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Diamonds in the Rough: Week 6

Ted Williams
Ground Forces

Over the next few months, the Prep Baseball Report (PA/NY) crew will be highlighting players in several different article formats, including Ted Williams’ "Diamonds in the Rough" feature series.

The recruiting process can be tough sledding at times and for whatever reason, talented players can remain uncommitted for extended periods of time. Included below are some players who have stood out at events throughout the showcase year and deserve more love for their abilities. More specifically, we will be focusing on five standout uncommitted prospects who could be significant risers throughout this high school season due to possessing either a high floor or high ceiling in their game. 

Alexander Angulo SS / 3B / KIPP NYC College Prep, NY / 2021

The Spin: The physical shortstop showcased high-level athleticism at the Northeast Open in August notching a 6.95 60-yard dash in a well put together 6-foot, 185-pound frame. Defensively, Angulo glided across the diamond with easy, effortless steps allowing for range in either direction. More impressively, the body played downhill with consistency generating loose actions out in front with the hands and a more than serviceable 83 mph arm strength from his position. The right-handed hitter showcased a simple and mature batting practice round featuring a smooth lower half which created repeated, hard contact to the LCF gap. Bat-exit velocities approaching 94 mph per Trackman Baseball and a 67% fly ball rate pointed to loft present in the swing, which helped him get long levers out towards the front of the plate in order to record an impressive 355 foot max batted ball distance. A 77.6 mph peak bat speed according to Blast Motion was evidence of easy strength in the movements which hinted at continued power gains in the near future. With the ability to continue adding weight onto a long frame, Angulo projects to be a middle of the order bat at the next level and will have a chance to slide to third base if he does in fact trend towards the power-hitting mold. 

Wilson Brauer LHP / 1B / McQuaid Jesuit, NY / 2021

The Spin: The 6-foot, 200-pound primary southpaw has a thick lower half and showed good command and maturity on the bump at the NY State Games in July. Brauer worked from the stretch only displaying an easy arm action out of a high ¾ slot with increased command on a 79-81 mph FB. The lefty featured some funk landing slightly closed upon footstrike, creating crossfire and plenty of arm-side run (almost 18 inches) on the heater while peppering the zone at a 50% rate per Trackman Baseball. Add in a tight 68-69 mph CB getting up to 2325 RPM’s and 12.6 inches of horizontal movement and you have a quality strikeout combo with the ability to hide the ball until late in the delivery. A 69 mph SL averaged 6.2 inches of horizontal movement while filling it up at a 67% zone rate demonstrating the command on all offerings. The CH was firm at 73-75 mph with up to 17 inches of horizontal movement to the arm-side giving him four above-average pitches to throw in any count. With two-way ability present while flashing impressive batted ball metrics from the left-side of the plate (25.8 mph hand speed, 24.6 G’s of rotational acceleration, and a 71% on-plane efficiency) the McQuaid Jesuit product offers the chance to get on the field earlier rather than later at the next level. Considering the fact that he’s a solid defender as well with above-average feel for lateral movements, you’re looking at a prospect who can do it in all phases giving him impressive versatility. 

Evan Dieter OF / LHP / Kingston, NY / 2022

The Spin: Full of high energy on the field as well as advanced athleticism, the 5-foot-11, 174-pound outfielder turned heads with both a strong showcase and in-game performance at the NY Futures event in September. The right-handed hitter was all over our Blast Motion leaderboards with twitchy hand speed (24 mph peak) and high average bat speed for his size (72.12 mph) allowing for a 44% hard hit rate while working gap to gap in the approach. A short time to contact generated usable power evidenced by a standout 26.8 G’s of rotational acceleration at the plate which hinted at the ability to hit for power down the line. Both a 69% on-plane efficiency and an 83 mph average bat exit velocity per Trackman Baseball pointed towards advanced barrel awareness and should give him the ability to be an efficient hitter at the next level. A quick 6.86 60-yard dash coupled with a 85 mph arm strength from his position should offer him the chance to slot in at any one of the three outfield positions and a low center of gravity along with early reads in the route only furthers the confidence he’s ready to make an impact. 

AJ Petraitis RHP / 1B / Kings Park, NY / 2022

The Spin: The long and lean 6-foot-4, 165-pound right-handed pitcher possessed obvious projectability and showcased a few standout advanced metrics at the Summer Prospect Games in July, which could be very telling towards his future status. Petraitis featured an above-average pace on the bump racing down the mound allowing a 79-81 T82 mph FB to play up in velocity a couple ticks with a near 6 foot average extension per Trackman Baseball. The righty held command on the FB as well, filling up the zone at 41% while seeing advanced ride (18.4 inches of induced vertical break) giving it the chance to play above the belt. Add in the 12 inches of horizontal movement towards the arm side on average and you have a pitch that is tough to barrel up. The CB and SL were both used to attack in all counts pounding the zone at 40% and 67% respectively while recording up to 5.1 and 5.4 inches of horizontal movement. While both aren’t of the strikeout variety yet, they were thrown with advanced feel and could continue jumping into the strikeout tier with added spin/shape. A low spin 73-75 mph CH flashed hard arm-side run (12.4 inches of horizontal movement) and hit the breaks halfway to the plate giving hitters issues at times. Considering a relatively repeatable release height on all offerings (ranging from 4.83 to 5.24 feet) and you have some deception present on the bump. With added ammunition coming in the form of more strength, Petraitis has all the makings of a sneaky, late-bloomer who offers a higher ceiling than most. 

Eric Servellon RHP / OF / Arlington, NY / 2023

The Spin: The large and physical 6-foot, 215-pound primary right-handed pitcher was an obvious standout among ‘23 class participants at the NY State Games in July. A 78-81 mph FB with increased feel in the delivery led the way with 6.52 feet of extension and a 41% zone rate per Trackman Baseball. The offspeed pitches were his bread and butter, as the CB at 67-70 mph featured an upwards of 15.3 inches of horizontal movement showing a future putaway pitch with wipeout ability across the zone. Servellon also dropped in a deceptive 68-70 mph CH with near identical extension to the FB (6.54 compared to 6.52 feet) which allowed for similar arm-speed at release and gave hitters issues in the box. Although the pitching was legitimate, we liked the Arlington product more as a position player where he blew the doors off of the event while pacing the Blast Motion leaderboards for his class. The right-handed hitter showed off elite hand speed (26.4 mph max, 25.22 average) with usable power (30.2 G’s of rotational acceleration). It was no mistake that he was able to generate a peak batted ball distance of 352 feet during his batting practice round while consistently staying on plane (79% on plane efficiency). An already standout 94 mph bat-exit velocity according to Trackman Baseball will continue climbing and may touch the 100 mph mark in the next year. With a 7.07 60-yard dash time and an above-average 86 mph arm strength from his position, you’re looking at real two-way potential at the next level. 

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