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Kingston (HS) • NY
5-11 • 182LBS • R/L
Travel Team: Hv select


2022 National

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2022 State

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Physical: Power/speed projection in a balanced 5-foot-11, 192lb frame. 6.75 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Crouched, even stance with the hands starting high and flat by the head. Utilized a deliberate toe-tap stride to initiate the swing through a flat path towards a two-handed finish on the backside. Did damage at the front of the plate with leverage available in the arms. Drove the ball with consistency to the middle/pull-side of the field, T98 mph bat-exit velocity with wood, and a 367 foot batted ball distance. Extra-base hit feel in-game and hammers the FB. 

Defensively: The primary outfielder offsets the hips in the prep-step and attacks while fielding off of his right side. Some centerfielder intangibles, flashing good reads off the bat and the ability to go get the ball in space. Accurate 85 mph arm strength from OTT slot.


Physical: Lean, athletic 5-foot-11, 180lb frame with good proportions and strength available. 6.95 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Wide, slightly bent, open stance as the hands began high in rhythm to start; utilized a controlled toe tap stride on time with a barrel tip, initiating through a flat, sudden path into the hitting zone showing great connection in the swing. Stayed over the backside producing loud results at the front of the plate using extension (57% line drive rate, 43% hard hit rate via Trackman) with ability to hit for extra-bases to all fields. Notched a 362 foot batted ball distance at his peak hinting at legitimate middle of the order potential (T99 mph bat-exit velocity) and added a 76 mph bat-speed (per Blast) for good measure. Mature hitter that found hard contact in game-action, always on-time with the load and doing damage on middle-in pitches. 

Defensively: The outfielder glided around during defense featuring natural feel for his body in space. Comfortable, quick first step off the bat reading the ball and making early decisions. Set himself up for advantageous hops fielding loosely off his right foot and releasing from a fluid H ¾ slot (85 mph arm, ability to handle three outfield positions). Advanced route awareness and positional flexibility found in the movements. 

Pitching: LHP - Started off the middle right side of the rubber from the stretch-only, balanced/easy delivery getting to a medium stack position and breaking the hands with a stab backwards, then holding pace through a high intent arm circle. Released at H ¾, repeating and entering the zone at 80-81 mph on the FB (arm-side). Mixed a deceptive 73-74 mph CB that featured consistent 1/7 shape to it.


Physical: 5-foot-11, 170 pounds;muscular, athletic frame. 7.15 runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. Open stance with weight shifted on the back side, works with hands pushed back by the shoulder; hovers the front foot and collects weight on the back side until he is ready to go. Lunges out of the back leg load, jumps to the ball and blocks energy transfer with firm front leg with uphill swing path that stems from the hands working down throughout the load, swings from below the chest to garner some quality lift. Hit the ball back up the middle easily staying on the ball very well through the zone; peak Trackman exit velocity of 92 MPH.
Defensively: Upright stance with narrow feet; Moved confidently to the ball and was able to move laterally. Fields off the glove side foot and goes into a clean transfer; long, loose arm action with a slight stab back out of the glove, throws from a 3/4 slot. OF - 78 MPH.
Pitching: Good tempo in the delivery, gets to a balance point and makes a clear break of the hands to separate early. breaks the hands early into a stab backward out of the glove, low effort 3/4 slot. FB: Peak velo of 78 MPH, while sitting 75-78 MPH. Displayed a FB that he proved to be able to throw in the zone frequently. CB: 62-63 MPH. Tall, breaking curveball.  CH: 63-65 MPH. The CH has been established well in the bottom of the zone, has some AS fade to it. 


Physical: Lean, athletic 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame with plenty of strength throughout the movements. 7.17 runner in the 60-yard dash.  

Offensively: RHH. Crouched, even stance with the hands wiggling with rhythm above the shoulder. Utilized a deep toe-tap stride with a pause at the top coupled with some stretch in the load allowing for a slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone upon launch. Really got into the lower half creating sneaky pull-side pop during a standout batting practice round. The swing worked well in-game with a short trigger and a strong top hand played on time to the baseball with regularity. Showcased feel for the barrel with ability to hit offspeed pitches in any quadrant through the middle of the field while staying inside the baseball. Hit into a stiff front side during batting practice recording a max of 95 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman Baseball and a top distance of 315 feet. 

Defensively: The primary outfielder showcased smooth and calculated footwork beating the ball to the spot and played consistently downhill through the baseball at the fielding window. Knows what he wants to do when the ball goes in the air; made quality decisions early in routes allowing for quick catch and throw skills to take effect on balls hit in the gaps. Displayed an accurate throwing arm from his position out of a long, high ¾ slot with length on the extension as well. OF - 85 mph 


Physical: 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Lean, athletic frame.
Run: 6.86 runner in the 60.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, slightly open stance. Toe taps into a small stride for rhythm/timing working towards the pitcher. Flat barrel path with elevation at finish.
Power: 87 MPH raw exit velocity. Line drive swing with consistent hard contact up the middle of the field.
Defense: Controlled footwork on approach to the ball, fields the ball on glove foot.
Arm: Long arm swing with a 3/4 slot, quick release. OF - 82 MPH.

Pitching Delivery: Works out of stretch, moderate leg lift, separates from a high hand position, stays in line, works downhill on a strong front side.
Arm Action: Long arm action, pulls out of the glove with slight hesitation, gets to high 3/4 release .
FB: T81, 79-81 MPH. Controlled in the zone with some tail to it.
CB: 67-68 MPH. 2-8 shape.
CH: 65-67 MPH. Maintains arm speed, late down action through the zone.


A lean 5-foot-8, 140 pounds. Ran a 7.10 in the 60 yard dash. Home to first ran a 4.18. Offensively- Stands in the box with a tall stance. Loose hands away from the body. Slight leg lift before attacking the baseball. Drops hands slightly before entering the hitting zone. Displayed hard contact pull side. Good use of lower half. Stays balanced throughout his swing. Top exit velocity 78 MPH. Defensively- Has an aggressive approach to the baseball. Stays behind the baseball.  Smooth funnel action. The 2022 graduate is a must follow.

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