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We continued on with our coverage of the Champions Events tournaments this summer. We've covered the Rochester Rising Stars, Capitol Region, Big Apple Battle and Hudson Valley Battle with most recently the East-West Battle in Cortland, NY. (** Our scouts hold the discretion on who they write up, therefore, not all players are written up)

East-West Battle Scout Blog


Nick Szesnat RHP / Shaker , NY / 2020

Tall athletic build on the mound, with simple mechanics. He keeps a tight front side and with his delivery to the plate, he has a ¾ arm slot. Works the lower half of the zone consistently to force ground ball contact. He has shown a ASR FB: 75-77mph and a Sweeping CB: 66-67mph. 


Collin Kobylanski / N/A, NY / 2020

Works from the stretch, and has a simple 3 step delivery, repeatable. He uses entire body when delivering to the plate, and gets an above average push fro his back side. He comes straight over the top with an aggressive arm motion. FB sits 78-80 mph, CB: 64-66 mph. 

Riley Kowasz SS / RHP / Perry, NY / 2021

6-foot-2, Kowasz has the look and skillset of an athletic defender.  Plays with poise in the field and reads the ball off the bat extremely well. He does not rush himself when making throws across the diamond and trust his arm. Shows soft hands and good hand to glove transition. At the plate from the left side, has a good barrel path and the ability to pull the ball.


Nate Deluke 1B / RHP / Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake, NY / 2021

Deluke is a big strong kid with sneaky athleticism, and has tons of pop at the plate from the RH side. At the plate he has hit a couple hard line drives through the infield and also sent one to straight away center to leg out a triple. Has great hand speed to get the barrel around the ball. In the field at 1B, he has helped his infielders with a couple nice stretches and reads the throws well.



Lucas Eoute OF / RHP / Lewiston-Porter, NY / 2020

6’2, Lucas frame shows projection on the mound. He throws from an over the top delivery with a long front leg stride, He can work his velocity up with another year to grow into his body while adding strength. He currently features a FB: 74-76 mph and a 12-6 CB:64-65mph. At the plate, shows some power to the gaps. Keeps his weight back and drives off his back hip. Has shown the power driving the ball down the LF line.



Vincent Mauro SS / RHP / Canisius , NY / 2021

During game play Mauro has been consistent in the field all day. At 3B, he has shown a quick clean hands and has been active all day. He has above average arm strength. Also has shown the athleticism needed, charging high bouncers and also bunts down the line. At the plate, he has a compact approach to the ball and drives it opposite field to right. 2021 player to keep eyes on. 



Tyshawn Johnson / St. Mary’s, NY / 2021

Shows athleticism with a tons of potential at the plate from the left side. His hands are extremely fast and keeps his weight back well, He has a long barrel path using leverage to produce power. He has shown a lot of power to the pull side and has put a couple balls to the RF fence so far.


Blake Baylor SS / RHP / Salem, NY / 2021

Locking down the hot corner, Baylor shows active field awareness. He can make adjustments based on the hitters approach at the plate. Also has shown above average arm strength when making the throw across the diamond. Intriguing player to follow from the Albany area. 



Julius Teabout LHP / 1B / Newark , NY / 2021

From the right side at the plate, Julius has shown consistency with his swing. Has hit the ball the in 3B-SS gap multiple times, with line drives and hard grounders to get through. His swing is short and compact, and has a high motor down the line. On the mound, he shows tons of potential. He has an over the top delivery and really uses his lower half well. He gets a natural tail to his FB: 73-75 (77)mph, CB:61-62mph, CH: 61-63mph. 


Brian Tietjen 1B / 3B / Guilderland, NY / 2020

Big athletic build, Brian shows the ability to impact the game all over the field. In the field, he has made a few above average plays with picking throws and also taking away hits down the RF line. At the plate, he has plenty of juice to both gaps, he has a short compact swing and uses his lower half well.



Samuel Howard RHP / OF / Greenwich, NY / 2020

Tall athletic build, with tons of potential on the mound as he continues to grow into his frame. Sam has a high tight leg kick to help keep his balance and hides the ball well before snapping the ball to the catcher. He gets a great push off and with his arm snap, it creates a late cutting motion to his FB: 77-79 (80)mph, a tight CB:70-72 mph. 


Emil Sander OF / 3B / Skaneateles, NY / 2022

High motor player with great speed. In the OF, he gets a quick first step on the ball showing instincts roaming the OF. From the right side of the plate, he lives in the opposite field. He has an inside out swing, and bust out of the box. Has shown the ability to switch gears on the bases and has legged out a couple extra base hits, including a triple down the RF line.



Matthew Rodriguez 2B / OF / Lansingburgh, NY / 2022

Small athletic frame with room to grow. Solid repeatable hands in the box with good barrel control. Has a good approach allowing him to drive balls into pull side gap with carry. Defensively shows an active approach, fields out in front of his body with an average throwing arm, 3/4 slot. 



Sterling Sisson RHP / C / CRCS, NY / 2020

Lean athletic frame, with plenty of upside on the mound. Has an over the top delivery with some lively arm action. Has featured an FB: 80-82mph, SL: 68-70mph.


Josh Martin SS / Edmeston, NY / 2021

On the mound, Martin has a very simple approach to the batter. He works both sides of the plate well and lives low. Has a late arm snap with his delivery to create some ASR to his FB: 75-77 (78) and a SL: 67-68. Defensively sound with clean glove work, still developing, body is lean with projection physically. 


Declan Wyman C / OF / Frontier , NY / 2020

Left handed hitter with quick hands through the zone. Gap to gap potential with quick footwork out of the box. Runs bases well with ability to take extra bases on hit balls into the gap. Defensively reads ball well in CF taking good routes getting under the ball. Shows a strong arm with ability to play each position in OF. Overall a talented prospect with both a strong ability at the plate and in the OF.



Gavin Borrello C / 2B / Frontier, NY / 2022

Strong armed catcher with an athletic body frame. Moves well down in the squat blocking balls well with quick footwork. Frames well helping pitcher and a strong communicator. Strong arm with quick footwork into the throwing position with the ability to get the ball out of the hand quickly. At the plate shows quick hands with a level swing. Shows patience at the plate with the ability to run well out of the box.


Evan Yandricha C / 3B / Iroquois , NY / 2021

Strong athletic frame with quick hands. Slight upward lift with the barrel action, shows gap to gap power. Runs well out of the box. Behind the plate, smooth hands with a quick transfer on throws. Shows a strong arm with quick footwork. Sound blocking skills keeping the ball in front of the body and controls pitchers well. Overall solid prospect with continued development.


Nicholas Wilson 3B / RHP / Lakeshore, NY / 2020

Big bodied prospect with fluid mechanics on the mound. Fastball shows natural arm side run with a range of 78-79 MPH peaking at 81 MPH. At the plate shows gap to gap potential with a slight upper cut barrel action. Big, strong athlete with future potential with continued development. More to come in the velocity department. 



Patrick May SS / 3B / Charles W Baker/Baldwinsville, NY / 2020

Athletic build with twitchy actions; slightly spread stance with feet even in the box. Line drive single, Sac Fly, INF 1B and a 2-run RBI single to RF in the Saturday morning game. Showed advanced barrel control with a line-to-line approach. Quick first step on stolen base attempts. In game awareness on groundballs; runner awareness.



Bo Nicholson RHP / OF / Baldwinsville, NY / 2020

Lean, projectable build at 6-foot-0 145 pounds; works from a high ¾ slot; FB ranged 78-80 MPH with slurve like action to CB at 68-70 MPH. SHowed a down action change at 72 MPH that he was able to get chase swings with. Solid 3-pitch mix.



Kai Girard LHP / OF / Baldwinsville , NY / 2022

Slight build at 5-foot-8 130 pounds; scrappy left-handed hitter with above average zone awareness. Even setup, table setter approach. Can foul off the borderline strikes with short, slashing swing path. A couple well hit hard outs to his pullside on Saturday.



Nathan Ray C / 1B / Baldwinsville , NY / 2020

Solid build at 6-foot-0 190 pounds; quick transfer behind the dish with an accurate arm, expect more arm strength to come this off season. Steady receiver with quiet setups. Hard worker in the dirt.



Kenneth Svitak OF / LHP / CW Baker, NY / 2021

Physical build at 6-foot-1 195 pounds; open setup with quick hands into the zone, displays juice at the plate, especially to his pull-side. Player to follow from the CNY area. 


Chris AuClair LHP / 1B / Baldwinsville, NY / 2021

Large frame with thick lower half at 6-foot-3 235 pounds. Hides the ball with extreme cross-fire due to a closed off stride. Works 78-81 MPH with sweeping CB that he can spot and expand at 67-69 MPH. Throws strikes; holds runners and controls the pace of the game. 

Michael Mancini SS / RHP / Maine-Endwell, NY / 2022

Lean athletic build with quick hands at the plate. Lefty shows a slight upward lift barrel path through the zone and extremely quick out of the box. Defensively at SS shows quick hands with a fluid transfer into a strong through across. Rangy defender, will be a solid prospect in the middle infield at the next level.

Jack Hopko 1B / OF / Maine-Endwell, NY / 2022

At 5’11 180lbs, Hopko has an athletic physical build in the OF. From the left side of the plate, he is scrappy at the plate and can fight off pitches to stay alive. Has very quick, strong hands at the plate, and has a level barrel through the zone. Has shown the ability to bust out of the box and get extra base hits with ease. 


Riley Loomis OF / RHP / Horseheads, NY / 2022

Athletic build, and a high motor player. At the plate, Loomis shows a lot of pop with the bat. Has the ability to drive the ball for power to both gaps of the OF. Showed the ability to switch gears on a hard hit line drive to the RC wall and leg out a triple. On the mound, with a compact set up. Rips through with his front side and has a ¾ arm slot. FB: 78-80 (81) CB: 69-71.


Ethan Behnke 2B / SS / Victor , NY / 2021

Athletic build, very quick action on the mound. Gets a strong push off from his back side, and strides low to the plate with a release point at its farthest point. Has worked the outer half of the plate, featuring a FB: 70-72 CB: 60-62.



Lucas Jackson C / OF / Williamson, NY / 2020

Athletic build with a high motor. Behind the dish, he calls his own game and can adjust his selection from swing to swing. Has a quick break down to move left and right to prevent passed balls, footwork is active. Also has shown off some arm strength with getting opponents on stolen base attempts.



Nolan Hicks SS / RHP / Fairport, NY / 2020

Solid defensively in at SS. Has a good feel and reads the ball off the bat well. Has shown above average arm strength, making a couple back hand plays and throwing from deep in the ⅚ hole. At the plate, he his a high motor player in the lead off spot and uses his speed. Has beat out a couple drag bunts for INF singles.



Nicholas Procopio OF / 1B / Horseheads, NY / 2021

Athletic build at 6’0 175lbs, with some physical attributes. At the plate, he is very sound. Barrel path is consistent and gets full extension through contact, strong hands. OF/1B defensively, throws from a 3/4 slot. 



Alex Maximiek 3B / SS / Horseheads , NY / 2020

Alex has been impressive at the plate, has the hands able to time up different pitches and letting his hands fly to the ball. Drives well off his back leg and the barrel comes through level. At the hot corner, he has show quick reaction with knocking balls down that could’ve turned into extra bases.



Gunnar Grethen-McLaughlin C / RHP / Ichabod Crane, NY / 2022

Solid frame at 5’10 185lbs, on the mound has a very strong lower half. Has been pounding the strike zone consistently. Delivers from the stretch, with a slight hitch in his motion. With a late arm snap at a ¾ arm slot, he gets some ASR action to his FB: 70-72mph and a Sweeping CB: 60-63.



Andrew Alexander OF / C / Shaker , NY / 2022

Listed on the roster as an INF but showed his athleticism in the OF. Made a couple nice plays, reading the ball off the bat and they tailed down the RF line. At the plate, he has a compact swing and drives well off his back leg, consistently hit line drives to the RC gap.



Daniel Barbero SS / 2B / Colonie, NY / 2022

Playing at the SS position, Daniel has major upside in the field. Takes command of the defense. He attacks slow rollers and can react well to balls out of position. At the plate, in the lead off spot, he has some serious pop. Gets his timing down early on and keeps his hands back well. Has an excellent barrel path, and showed some pop with a couple hard hit balls to the RC gap for extra base hits. On the mound Barbero throws from a high ¾ slot. He works with good tempo and throws a heavy ball getting good use of his lower half. FB; 73-76 T78; 10/5 CB 64.


Riley Kowasz SS / RHP / Perry, NY / 2021

Tall, lean, athletic build with good mechanics. Consistent in the strike zone with a running fastball 76-77 MPH peaking at 78 MPH. Good 12/6 Curveball in the 65-66 MPH range. At the plate, quick hands good plate coverage. Makes consistent contact and is quick on his feet.



Zowen Collins 1B / OF / Cobleskill/Richmondville, NY / 2023

big strong LH swing. Showed good direction with barrel through baseball. Ball jumps off bat. Showed power to all fields 




Ryan Bates 1B / RHP / Shaker, NY / 2022

Clean arm action, with plenty of velocity projection as he continues to develop. Sound repeatable mechanics. 3/4 arm slot with a little arm side run had command of two pitches on the day. Breaking ball  depth. Velo has been around 70-74. At the plate strong kid with solid approach allowing him to work the entire field



Tyler Schwartzkopf 2B / SS / Niagara Wheatfield , NY / 2023

Athletic lean build. BB has sweeping depth, gradual shape, throws it for strikes. Repeatable mechanics and has shown the ability to make pitches. Missed a lot of barrels and kept guys off balance




Dominic Fulciniti RHP / OF / Lancaster, NY / 2021

At a lean 6-foot-1 Fulciniti possesses a strong build with plenty of room to fill out. He gets good use of his lower half driving down the mound throwing from a low ¾ slot. The slot creates natural ASR on his FB and gives his CB more of a sweeping 10/4 action with late depth. Possesses the ability to use both sides of the plate effectively. Smooth delivery. FB 77-78mph with good ASR; CB 62-63mph, FB velo projects.



Cuinn Burlingham C / Fulton, NY / 2021

Athletic build room to fill out. The lefty C had an impressive weekend at the plate. Simple hitting actions, above average eye in the box, shows consistent contact. Behind the dish, Burlingham is a little undersized but makes up for it with his athletic ability, quick footwork, clean actions defensively. Burlingham is an athletic C to follow going forward.



Joseph Wike 2B / OF / Bishop Grimes , NY / 2020

Short athletic build. Wike was impressive on the weekend. Played every position on the field but catcher, very versatile. Projects as an INF at the next level. At the plate, Wike hits in the middle of the lineup with a simple approach in the box. Tough out and projects as a contact type hitter at the next level with a level barrel path. 



Logan Haskell SS / 2B / Susquehanna Valley , NY / 2021

Athletic lean build. Haskell oozes athletic projection on the field. High IQ, active defensively, above average instincts on the bases, and has some juice at the plate.  Impressive player to follow.



Jacob Sanders RHP / 1B / Auburn , NY / 2020

A lean projectable frame with still more physical gains expected. Sanders sat mid 80’s for 5 innings of work. Topped out 86 MPH and ranged 83-85 MPH. CB is inconsistent but when it was around the zone it was effective out pitch. CB ranged 70-72 MPH.



Mason Sands RHP / 3B / Solvay, NY / 2020

Lean frame with broad shoulders, room for growth. The RHP sat 77-79 MPH with arm side run on the FB. Shows more of a sweeping action, ranging 69-71 MPH. Natural whippy arm action. Sands has more in the tank and is a projectable arm to follow.



Tyshawn Johnson / St. Mary’s, NY / 2021

Athletic frame. Johnson is a player that has tools to be an impact player at the next level. Offensively, Johnson didn't get much to hit but did still help his team with quality at bats. Good speed on the bases. On the mounds, the LHP has a live arm with late life. FB sat 80-83 MPH and CB 66-69 MPH. Thew the CB anytime he needed for a strike. Johnson is a must follow.



Nyhmin Green RHP / OF / Liverpool, NY / 2020

A lean athletic frame with room to grow. The RHP has repeatable delivery with short arm action. FB has some late life. FB sat 77-80 MPH and peaked at 81 MPH. CB ranges from 67-69 MPH. Athletic player with more in the tank. Green also plays RF.



2021 LHP Wilson Brauer (McQuaid)
Athletic build; works solely from the stretch with cross-fire into his landing. Low ¾ slot, hides the ball well. Worked 73-74 MPH with an easy, repeatable delivery. Showed a sweeping slider at 65-67 MPH that worked laterally. 

2021 1B Nick Ianiello (Penfield)
Solid build with quiet pre-pitch actions in the box; flat path and stays through the hitting zone for a long time. Drove a 2-run double to right center and had a LD single to left center in the early Saturday game. On the mound the sturdy RHP features a standard ¾ slot with some heaviness to a 76-78 MPH FB. Pounds the zone with the FB while mixing a 65-66 MPH CB. 

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