Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak
Kenneth Svitak




D'Youville College
Baldwinsville (HS) • NY
6-2 • 205LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Canes Baseball


2021 National

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2021 State

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Physical: 6-foot-2, 205 pounds; broad shouldered, proportional frame. 7.49 runner in the 60.
Offensively: LHH. Slightly open stance with hands pushed back behind his left shoulder, stands fairly straight up. Uses a lift and replace to initiate movement in his lower half, but uses a big hitch in his hands to tip the barrel down. Active use of the lower half. Clears hips violently and rotates into his back side well with an uphill swing path that gets where it is by the shoulder tilt he induces, matches the plane effectively. Pulled the ball in the air and on the ground, displayed good bat to ball skills while still being able to showcase some juice; peak Trackman exit velocity of 93 MPH.
Defensively: Narrow feet with a straight up stance; tracked the ball well, moved to it and got behind it to gain momentum into the throw. fielded on glove side foot consistently, soft hands and an easy transfer; 3/4 slot with strong, powerful actions in the arm. OF - 81 MPH.
Pitching: Slow, methodical tempo in the delivery that works to a strong balance point at the peak of his leg lift. Long swing out of the glove into a 3/4 slot, low effort arm. FB: T 78 MPH, 76-77 MPH. Throws a heavy FB with two plane sink. CB: 69-71 MPH. Tall, falling curveball that could be a good early count pitch to throw. CH: 73-74 MPH. Kills the spin on his changeup giving it good downhill movement. 


Physical: 6-foot-2, 225 pounds; strong, sturdy frame. 7.5 runner in the 60.
Offensively: LHH. Wide, slightly open & upright stance; hands drop then load slightly back with an exaggerated leg kick. Aggressive lower half with direct bat path with quick hands & bat. Hard contact to the pull side with some power; peak Trackman exit velocity of 89 MPH.
Defensively: Upright setup; active approach, clean footwork to & through the ball, smooth through transitions. Clean transfer; standard 3/4 arm slot. OF - 76 MPH.
Pitching: Drop step to high leg lift with slight shoulder turn, throws from arm side of rubber; strides to the plate with a firm front side, upright, balanced finish with a repeatable release. Long arm swing, standard 3/4 arm slot. FB: Peak velo of 76 MPH, while sitting 74-76 MPH. Has some arm side movement. CB: 67-70 MPH. SL: 68-69 MPH. Has tight sweeping movement. CH: 70-72 MPH. Good vertical separation from FB.


Physical: 6-foot-2, 225-pounds. Tall, physical build. 7.13 runner in the 60; 4.19 home-to-1B.
Offensively: LHH. Very tall stance with weight preloaded on backside; good amount of bat wiggle; big leg kick into short stride Catches the ball out front; tends to come around the ball; good quick hands to get through the zone. Strictly pull-side contact and power. 79 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively:  Fields the ball far outside his glove foot; active feet to get around the ball; quick transfer into a small pro hop. Medium arm swing; 3/4 arm slot.   OF - 78 MPH.

Pitching Delivery: Controlled pace, slight turn on leg lift, compact stride in line to a fundamental delivery.
Arm Action: Long, fast arm action, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T78, 77-78 MPH. Downhill plane with natural arm side tail.
CB: 65-66 MPH. Tight 1-7 late break.
CH: 74-76 MPH. Firm with sink.


Svitak is a physical projectable player who stood out at the 2019 Fall Top Prospect Games. The left handed hitter stands in the box with a slightly open stance. Quick direct path to the baseball. Displayed a slight lift at the point of contact. Displayed hard contact to the middle and pull side of the field. Defensively, as an outfielder, Svitak is aggressive to the baseball. Takes his time to gather himself when throwing the baseball to the plate. The 2021 OF is a must follow. 


A physical projectable 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Ran a 7.33 in the 60 yard dash. Offensively- The left handed hitter stands in the box with most of his weight on his back side. Uses a slight leg lift for timing and balance before attacking the baseball. Showed hard consistent contact to the pull side. Has a short compact swing. Stays balanced throughout his swing. Top exit velocity was 89 MPH. Defensively- As an outfielder, shows an aggressive approach to the baseball. Stays under control. Has quick actions once he fields the baseball. Quick exchange and throws from a mid ¾ arm slot. Top throwing velocity from the outfield was 78 MPH.


A physical 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Ran a 7.16 60 yard dash. Offensively- the left handed hitter stands in the box with feet shoulder width apart. Short load, short compact swing with some pop. strong kid, good use of the lower half throughout the swing. Slight lift at the point of contact. Projectable power potential. Top exit velocity 86 MPH. Defensively- aggressive to the baseball. Smooth exchange to a low ¾ arm slot on throws to the plate. Pitching- the left handed pitcher display an easy long arm action. Works with tempo. Uses a high knee lift from a balanced backside. Showed command of a FB around the zone which topped at 76 MPH. CB is sharp with late break down in the zone. CB ranged from 70-71 MPH. The 2021 graduate is a must follow going forward.

June 25-27 (NYS Games)

Lanky body with solid build. Good tempo with compact actions. Minimal lower half push down the hill. Long arm take away. Delivers from a mid 3/4 slot cutting across his body. Stays consistent down his line towards the plate but tends to recoil after foot strike and finish. LH with some natural armside movement. Burying shoulder in target will improve down action. CB has more sweeping action and average drop. Arm drag prevents consistent downward action.  Fastball 75, sitting 70-74. Curveball 65-67. 


Kenneth is 6 feet 0 inches, 200-pounds. Primary LHP and plays first base. Has a thick athletic build. He ran a 4.41 home to first. Offensively- left handed hitter that stands neutral in the box. Has a short stride, with quick hands through the zone. Lower half works in unison with the upper half of his body. Stays short to the ball, tends to dip barrel through the zone with an uppercut at times. Average bat speed. Finishes his swing with 2 hands. Exit Velo- 80 MPH. Defensively- has a strong athletic approach to the ball. Fields the ball out front with a solid base and a flat back. Transfer is quick, has smooth hands and gets rid of the ball quickly. Throws from the ¾ arm slot. Infield velo was measured at 71 MPH. Pitching- starts in the middle of the mound from the stretch. Kenneth reaches a solid balance point with a slightly tight leg tuck. Gets explosiveness off the mound and reaches full extension to the plate. Throws from an over the top arm slot. Fastball was measured at 75-76 MPH with some run to it. Curveball has a slight break to it. Needs to work more with the curve and will see more break. Curveball was 67-68 MPH.

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