recently shown well in front of our PBR Illinois colleagues during live gameplay at a Limited Series event, Stangel made his showcase debut by recording consistently hard up-the-middle contact – topping 92.8 mph exit velocity in BP – from an aggressive right-handed swing. He jumped on a couple of hard-hit fly balls to his pull-side, projecting for power as he continues to develop, and he also took one of the day’s best defensive rounds from the crouch. He averaged the lowest pop time of the event and was also up to 81 mph on his throws down. Look for Stangel to make a splash on the state’s ‘22 rankings inside our next update.


+ LHP Gavyn Bowen (Pewaukee, 2023) looks the part of a pitchability lefty to follow in this sophomore class. It’s an athletic, loose, and easy delivery that he repeats well, which in turn helps him showcase a feel for three pitches. The fastball showed some substantial arm-side break, flashing late action, sitting 79-81 mph. Bowen’s curveball also shows some swing-and-miss upside that’s currently a slow sweeper with tight spin in the 2,300 rpm range, and he demonstrates a little more feel to locate it. His lanky levers and high waist look fit to add weight and, eventually, velocity down the road.

+ It’s impressive to watch 3B/RHP Ethan Brown (Waukesha West, 2023) generate the strength he displays on both sides of the ball from a lean 6-foot, 170-pound build. From the right-handed batter’s box, Brown recorded the top mark at the exit velocity station (98 mph), while applying that inherent and surprising strength directly into his round of BP. There, he was back-spinning baseballs up the middle of the diamond with some bat speed and barrel feel. Defensively, he projects well as a third baseman who played athletically on the move with above-average actions for the left side. He hopped on the mound later, showcasing a long, loose, and quick arm action thrown with effort and aggression that produced a low-80s fastball that flashed some late arm-side action at times. Brown’s feel for offspeed is a little raw, but his curveball flashed sharp action and his straight change matched his aggressive arm speed well. It was a good look at a rising sophomore.

+ A 6-foot-1, 215-pound underclassman who also showed potential two-way abilities at this event: 1B/RHP Tyler Butina (Jefferson, 2023). Firstly, Butina’s powerful left-handed bat has placed him high up the 2023 radar. Per TrackMan, Butina averaged nearly 90 mph of exit velocity while topping 97.4 during BP – and he slugged the farthest ball of the day, at 368 feet. Once he got on the mound, Butina topped 83 mph in his bullpen, with tilt.

+ No doubt about it, after a productive summer at The Rock, RHP Jonah Conradt’s (Hortonville, 2023) recent uptick in velocity is the real deal. Conradt showed off some show-stealing velocity recently at a PBR tournament at LakePoint, and he backed it up on Saturday, reaching 88 mph (sitting 86-87) with a plus curveball. His live arm worked in the low-80s this summer and our staff was excited about his potential, but he completely broke out this fall, earlier than anticipated. Conradt’s 71-72 mph curve topped a spin rate of 2,618 rpm that tunneled well off his fastball from an identical high ¾ slot. His recent performances have earned him consideration as the top arm in the state’s 2023 class.

+ OF Michael Merline (Oak Creek, 2023) is a 6-foot-3, 210-pound sophomore who impacts the baseball from the right-handed box with bat speed and innate strength. He topped 97.7 mph exit velocity during BP, which was the day’s highest.

+ RHP Noah Musolf (Franklin, 2023) has some athleticism inside his thin 5-foot-11, 150-pound frame. He started his day running a 7.07, but he shows the most promise from the mound, where he was up to 81 mph with significant arm-side run, paired with a changeup featuring similar characteristics. It’s a loose, easy arm from a lower slot that’s worth monitoring.

+ 1B Eli Pantzlaff (Waukesha West, 2023) is a right-handed hitter to follow. His righty swing played consistently as he repeated well, staying on time and on barrel while working both gaps.


+ Colton Angell (Oshkosh North, 2024) demonstrated legitimate two-way abilities, which likely earned him the nod as the top freshman in attendance. Listed at a physical 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, Angell has gotten leaner over the summer and it’s helping him develop well on both sides of the ball, though in particular from the mound. There, Angell showed a 78-81 mph fastball (topping 82), with low effort from an over-the-top slot and high front side. His breaking ball featured above-average depth and spin, averaging over 2,200 rpm, projecting like a future swing-and-miss offering. Offensively, Angell’s right-handed bat projects just as well. It’s an easy, simple approach that lands constant contact with the barrel, producing above-average power potential for his age.

+ Donatello Badalamenti (Pulaski) is a 2024 who already shows some thump in the right-handed bat. He’s a thick 5-foot-11, 185-pounds who moves well behind the dish and swings an intentful bat creating above-average pop for his age.

+ Left/left freshman Jackson Brewer (Homestead, 2024) is another two-way follow coming out of Waukesha. With long, loose levers in a 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame, Brewer projects well offensively, demonstrating natural barrel feel with simple mechanics that allowed him to repeat consistently. His fluid swings helped him drive hard line-drives into both gaps, creating an exciting offensive profile for a left-handed-hitting freshman of his stature. He got on the mound in the afternoon and put together a polished ‘pen, sitting in the upper-70s. A loose, low-effort arm that works in a fast, controlled pace, finishing athletically, while mixing in a sweeping breaking ball that he showed feel for, in addition to a changeup thrown at arm speed with fade.

+ C/INF Cal Casper (Pulaski, 2024) caught our attention in several different viewings throughout the summer for his overall competitiveness and performance on the diamond. He took a quality round of batting practice, spraying line drives to all fields and more strength will come as he continues to physically grow into his 5-foot-7, 150-pound frame. Casper’s athleticism was on display during his defensive workout, especially behind the plate, where he showed quick feet paired with quick catch-and-throw skills.

+ 2B/SS Keagen Jirschele (Wausau West, 2024) took one of the cleanest and smoothest rounds of infield defense on Saturday. He has up-the-middle actions with consistently fluid transfers and funnels. Offensively, he uses the whole field well, spraying on-plane contact around.

+ C Brady Johnson (St. Thomas More, 2024) has some upside physicality in a 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. He moves around behind the plate well for his size, registering pop times between 2.15 and 2.29.

+ Gavin Obremski (Stevens Point Area, 2024) took batting practice inside both batter’s boxes, but he demonstrated some substantial upside from the left-handed box. Listed at 6-foot, 185 pounds, Obremski demonstrated above-average bat speed from the left side working off a natural uphill plane that produced some loud contact, and not just for his age. He swings with a confidence that helped him land the barrel often as a lefty.

+ OF R.J. Thomae (Hartford Union, 2024) is a freshman to keep an eye on at the plate. He hit with a rather mature line drive spray approach that made consistent contact while repeating his right-handed swing efficiently. He also roamed around the outfield with bounce and poise during his defensive reps, topping 82 mph to home, and he ran a 7.19 in the 60-yard dash, too.